Colorado Business

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities registered wtih Colorado Secretary of State.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
KJW Investments LLC 2167 Holyoke Lane, Superior Stevens Jarvie Worcester Jr. 2017-09-16 Good Standing
Tellus Investments, LLC 18985 Wing Tip Ct, Colorado Springs Mark James Gerken 2017-09-16 Good Standing
InnovativeInvestments,LLC 526 w pikes peak ave, Colorado Springs Jesse Berkshire 2017-09-16 Good Standing
Potosi Investments LLC 3605 Sunflower Circle, Longmont Robert Mitre 2017-09-15 Good Standing
W and M Investment, Inc. 9975 Wadsworth Parkway K-2, Ste 125, Westminster 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Double D Investments Ltd. P.O. Box 460711, Aurora 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Investment Management LLC 2518 Coventry Ct., Fort Collins Jacob Joseph Wolff 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Even Better Investments LLC 1578 Macon St Unit 101, Aurora Ronnell Harris 2017-09-14 Good Standing
ALPHA OMEGA PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS LLC 170 E 12th St Ste 9, Durango Matthew Craig Campbell 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Clean Ocean Investments - Jackson, LLC 122 Jackson St, Denver Michael Zieg 2017-09-14 Good Standing
96 point capital investments lp 7510 21st street road, Greeley Alexis Ivory 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Ridge Investment Holdings, LLC 704 N. Pearl St., Apt. I, Denver 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Cope RE Investments I, LLC 7060 East Hampden Avenue, #200, Denver Steven Hickox 2017-09-13 Good Standing
LIGRA Investments LLC 5 Sommerset Circle, Englewood Kelsey Leo 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Pivot Investments LLC 2024 Haystack Rd, Castle Rock Quinn Richard Risdon 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Diamond T Investments, LP 130 Shiloh Dr, Canyon City Mark Allan Tarnow 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Streetcar Investments, LLC 1720 Wynkoop St., Unit 408, Denver Fritz Fisher 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Hoffmann Investments, LLC 5212 Coralberry Court, Fort Collins Mark Hoffmann 2017-09-13 Good Standing
BosCo Investments LLC 18636 East Mainstreet, 9-211, Parker Nancy E Bissel 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Good Home Investments LLC 3079 Zuni St, Denver Shanna Wilkins 2017-09-12 Good Standing
HK Investments Corp 14619 Race Street, Thornton Gustavo Hernandez 2017-09-12 Good Standing
EKM Investments, LLC 4628 Cedar Glen PL, Castle Rock 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Stanley Investments, LLC 19250 MC Road P, Cortez Georgia JA Stanley 2017-09-12 Good Standing
SG-PE Investments, LLC 3033 E. 1st Avenue, Suite 300, Denver 2017-09-12 Good Standing
JTG Investments LLC 9946 Silver Maple Road, Highlands Ranch Julie Palumbo Greco 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Mountain Outpost Investments, LLC 58 Outpost Drive, Keystone 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Brighton Investments LLC 8200 E Pacific Pl, #210, Denver 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Storm Queen Investments LLC 3312 Elk Run Drive, Castle Rock Scott Buchler 2017-09-12 Good Standing
William Mackay Investments, LLC 1610 Wynkoop Street, ste 400, Denver Patrick Imeson 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Bekker Investments LLC 7615 S Quantock Ct, Aurora Leonid Bekker 2017-09-11 Good Standing
R and R Investments, LLC 2202 S Marion St, Denver David Ray Houts 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Berger & Burger Financial Services and Investments 1550 Wewatta Street, 2nd Floor, Denver 2017-09-09 Good Standing
Lee Investments & Trust, LLC 130 Aspen Village, Aspen Donald W Lee 2017-09-09 Good Standing
GrowTime Investments LLC 451 Parkview Drive, Steamboat Springs Patricia D Emert 2017-09-09 Good Standing
Alternative Investment Consultants, LLC 271 Grant St., # 304, Denver Joshua P. Mischke 2017-09-09 Good Standing
Old Faithful Investments LLC 11 Meadowlark Ln., Littleton Maxwell Goddard Faith 2017-09-08 Good Standing
CD Pacheco Investment LLC 2240 Blake Street, Suite 200, Denver Christine Hayes 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Incrementum Investments 265 Dillon Ridge Road Ste C 402, PMB 109, Dillon Lindsey Nicole Wallace 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Affiliated Restoration Group Investments, LLC 968 N. Durfee Ave., El Monte 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Nine Iron Investments, LLC PO Box 824, Grand Junction 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Atlas Investment Holdings LLC 16939 6250 RD, Montrose JOHN C BROWN 2017-09-08 Good Standing
HG-Investments LLC 25307 CR 50, Kersey Elijah Perry Hatch 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Old Town Urban Investments, LLC 972 Hawkshead Street, Timnath 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Belle et Beau Investments, LLC 7500 S Trenton Ct, Centennial 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Sejna Investments LLC 3932 Stoney Dr, Lafayette Peter Sejna 2017-09-07 Good Standing
LLGS Investments, LLC 12582 Meadowlark Lane, Broomfield Lora A. Laustrup 2017-09-07 Good Standing
RAO Investments, LLC 7910 Gateway Blvd. East, Suite 102, El Paso Jane B Fredman 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Vibe Realty & Investments LLC 2774 S Teller St, Denver Richard Deberry 2017-09-07 Good Standing
SKC Investments BB, LLC PO Box 6196, Denver Skye A Callantine 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Pennypacker Investment Group, LLC 11 Meadowlark Ln., Littleton Maxwell Faith 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Guarding Your Investments LLC 504 Coronet Dr., Breckenridge 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Leadtree Investments, LLC 833 Old Dutch Mill Rd, Colorado Springs 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Sybrowsky and Ni Investments, LLC 2305 E Arapahoe Road suite 220, Centennial Samuel Jed Sybrowsky 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Silicon Mountain Investments MMC, LLC 305 Majestic View Dr, Boulder Greg L Collins 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Leon Real-Estate Investments Ltd 1203 S Wabash Ct, Denver Derrick Joseph Leon 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Milestone Real Estate Investments, LLC 2715 W. Greens Dr, Littleton Gustave Mourdoumngar 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Creek Investment Co. 6753 S Locust Ct, Centennial Sean Maguire Robinson 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Crest House Investments LLC 5750 Del Rey Dr., Colorado Springs Scott Gerritt Ryden 2017-09-04 Good Standing
EMERALD PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LLC 2214 E. ST. VRAIN, Colorado Springs DANIEL TOTA 2017-09-02 Good Standing
AM Real Estate Investments, LLC 2591 Legacy Way, Suite T200-C, Grand Junction 2017-09-02 Good Standing
R & K Investments, LLC 3125 Moonbeam Cir S, Colorado Springs 2017-09-02 Good Standing
BC Home Investments LLC 1255 Grand Ave, Grand Junction Corey Bendetti 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Three Sisters Investments Inc 1901 E 13th Ave, Apt 8B, Denver 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Brick & Mortar Real Estate Investments, LLC 3719 MARIPOSA ST, Denver 2017-09-01 Good Standing
BCD FOREX INVESTMENTS LLC 36 South 18th Avenue, Suite A, Brighton ZHONGRU BEI 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Sukhi Investments, LLC 2178 Main Ave, Durango Hiren R Ahir 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Otman Investments 2350 dallas St, Aurora Mohamed Mouaddine 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Heba Investments 2300 Dayton St, Aurora Mohamed Mouaddine 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Colorado Development and Investment LLC 13395 Voyager Parkway, Ste 130 #222, Colorado Springs Kip Petersen 2017-08-31 Good Standing
208 Investment LLC c/o Millard J. Zimet, P.C., 1315 Mountain View Drive, Aspen 2017-08-31 Good Standing
AF7 Investments, llc 8014 S Quince Way, Centennial Justin Andersen 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Vision 2032 Property Investments, LLC 2605 Comanche Creek Dr., Brighton Eric Lynn Wagner 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Carrico Street Investments, Inc. 250 Carrico Street, Pagosa Springs Patrick Disner 2017-08-30 Good Standing
CDM Investment Group Inc 8575 West 110th St, Suite 102, Overland Park 2017-08-30 Good Standing
CostaCan Investments, LLc 13550 Furrow Rd, Larkspur Christopher Lee Harris 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Clean Ocean Investments, LLC 122 Jackson St., Denver Michael J Zieg 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Bold Property Investments, Inc. 2582 Clermont Street, Denver 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Sahasra Investment Group, LLC 16856 E Maplewood Dr, Aurora srinivas satya maddali 2017-08-30 Good Standing
FR Investment group B LLC 8668 concord center dr, Englewood Kurtis Lee Belding 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Standard Alcohol Investment Partners, LLC 770 Sherman Street, Denver Robert Foster 2017-08-29 Good Standing
JSH INVESTMENTS COLORADO, LLC 800 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 100, Metairie Charles Milne 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Kings Realty and Investments llc 765 URSULA ST, Aurora MORDECHAY A AFENZER 2017-08-29 Good Standing
NIA Investments 16199 Green Valley Ranch Blvd, Denver Nikita S Alexander 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Fisher Investment Group LLC 2120 Blake Street Apt# 306, Denver Oliver Mark Anson-Fisher 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Laszlo Investment, LLC PO Box 6102, Broomfield Keppen Laszlo 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Infinitely Optimistic Investments, LLC 4780 Willow Street #J-203, Denver Elizabeth Ann Iselin 2017-08-29 Good Standing
TurnStone VI Investments, LLC 6120 Greenwood Plaza Blvd, Greenwood Village 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Octavius Investments LLC 145 Estack Place, Highlands Ranch Breonna Maria Rodriguez 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Investments Etc LLC 3531 S. Logan Street, D-122, Englewood Ken Morris 2017-08-28 Good Standing
BKAPIE Investments, LLC 472 Somerset Drive, Golden Benjamin R Krasnow 2017-08-28 Good Standing
JHP1 Investments, LLC 700 Ivy Street, Denver Charlie Hogan 2017-08-28 Good Standing
McWilliams Investment Properties, LLC 16500 Stonefeld Pl, Parker Joy L McWilliams 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Lioness Pride Investments, Inc. 1748 Blake Street, Denver Lombard Tina 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Our Roots Investments Limited 2 Delport Road, Harare 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Stambene Investments, LLC 4872 Wandering Circle, Colorado Springs Angelo A Stambene 2017-08-27 Good Standing
Obal Investments Incorporated 3412 E. Keeling Road, Hereford 2017-08-25 Good Standing
Goldstone Investments, LLC 136 San Joaquin Road, Unit B 302, Mountain Village Frederick D Caldwell 2017-08-25 Good Standing
Gooding County Investments LLC 1972 E 3400 S, Wendell 2017-08-25 Good Standing