Colorado Business Entities

Provider: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)
Jurisdiction: State of Colorado

This dataset includes 2 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS) since 1864. The Colorado Department of State (CDOS) is Colorado's central filing office for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and business trusts. Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, registered agent name, entity status and formed date, etc.

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Business NameAddressAgent NameForm Date
K & T Excavation LLC 356 County Road 101, Carbondale, CO 81623-2181Kyle Franklin2022-04-29
Roaring Fork Psychology Pllc 113 Indica Way, Carbondale, CO 81623-2362Clair Rummel2022-04-27
Dylan Starrs LLC 86 Roaring Fork Ave., B4, Carbondale, CO 81623Dylan Gerard Starrs2022-04-27
Colorado Outdoor Solutions LLC 184 N 11th St, Carbondale, CO 81623-1510Colorado Outdoor Solutions LLC2022-04-27
David Baer Properties, LLC 201 Main St Ste 301, Carbondale, CO 81623-2216Wood Pearce Nelson, LLC2022-04-25
Aspen Resources Corp 502 N 8th St, Carbondale, CO 81623Mauricio Olvera Resendiz2022-04-25
Ann Hodel Physical Therapy Pllc 238 Sundance Trail, Carbondale, CO 81623Vcorp Services, LLC2022-04-25
101 Dillco, LLC 852 Handy Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623-9446Scott Dillard2022-04-25
Alyssa Ohnmacht, LLC 256 Main St, Carbondale, CO 81623-2139Alyssa Ohnmacht2022-04-22
Tyche Enterprises Ltd. 54 Ermine Ln, Carbondale, CO 81623-8734George Sever2022-04-21
The Good Stuff LLC 1150 Highway 133, Carbondale, CO 81623Kelly Allenbach Hollins2022-04-21
Creating Renaissance LLC 120 Ermine Lane, Carbondale, CO 81623Loren S Wilder2022-04-20
Peak Value LLC 67 Goose Ln, Carbondale, CO 81623-7711Jeffrey J Marsoun2022-04-18
Smartfit By Mayra LLC 312, Weant Blvd Apt 6, Carbondale, CO 81632-____Mayra I. Adan Valentin2022-04-16
Rt60 LLC 4190 County Road 103, Carbondale, CO 81623-9639Christopher P Morrow2022-04-15
The Cocoa Club LLC 786 Highway 133, Carbondale, CO 81623-2512Mark Burrows2022-04-14
Onsighttech LLC 101 Indica Way, Carbondale, CO 81623Allan Porter2022-04-13
Square Peg Design 70 River's Bend, Carbondale, CO 81623Michael J Moore2022-04-13
Silver Fox Rental Cars Corp. 115 Fox Run Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623Thomas Ferro2022-04-13
Roaring Fork Hydroseeding, LLC 760 Forest Drive, Carbondale, CO 81623Michael Gene Bailey2022-04-13
Rio Inc. 41 Stagecoach Circle, Carbondale, CO 81654Rio Crandall2022-04-12
Casa Bonita Cleaning Services LLC 126 Dakota Meadows Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623-1633Sandra Rios2022-04-12
Davlyn Farms LLC 435 Boyd Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623-2188Jeffrey John Davlyn2022-04-12
Unlimited Quality Painting LLC 60 Rhianne Loop, Carbondale, CO 81623Jorge Abel Garcia2022-04-12
Wellness4you, LLC 341 Rabbit Rd, Carbondale, CO 81623-8753Inc Authority Ra2022-04-11
The Western Eclectic LLC 444 S 3rd St, Carbondale, CO 81623-2010Ashley Massow2022-04-11
Frayed Knot Outfit, LLC 500 County Road 102, Carbondale, CO 81623-9625Jennifer L Sauer2022-04-08
Tfc Holdings LLC 350 S 8th St, Carbondale, CO 81623-1920Tfc Holdings LLC2022-04-08
John K. Tucker, Cpa LLC 997 Painted Lady Lane, Carbondale, CO 81623John K. Tucker2022-04-08
Lane Family Conservation Subdivision Homeowners Association 201 Tree Farm Drive, Carbondale, CO 81623Geronimo Ventures, LLC2022-04-07
The Longview Project, LLC 92 Weant Blvd, Carbondale, CO 81623-2040William Flanigan2022-04-07
Rocking V LLC 638 N Thomas Rd, Carbondale, CO 81623-8924Alta Wren Kelly2022-04-07
Confluence Electric, LLC 851 Latigo Loop, Carbondale, CO 81623-1589Adam Wibby2022-04-06
140 North 8th LLC 140 N. 8th Street, Carbondale, CO 81623Frascona, Joiner, Goodman, and Greenstein PC2022-04-06
Vitino Inc 201 Main St Ste 8533, Carbondale, CO 81623Zhenjie Lan2022-04-06
West 40 Corporation 268 Apache Trail, Carbondale, CO 81623Natalie Kretchmer York2022-04-06
5th Gen Creations LLC 6333 Highway 133, Carbondale, CO 81623-9451Alex Sewell2022-04-06
Kjr Energy Consulting LLC 18 Maroon Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623-2142Katharine Rushton2022-04-05
Idylwilde Brewing Company, LLC 55 Vega Rd, Carbondale, CO 81623Ryan Scott Zimmer2022-04-05
Luxe Jolie, LLC 85 County Road 105, Carbondale, CO 81623-9605Inc Authority Ra2022-04-05
Auto Spa Mobile Detailing LLC 80 Bobcat Court, Carbondale, CO 81623Registered Agents Inc.2022-04-04
Roaring Roadrunner LLC 126 Handy Drive, Carbondale, CO 81623Registered Agents Inc.2022-04-04
Rfvtech LLC 1365 Barber Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623-1886Rfvtech LLC2022-04-04
124 Design & Development LLC 124 Euclid Ave, Carbondale, CO 81623-2125Owen Jeffrey Dahl2022-04-02
Silver Fox Transportation Corp. 115 Fox Run Drive, Carbondale, CO 81623Thomas M Ferro Sr.2022-04-02
Mclk, LLC 1009 Cattle Creek Ridge Road, Carbondale, CO 81623Mackenzie Thorn2022-04-01
Ellie's Enterprises Limited 27 Mesa Ave, Carbondale, CO 81623-2207Paul Tanger2022-04-01
Connor Rivers, Pllc 60 S 8th St., Unit 201, Carbondale, CO 81623Messner Reeves, LLP2022-04-01
Shivas Organic Chemistry LLC 116 Linden Circle, Carbondale, CO 81623Jeffrey George Rojas Jr.2022-03-31
Tally Ho Tours, LLC 39 Crystal Rd., Carbondale, CO 81623Inc Authority Ra2022-03-31
Vera Dog LLC 1051 Cara Ct, 4-B, Carbondale, CO 81623Lara J Xaiz2022-03-29
Paragon House, LLC 50 Patterson Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623-3153Jeff Benton2022-03-29
Mme Multi-Services LLC 384 Rose Ln, Carbondale, CO 81623-9544Melissa Machuca2022-03-29
Gardner Orchard Investors LLC 108 Diamond A Ranch Rd, Carbondale, CO 81623-9117Michael Edinger2022-03-28
Zg Harrison Allan Group Limited Liability Company 135 Fawn Dr., Carbondale, CO 81623United States Corporation Agents, Inc.2022-03-27
Froning Family Subdivision LLC 811 Garfield Ave, Carbondale, CO 81623-1823Froning Family Subdivision LLC2022-03-25
Dandelion Meadows LLC 175 Goose Ln, Carbondale, CO 81623-8796Anna Reynoso2022-03-25
The Juniper Hill Project, LLC 678 Sopris Ave, Carbondale, CO 81623-1939Molly Cherney2022-03-24
Two Lab Ranch LLC 82 Sunlight Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623Susan L Burr2022-03-24
Foxy Mtb Coaching LLC 213 1/2 North 10th Street, Apt B, Carbondale, CO 81623-1508Lauren M Fox2022-03-23
Anderson Custom LLC 960 Vito's Way, Carbondale, CO 81623-2822Registered Agents Inc.2022-03-22
Tres Advertising LLC 181 Dakota Meadows Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623-1634Mariaisabel Palacios2022-03-22
Macleod Real Estate Holdings, LLC 333 Escalante Rd, Carbondale, CO 81623-9733Nicole Macleod2022-03-22
Akula, LLC 14 Fender Ln, Carbondale, CO 81623Joseph E. Edwards IIi2022-03-22
Jd Roofing and Gutters LLC 113 Pica Ln, Carbondale, CO 81623-8730Milton Osorto2022-03-21
Unpopular Finance LLC 218 East Valley Road, Ste. 104 #105, Carbondale, CO 81623Registered Agents Inc.2022-03-21
Mac Frost Family Foundation 416 Crystal Canyon Drive, Carbondale, CO 81623Margo Anne Calvetti2022-03-21
Maria's A Cleaning Service LLC 98 Garfield Ave, Carbondale, CO 81623Maria Magdalena Alvarado2022-03-21
Spring Pilates, LLC 929 Village Rd, Carbondale, CO 81623-1567Katlynn Kidd2022-03-20
Old Bones Ventures L.L.C. 1017 Wheel Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623-1561Sheri Suarez Foreman2022-03-19
Daly Excavation, LLC 125 Rio Grande Ln, Carbondale, CO 81623-1732Joseph Bamford2022-03-17
West 40 Studio LLC 268 Apache Trl, Carbondale, CO 81623-9402Natalie York2022-03-16
Island Property LLC 17948 Old Highway 82, Carbondale, CO 81623Gretta Mckenney2022-03-16
Eason Construction LLC 138 Apache Trl, Carbondale, CO 81623-9402William Eason2022-03-15
Snowmass Prime Ltd. 12752 Highway 82, Carbondale, CO 81623Heath Bollock2022-03-15
Goodr Storage LLC 520 Mesa Verde Ave, Carbondale, CO 81623-1617Damon Roth2022-03-15
J&p Land Trust L.L.C. 530 Paseo Rd, Carbondale, CO 81623-9741Joseph A. Lewis2022-03-14
D and E Fire Protection LLC 1024 Wheel Ir, Carbondale, CO 81623Jose Jorge Lopez Mendoza2022-03-14
All Valley Fire Protection LLC 30 Cooper Pl, Carbondale, CO 81623-1811Eduardo Medina Hernandez2022-03-14
Sol Cleaning Services LLC 98 Garfiel Ave Trlr 2, Carbondale, CO 81623Solfina Mayo Gallardo2022-03-14
Aspen Multiservices of Colorado LLC 963 Wheel Cir, Carbondale, CO 81623-1558Alma Vidauri2022-03-12
Peak Wellness Massage LLC 818 Industry Place, Carbondale, CO 81623Registered Agents Inc.2022-03-09
Taylor 2007, LLC 624 Larkspur Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623-3212Denise Taylor2022-03-09
Ggbrothers Co LLC 1609 County Road 112, Carbondale, CO 81623-9643Luisa Munoz2022-03-09
Johnston Smith Partners, LLC 4156 Crystal Bridge Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623-9245Johnston Van Arsdale Martin, Pllc2022-03-07
Merakliz LLC 389 Main St, Carbondale, CO 81623-2030Ryan Pratt2022-03-06
High Country Utility Services LLC 177 Cheyenne Ave, Carbondale, CO 81623High Country Utility Services LLC2022-03-06
Six Productions LLC 2100 Dolores Way, Carbondale, CO 81623-2240Six Productions LLC2022-03-04
Merrill Guide Co. LLC 205 Overlook Rdg, Carbondale, CO 81623-8661Registered Agents Inc.2022-03-03
523 Architecture LLC 16 Hopi, Carbondale, CO 81623-8723Eric Westerman2022-03-03
Swf Properties LLC 654 Sopris Ave, Carbondale, CO 81623-1939Shawn William Frick2022-03-03
Hilltop Custom Woodworks LLC 1268 County Road 112, Carbondale, CO 81623-9642Ridge Hackett2022-03-02
Argi, LLC 614 Bridgewater Pl, Carbondale, CO 81623-2185Gonzalo E. Gutierrez2022-03-01
M & M Cleaning Service LLC 1446 Main St, Carbondale, CO 81623-1850Monica Nohemi Galdames2022-03-01
Avalanche Atm, Inc. 1229 Green Meadow Rd, Carbondale, CO 81623Kimberly Mckinley2022-02-28
Savanna Labauve Studios LLC 1111 Village Rd Apt C, Carbondale, CO 81623-2533Savanna Labauve2022-02-28
Lily Deville LLC 762 Lincoln Ave, Carbondale, CO 81623-1720Lily Kennedy2022-02-28
Dntco, LLC 26 Southard Station Rd, Carbondale, CO 81623-2308Dntco, LLC2022-02-26
Franklin Informatics Consulting, LLC 320 Main St Ste 200, Carbondale, CO 81623-2085Aspen Valley Law, P.C.2022-02-25
Dynamic Window Cleaning LLC 1821 Dolores Way, Carbondale, CO 81623Justice Ann Wofford2022-02-25