Colorado Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Fort Collins · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
JoeKo, LLC 3473 Sam Houston Cir., Fort Collins 2018-02-04 Good Standing
Firefly Fort Collins Mobile Neuromuscular Massage LLC 1672 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins Mark Ryan Struckmeyer 2018-02-04 Good Standing
1101 forest llc 737 S Lemay Ave, Fort Collins 2018-02-04 Good Standing
crescent llc 737 S Lemay Ave, Fort Collins 2018-02-04 Good Standing
Wesley Morley Photography, LLC. 4926 Pyrenees Dr., Fort Collins Wesley Morley 2018-02-04 Good Standing
The Online Therapy Couch, LLC 109 W OLIVE ST, Fort Collins Wendy Becker 2018-02-04 Good Standing
flingin pots 2614 pleasant valley rd, Fort Collins suzanne marie fling 2018-02-04 Good Standing
Resilience Collaboration LLC 317 Sitzman Way, Fort Collins Anne Marie Casper 2018-02-04 Good Standing
Brian Salyer, LLC 6401 Orbit Way, Fort Collins Brian Salyer 2018-02-03 Good Standing
Fat Fit Go 155 E. Boardwalk Drive, #411, Fort Collins Kendra Benson 2018-02-03 Good Standing
Neroli Sol LLC 1 Old Town Square, Fort Collins Pavel Poliakov 2018-02-03 Good Standing
Ciderworth Farm LLC 1701 Sycamore Street, Fort Collins John Daggett 2018-02-03 Good Standing
Vessel Yoga & Taiji, LLC 1505 S. Shields St., Fort Collins 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Lights & Flights LLC 1917 S Shields St, Fort Collins Casey William Norgard 2018-02-02 Good Standing
ExelAnce Laundry LLC 1805 N College Ave, Fort Collins Melissa Berry 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Lytton-ing Services 3026 Rock Creek Dr, Fort Collins Alan Richard Lytton 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Abundance-1, LLC 2231 Smallwood Drive, Fort Collins Timothy Ash 2018-02-02 Good Standing
MIJOS PAINTING LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY 2948 Adobe Dr, Fort Collins 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Red Line Consulting LLC 2012 Remington, Fort Collins Thomas Scott 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Taste and Savor Wine Bar LLC 3581 East Harmony Rd., Fort Collins James Douglas Ward 2018-02-02 Good Standing
DJ Grill & Tap Concepts, Inc. 2450 Ashland Lane, Fort Collins Duane A Farnum 2018-02-02 Good Standing
BFW Denver LLC 3739 Precision Drive Apt E-337, Fort Collins James Steven Blanchard 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Zenith Spa Services LLC 3212 Meadowlark Avenue, Fort Collins Meaghan Claire Harville 2018-02-02 Good Standing
With Ease Co. 419 CANYON AVENUE, Fort Collins 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Rocky Cloud LLC 1001-A E. Harmony Rd., Fort Collins 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Natasha Wing, LLC 1217 Sycamore St., Fort Collins Natasha Lazutin Wing 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Nathan Schaffer Photography, LLC 4909 Boca Del Rio Drive, Fort Collins 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Redrides 225 Edwards Street, Fort Collins Kevin Michael 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Power Metering USA LLC 215 Pascal St, Fort Collins Andrew March 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Easy Living Products Inc. 1001 E Harmony Rd, Fort Collins Viviana Henao 2018-02-01 Good Standing
BierBouckaert Consult LLC 4168 Vista Lake Drive, Fort Collins 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Functional Fabrics 383 Stoney Brook RD, Fort Collins Dawn Ellis 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Dementia Warriors 1001-A Harmony Rd., Fort Collins Annette Riesel 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Jordan Pasquin 2709 Harvard St. Unit C, Fort Collins Jordan Charles Pasquin 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Wilson Digitizing & Design 2451 South Timberline Road, Fort Collins Daryl Wilson 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Cbdepot llc 6617 S College Ave. Bldg. B, Fort Collins 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Meru LLC 1731 Ticonderoga Dr, Fort Collins Keenan A Carver 2018-02-01 Good Standing
LifeVault Foundation 2625 Redwing Road, Fort Collins 2018-02-01 Good Standing
The Monday Night Band LLC 709 Snowy Plain Rd, Fort Collins Charles Landgraf 2018-02-01 Good Standing
OPOLLOS LLC 503 SPRING CANYON CT., Fort Collins MICHAEL ANDERS NELSON 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Trappeurs 1209, LLC 344 Pascal, Fort Collins Rebecca Rauch 2018-01-31 Good Standing
ubiquity inc 1112 oakridge drive suite 104-311, Fort Collins 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Treehouse D104, LLC 5814 Fossil Creek Parkway, Fort Collins Timothy F Jones 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Elder Circle Investments, LLC 3103 Zion Court, Fort Collins Jason Ortiz 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Landes Consulting 155 N. College Avenue, Fort Collins 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Charlie's Angels, Family LLC 777 Jutland Ln, Fort Collins Katherine Warnock 2018-01-31 Good Standing
2dB Engineering Inc. 2831 Blue Leaf Drive, Fort Collins Dwight Birdsall 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Cloud Dancer Solutions, LLC 1004 Parkview Dr, Fort Collins Terence E Lister 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Philanthropy Fort Collins, LLC 2502 Timberwood Drive #97, Fort Collins Kirsten M Johnson 2018-01-31 Good Standing
BHC Shadowgrass, LLC 3528 Precision Drive, Suite 100, Fort Collins 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Keith G. Foster, LMFT, LLC 155 W. Harvard St., Fort Collins Keith Foster 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Brokish Career Coach LLC 330 Jackson Avenue, Fort Collins James Anthony Brokish 2018-01-31 Good Standing
FocoAI 1213 Teakwood Dr, Fort Collins 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Pineapple Consulting Group, LLC 1281 E. Magnolia Street # D112, Fort Collins 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Shearer Management Services, LLC 1215 S. Shields St., Fort Collins Carly Shearer 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Haakenson Desserts LLC 601 Endicott St, Fort Collins Trevor L Haakenson 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Furthering Our Community Ourselves, Inc. 2828 Silverplume Drive, Fort Collins David Lawrence Kovach 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Brand New Homes List LLC 2580 E Harmony Dr Suite 201, Fort Collins Gina Lynn Wolf 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Rockwell St. Brewing Co. LLC 3838 Steelhead St, Fort Collins Matthew John Riley 2018-01-30 Good Standing
La La, Garden 3833 starlite drive, Fort Collins christina trout 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Thomas Construction Ltd 512 N Frey Ave, Fort Collins Thomas Wayne Yagadich 2018-01-30 Good Standing
1300 Bryan, LLC 500 Spinnaker Lane, Fort Collins Richard L. Cinkel 2018-01-30 Good Standing
1304 Bryan, LLC 500 Spinnaker Lane, Fort Collins Richard L. Cinkel 2018-01-30 Good Standing
1308 Southridge, LLC 500 Spinnaker Lane, Fort Collins Richard L. Cinkel 2018-01-30 Good Standing
JARG CONCRETE LLC 401 N Timberline Road, Fort Collins Jhonatan Alejandro Rivas Galvez 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Elevation Timberworks LLC 201 2nd Street, Fort Collins Jonathan Sargent 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Rhoadey Canning Solutions, LLC 2730 West Elizabeth Street, Fort Collins Peter William Rhoades 2018-01-29 Good Standing
328 Alabaster LLC 2733 Harvest View, Fort Collins Caleb J. Schoonover 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Never Summer Enterprises LLC 2922 Wakonda Dr., Fort Collins Chester James Reed IV 2018-01-29 Good Standing
CO Tree and Fire Co 408 Edwards St., Fort Collins Andrew Paul Epp 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Peak Home Service, LLC 6427 CR 68.5, Windsor STANLEY MICHAEL WITKOWSKI 2018-01-29 Good Standing
MAISIE KNOWLES INTERIORS, LLC 8342 Golden Eagle Rd, Fort Collins 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Bruhn Land Services LLC 3839 Eclipse LN, Fort Collins Austin R Bruhn 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Coloraska Gourmet, LLC 1644 Haywood Place, Fort Collins Sean Mackenzie Lamberson 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Cast Iron Consulting LLC 311 N. Mason #108, Fort Collins Jeremy Ross Tand 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Jeremiah Rom Real Estate Services 4703 A-Boardwalk Dr, Fort Collins 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Custer&Sons LLC 517 North Link Lane, Fort Collins Robert Thomas Custer 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Jesse's Bug Ranch LLC 7115 Egyptian dr., Fort Collins Matthew Paul 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Siegmund Dental LLC 6860 Silver Mist Lane, Fort Collins John David Siegmund Sr. 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Autumn House Homes, LLC 2455 Sunstone Dr., Fort Collins Hayley Kathryn McCaw 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Colorado Hemp Institute 317 North Hollywood St., Fort Collins William Althause 2018-01-28 Good Standing
AMB LLC 409 E Elizabeth St, Fort Collins Amber Mae Butrymowicz 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Northern Colorado Power Washing, LLC 2303 Brightwater Drive, Fort Collins Andrea Maria Williams 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Ritthaler Fitness 3501 S Mason Street, Fort Collins Jake C Ritthaler 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Yani's Cleaning LLC 3717 S Taft Hill Rd #96, Fort Collins Yanira Gomez 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Peacock Business Consulting 1408 Hillcrest Dr, Fort Collins Jessica Michelle Rawley 2018-01-28 Good Standing
OCDS Community of St. Joseph 524 S. Loomis Ave, Fort Collins Michele Hattman 2018-01-28 Good Standing
4M LLC 1913 Ames Ct., Fort Collins Michael Shane Corbin 2018-01-28 Good Standing
CONCIERGE COMPUTING LLC 2921 TIMBERWOOD DR APT 8-103, Fort Collins AARON THORPE 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Phoenix Resolution LLC 3614 Richmond Dr, Fort Collins 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Unmarkt, Ltd. 2818 Dundee Ct, Fort Collins Lisa Maria-Asti Wennerth 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Summit Approach Software Solutions, L.L.C. 630 Smith Street, Fort Collins Christopher Michael Brothers 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Erickson Winter Consulting, LLC 1213 Teakwood Drive, Fort Collins Erickson Winter 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Wellington Village South Condominium Association 125 South Howes Street, Fort Collins 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Compass Community Collaborative School Building Corporation 910 West Oak St, Fort Collins Jan Harrison 2018-01-26 Good Standing
PATTERSON & ASSOCIATES LLC 2312 IDLEDALE DR, Fort Collins 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Roya1ty 19 Old Town Square Ste #238, Fort Collins Logan Vaughan Metzger 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Brandlich Construction LLC 501 Cactus, Freer Donald Haun Davis 2018-01-26 Good Standing