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Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities registered wtih Colorado Secretary of State.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Nine Iron Investments, LLC PO Box 824, Grand Junction 2017-09-08 Good Standing
AM Real Estate Investments, LLC 2591 Legacy Way, Suite T200-C, Grand Junction 2017-09-02 Good Standing
BC Home Investments LLC 1255 Grand Ave, Grand Junction Corey Bendetti 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Whaley Investments LLC 613 Silverado Dr, Grand Junction Glen Whaley 2017-08-16 Good Standing
RMH Investments Inc 2229 Redlands Parkway, Grand Junction Michael R Hughes 2017-08-03 Good Standing
D & T INVESTMENTS, LLC 2517 Garnet Avenue, Grand Junction Theron D. Chepko 2017-07-19 Good Standing
Ferris-Davis Investments, LLC 2264 Highway 6 & 50, Grand Junction Kevin Davis 2017-07-18 Good Standing
Split Rock Investments, LLC 751 Horizon Court, Suite 245, Grand Junction Bryce Robert Lee 2017-07-18 Good Standing
Seasonal Investments, LLC 2458 Home Ranch Ct, Grand Junction Debra Y Schnick 2017-07-05 Good Standing
Ruggenthaler Investments, LLC 2871 C1/2 Road, Grand Junction Wayne M. Thaler 2017-06-22 Good Standing
AA INVESTMENT TEAM LLC 1058 23RD ROAD, Grand Junction MARTIN AZCARRAGA 2017-06-20 Good Standing
Martinez Investments LLC 408-C West Colorado Ave, Grand Junction Alfredo Joel Martinez 2017-06-20 Good Standing
Grand Valley Investments LLC 436 1/2 Keener Street, Grand Junction Enoch j Wipf 2017-06-02 Good Standing
RM Quality Investments LLC 2301 Grand Park Dr, Grand Junction Ron Johnson 2017-05-30 Good Standing
R&M Investments 2301 Grand Park Dr., Grand Junction Ron Johnson 2017-05-22 Good Standing
RM Investments LLC 2301 Grand Park Dr., Grand Junction Ron Johnson 2017-05-22 Good Standing
JMT Property Investments, LLC 2458 Home Ranch Court, Grand Junction James Russell McCurter 2017-04-28 Good Standing
Eco Group Investments 499 Chatfield Circle, Grand Junction Christopher A Luby 2017-04-28 Good Standing
APMJ Investments, LLC 782 23 7/10 Road, Grand Junction Richard Alan Pennington 2017-04-24 Good Standing
Pennington Investments, LLC 782 23 7/10 Road, Grand Junction Richard Alan Pennington 2017-04-24 Good Standing
Mean Kitty Investment, LLC 535 Grand Avenue, Grand Junction Dan E. Wilson 2017-04-18 Good Standing
KLUG INVESTMENTS, LLC 663 Garrett Way, Grand Junction Thomas Hofer 2017-04-12 Good Standing
Legion Investments Colorado LLC PO Box 40634, Grand Junction Erik R Groves 2017-03-14 Good Standing
Garlitz Investments LLC 631 26 Rd., Grand Junction Chala Mohr O'Connor 2017-03-05 Good Standing
Baseline Capital Investment, LLLP 2020 Baseline Drive, Grand Junction Heather A Poovey 2017-03-02 Good Standing
KSR Investments LLC 529 mockingbird ln, Grand Junction Kyle S Renstrom 2017-02-27 Good Standing
Western Slope Investment Properties LLC 408 1/2 Bristol Ct., Grand Junction Theodore Edward Pritt 2017-02-27 Good Standing
WILLIAMS INVESTMENTS, LLC 774 23 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Patty Bennett 2017-02-15 Good Standing
AWS 2017 Investment LLC 3255 B 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction Avis W Severance 2017-02-14 Good Standing
Gonzalez Investments, LLC 139 W Kennedy Ave, Grand Junction Edgar Steve Gonzalez 2017-02-01 Good Standing
Parkerson Investments II, LLP 710 S. 15th St., Grand Junction Alan Parkerson 2017-02-01 Good Standing
Veracity Investments, LLC 3151 Travee Ct, Grand Junction Dazholi Dawn Love 2017-01-18 Good Standing
Noah's Ark Investments LLC 2891 Kiowa Ct, Grand Junction Michael Noah Smith 2017-01-05 Good Standing
Argali Investments, LLC 596 23.5 Road, Grand Junction 2016-12-05 Good Standing
ASB Investments, LLC 2139 N. 12th Street, Unit 7, Grand Junction April Schulte-Barclay 2016-12-01 Good Standing
Copper Eagle Investments LLC 720 Washington Ct, Grand Junction Laura Kay Holm 2016-11-27 Good Standing
OW Investments LLC 636 26 Road, Grand Junction Brenda Brock 2016-11-17 Good Standing
LEC Investments, LLC 422 1/2 Prospector Point #7, Grand Junction Connie M Badini 2016-09-16 Good Standing
D and D Investments, LLC 807 26 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Robert J Derner 2016-07-26 Good Standing
DAKS Investments, LLC 2355 Yellow Cat Court, Grand Junction Saba Rizvi 2016-06-26 Noncompliant
Ivory Investments LLC 3086 Quail Street, Grand Junction Jacob Jacob Wipf 2016-06-23 Good Standing
Strategic Investment Group LLC 113 E Alcove Dr, Grand Junction Jami Bean 2016-06-20 Noncompliant
Wilson Investments Ltd. 3273 B 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Ronald Mark Wilson 2016-06-15 Good Standing
SCM Investments, LLC 2675 Capra Way, Grand Junction Scott C. Mayor 2016-06-13 Noncompliant
Junction Investments, LLC 504 Riverview Drive, Grand Junction Joseph Harawi 2016-06-08 Good Standing
JX2 Investments LLP 113 E Alcove Dr, Grand Junction Jami Bean 2016-06-07 Good Standing
Pen Investments LLC 719 Arrowest Ct, Grand Junction Al Fred Penoyer 2016-05-12 Good Standing
MACBS Investments, LLC 483 Sparn Street, Grand Junction Kenneth B Erni 2016-04-27 Good Standing
Quick Investments 275 31 Road, Grand Junction Johanna S Robbins 2016-04-26 Good Standing
JACS Investments, LLC 608 Partee Drive, Grand Junction John Davis Wade 2016-03-15 Good Standing
WAKE Investments, LLC 803 White Avenue, Grand Junction Wayne Harris Carruth 2016-03-04 Good Standing
Brazilian Investments, LLC 800 Belford Avenue, Suite 100, Grand Junction Samuel J Baldwin 2016-02-12 Delinquent
Lands End Investment LLC 462-A Glen Road, Grand Junction Wade Aaron Schultz 2016-02-03 Delinquent
Storm Investments 1 LLC 3185 F 1/2 RD, Grand Junction Jesus H Rascon 2016-01-29 Delinquent
Effinger Investments, LLC 628 Chaco Court, Grand Junction Joyce E. Effinger 2016-01-06 Good Standing
Lyons Investment & Holdings, LLC 1545 North 19th Street, Grand Junction Jarad Robert Lyons 2015-11-25 Good Standing
A&L investments LLC 243 E Fallen Rock Rd., Grand Junction Andrew Rodes Gall 2015-11-21 Delinquent
GREEN LAND INVESTMENT LLC 2446 PATTERSON ROAD, Grand Junction SON THI HUYNH 2015-11-08 Good Standing
Shabren Investments,LLC 563 N Sparn Ct. unit A, Grand Junction 2015-10-14 Good Standing
Montrose Investment Properties II, LLC 2919 North Avenue, Grand Junction Jim L. Coleman 2015-09-29 Good Standing
KDR Investments LLC 2175 L Rd., Grand Junction Jon Tyler Romatzke 2015-09-28 Delinquent
GK Investment Properties, LLC 584 Preserve Lane, Grand Junction Gregory E. Kellam 2015-08-25 Good Standing
C & N ROTH INVESTMENTS, LLC 3164 Forrest Way, Grand Junction Natalie R. Britton 2015-08-20 Good Standing
AW Investments, LLC 608 Partee Drive, Grand Junction John Davis Wade 2015-07-17 Good Standing
GRAND MAPLE INVESTMENTS, LLC 2903 E 7/8 Road #A, Grand Junction Roberta Stacy 2015-07-02 Good Standing
L and J Investments LLC 2107 Hodesha Way, Grand Junction 2015-05-27 Good Standing
Marsh Investment Properties, LLC 670 23 Road, Grand Junction Thomas C. Volkmann 2015-05-27 Good Standing
Allied Appraisal & Real Estate Investments LLC 929 Main Street, Grand Junction Jere Woldruff 2015-05-27 Good Standing
Elm Ave Investment, LLC 1360 Elm Ave., Grand Junction Brian Gregory Motz 2015-05-19 Good Standing
Unaweep Investments, LLC 2458 Home Ranch Ct, Grand Junction Debra McCurter 2015-03-20 Delinquent
DVS Investments LLC 111 Chipeta Avenue, Grand Junction David W Cole 2015-03-17 Delinquent
Intricate Investments LLC 2340 Monument Road, Grand Junction 2015-03-17 Good Standing
Evergreen Investment Holdings, LLC 640 26 Road, Grand Junction Patrick Jermiah Cahill Jr. 2015-03-04 Good Standing
Orchard Run Investments, LLC. 612 Orchard Run, Grand Junction Jamie Lynne Moats 2015-02-03 Delinquent
C & R Home Investment LLC 2693 WILSHIRE CT, Grand Junction CAROLA W JANIAK 2015-01-29 Delinquent
Seashell Investments, LLC 258 E Fallen Rock Rd, Grand Junction 2015-01-26 Good Standing
Nack Investments LLC. 3021 D 1/2 rd, Grand Junction Andy Benjanmin Nack 2015-01-12 Delinquent
Golfmore Investments, LLC 724 Golfmore Dr., Grand Junction 2015-01-05 Good Standing
Landcee Investments, Ltd. 2515 Riverside Pkwy, Grand Junction Robbie Koos 2014-12-30 Good Standing
Sbar Investments, Ltd. 598 sycamore Ct, Grand Junction David James Sbar 2014-12-08 Delinquent
Hope Realty Investments, LLC P.O. Box 4308, Grand Junction Thomas C. Volkmann 2014-12-02 Good Standing
Airport Investment GJT, LLC 1111 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction Alan N. Hassler 2014-11-19 Good Standing
Chambers Family GJ Investments, LLC 442 Keener Street, Grand Junction Charles Dean Chambers 2014-11-10 Good Standing
Sagebrush Investments LLC 220 Frontier Street, Grand Junction Donna Donley 2014-11-02 Good Standing
Derner Investments, LLC P.O. Box 118, Grand Junction Charles Reams 2014-10-27 Good Standing
Nagy Investments, LLC 225 N. 5th St Ste 600, Grand Junction Gary Wayne Nagy 2014-10-14 Delinquent
Ambrose Investments LLC 315 Shadow Lake Court, Grand Junction Howard Lee Ambrose 2014-10-04 Good Standing
C and M Investments, LLC 2654 Grand Vista, Grand Junction Margaret A. Eagleton 2014-10-02 Good Standing
Tesla Investments LLC 275 31 Road, Grand Junction 2014-09-23 Good Standing
DKH Investments, LLC P.O. Box 1183, Grand Junction Diane K. Hagen 2014-08-23 Delinquent
Longmire Investments LLC NA, Grand Junction Crystal C Martinez 2014-08-20 Voluntarily Dissolved
Amel Investments LLC 2355 Yellow Cat Court, Grand Junction 2014-07-28 Good Standing
StephenInvestmentsLLC 454 Washburn St., Grand Junction Brett Robert Stephen 2014-07-18 Delinquent
Bird Investment Group, LLC 1801 I-70 Business Loop, B4, B3, Grand Junction Steven C Bird 2014-06-22 Good Standing
Jack Creek Investment LLC 2446 1/2 Jack Creek Rd, Grand Junction Kay Gwin Dawn 2014-05-18 Delinquent
Roemer Investments LLC 704 roundup dr, Grand Junction Edward Kirk Roemer 2014-03-03 Good Standing
WMK Investments, LLC 728 Birdie Dr., Grand Junction William M Kane 2014-02-10 Good Standing
4WG Investments, LLC 2448 Ruby Mesa Court, Grand Junction Robert E. Swim 2014-02-07 Good Standing
Pacific Mesa Investments LLC 2518 Monument Rd. #B, Grand Junction Nate A. Richardson 2014-01-30 Good Standing