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Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Grand Junction · investment · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date
RC Investment Properties, LLC 380 Hidden Valley Circle, Grand Junction Kellie Cunningham 2018-02-23
J&S Investments LLC 2147 Ranier Court, Grand Junction Saul Logan Forster 2018-02-19
Crixus Investments LLC 2692 US Hwy 50 Suite O Box #204, Grand Junction 2018-02-13
414 Palisade Investments, LLC 1355 Chipeta Avenue, Grand Junction Michael P. Cerwinka 2018-02-05
GE Investments LLC 2252 Tellis Court, Grand Junction Lacey Milligan 2018-02-01
TAYLOR'D INVESTMENTS LLC 2006 N 13TH ST, Grand Junction 2018-01-31
Legion Investment Property No 1, LLC P.O. Box 40634, Grand Junction Erik R Groves 2018-01-22
Holy Rollers Investments, LLC. 538 1/2 Centennial Rd., Grand Junction 2018-01-01
In Lucro Investments, LLC 605 25 Rd Suite 100, Grand Junction Mike McGinnis 2018-01-01
Wallys Private investments 563 28 road, Grand Junction Walter Isaiah Yeager 2017-12-06
SINGER INVESTMENTS, LLC 2122 HIGHWAY 6 & 50, Grand Junction MICHAEL M SINGER 2017-12-01
Velez Investments, LLC 718 Metate Court, Grand Junction Jose Velez 2017-10-19
High Horse Investments, LLC 2135 North 7th Street, Grand Junction Laurie A. Cahill 2017-10-17
Jensen Investments Ltd 2100 West Sequoia Road, Grand Junction Dianna Lynn Jensen 2017-10-03
Majic Investments LLC 902 Highway 50, Grand Junction Matthew James Peiffer 2017-10-02
Nine Iron Investments, LLC PO Box 824, Grand Junction 2017-09-08
AM Real Estate Investments, LLC 2591 Legacy Way, Grand Junction 2017-09-02
BC Home Investments LLC 1255 Grand Ave, Grand Junction Corey Bendetti 2017-09-01
Whaley Investments LLC 613 Silverado Dr, Grand Junction Glen Whaley 2017-08-16
RMH Investments Inc 2229 Redlands Parkway, Grand Junction Michael R Hughes 2017-08-03
D & T INVESTMENTS, LLC 2517 Garnet Avenue, Grand Junction Theron D. Chepko 2017-07-19
Ferris-Davis Investments, LLC 2264 Highway 6 & 50, Grand Junction Kevin Davis 2017-07-18
Split Rock Investments, LLC 751 Horizon Court, Suite 245, Grand Junction Bryce Robert Lee 2017-07-18
Seasonal Investments, LLC 2458 Home Ranch Ct, Grand Junction Debra Y Schnick 2017-07-05
Ruggenthaler Investments, LLC 2871 C1/2 Road, Grand Junction Wayne M. Thaler 2017-06-22
Martinez Investments LLC 408-C West Colorado Ave, Grand Junction Alfredo Joel Martinez 2017-06-20
Grand Valley Investments LLC 436 1/2 Keener Street, Grand Junction Enoch j Wipf 2017-06-02
RM Quality Investments LLC 2301 Grand Park Dr, Grand Junction Ron Johnson 2017-05-30
R&M Investments 2301 Grand Park Dr., Grand Junction Ron Johnson 2017-05-22
RM Investments LLC 2301 Grand Park Dr., Grand Junction Ron Johnson 2017-05-22
JMT Property Investments, LLC 2458 Home Ranch Court, Grand Junction James Russell McCurter 2017-04-28
Eco Group Investments 499 Chatfield Circle, Grand Junction Christopher A Luby 2017-04-28
APMJ Investments, LLC 782 23 7/10 Road, Grand Junction Richard Alan Pennington 2017-04-24
Pennington Investments, LLC 782 23 7/10 Road, Grand Junction Richard Alan Pennington 2017-04-24
Mean Kitty Investment, LLC 535 Grand Avenue, Grand Junction Dan E. Wilson 2017-04-18
KLUG INVESTMENTS, LLC 663 Garrett Way, Grand Junction Thomas Hofer 2017-04-12
Legion Investments Colorado LLC PO Box 40634, Grand Junction Erik R Groves 2017-03-14
Garlitz Investments LLC 631 26 Rd., Grand Junction Chala Mohr O'Connor 2017-03-05
Baseline Capital Investment, LLLP 2020 Baseline Drive, Grand Junction Heather A Poovey 2017-03-02
Western Slope Investment Properties LLC 408 1/2 Bristol Ct., Grand Junction Theodore Edward Pritt 2017-02-27
KSR Investments LLC 529 mockingbird ln, Grand Junction Kyle S Renstrom 2017-02-27
WILLIAMS INVESTMENTS, LLC 774 23 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Patty Bennett 2017-02-15
AWS 2017 Investment LLC 3255 B 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction CRAIG ALLEN SEVERANCE 2017-02-14
Gonzalez Investments, LLC 139 W Kennedy Ave, Grand Junction Edgar Steve Gonzalez 2017-02-01
Parkerson Investments II, LLP 710 S. 15th St., Grand Junction Alan Parkerson 2017-02-01
Noah's Ark Investments LLC 2891 Kiowa Ct, Grand Junction Michael Noah Smith 2017-01-05
Argali Investments, LLC 596 23.5 Road, Grand Junction 2016-12-05
ASB Investments, LLC 2139 N. 12th Street, Unit 7, Grand Junction April Schulte-Barclay 2016-12-01
Copper Eagle Investments LLC 720 Washington Ct, Grand Junction Laura Kay Holm 2016-11-27
OW Investments LLC 636 26 Road, Grand Junction Brenda Brock 2016-11-17
Royal Mineral Investments, LLC 2182 J 1/4 Road, Grand Junction O'Shane Wilson 2016-11-09
LEC Investments, LLC 422 1/2 Prospector Point #7, Grand Junction Connie M Badini 2016-09-16
D and D Investments, LLC 807 26 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Robert J Derner 2016-07-26
DAKS Investments, LLC 2355 Yellow Cat Court, Grand Junction Saba Rizvi 2016-06-26
Ivory Investments LLC 3086 Quail Street, Grand Junction Jacob Jacob Wipf 2016-06-23
Strategic Investment Group LLC 113 E Alcove Dr, Grand Junction Jami Bean 2016-06-20
Wilson Investments Ltd. 3273 B 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Ronald Mark Wilson 2016-06-15
SCM Investments, LLC 2675 Capra Way, Grand Junction Scott C. Mayor 2016-06-13
Junction Investments, LLC 504 Riverview Drive, Grand Junction Joseph Harawi 2016-06-08
JX2 Investments LLP 113 E Alcove Dr, Grand Junction Jami Bean 2016-06-07
Pen Investments LLC 719 Arrowest Ct, Grand Junction Al Fred Penoyer 2016-05-12
MACBS Investments, LLC 483 Sparn Street, Grand Junction Kenneth B Erni 2016-04-27
Quick Investments LLC 275 31 Road, Grand Junction Johanna S Robbins 2016-04-26
WAKE Investments, LLC 803 White Avenue, Grand Junction Wayne Harris Carruth 2016-03-04
Brazilian Investments, LLC 800 Belford Avenue, Suite 100, Grand Junction Samuel J Baldwin 2016-02-12
Lands End Investment LLC 462-A Glen Road, Grand Junction Wade Aaron Schultz 2016-02-03
Storm Investments 1 LLC 3185 F 1/2 RD, Grand Junction Jesus H Rascon 2016-01-29
Effinger Investments, LLC 628 Chaco Court, Grand Junction 2016-01-06
Lyons Investment & Holdings, LLC 1545 North 19th Street, Grand Junction Jarad Robert Lyons 2015-11-25
A&L investments LLC 243 E Fallen Rock Rd., Grand Junction Andrew Rodes Gall 2015-11-21
Shabren Investments,LLC 563 N Sparn Ct. unit A, Grand Junction 2015-10-14
Montrose Investment Properties II, LLC 2919 North Avenue, Grand Junction Jim L. Coleman 2015-09-29
KDR Investments LLC 2175 L Rd., Grand Junction Jon Tyler Romatzke 2015-09-28
GK Investment Properties, LLC 584 Preserve Lane, Grand Junction Gregory E. Kellam 2015-08-25
C & N ROTH INVESTMENTS, LLC 3164 Forrest Way, Grand Junction Natalie R. Britton 2015-08-20
AW Investments, LLC 608 Partee Drive, Grand Junction John Davis Wade 2015-07-17
GRAND MAPLE INVESTMENTS, LLC 2903 E 7/8 Road #A, Grand Junction Roberta Stacy 2015-07-02
L and J Investments LLC 2107 Hodesha Way, Grand Junction 2015-05-27
Marsh Investment Properties, LLC 670 23 Road, Grand Junction Thomas C. Volkmann 2015-05-27
Allied Appraisal & Real Estate Investments LLC 929 Main Street, Grand Junction Jere Woldruff 2015-05-27
Elm Ave Investment, LLC 1360 Elm Ave., Grand Junction Brian Gregory Motz 2015-05-19
Unaweep Investments, LLC 2458 Home Ranch Ct, Grand Junction Debra McCurter 2015-03-20
DVS Investments LLC 111 Chipeta Avenue, Grand Junction David W Cole 2015-03-17
Intricate Investments LLC 2340 Monument Road, Grand Junction 2015-03-17
Evergreen Investment Holdings, LLC 640 26 Road, Grand Junction Patrick Jermiah Cahill Jr. 2015-03-04
Orchard Run Investments, LLC. 612 Orchard Run, Grand Junction Jamie Lynne Moats 2015-02-03
C & R Home Investment LLC 2693 WILSHIRE CT, Grand Junction CAROLA W JANIAK 2015-01-29
Seashell Investments, LLC 370 Caprock Dr, Grand Junction 2015-01-26
Nack Investments LLC. 3021 D 1/2 rd, Grand Junction Andy Benjanmin Nack 2015-01-12
Golfmore Investments, LLC 724 Golfmore Dr., Grand Junction 2015-01-05
Landcee Investments, Ltd. 2515 Riverside Pkwy, Grand Junction Robbie Koos 2014-12-30
Sbar Investments, Ltd. 598 sycamore Ct, Grand Junction David James Sbar 2014-12-08
Hope Realty Investments, LLC P.O. Box 4308, Grand Junction Thomas C. Volkmann 2014-12-02
Airport Investment GJT, LLC 1111 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction Alan N. Hassler 2014-11-19
Chambers Family GJ Investments, LLC 442 Keener Street, Grand Junction Charles Dean Chambers 2014-11-10
Sagebrush Investments LLC 220 Frontier Street, Grand Junction Donna Donley 2014-11-02