Colorado Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Westminster · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date
Kiki Events and Design LLC 9530 Osceola St, Westminster Jade Abigail McNeil 2018-05-14
149 Arkansas LLC 9975 Wadsworth Parkway, Westminster Jorge Menendez 2018-05-14
J.C. Hair Studio, LLC 14532 Orchard Parkway, Westminster 2018-05-14
Corner Insurance Store LLC 9100 W 100th Ave, Westminster 2018-05-14
KWK Ltd LLC 7225 West 97th PL, Westminster Christopher McKesson 2018-05-13
Wondering Perspective 6430 w 111th ave, Westminster Amanda Marie May 2018-05-13
Aware Media, LLC. 7732 W 90th Drive, Westminster Gregan Donald Lewis 2018-05-13
Heirloom Incorporated 10560 W 102nd Pl., Westminster Charles Bollfrass 2018-05-12
Jajdelski Dental Studios, LLC 10433 Holland Place, Westminster Walter J. Jajdelski Sr. 2018-05-12
Rhino-Security LLC 9532 Pierce Street, Westminster Emily Kil 2018-05-12
Colorado Building and Repairs LLC 9024 Vance Street Apt. 204, Westminster Daniel R Williams 2018-05-11
LAB17 LLC 1640 West 135th Dr, Westminster Pamela Sue Ortega 2018-05-11
Crystal City 3803 W68th Ave, Westminster Zachary Daniel VanOverbeke 2018-05-11
Faith-Filled Walk, LLC 10479 Hoyt Street, Westminster 2018-05-10
Permalley Lending, LLC 14750 Pecos St, Westminster Steve Perruzza 2018-05-10
Maxart, Inc 3361 W. 79TH AVENUE, Westminster 2018-05-10
Jonathan Spegal, LLC 8750 West 89th Place, Westminster 2018-05-09
STEELE LLC 11852 Bradburn Blvd, Westminster Steve Steele 2018-05-09
The Tip of the Spear Consulting, LLC 3840 W. 111th Avenue, Westminster Boglino Troy Joe 2018-05-09
DigitalGlobe Foundation, Inc. 1300 W. 120th Avenue, Westminster 2018-05-09
AB Contractor, LLC 9903 Garland Drive, Westminster Annie Beth Contractor 2018-05-09
Werger LLC 11129A Alcott St., Westminster edward anthony werger 2018-05-09
Creative Lifestyle Products Ltd. 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy, Westminster Blake Andrew Olson 2018-05-09
Direct Porter Locksmiths LLC 11448 105th Way, Westminster Porter Derek 2018-05-08
Rednib Furniture Upcycling LLC 7920 Yates Street, Westminster Hoyt Binder 2018-05-08
Grewe Investments LLC 11152 Huron St, Northglenn Stephanie Grewe 2018-05-08
CRF Locksmiths LLC 11448 105th Way, Westminster Chad Ray Ferguson 2018-05-08
ALL YEAR FENCING LLC 7858 STUART ST, Westminster 2018-05-08
Absolute Staffing & Consulting Solutions 532 Baltimore Blvd, Westminster 2018-05-08
CHILDREN'S EQUIPPING CENTER-CHAIM 11095 Trojan Ct., Westminster Richard Garcia 2018-05-08
Elite Impressions 2389 COLLINGSWOOD BLVD, Pt Charlotte Charisa Richardson 2018-05-08
Indica Investments, LLC 14770 Orchard Pkwy, Westminster Ismael Sanchez 2018-05-08
Outside the Box Pet Solutions 1400 w 116th ave, Westminster Tyler Adam Parsons 2018-05-07
Door solutions llc 8975 Field St unit 35, Westminster Abraham Philip Paquet 2018-05-07
Good Rock LLC 1942 Broadway St., Boulder 2018-05-07
Lindsey Jade Spencer 3388 W 93rd Ave, Westminster Lindsey Jade Spencer 2018-05-07
Centipede Gear, LLC 3790 W 103rd Drive, Westminster Eric Wolfgang Westhafer 2018-05-07
Elizabethan Services, LLC 4670 W 102nd Pl, Westminster Elizabeth A Wood 2018-05-07
Baxley Auto Repair, LLC 6645 kline st, Arvada Christopher Lee Baxley 2018-05-06
Dialed Nutrition LLC 14842 Orchard Parkway Apt R203, Westminster Tyler Andrew Ward 2018-05-06
WVV Connection LLC 3240 W. 114th Cir., Westminster Angela Hodd 2018-05-05
Impressions 14183 Lexington Circle, Westminster Maria Veronica Draxler 2018-05-04
Jon Douglas Creative 14853 Galapago Street, Westminster Douglas Jon Crouch 2018-05-04
YOYODYNE COLORADO LLC PO BOX 350813, Westminster 2018-05-04
Erebus Capital Ltd 8692 W 95th Dr, Westminster William Royden McFarland 2018-05-04
A Happy Dog 9551 flower st, Westminster Abigail Mae Wesson 2018-05-04
Diamond Valley Cleaning Services LLC PO Box 350882, Westminster Laura Trujillo 2018-05-04
Nichole Emerson Photography LLC 10572 W 106th Court, Westminster Nichole Emerson 2018-05-03
Chemcat Consulting LLC 1782 W 130th PL, Westminster Marna Sikes 2018-05-03
Fix-it Fleet LLC 7021 canosa ct, Westminster Zachary Wayne Holmes 2018-05-03
Koge 680 LLC 8015 W. 106th Avenue, Westminster Steven W. Watkins 2018-05-02
Intentional Earth LLC 9429 Newton Street, Westminster Samuel Charles Van Metre 2018-05-02
Denver Modern Offices 1, LLC 1501 West 124th Avenue, Westminster Brian A. Ojala 2018-05-02
TAIVA 1, LLLP 1501 West 124th Avenue, Westminster 2018-05-02
Therapeutic Cupping Denver P.O. Box 1313, Westminster Di Feng 2018-05-02 Inc. 10897 Legacy Ridge Way, Westminster Srinivasa Venkataraman 2018-05-02
Blacksheep 9191 Sheridan Blvd, Westminster Lewis Richardson 2018-05-02
Sell 4 Cash LLC 521 W. 123rd Ave. #11206, Westminster 2018-05-01
Adplico Media, LLC 10225 King Street, Westminster 2018-05-01
KnockOut Legal Assistants, LLC 3525 W. 80th Avenue, Westminster Jason Gregory Dycus 2018-05-01
Controlled Environment Solutions LLC 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy., K-2 263, Westminster Andrew Townson 2018-05-01
BOUDOIR BOMBSHELL, LLC 1226 W 133rd Way, Westminster 2018-05-01
Wohlckes A2Z Services 9561 Dudley dr, Westminster Greg Allen Wohlcke 2018-05-01
Quasar Investments, LLC 1660 South Albion St, Denver James Camp 2018-05-01
Adoria Group Inc. 10343 Federal Blvd, Westminster Konrad Pi 2018-05-01
Altitude Design Build Inc 9571 W 104th Ave, Westminster Leslie J Almazan 2018-05-01
Michelle Laraine Hair Studio 8961 Everett Circle, Westminster Michelle Laraine Welsh 2018-05-01
Code Electric LLC 10951 W. 106th Pl., Westminster Jefff Matthew Millenson 2018-05-01
LLEKY LLC 10343 Federal Blvd, Unit J #233, Westminster Scott H. Culley 2018-04-30
Piper Petal LLC 11281 Winona Ct, Westminster Jessica Feldpusch 2018-04-30
East5th, Inc. 6920 W 109th Ave, Apt 110, Westminster Arthur P. Corey 2018-04-30
Tasha's Kitchen LLC 7411 Eliot St., Westminster Christian Beltran 2018-04-30
Advanced Datalytics, LLC 5471 W 97th Place #D, Westminster John Vetterling 2018-04-30
Mountain Blessings LLC PO Box 351895, Westminster 2018-04-30
Vera Pro Painting 2120 ranch drive, Westminster rafael salaices Vera 2018-04-30
Garden State Hemp Holdings 2055 W 134th Way, Westminster Mollenkopf Scott 2018-04-30
LV Reno LLC 10065 Lee St., Westminster 2018-04-30
Marshmenno 6040 w 112th place, Westminster Shoua Lor 2018-04-29
Mile High Functional Medicine LLC 9639 Jellison Way, Westminster Jennifer A Wood 2018-04-29
Spencer L Tepe DDS LLC 7990 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster Spencer L Tepe 2018-04-28
Wild Hearts Yoga 11552 Newland St, Westminster Alexis Victoria Comardo 2018-04-28
3825 Regis LLC 1740 W 129th Dr, Westminster James John Hall 2018-04-27
Brothas Entertainment 8541 crescent dr, Westminster Jared Kenet Brown 2018-04-27
PreQua Credit, LLC 14920 Galapago St, Westminster 2018-04-27
The Righteous Group 8471 Quigley St, Westminster Ryan Patrick Garcia 2018-04-27
AgeCo3 llc 9082 Osceola St., Westminster 2018-04-27
Neighborhood Labor Services, LLC 6870 W. 91st Ct., Westminster 2018-04-26
Felicetti Rentals, LLC 6849 Zenobia St., Westminster 2018-04-26
MWJ Consulting LLC 3821 W. 118th Mews, Westminster 2018-04-26
Extreme Painting LLC 8023 Wolff Street, Unit B, Westminster 2018-04-26
INEWBUILD, LLC 8700 Turnpike Drive 303, Westminster 2018-04-26
Visionary Eye Care, PLLC 9948 West 99th Avenue, Westminster Anne Metzger 2018-04-26
D's Embroidery Niche, LLC 7529 North Bryant Street, Westminster Denise Kay Renne 2018-04-26
Urbanized Fungus LLC 6325 West 92nd Place, Westminster Kevin Butcher 2018-04-26
5280 Digital 10302 Xavier Ct, Westminster Isaac Michael Luce 2018-04-26
KC CONCEPTS LLC 10311 Winona CT, Westminster Cynthia M Harley 2018-04-26
Rx for Health LLC 2458 W 111th Pl, Westminster Justin Cutler 2018-04-26