Colorado Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Ottawa · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Star Nature Enterprises LLC 900 Dynes Rd Suite 601, Ottawa 2018-01-22 Good Standing
CARGOTEC HOLDING, INC. 415 E Dundee St., Ottawa 2018-01-17 Good Standing
Shopify (USA) Inc. 150 Elgin Street 8th Floor, Ottawa 2017-12-20 Good Standing
Versaterm Inc. 2300 Carling Avenue, Ottawa 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Cullen & Associates LLC 100 Bronson Ave Apt 905, Ottawa 2017-08-17 Good Standing
Waltco Lift Corp. 415 E Dundee St., Ottawa 2017-08-02 Good Standing
Caretracker, INC. 70 Royal Little Drive, Providence 2017-06-26 Good Standing
SKYDIVE POPKO LLC P.O. BOX 523, Ottawa 2017-05-30 Good Standing
MacGregor USA Inc. 415 E Dundee St., Ottawa 2017-05-11 Good Standing
Pets2Plants, LLC 6547 N Academy Boulevard #543, Colorado Springs Donald L Heidrich 2017-03-31 Good Standing
Clover Telecom Asset Management, LLC 4200 Columbus St., Ottawa 2017-03-20 Good Standing
ATC Truck Covers 801 E. North St., Ottawa Matt Blais 2017-02-23 Good Standing
HCM Works Inc. 116 Albert Street Suites 300, Ottawa 2016-12-29 Good Standing
Fenelon LLC 2470 Virgo Dr, Colorado Springs Lyndsay Alexandra Bolton 2016-12-01 Good Standing
Beyond 20/20 Inc. 265 Carling Ave, Ottawa 2016-10-19 Good Standing
Traffic Injury Research Foundation USA, Inc. 20 F Street, 7th Floor, Washington 2016-10-07 Good Standing
Clover Wireless LLC 4200 Columbus St., Ottawa 2016-06-23 Good Standing
Phirelight Security Solutions Inc. 293 MacLaren Street, Ottawa 2016-02-10 Good Standing
Phirelight LLC 293 MacLaren Street, Ottawa 2016-02-10 Good Standing
NaturaRaiser, LLC 6547 N Academy Boulevard #1079, Colorado Springs 2015-11-09 Voluntarily Dissolved
Natura Natural Products, LLC 6547 N Academy Boulevard #1079, Colorado Springs 2015-11-09 Voluntarily Dissolved
NATURA HOLDINGS, LLC 6547 N Academy Boulevard #1079, Colorado Springs 2015-10-22 Voluntarily Dissolved
Seventh Heaven, Inc. 2460 Stafford Terrace, Ottawa Alice L Horn 2015-01-22 Good Standing
APPZERO SOFTWARE, INC. 1 Hines Road, Suite 105, Ottawa 2014-09-30 Delinquent
CaddyShack Golf, LLC 1207 Diamond Head Rd, Ottawa Brian wilson 2014-08-20 Delinquent
Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC 103 S Main St, Ottawa 2014-08-06 Good Standing
Purple Forge Corp. 900 Greenbank Rd.,, Ottawa 2014-07-07 Delinquent
Canadian Bureau for International Education INC. 1550-220 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa 2014-04-17 Good Standing
Kalmar USA Inc. 415 E Dundee St, Ottawa 2014-01-13 Good Standing
Nortec Humidity Inc. 2740 Fenton Rd, Ottawa Randall Potter 2013-12-09 Delinquent
Vail East Rentals, LLC 2968 E 1519 RD, Ottawa DOUGLAS CONROY 2013-10-30 Good Standing
NS Liman, LLP 505 S. Main Street, Breckenridge 2013-10-08 Delinquent
J & W Construction Services, LLC 1101 N Davis St, Ottawa Blanca J Mercado 2013-08-14 Delinquent
Clover Telecom Asset Management, LLC 4200 Columbus St., Ottawa 2013-08-13 Withdrawn
Harris Local Government Solutions Inc 1 antares drive suite 400, Ottawa 2012-05-31 Good Standing
Harris Systems USA Inc 1 Antares Drive Suite 400, Ottawa 2012-05-30 Good Standing
Candid Techie Inc. 1554 Carling Avenue, Ottawa Andrew Michael Taylor 2012-03-04 Voluntarily Dissolved
Keys Direct Marketing & Communications Inc. 2580 Innes Road, Ottawa 2011-10-21 Delinquent
West Point Acquisitions, LLC 4200 Columbus St., Ottawa 2010-12-27 Withdrawn
PG Govern, Inc. 1 Antares Drive Suite 400, Ottawa 2010-11-24 Noncompliant
Boulder Sport & Social Club Inc. Unit #1, 75 Hinton Avenue North, Ottawa 2010-08-11 Delinquent
Grantium 2111 Wilson Blvd. Suite 700, Burlington 2010-06-22 Withdrawn
N. Bridgland Enterprises Inc. 75 Hinton Ave North, Ottawa Julia Colwell 2010-06-01 Delinquent
PNA Change Consultants Inc. 3590 Rivergate Way, Ottawa 2010-02-12 Withdrawn
digiChart, Inc. 100 Winners Circle Dr., Brentwood 2009-11-17 Good Standing
Ventaire, LLC 1019 North Street, Ottawa 2009-08-10 Good Standing
Energhx Consulting LLP 73 Compata Way, Ottawa Olufemi Awolusi 2009-05-08 Delinquent
FUEL INDUSTRIES (U.S.), INC. 7 Hinton Avenue North, Ottawa Duane Schleen 2008-11-24 Delinquent
National Recovery Services, LLC 416 South Main Street, Suite 3, Ottawa 2008-07-09 Delinquent
Hiab USA Inc. 415 E Dundee St, Ottawa 2007-11-05 Good Standing
Trigence, Inc. 1675 Broadway, Denver 2007-09-05 Withdrawn
STaCS DNA Inc. 2255 St Laurent Blvd., Ottawa 2006-05-31 Good Standing
Aubrac International, Inc. 2417 Holly Lane, Ottawa Jeff Bergstrom 2006-02-09 Good Standing
United Water Works, Inc. 229 S. Main, Ottawa 2006-01-19 Delinquent
Shady Acres Land, LLC 1240 South Hickory, Ottawa Kenneth L Ullom 2004-12-13 Good Standing
Anjura Technology Corporation 2301 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa 2004-08-31 Withdrawn
PAULA ALLEN HOLDINGS, INC. 2600 Lake Lucien Drive, Suite 410, Maitland 2004-02-12 Delinquent
CHICOBURG, INC. 29 LYNHURST AVE, Ottawa Ontario 2003-11-04 Withdrawn
GRACE LENDING, INC. 2518 E LOGAN, Ottawa 2003-02-19 Revoked
N. Harris Computer Corporation 1 Antares Drive, Ottawa 2000-11-16 Good Standing
SITEBRAND.COM INC. 1018 GOLD CR, Ottawa 2000-05-19 Administratively Dissolved
FASHION, INC. 1019 NORTH ST, Ottawa 1993-04-22 Good Standing
BASALT RIVERVIEW, LTD. 300-117 CENTREPOINTE DR, Ottawa 1979-06-27 Good Standing
SKY RANGE REALTY, INC. 300-117 CENTREPOINTE DRIVE, Ottawa 1979-04-13 Good Standing