Colorado Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Solid Rock Real Estate LLC 711 44th Ave, Greeley Kyle David Hosier 2018-02-03 Good Standing
GDNK Real Estate, Inc. 2725 Julian St., Denver Kelly Kummer 2018-02-01 Good Standing
C&C Real Estate Ventures, LLC 12889 W. 73rd Place, Arvada John R Kelley 2018-02-01 Good Standing
sailing real estate LLC 5250 Hahns Peak Dr, Loveland Gerald R Smith 2018-02-01 Good Standing
Hutch Real Estate, LLC 884 Kalamath Street, Denver 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Monroe Real Estate, LLC 161 Mountain View Ct, Louisville Mark Monroe 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Bob Kulakowski Real Estate LLC 8860 Boxelder Drive, Colorado Springs Bob Kulakowski 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Trinity Real Estate, Inc. 2218 N. Franklin St., Colorado Springs Trinity Lee Lemons 2018-01-31 Good Standing
EverWest Real Estate Investors, LLC 8515 E Orchard Road, Greenwood Village 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Steelhead Real Estate and Investments Corp. 21 Fairway Lane, Littleton David Deveau 2018-01-31 Good Standing
Harper Real Estate Group, LLC 1939 S Quebec Way, Denver Matthew Howard Harper Jr. 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Sheffield Real Estate LLC 3900 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood Helen Phyliss Caya 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Alpine Real Estate 770 12th Street, Boulder Paige Anne Coutts 2018-01-30 Good Standing
A&N Real Estate LLC 2612 S Meade Street, Denver Shannon Kelli Bustos 2018-01-30 Good Standing
Lovin Colorado Real Estate LLC 10026 Teton Court, Lone Tree 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Jennifer Wright Real Estate LLC 2635 Geneva St., Denver Jennifer Kathleen Wright 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Applewood Combined Real Estate, LLC 8900 W 35th Ave, Wheat Ridge Alan Wyngarden 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Evolution Real Estate Company, LLC 1001 Bannock Street, Denver Ezra Michael Kramer 2018-01-29 Good Standing
Jeremiah Rom Real Estate Services 4703 A-Boardwalk Dr, Fort Collins 2018-01-29 Good Standing
TLC Real Estate Services 631 Camberly Ct, Windsor Letitia Wernersbach 2018-01-27 Good Standing
IDM Real Estate Group 6521 Aberdour Circle, Windsor 2018-01-26 Good Standing
F1 Real Estate Holdings, LLC 3952 S. Himalaya Way, Aurora Allyce Francis Botello 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Colorado Real Estate Academy LLC 19555 E. Parker Square Drive, Parker Curtis R Spencer Jr. 2018-01-26 Good Standing
Red River Real Estate LLC 420 S Main St, Red River Carroll A Dannettell 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Vincenzo Artino Real Estate Holdings, LLC 2126 S. Golden Ct., Denver Vincenzo Artino 2018-01-25 Good Standing
REX - REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE, INC. 21550 Oxnard St.,, Woodland Hills 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Barnstable Real Estate Services, Ltd. 1073 E. 132nd Way, Thornton Kimberly J. Barnstable 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Two N's Real Estate LLC 5667 Bankers Avenue, Baton Rouge 2018-01-25 Good Standing
Paul Adams Real Estate Inc. 1903 Rolling Road, Cortez Paul Dale Adams 2018-01-24 Good Standing
Voorhees Real Estate LLC 3131 Kittery Court, Fort Collins Kevin Scott Voorhees 2018-01-24 Good Standing
Selling Denver Metro Real Estate LLC 5415 S Delaware St, Littleton 2018-01-24 Good Standing
Max Cash For Real Estate LLC 685 Citadel Drive East, Colorado Springs James M Hale 2018-01-23 Good Standing
Cornerstone Montessori Real Estate 601 16th Street, Golden 2018-01-23 Good Standing
Buffalo Real Estate Development LLC 1942 Broadway St. STE 314C, Boulder 2018-01-23 Good Standing
Seme Real Estate LLC 99 Periwinkle, Pagosa Springs Jordan Seme 2018-01-23 Good Standing
AMBERLYN LAKE REAL ESTATE LLC 7385 W. HWY 50, Salida AMBERLYN LAKE 2018-01-23 Good Standing
LONGS PEAK REAL ESTATE 3655 S VERBENA ST, Denver WILL D DAVIS 2018-01-23 Good Standing
noco colorado real estate 354 High Pointe Dr, Fort Collins Ed Herms 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Gold Coast Real Estate, Inc. 4908 Underwood Ave, Omaha Sutton Lisa 2018-01-22 Good Standing
TTM Real Estate Consulting, LLC 9392 Painted Canyon Circle, Highlands Ranch Timothy Tower Mosbacher 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Arapahoe SNF Real Estate Investors, LLC 3570 Keith Street, NW, Cleveland 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Stephanie Ryan Real Estate LLC 2080 Flintwood Road, Franktown Stephanie Linnette Ryan 2018-01-22 Good Standing
Colorado Real Estate Group Ltd. 7488 Mountain Spruce Drive, Colorado Springs Niki L Davis 2018-01-21 Good Standing
Sterling Real Estate Group, Ltd. 2121 S Oneida St, Denver Ryan Tracy 2018-01-19 Good Standing
Total Real Estate Solutions, LLC 2535 S. Lewis Way, Lakewood Steven Krowczyk 2018-01-19 Good Standing
Mountain Real Estate Images, LLC 320 Whispering Pines Drive, Estes Park Janine Dawley 2018-01-19 Good Standing
NoCo Real Estate Services, Inc. 3503 Birch Dr, Loveland Bradley Don Love 2018-01-18 Good Standing
Emblem Real Estate, Inc. 1534 Briar Cir, Highlands Ranch Stella Wirsig 2018-01-18 Good Standing
Trinity Real Estate Solutions LLC 7661 McLaughlin Road, #556, Falcon Eric Boogaard 2018-01-18 Good Standing
KG Real Estate, LLC 229 S Main St, Breckenridge Katherine Rose Galterio 2018-01-17 Good Standing
McVey Resort Real Estate, LLC 39555 Hwy 6, Avon 2018-01-17 Good Standing
New Heights Real Estate LLC 7917 W 11th St. Rd., Greeley Scott Christopher Clanin 2018-01-17 Good Standing
A Premier Real Estate Collection Ltd. 808 Trail Ridge Dr, Louisville Kimberly Kay Junior 2018-01-17 Good Standing
United States Real Estate Acquisitions LLC 2838 Vallejo St, Denver Christopher Sayler 2018-01-17 Good Standing
Walton Real Estate Group, LLC 7774 S. Cody St, Littleton Chris Walton 2018-01-17 Good Standing
RICH DANA REAL ESTATE, INC. 5459 ILLINI WAY, Boulder RICH DANA 2018-01-17 Good Standing
Radix Real Estate Co 6145 Broadway, Denver Ines K McCanna 2018-01-17 Good Standing
Sticks and Stones Real Estate, LLC 960 Piros Dr., Colorado Springs James Sherrell 2018-01-16 Good Standing
Ft Morgan Real Estate LLC 18335 East 103rd Ave, Suite 104, Commerce City 2018-01-16 Good Standing
Lake Real Estate Sales, LLC 2590 Brittany Drive, Loveland Ellen Lake 2018-01-16 Good Standing
Laurie Real Estate, LLC 3935 Irving St, Denver Laurie E Randolph 2018-01-15 Good Standing
Cowboys Real Estate, LLC 6801 Fern Dr, Denver Monica Gutierrez 2018-01-15 Good Standing
Allen Real Estate Investments LLC 115 Mountaineer Drive, Gunnison Anthony Joseph Allen 2018-01-15 Good Standing
Pierce Real Estate Investment Group 7995 E Hampden Avenue, Ste, 100, Denver Anne Marie Pierce 2018-01-15 Good Standing
GGG REAL ESTATE, LLC 16 Lariat Loop, Hartfel Seth Simmons 2018-01-14 Good Standing
Zamora Real Estate, LLC 2001 S Acoma St., Denver Lorena Celia Zamora 2018-01-13 Good Standing
HomeSmart Real Estate of Denver Inc. 7779 S Kalispell Ct, Englewood Evgeny Chashnik 2018-01-12 Good Standing
Maverick Real Estate LLC 826 Mariposa St, Denver Tyler Thomas 2018-01-12 Good Standing
Sasquatch Real Estate LLC 13507 E Asbury Dr, Aurora Joshua Lee Sherman 2018-01-12 Good Standing
BP REAL ESTATE, LLC 1884 S CLARKSON ST, Denver 2018-01-12 Good Standing
CJS Real Estate LLC 1718 Sphene Place, Loveland 2018-01-11 Good Standing
GCK Real Estate, LLC 1830 Mapleton Avenue, Boulder Matthew S. Finberg 2018-01-11 Good Standing
Dream Real Estate 2015 18172 E ARIZONA AVE, Aurora MELANIE LYNNE JONES 2018-01-11 Good Standing
Chad Brent Real Estate, LLC 1401 West 29th Street, Loveland Chad Michael Brent 2018-01-11 Good Standing
Metro Denver Real Estate, LLC 15063 E Stanford Avenue, Aurora Teresa Lynne Haymaker 2018-01-11 Good Standing
Nikole Strickler Real Estate LLC 1727 E 16th Ave, Denver Nikole R Strickler 2018-01-10 Good Standing
BRCGP Real Estate II, LP 1780 S. Bellaire St., Denver Blair E. Richardson 2018-01-10 Good Standing
Blue Sky real estate and investments 9765 W Baden Drive, Littleton Damian Paul Caya 2018-01-10 Good Standing
ALOE Real Estate LLC 40-A Coyote Place, Gypsum Ernesto Arrieta 2018-01-10 Good Standing
Hawbaker Real Estate Holdings LLC 235 SW 8th Aveune, Cedaredge Christin D Hawbaker 2018-01-10 Good Standing
Tofel Real Estate LLC 318 E Dakota Dr, Grand Junction Michael Tofel 2018-01-10 Good Standing
Rippy Real Estate, Co. 7810 Blue Water Drive, Castle Rock Lawrence Gustafson 2018-01-10 Good Standing
Minatra Real Estate Services, LLC 532 Horizon Place, Dacono Philip Minatra 2018-01-10 Good Standing
Populum Real Estate Holdings, LLC 1835 South Pearl Street, Denver Seth Murphy 2018-01-09 Good Standing
Vista Real Estate Group, LLC 2535 S. Lewis Way,, Lakewood Steven Krowczyk 2018-01-09 Good Standing
RPJ Real Estate Development, LLC 2851 Ranch Reserve Lane, Westminster Martin Ruffalo 2018-01-09 Good Standing
JRL Real Estate, LLC 1823 Irving Street, Denver Jonathan R Lopez 2018-01-09 Good Standing
Thinking Real Estate Sales LLC 7421 Augusta Drive, Boulder Carla Kay Thompson 2018-01-09 Good Standing
AIJ Real Estate Holdings LLC 804 Summer Hawk Dr, Longmont Kirk Tuesburg 2018-01-07 Good Standing
Salita Real Estate LLC 2611 S Franklin St., Denver Daniel Patrick Jaklic 2018-01-05 Good Standing
KSU Charitable Real Estate Foundation 1800 Kimball Ave., Suite 200, Manhattan Gerald L Shadwick 2018-01-05 Good Standing
Fallin Real Estate, LLC 8926 W. Swarthmore Dr., Littleton Joshua Ryan Fallin 2018-01-05 Good Standing
JET Real Estate, LLC PO Box 270193, Fort Collins Jathan Trevena 2018-01-05 Good Standing
Barnett Real Estate, Inc. 6656 S. Newland Way, Littleton 2018-01-04 Good Standing
Wildeman Real Estate LLC 11825 Mobile St, Commerce City 2018-01-04 Good Standing
DESRA CONRAD REAL ESTATE, INC. 6421 CAVALRY POINT, Colorado Springs 2018-01-03 Good Standing
Strong Real Estate LLC 2309 Brookwood Dr, Fort Collins Robin Strong 2018-01-03 Good Standing
Stevenson Real Estate & Consulting LLC 1410 Elm Street, Denver Guinivere Stevenson 2018-01-03 Good Standing