Colorado Business Entities
Realty · Colorado Springs

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date
Moon Realty LLC 2560 Norwich Dr, Colorado Springs Kristina Moon 2018-05-09
Gilmartin Realty 605 N. franklin St., Colorado Springs James M Gilmartin 2018-04-23
Loyalty Realty LLC 3410 Flying Horse Rd, Colorado Springs David Clark Brewer 2018-04-16
Kasa Realty, Inc. 6760 Corporate Dr Ste 300, Colorado Springs Alan Kasa 2018-04-13
Chunyu Xu Realty LLC 5547 Thurber Drive, Colorado Springs Chunyu Xu 2018-04-12
719 Realty, Inc. 6015 Lehman Drive, Suite 205, Colorado Springs Devin Foster Smith 2018-04-02
Ginger Noble Realty Corp. 4515 Timber Wolf Trl, Colorado Springs Virginia Noble 2018-03-12
Delacruz Realty Corporation 9613 Lochwinnoch Lane, Colorado Springs 2018-03-10
Webb Realty and Investments LLC 10650 Outfit Dr, Colorado Springs Phillip Isaiah Webb 2018-03-10
Harrison Realty, LLC 6715 Mineral Belt Dr., Colorado Springs Dennis Vern Harrison 2018-03-09
KB Realty Inc. 5775 Brennan Avenue, Colorado Springs Kara Dawn Baretich 2018-02-24
Merchant Realty, LLC 6745 Montarbor Dr., Colorado Springs Tiffany Murphy 2018-02-23
PINK REALTY SOCO, LLC 6050 Stetson Hills Avenue, Colorado Springs Jessica Dawson 2018-02-21
Higher Grounds Realty LLC 3311 Teardrop Circle, Colorado Springs Amy Tennille Wrany 2018-02-06
Jerry Woolfolk Realty LLC 2630 Tenderfoot Hill St #100, Colorado Springs Jerry Keith Woolfolk 2018-02-06
EB REALTY COS, INC. 2150 BRAMBLWOOD LANE, Colorado Springs IAN P. BURRELL 2018-01-31
EB REALTY COS, INC. 2150 BRAMBLWOOD LANE, Colorado Springs IAN P. BURRELL 2018-01-31
Cash Cow Realty 729 Pleasant St, Colorado Springs Jose Ascary Torres 2018-01-26
G & G Realty Partners, LLC PO BOX 51223, Colorado Springs 2018-01-26
Begonia Realty LLC 8007 Mt Huron Trail, Colorado Springs Joy Frank 2018-01-16
Jessica Givens Realty, LLC 2250 Hoodoo Drive, Colorado Springs Jessica Le Givens 2018-01-15
TurnKey Realty, Inc. 229 Dolomite Drive, Colorado Springs Lorie Skabo 2018-01-10
Todd A. Weaver Realty, LLC 2174 Austrian Way, Colorado Springs Todd A Weaver 2018-01-08
DeepRootsRealtyLLC 5688 Woodmen Ridge View #203, Colorado Springs Lauren Allsya Hanshaw 2018-01-06
Hillside Realty LLC 6386 mesedge drive, Colorado Springs sigita webb 2018-01-05
Stephenson Realty LLC 1420 E. Uintah Street, Colorado Springs Joshua Logan Stephenson 2018-01-02
Hyperion Realty, LLC 11128 Black Forest Road, Colorado Springs William Poburka 2017-12-20
Raynor Realty LLC 2815 N El Paso St, Colorado Springs Leroy (Skip) Eastman Raynor IV 2017-12-18
KAN Realty 12793 Mission Meadow Dr, Colorado Springs Kimberly A Niven 2017-11-30
Pinnacle Realty of Colorado, LLC 9475 Briar Village Point, Colorado Springs Timothy J. Priebe 2017-11-29
Champion Realty LLC 5795 Grapevine Dr, Colorado Springs Darryl Champion 2017-11-08
The Tercero Group Realty LLC 4547 La Cresta Dr, Colorado Springs Francisco (Cisco) Eligio Tercero 2017-11-07
Richard Belke Realty LLC 4780 Hennings Dr, Colorado Springs Richard Allan Belke Jr. 2017-11-06
Penny Lane Realty, LLC 2711 Logan Circle, Colorado Springs Lori Lynn Lechner 2017-10-26
Foxley and Co. Realty 2114 Silver Creek Drive, Colorado Springs Sara Foxley Smith 2017-10-19
Pink Realty Franchise Inc 2760 N Academy Blvd, Ste 201, Colorado Springs R Breckenridge James 2017-10-03
Colorado Casa Realty, LLC 955 Pico Point, Colorado Springs 2017-09-19
Hearthstone Realty LLC 3831 Smoke Tree Dr., Colorado Springs Michael Phillip Brown 2017-09-07
Laura Laughlin Realty 1542 Sanderson Avenue, Colorado Springs Laura Laughlin 2017-09-06
Howland Realty, Inc. 3510 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs Danielle Howland 2017-08-28
DUNMANN REALTY INC. 5225 QUASAR COURT, Colorado Springs 2017-07-07
Alexander Team Realty LLC 8125 Table Mesa Way, Colorado Springs Thomas Arthur Alexander 2017-07-04
BENAMI REALTY, LLC 4665 Purcell Dr., Colorado Springs Yaneev Benami 2017-06-22
Omaha Realty LLC 2020 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs kuifeng hu 2017-06-21
CM Group Realty, LLC. 6510A S ACADEMY BLVD, Colorado Springs BRYAN W CARTER 2017-06-14
Amber Dawn Realty, LLC 2306 Constellation Dr., Colorado Springs Amber P Niskern 2017-06-10
Destined Traveler Realty, LLC PO Box 1681, Colorado Springs Jonathan Parker 2017-05-22
Northstar Realty, LLC PO Box 1681, Colorado Springs Jonathan Parker 2017-05-22
Tower Realty Partners Inc. 9475 Briar Village Pt #220, Colorado Springs 2017-05-09
Mountain Springs Realty, LLC 16008 Open Sky Way, Colorado Springs Timothy Roger Sjobeck 2017-04-24
H3 Realty Inc 14825 Gleneagle Dr, Colorado Springs LisaAnn Pflugh 2017-04-20
Steve Dobson Realty, LLC 2870 Buttermilk Circle, Colorado Springs Steve Dobson 2017-04-19
Clear & United Realty, LLC 714 Holmes Drive, Colorado Springs 2017-04-17
MD Realty, LLC 595 S. Curtis Rd., Colorado Springs Maria Dolores Perez 2017-04-13
Colorado Refined Realty 5475 Tech Center Dr., Colorado Springs Marci Clark 2017-04-11
Hannan Realty 8556 Winding Passage Dr, Colorado Springs 2017-04-06
Les Is More Realty 9344 Wolfpack Ter, Colorado Springs 2017-03-20
Smile Realty, LLC 7031 Auburn Hills Ct., Colorado Springs Terry Gatesh 2017-03-03
Scott Realty 7115 Amber Ridge Dr, Colorado Springs Crystal Scott 2017-03-03
Crystal Horizon Realty LLC 9362 Grand Cordera Parkway, Colorado Springs Darryl Scott Gaddis 2017-01-27
Teresa Vassos Realty 12265 Oracle Blvd, Colorado Springs Teresa Vassos 2017-01-24
AF2 Realty, LLC 2425 Reed Grass Way, Colorado Springs Vaughn Gonzalez 2017-01-11
Mike Ryan Realty 15625 Timberside Ct, Colorado Springs Mike Ryan 2017-01-09
Durham & Moore Realty, LLC 4164 Austin Bluffs Pwy, #301, Colorado Springs Thomas Franklin Durham III 2017-01-06
Angela Smith Realty LLC Coldwell Banker Res Brokerage, Colorado Springs Angela M Smith 2017-01-01
Brian Russell Realty LLC 9362 Grand Cordera Parkway, Colorado Springs Brian Timothy Russell 2016-12-29
Colorado Springs Realty Group, Inc 5923 Leather Drive, Colorado Springs 2016-12-27
Sutton Team Realty Corp. 1162 Amsterdam Drive, Colorado Springs Judy E. Sutton 2016-12-26
Perfect Peace Realty L.L.C. 3630 Hickory Hill Dr., Colorado Springs Jeremiah Fisher 2016-12-01
Seller's Broker Realty, Inc. 3510 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Ste 2, Colorado Springs Jodi J Cubbage 2016-11-13
Compass West Realty and Property Management, LLC 110 N Sheridan Avenue, Colorado Springs Alyssa L Nightengale 2016-10-26
Big Horse Realty, Inc. 10345 Walker Road, Colorado Springs Gail H Tobin 2016-10-17
Realty Redefined, LLC 6145 Holster Ct, Colorado Springs Nicole Ries 2016-10-16
Linda Leslie Realty LLC 7217 Sioux Cir. S., Colorado Springs Linda DeAnn Leslie 2016-10-11
Home Sweet Home Colorado Realty, LLC 1257 Lake Plaza Dr, Colorado Springs Gayla Bustos 2016-10-10
Resident Realty CSP, LLC 5526 North Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs Roger Koltay 2016-10-04
American Dream Realty P.O.Box 50793, Colorado Springs Irina Riley 2016-10-03
Colorado Front Range Realty, Inc. 5524 Library Lane, Colorado Springs 2016-09-23
iOpt Realty LLC 7035 Campus Drive, Colorado Springs 2016-09-23
Vanessa Marquez Realty, LLC 7118 Wagon Top Court, Colorado Springs 2016-09-15
Madyson Realty Partners, LLC 3204 N Academy Blvd Ste 120, Colorado Springs Joseph D Ryan 2016-09-12
Black Hawk Realty, LLC 60 Beckwith Dr., Colorado Springs Charles John Grewe Jr. 2016-09-08
LM Realty, Inc. 122 Merrimac Street, Colorado Springs DEBRA J WAGNER 2016-08-31
Realty 3 "L.L.C" 10047 clovercrest dr, Colorado Springs Joel Stafford 2016-08-12
Realty 4 "L.L.C." 10047 clovercrest dr, Colorado Springs Falcon Hills Dental 2016-08-12
Tenant Realty Partners, Ltd 9475 Briar Village Point, Colorado Springs 2016-08-12
CL Realty LLC 6750 Mustang Rim Dr, Colorado Springs Christopher L Hearn 2016-08-11
Marko Realty Group, LLC 9045 Troon Way, United States 2016-08-09
Aurora Realty Company Inc 7415 Wrangler Ridge Rd, Colorado Springs 2016-08-04
MoShad Realty LLC 4930 Ellery Lane, Colorado Springs Edward Kemper Hurt 2016-08-03
Colorado Key Realty LLC 4320 Aryshire Lane, Colorado Springs Javier Galvan 2016-07-20
GATEWAY REALTY INVESTMENTS, LLC P.O. Box 15011, Colorado Springs Charles Roe 2016-07-01
Monteagle Realty, LLC 1419 Monteagle Street, Colorado Springs Alyssa Moore 2016-06-30
Feels Like Home Realty, Inc. 2465 Lyncrest Drive, Colorado Springs 2016-06-29
Solid Rock Realty, LLC 4297 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs Colin Smith 2016-06-29
Virtual Realty Bookkeeping, LLC 3685 Highview Drive, Colorado Springs Todd Andrew Chaddon 2016-06-21