Colorado Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Westminster · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Coal Creek Coatings Corp. 8220 Turnpike Dr., Westminster Andrew David Hansen 2018-02-04 Good Standing
JCVR LTD. 2861 Eliot Circle, Westminster Joseph Weller Myer 2018-02-03 Good Standing
LuLo Hair Studio, LLC 8450 W 95th Dr, Westminster Melissa Beth Terry 2018-02-03 Good Standing
MMJ Business Solutions 14770 orchard parkway, Westminster wayne michael weisenfluh 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Colorado Fly Club, LLC 9740 W 104TH DR, Westminster Nicholas Manuzak 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Jerin Bamos, LLC 8979 Field St, Westminster Erin Nicole Barnes 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Hughes Distributing LLC 8733 Princeton st., Westminster Douglas M Hughes 2018-02-02 Good Standing
Viva Salon LLC 7275 W. 88th Ave Suite A, Westminster 2018-02-01 Good Standing
ARAGO Associates, LLC 4201 W. 116th Way, Westminster 2018-02-01 Good Standing
DreamWalker LLC 9051 Newton St, Westminster Justin Sutton 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Beauty by Maureen 7275 W. 88th Ave., Westminster Maureen Frances Sheydaei 2018-02-01 Good Standing
DNBK LLC 14757 Osage Court, Westminster David Buehmann 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Mariana LLC 3601 W 97th Ave, Westminster Marion A Keyes 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Mariana Holdings LLC 3601 W 97th Ave, Westminster Marion A Keyes 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Thao Nam LLC 6050 W 92nd Ave, Westminster Nam Quoc Le 2018-02-01 Good Standing
PDL Incorporated 11854 Bradburn Blvd, Westminster Paul Strange 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Livin Life High LLC 8300 Sheridan Blvd, Westminster Jacob J Grayson 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Front Range Roofing LLC 8612 Quigley St, Westminster Branden J Pearson 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Reliance LLC 11859 Pecos St, Suite 200, Westminster Vicki L Hall 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Intentional Logic, LLC 1741 West 131st Court, Westminster 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Roofing Solutions of Denver, LLC 9250 Newton Street, Westminster Samantha Duran 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Health in Food 10941 W 106th Pl., Westminster Laila Rojas 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Barclay 3006 Condo Rental LLC 12138 Clay Street, Westminster Donald Joe Bergholz 2018-01-31 Good Standing
MIKA SUSHI II, INC. 10343 Federal Blvd, Westminster Zhuowei Li 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Chimera Studios Ltd. 9737 W 97th Pl, Westminster Eric Joseph Claeys 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Home Angels Nursing, LLC 1064 W. 135th Ln., Westminster 2018-01-30 Good Standing
5280 Lead Source, Inc 8120 Sheridan Blvd, Westminster Kirk Matthew Johnson 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Lopez Builder's LLC 9181 Federal Blvd Apt.219, Westminster Aaron Elhiu Molina Lopez 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Domdag, LLC 11391 Navajo Circle, Westminster Thomas S D'Agostino 2018-01-30 Good Standing
China-American Healthcare, Ltd. 7235 W 97th Place, Westminster Robert Francis Priddy 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Guillen Construction llc 860 W 132nd ave # 156, Westminster Hector Guillen 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Strohl Scapes, LLC 8177 W 93rd Way, Westminster Matthew Howard Strohl 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Third Power Distributing 7961 N. Federal Blvd., Westminster Akeem John Norris 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Faber Anderson Development and Design, LLC 5652 W. 109th Circle, Westminster Raven Valenteen Faber 2018-01-30 Good Standing
T/JG LLC P.O. Box 351956, Westminster Tyson Kroening 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Otis Homes, LLC 9690 Lowell Ct, Westminster Aaron Henry 2018-01-29 Good Standing
303 Mbuna Team 6080 W 92nd Ave, Westminster Chelsea Hoycott 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Hair by Aubrey 2731 W 120TH Ave, Westminster Aubrey Noelle Perry 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Hair Therapy By Tara 7275 w 88th ave suite A, Westminster Tara K Brewster 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Elemental Distribution LLC 9191 N Sheridan Blvd Ste 310, Westminster JoAnna Marie Cox 2018-01-29 Good Standing
NAVITASMAX, INC. NAVITASMAX, INC., Westminster Kelly Herbst 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Leave It To Lindsay, LLC 4865 W 68th Ave, Westminster Lindsay L Mosier 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Azure Marble 1339 West 133rd Circle, Westminster Benjamin Bodman 2018-01-28 Good Standing
StreetFight Inc. LLC 7739 W. 90th Dr., Westminster Kristina Petrovna Wall 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Rachel Renae, LLC dba Rachel The Cake Lady 3386 W. 97th Avenue, Westminster Rachel Renae Dorrough 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Batwings Travel, LLC 10571 W 100th Pl, Westminster Wonder Moon 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Simply J Massage and Migraine Therapy, LLC 9205 Raleigh St, Westminster Judith Lynn Templeton 2018-01-27 Good Standing
Delgados Drywall Incorporated 1780 Florence St, Aurora Efrain Delgado 2018-01-27 Good Standing
RLN Ventures, Inc. 2780 W 104th Ln, Westminster Robert Nelson 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Team Inside Out, Inc. 3969 W 118th Place, Westminster Sara Hurrle 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Chris Beck Music 11110 Harlan St., Westminster Christopher Michael Beck 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Atencio Boxing and Fitness LLC 8020 Federal Blvd Ste 8, Westminster Robert Eli Atencio Jr. 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Gloss Hair Studio 7275 W 88th Ave, Westminster Shannon Quinn 2018-01-26 Good Standing
RETA Construction LLC 9210 Irving st, Westminster Estella Medrano Gonzalez 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Grace Creatives LLC 11435 W 106th Way, Westminster Alison Grace Kroening 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Diamond Studio and Salon 7275 West 88th Avenue, Westminster 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Bryan Alfaro Ltd. 1559 S. Broadway, Denver Bryan Alfaro 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Go, Dog. Go! Ltd. 9830 Westcliff Parkway #1033, Westminster Richard Froelich 2018-01-25 Good Standing
PFT ALEXANDER, INC. 6753 W. 98TH CIR, Westminster JOHN KEEFNER 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Strides Life LLC 10356 Owens Street, Westminster Sarah C Schwallier 2018-01-25 Good Standing
MindBodyLoveShop, LLC 10434 Hoyt Pl, Westminster 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Ten Thirty One Trucking, LLC 10343 Federal Blvd., Westminster 2018-01-25 Good Standing
HangarFinds, LLC 3097 W.111th Place, Westminster 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Magdoman Can LLC 8340 Tennyson St., Westminster Brett Neil Magdovitz 2018-01-24 Good Standing
VULCAN OILFIELD SERVICES LLC 9325 Ingalls Street, Westminster Mathew T Sabin 2018-01-24 Good Standing
Tommy Acierno Enterprises, LLC 11764 Newton St., Westminster Thomas Joseph Acierno Jr. 2018-01-24 Good Standing
Dorley Investments LLC 2742 Bruchez Parkway Ste 103, Westminster Charles Riley 2018-01-24 Good Standing
Jon Putsch Photography, LLC 11383 Benton Ct, Westminster Jonathan Putsch 2018-01-24 Good Standing
Colorado Living Home Team LLC 11408 Julian Way, Westminster Omar Hernandez 2018-01-24 Good Standing
VK Investments, Ltd 4018 W 98th Pl, Westminster Vladimir Karpov 2018-01-23 Good Standing
Debbies moble pet spa LLC 7704 xavier ct, Westminster deborah Bachofer 2018-01-23 Good Standing
Phyto-Vital Distribution LLC 9191 N Sheridan Blvd Ste 302, Westminster Ramon Chimelis 2018-01-23 Good Standing
X FACTOR PROPERTY GROUP, LLC 10919 Jay St, Westminster 2018-01-23 Good Standing
Naron Agency LLC 2780 Eliot Cir Apt 16, Westminster Lauren Linda Naron 2018-01-22 Good Standing
VIDA SALON Westminster LLC 9021 N Harlan St, Westminster 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Rail 5729 W. 115th Ave., Westminster Robert A. Briggs Jr. 2018-01-22 Good Standing
GI Vehicle Exchange LLC 4257 Main Street, Westminster Caleb Morey 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Merrill Consulting, LLC 11461 W 104th Ave, Westminster Alicia Merrill 2018-01-22 Good Standing
YourStoryYourChoice 7571 Wolff st, Westminster Christine N Chauveau 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Journey Chiropractors LLC 7784 Xavier court, Westminster Jennifer Lee Kloor 2018-01-22 Good Standing
7 Directions Towing and Roadside Assistance, LLC 3400 WEST 80TH AVENUE, Westminster Carlos Ruben Basaldua 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Indoor Entertainment LLC 6980 Stuart St, Westminster Katelin Champion 2018-01-22 Good Standing
western coatings LLC 14770 orchard pkwy, Westminster zachary alexander hinton 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Sparta Performance LLC 3680 w 94th Ave, Westminster REBECCA BEYER 2018-01-22 Good Standing
HR Opti LLC 14770 Orchard Parkway, Westminster Tina Marie Johnson 2018-01-22 Good Standing
XuberZEN, LLC 3309 w 114th Pl, Westminster Kimberly Carol Amador 2018-01-22 Good Standing
The Storage Exchange LLC 3650 w 84th ave #97, Westminster Omar Alfredo Borja 2018-01-22 Good Standing
JR Venture LLC 10036 Grove Loop, Westminster Jesse Alfred Beckman 2018-01-21 Good Standing
Design Swagger Ltd. 14920 Galapago St., Westminster Aditi Mukerji 2018-01-21 Good Standing
Aspen Janitorial LLC 10762 Lewis Circle, Westminster David C Meza 2018-01-20 Good Standing
Johnson St. Rentals LLC 5302 W. 73rd Pl., Westminster David John Porter 2018-01-19 Good Standing
Or Jewelry Atelier 6885 w 91st ct, Westminster Orit Harel 2018-01-19 Good Standing
Best Denver Handyman Services LLC 11858 Bradburn Blvd., Westminster Kevin Hibma 2018-01-19 Good Standing
R & R Property Management, LLC 10850 Dover St Suite 1000, Westminster Jason Reynolds 2018-01-19 Good Standing
GT Construction 2890 W73rd Ave, Westminster Geovani Torres 2018-01-18 Good Standing
E M Doan, LLC 9737 Wadsworth Blvd, Westminster Eric Marshall Doan 2018-01-18 Good Standing
DLights hardwood flooring 7390 Wilson ct, Westminster Donovan Angel Light-bosquez 2018-01-18 Good Standing
A Sure Thing Tile 10631 King St, Westminster Jimmyray Jessen 2018-01-18 Good Standing
FINE ART MEMORIALS INC 4343 W 117TH WAY, Westminster LAWRENCE GOWIN 2018-01-18 Good Standing