Colorado Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Littleton · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Hilary Morris, LPC 5860 S Curtice St., Littleton Hilary Morris 2018-02-04 Good Standing
Purple Bird International, LLC 801 W Prentice Ave #8, Littleton Elizabeth Ann Anderson 2018-02-04 Good Standing
Faith Energy Investors LLC 1950 West Littleton Blvd, Littleton Tom Heule 2018-02-04 Good Standing
Dents 4275 W Monmouth Ave, Littleton Steven Soderman 2018-02-03 Good Standing
Denver Janitorial Company, Inc. 4947 S Wadsworth Blvd, Littleton Johnalyn Dolores Taylor 2018-02-03 Good Standing
Shabard's Homes LLC 20342 Cypress Dr., Morrison Steve T Humbard 2018-02-03 Good Standing
Resiliency Matters 7325 S Upham Ct, Littleton Lisa Lynn Langerman 2018-02-02 Good Standing
NET FORGE, LLC 13450 PEACOCK DR, Littleton STUART KIRK 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Colorado Sun LLC 6679 Ken Caryl Ave., Littleton Timothy Anderson 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Parr's Guide Service Inc 8556 S Carr St, Littleton Bryan Edward Parr 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Toe Walker Mining, LLC 7123 Pine Hills Way, Littleton Robert Paradis 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Squigglyword Ministries, Inc. 10 Tecoma Circle, Littleton Annette Seals 2018-02-02 Good Standing
West Powers LLC 5284 South Hoyt St., Littleton Douglas R Ferguson 2018-02-02 Good Standing
George Agency, LLC 7395 E Orchard Rd, Greenwood Village Philip David George 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Fast Capital 365 4 West Dry Creek Circle, Littleton Jason Husted 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Lori A Heid LLC 7388 S Alkire St Apt 202, Littleton Lori A Heid 2018-02-02 Good Standing
EB and HR Consulting, LLC 5104 South Taft Way, Littleton Constance Denise Sevier 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Montz Veterinary Hospital, LLC 5856 S. Lowell Blvd, Littleton Lawrence James Montz Jr. 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Love You For Always, Baby Gowns 9448 Bexley Dr, Littleton Teresa Diane Carter 2018-02-01 Good Standing
PEAKVIEW JP LLC 7931 S Broadway #101, Littleton Andrew J Fink 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Affordable Aeration and Landscaping LLC 29 Penstemon, Littleton 2018-02-01 Good Standing
RL Limitless Concepts LLC 5625 South Elmwood St, Littleton Randi Lovett 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Snodgrass & Associates LLC 6845 South Webster St. Unit A, Littleton Donald P Snodgrass 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Lindstrom and Crawford LLC 9281 W. Rice Avenue, Littleton Donald R Lindstrom 2018-02-01 Good Standing
RJ Realty, LLC 11052 W. Crestline Drive, Littleton 2018-02-01 Good Standing
CAT6 LLC 333 W HAMPDEN AVE STE 710, Englewood 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Huft Aircraft LLC 10329 west fair avenue, unit d, Littleton chad k huft 2018-02-01 Good Standing
4DA INC. 5548 S FENTON ST, Littleton 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Alternative Wellness LLC 8680 S Zephyr St, Littleton Richard Randal Ingraham 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Hero's Holistic Veterinary Care, LLC 8246 W. Bowles Ave., Littleton Kathy L Kent 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Hartway Solutions llc 11138 West Ontario Avenue, Littleton Sarah Hartway 2018-02-01 Good Standing
MOUNTAIN JOES LLC 9571 MARMOT RIDGE CIRCLE, Littleton 2018-02-01 Good Standing
TMRM Communications, Inc. 3730 S. Bannock Street, Englewood Rachel Mains 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Trifection Athletic Wear LLC 6319 S. Windermere, Littleton 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Von T, LLC 6447 S. Hoyt Court, Littleton Daniel W Von Tilius 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Pathways to Healing 8424 Dressage Road, Littleton Aimee Renee Techau 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Skies the Limit Homes LLC 5783 S Everett Way, Littleton Steve Ksiazek 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Balanced Wellness LLC 13 Golden Eagle Ln, Littleton Meghan Geisler 2018-01-31 Good Standing
JJ Homes LLC 5783 S Everett Way, Littleton Ksiazek Steve 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Chris Cody Custom Cutlery LLC 9491 W. Hialeah Pl., Littleton Christopher Evans Cody 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Western Angling Adventures Inc 8556 S Carr St, Littleton Austin Edward Parr 2018-01-31 Good Standing
KCP Learning Ventures LLC 6044 W canyon ave, Littleton Kady Larson 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Double L Design & Construction, LLC 7931 S. Broadway, #311, Littleton Lisa Landon 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Antero Commercial Trust LLC 7117 S. Windermere Street, Littleton Paul G Urtz 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Sam Wall Enterprises LLC 10655 W Berry Dr, Littleton Samuel John Walberer 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Concrete Rocks LLC 9335 W David Ave, Littleton David Hyrum Cooke 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Steelhead Real Estate and Investments Corp. 21 Fairway Lane, Littleton David Deveau 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Excel Exposure LLC 4452 South Independence St, Littleton Benjamin Willis Currier IV 2018-01-31 Good Standing
85 S. Dudley Street, LLC 5523 S. Prince Street, Littleton Bruce Rumsey 2018-01-31 Good Standing
HK Enterprises Ltd. 11757 W. Ken Caryl Ave., Littleton 2018-01-31 Good Standing
imakestuff, LLC 609 E. Phillips Dr. South, Littleton Chad Levi Fielding 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Metamorphosis Construction LLC 145 Pegasus Drive, Littleton Chad Heideman 2018-01-30 Good Standing
PHO 92 INC 12652 W KEN CARYL AVE. STE. C, Littleton ANDY KHA TOAN LUONG 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Cartegraph Systems Payroll, LLC 1900 W. Littleton Boulevard, Littleton 2018-01-30 Voluntarily Dissolved
Jackass Hill Brewery, LLC 2409 W Main St, Littleton 2018-01-30 Good Standing
International Hospital Products, Inc. 2783B West Long Drive, Littleton Drew Murphy 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Denver Mortgage Group LLC 6626 S Elmwood St, Littleton Daniel Morrison 2018-01-30 Good Standing
JB's Enterprise LLC 1439 McArthur Dr, Littleton Jay C Beresford 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Mountain Industrial Services LLC 6638 W Ottawa Ave, Littleton Brian Meegan 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Pamela Koenig Consulting LLC 7648 S Eaton Way, Littleton Pamela Sue Koenig 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Monarch CBD, LLC 6359 S Harlan Way, Littleton Nathan R Thompson 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Teshia personality tableware company 491 S Webster St, Littleton George ALLISON 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Desert Spirit, Inc 6970 S Lee Way, Littleton Darlene Mesch 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Primal Vantage Company, Inc. 2407 W Euclid Avenue, Littleton 2018-01-29 Good Standing
4659 W. CEDAR LLC 8177 S Lamar Ct, Littleton Richard S Burrows 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Colorado Custom Basements and Remodeling, LLC 5690 S Parfet St, Littleton Jeffrey M Caesar 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Sinclair Cybernetics, LLC Post Office Box 630197, Littleton 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Rhyno Tree Service LLC 5995 S. Parfet St., Littleton Ryan William Erfurdt 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Colorado Plains RV Resort and Storage LLC 1642 W. Lake Place, Littleton Michael Frech 2018-01-29 Good Standing
DC Liquors Enterprises LLC 9471 West Rice Ave., Littleton Dave Linh Chambers 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Brooke Vincent Counseling, LLC 7883 Kyle Way, Littleton Brooke Angelle Vinent 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Astra Robotics LLC 10822 West Toller Drive, Littleton 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Ascend Public Relations 6418 S. Harlan Way, Littleton Anna L Duggan 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Limb LLC 6233 S Owens Ct, Littleton Brandon Baird 2018-01-28 Good Standing
XDO LLC 5390 S Gray St, Littleton Spencer Gibson 2018-01-28 Good Standing
Lundquist Engineering LLC 8971 W Ida Place, Littleton Christopher Lundquist 2018-01-28 Good Standing
ORIGINS ACCESSORIES INC. 7055 S COSTILLA ST, Littleton 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Liberation Management LLC 3050 W Prentice Avenue, Littleton Elizabeth May Passiales 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Growing Minds Counseling LLC 609 W. Littleton Blvd., Littleton Christine Jackson Cole 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Fredem LLC 8332 Erickson Blvd, Littleton Russ Vincent Holzer 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Findr, LLC 12304 W Ken Caryl Cir., Littleton Robert A Schultz 2018-01-26 Good Standing
MK Strategic Advisors, LLC 6823 S. Routt St., Littleton 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Internally Radiant LLC 7099 S. Garrison St., Littleton 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Sweet Little Somethings Bakery, LLC 6365 South Oak Way, Littleton Cynthia Sue Arcuri 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Columbine Photography, LLC 6389 W. Caley Place, Littleton Gary T White 2018-01-26 Good Standing
AnnScott Escape, LLC 601 Lewis Court, Marco Island Michelle Ann Watson 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Alec Rowe Tattoos Limited 1559 S. Broadway, Denver Alec Christopher Rowe 2018-01-26 Good Standing
S & T Print Broker LLC 6004 South Prince Street, Littleton Matthew capezzuto 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Best Darn Cookies Ever LLC 6153 S. Datura St., Littleton Steven Douglas Smith 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Embody and Soul LLC 10869 Bobcat Terrace, Littleton Joni Milliron 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Remote Electronics, LLC 5365 W Leawood Drive, Littleton Mike DuBe' 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Adragna Architecture + Development, PLLC 2192 W CALEY AVE., Littleton 2018-01-25 Good Standing
4lo4leo, LLC 9525 W Coal Mine Ave, Littleton Stephani Kailey 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Geris Capital LLC 8361 Sangre de Cristo, Littleton Mark A Geris 2018-01-25 Good Standing
418 Wright, LLC 8783 Pochard St., Littleton Alissa Schuessler 2018-01-25 Good Standing
1985 West Iliff Ave 7656 South Allison Court, Littleton Chris Gibbons 2018-01-25 Good Standing