Colorado Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Englewood · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
New Health Diagnostics, LLC 3277 South Lincoln Street, Englewood Bregman Joseph David 2018-02-04 Good Standing
New Health Physical Therapy, LLC 3277 South Lincoln Street, Englewood Bregman Joseph David 2018-02-04 Good Standing
TatticoSolutions 8178 S Norfolk St, Englewood Christopher B Calzaretta 2018-02-04 Good Standing
Lux Tempo 4477 S Acoma St., Englewood Timna - Zemel 2018-02-04 Good Standing
WIZE SHOP LLC 12524 Washington Lane Apt F3, Englewood 2018-02-03 Good Standing
Complexions 2 LLC 4701 s dasa drive, Englewood Jane Fordyce McDonald 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Wellness On Wheels LLC 3375 S. Corona St., Englewood Howard Radin 2018-02-02 Good Standing
DISH Technologies L.L.C. 9601 S. Meridian Blvd., Englewood Timothy A. Messner 2018-02-02 Voluntarily Dissolved
RS4101, LLC 11632 E. Berry Ave., Englewood Randall J Shafer 2018-02-02 Good Standing
All around painting & cleaning LLC 1170 W Oxford Ave, Englewood Vince N Armijo 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Littleton Hardwood Flooring LLC 3000 S LINCOLN ST, Englewood Todd Lester Swaney 2018-02-02 Good Standing
studiog, LLC 43 Covington Ct., Englewood 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Curiosity Engineering, LLC 1150 E. Amherst Ave., Englewood 2018-02-01 Good Standing
3735 Broadway, LLC 3735 S. Broadway, Englewood Willard W. Hayne IV 2018-02-01 Good Standing
StarPoint PPN, LLC 9635 Maroon Cir, Englewood Scott Mounce 2018-02-01 Good Standing
CAT6 LLC 333 W HAMPDEN AVE STE 710, Englewood 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Penny Construction LLC 14400 E Fremont Ave, Englewood Sherman Eugene Penny III 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Keith Camhi LLC 5332 South Geneva Way, Englewood Keith Camhi 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Eric Sarno Tattoo LLC 1559 S. Broadway, Denver Eric Raymond Sarno 2018-02-01 Good Standing
TMRM Communications, Inc. 3730 S. Bannock Street, Englewood Rachel Mains 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Douglas Scott Memorial Fund, Inc. 4276 S Eudora St, Englewood 2018-01-31 Good Standing
RNA Consulting LLC 17532 E. Cloudberry Dr., Parker Reema Alsayegh 2018-01-31 Good Standing
PennStreet Communications, LLC 4290 S Pennsylvania Street, Englewood Brooke E Gabbert 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Anchored Capital Group, Inc. 1910 Thomes Ave., Cheyenne James R. Waite 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Scherer Perfection Photography LLC. 4345 S. Washington St., Englewood Alexander Donald Scherer 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Brendan Programming LLC 9551 E Caley Circle, Englewood Brendan James Neiman 2018-01-31 Voluntarily Dissolved
CharterForce LLC 5190 S Hanover Way, Englewood Collin Steyn 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Inspiration Unlimited LLC 2967 W Tanforan Dr, Englewood David M Sloan 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Surreal Interactions LLC 5310 S. Broadway Cir., Englewood Jack C. Bluni 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Advanced Autonomy LLC 9404 Thornton Ave. NE, Albuquerque 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Essence Of Fulfillment 1450 Poplar St., Denver Jasmine Lorena Valdez-Montoya 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Whyte House Waco, LLC 5377 S. Havana Ct., Englewood James N Whyte 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Hartland Healing LLC 9791 JEFFERSON PARKWAY UNIT B2, Englewood JERI STEPPAT 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Sawaqed and Smith, LLC 355-C Inverness Drive South, Englewood Mallory Smith 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Buffalo Ridge Partners, LLC 383 Inverness Parkway, Englewood Amy Seneshen 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Sattler Golf Villas, LLC 3535 S. Platte River Dr., Englewood Kevin R. Collins 2018-01-30 Good Standing
New Age Data Solution 14400 E Fremont Ave, Englewood Wallis Luis 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Happy Homes Housekeeping, LLC 801 Englewood Pkwy #C308, Englewood Jaime Michelle Chastain 2018-01-29 Good Standing
SDB Adjusting Services LLC 3670 S Lincoln St, Englewood Steven Donny Berg 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Stagben Properties LLC 6322 S Geneva Cir, Englewood Bruce Robertson Buck 2018-01-29 Good Standing
KDL Salon LLC 1601 East Girard Place, Englewood Desiree Austine Miller 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Hollen, Ltd. 4853 S Bannock St, Englewood Anne Catherine Hollenbaugh 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Leavy Consulting LLC 14 Parkway Dr, Englewood 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Crystal Renee Hair LLC 1610 East Girard Place, Englewood Crystal Renee Perez 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Ignite Consulting 9703 E. Maplewood Ave, Englewood Brad Cole 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Go Rams LLC 3859 S Sherman St, Englewood Lance David Myers 2018-01-29 Good Standing
The Red Hill Group LLC. 3439 S. Grant St, Englewood Nathan Alan Wiegand 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Restoration Contractors, LLC 4050 S. Delaware St., Englewood Harry Dante Kahn III 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain metal fabrication and powder coating, LLC 2375 S Raritan St, Englewood Ilean Vanessa Pena 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Prosper Colorado 2830 S. Pennsylvania Stl, Englewood craig tessem 2018-01-27 Good Standing
New Capital Strategies, LLC 4665 S. Franklin St, Englewood Dessa Bokides 2018-01-27 Good Standing
CarrieNewman, LLC 4671 S Cherokee St, Englewood Carrie L Newman 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Griffin Overland LLC 3970 S. Delaware St., Englewood Jennifer Lia-Buddington Sacks 2018-01-27 Good Standing
FruitBong LLC 2800 S Logan Street, Englewood Carly Cerise Kelley 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Colorado Core Supply LLC 6490 S. Dayton St., Englewood Trevor Byron Clark 2018-01-27 Good Standing
RebelGeek Consulting LLC P.O. Box 2391, Englewood brian Christopher nickell 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Dharma Yoga, LLC 10478 E Weaver CIr, Englewood Amy Lynne Kixmiller 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Pingora Peak Capital, LLC 6035 South Iola Way, Englewood Edwin Wade Doidge 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Blackwater Bay Capital, LLC 5925 E Princeton Circle, Englewood shawntel staab 2018-01-26 Good Standing
American Transportation Services Inc. 3531 S. Logan St., Englewood Milton Erazo 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Spine Revenue Solutions LLC 3330 S Broadway, Englewood Denise L Ferguson 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Biese Hive LLC 10634 E Dorado Ave, Englewood Janeth Scoville 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Systems nHand 3485 S. Gaylord Ct, Englewood Walter Lee Church III 2018-01-26 Good Standing
MobiTech Systems 3485 S Gaylord CT, Englewood Walter Lee Church III 2018-01-26 Good Standing
CYPRESS 16 LLC 5011 NASSAU CIR W, Englewood 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Stained Glass Art by Becky LLC 10889 E Crestridge Circle, Englewood Rebecca Mary MacKenzie 2018-01-26 Good Standing
CoKo Literary Agency 3193 S Sherman St., Englewood Courtney Davis Koschel 2018-01-25 Good Standing
SamAnd Enterprise LLC 3538 S Bannock St #2, Englewood Samuel M Anderson 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Falcon Energy, LLC 8001 S. Interport Blvd., Suite 260, Englewood 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Rubio Family LLC 2796 S Broadway, Englewood Edgar Rubio 2018-01-24 Good Standing
Kaysie L Banton, MD PC 3358 S Emerson Street, Englewood Kaysie Lynn Banton 2018-01-24 Good Standing
HEB Construction LLC 730 W Hampden Ave, Englewood Tyler Corbett 2018-01-24 Good Standing
Mahan Consulting LLC 2013 W Baltic PL, Englewood Josiah Andrew Mahan 2018-01-24 Good Standing
Park Terrace Properties LLC 3775 S Sherman St, Englewood Andrea Katerine Slouka 2018-01-24 Good Standing
5570Killarney LLC 4810 S Washington st, Englewood Justin Tucker 2018-01-24 Good Standing
A & P Restoration LLC 4319 S. Clarkson St., Englewood Furie Allen Giusti 2018-01-24 Good Standing
East Nichols Place LLC 3930 South Kalamath Street, Englewood Wesley Mitchell 2018-01-23 Good Standing
Rooted Bites, Ltd. 7901 E Belleview Ave, Englewood Rostyslav R Korchynskyy 2018-01-23 Good Standing
simply grand cleaning 5039 S. Federal Blvd #8, Englewood Alan Keith Womack 2018-01-23 Good Standing
XXPO LLC 3531 S Logan St, Englewood Tim S Murray 2018-01-23 Good Standing
Rivas, LLC 2950 S. Umatilla Street, Englewood Jim Rivas 2018-01-23 Good Standing
OEO 2, LLC 7353 S. Alton Way Ste. A-100, Englewood Chris Elliott 2018-01-23 Good Standing
HR Development, LLC 7353 S. Alton Way Ste. A-100, Englewood Chris Elliott 2018-01-23 Good Standing
DwellMilehigh LLC 4535 S. Inca St., Englewood Jennifer Leonhardt Dentry 2018-01-23 Good Standing
Joyful Integrative Services, LLC 2701 S Grant St, Englewood Joy Menet 2018-01-23 Good Standing
AMR VENTURES INC. 7471 S CLINTON ST, Englewood ANASTASIIA URSOVA 2018-01-23 Good Standing
RLM Investments 2, LLC 11893 E. Ida Circle, Englewood 2018-01-23 Good Standing
Wookie & Pony Show 1331 Birch St #7, Fort Collins Andrew & Angela Beardsley 2018-01-22 Good Standing
ROCKY MOUNTAIN ROOFING AND EXTERIORS LLC 14 Inverness DR E, Englewood darrin azar 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Hahn Cares LLC 3675 South Fox, Englewood Brandon Lee Hahn 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Centennial Village Investments, LLC 365 W. Oxford Ave., Englewood Peter Fritzinger 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Brenda Elpers Consulting 4254 S Washington St, Englewood Brenda Kay Elpers 2018-01-22 Good Standing
The Beadster LLC 4900 S Pearl St, Englewood Maria Ann Geppert 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Terrafirma Holdings, LLC 3485 S Gaylord Ct, C208, Englewood David L Armitage 2018-01-21 Good Standing
COLORADO SAFARI 1230 West Quincy Cir, Englewood Gordon O'Hara 2018-01-21 Good Standing
EP Construction & Demolition LLC 3400 S Platte River Dr Apt 1404, Englewood Elijah James Baca 2018-01-21 Good Standing
5234CATHAYCT LLC P O Box 3244, Englewood Antonio Marlon Napoletani 2018-01-20 Good Standing