Klich, Robert H
Commander · Police

Employer: Police
Position: Commander

Klich, Robert H is employed with City of Chicago, Police. The job title is Commander.

Employee Overview

Employee Name KLICH, ROBERT H
Department POLICE
Job Position Title COMMANDER
Full or Part Time F
Salary or Hourly Rate Salary
Annual Salary $162,684.00
Year 2018

Salary History

Year Department Position Title Full/Part Time Salary
2018 Police Commander F $162,684.00
2017 Police Commander F $162,684.00

Overtime and Supplemental Earnings History

Year Department Position Title Total Details
2016 Police Commander $413.86 $413.86 (Jan)
2015 Police Captain $3,843.71 $1,038.85 (Jan) $2,804.86 (Nov)
2014 Police Captain $658.10 $658.10 (Dec)
2013 Police Captain $1,084.17 $1,084.17 (Nov)
2013 Police Lieutenant $16,334.08 $1,334.35 (Feb) $1,334.35 (Mar) $1,334.35 (Apr) $2,043.23 (May) $2,710.41 (Jun) $1,334.35 (Jul) $4,099.53 (Aug) $2,143.51 (Sep)
2012 Police Lieutenant $6,912.00 $709.00 (May) $2,140.00 (Jun) $1,560.00 (Aug) $667.00 (Oct) $1,168.00 (Nov) $667.00 (Dec)

Employer Overview

Department POLICE
Number of Employees 13568
Maximum Salary $260,004
Average Salary $89,499

Employees with the same department

Name Department Position Title Salary Year
Brown, David O Police Superintendent of Police $260,004.00 2020
Riccio, Anthony J Police First Deputy Superintendent $197,724.00 2020
West, Barbara J Police Deputy Superintendent $192,000.00 2020
Carter, Eric M Police Chief $185,364.00 2020
Deenihan, Brendan D Police Chief $185,364.00 2020
Konow, Karen M Police Chief $185,364.00 2020
O Donnell, James C Police Chief $185,364.00 2020
Waller, Fred L Police Chief $185,364.00 2020
Boik, Robert A Police Superintendent's Chief of Staff $180,240.00 2020
Bulnes, Migdalia Police Deputy Chief $170,112.00 2020
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Position Information

Employees with the same position and department

Name Department Position Title Salary Year
Alderden, Jacob M Police Commander $162,684.00 2020
Biggane, Maureen C Police Commander $162,684.00 2020
Boyd, Dion Police Commander $162,684.00 2020
Bruno, Kevin D Police Commander $162,684.00 2020
Calderon, Gilberto Police Commander $162,684.00 2020
Casey, Patricia A Police Commander $162,684.00 2020
Cesario, Robert C Police Commander $162,684.00 2020
Chung, Stephen C Police Commander $162,684.00 2020
Cline, Matthew P Police Commander $162,684.00 2020
Devries, Duane M Police Commander $162,684.00 2020
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Employees with the same position

Name Department Position Title Salary Year
Wood, Patricia K Fire Commander $136,890.00 2019
Johnson, Steve Fire Commander $140,970.00 2017
Mc Koy, David M Fire Commander $140,970.00 2017


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Department POLICE

Similar employees

Name Department Position Title Salary Year
Klich-Jensen, Janine Planning and Development Project Coord $64,704.00 2019
Klich-Jensen, Janine Community Development Project Coord $59,976.00 2018
Klich-Jensen, Janine Housing & Econ Dev Project Coord $70,272.00 2020
Pet, Robert A Police Sergeant $105,864.00 2017
Lee, Robert G Treasurer Dir of Accounting $115,932.00 2017
Dietz, Robert J Law Paralegal II $93,984.00 2020
Kay, Robert J Fire Paramedic I/C $91,080.00 2020
May, Robert F Aviation Dir of Administration $105,792.00 2017
Nee, Robert E Fire Firefighter $94,530.00 2017
Smith, Robert L Fire Firefighter-Emt $95,484.00 2020

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Dataset Information

Data Provider City of Chicago, Human Resources
Jurisdiction City of Chicago

This dataset includes 32.8 thousand employees worked in City of Chicago. Each employee is disclosed with complete with full names, department, position, employment status (part-time or full-time), frequency of hourly employee, annual salaries or hourly rate, etc.