Colorado Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Pivot Point Holdings, Inc 1945 The Exchange, Atlanta 2018-01-05 Good Standing
Marilin Holdings LLLP 2255 Cumberland Pkwy, Atlanta 2017-12-07 Good Standing
Rent Recovery Solutions, LLC 1945 The Exchange SE, Atlanta 2017-08-10 Good Standing
THE ARRENDALE GROUP LLC 1995 N Park Pl SE Ste 300, Atlanta 2017-06-04 Good Standing
Industrial Connections & Solutions LLC 4200 Wildwood Parkway, Atlanta 2017-05-23 Good Standing
Compass Consulting Group LLC 4348 Southpoint Blvd Ste 400, Jacksonville 2017-05-17 Good Standing
Digital Insurance LLC 200 Galleria Pkwy Ste 1950, Atlanta 2017-05-16 Good Standing
Builders Insurance Group, Inc. 2410 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta 2017-04-06 Good Standing
PAXIS GROUP LLC 2100 POWERS FERRY ROAD, SE, Atlanta 2017-04-04 Good Standing
Paradies Lagardere @ DEN 2017, LLC 2849 Paces Ferry Rd, Atlanta 2017-03-20 Good Standing
FieldCore Service Solutions LLC 4200 Wildwood Parkway, Atlanta 2017-03-17 Good Standing
Rivermend Health LLC 2300 Windy Ridge SE210S, Atlanta 2017-03-17 Good Standing
IDology, Inc. 2018 Powers Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta 2017-03-13 Good Standing
Digital Insurance, Inc. 200 Galleria Pkwy Ste 1950, Atlanta 2017-02-01 Withdrawn
Westminster Mortgage, LLC 3330 Cumberland Blvd, Atlanta 2016-12-31 Good Standing
HBF DEN Partners JV, LLC 1750 The Exchange SE STE 200, Atlanta 2016-12-29 Good Standing
Infosys BPO Americas, LLC 3200 Windy Hill Road SE, The Towers, Atlanta 2016-11-14 Noncompliant
PBS-CO Consulting, LLC 2859 Paces Ferry Road SE, Atlanta 2016-11-09 Good Standing
Paradies Lagardere @ DEN 2016, LLC 2849 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta 2016-10-28 Voluntarily Dissolved
Paradies Lagardere @ DEN 2016 (F&B), LLC 2849 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta 2016-10-28 Voluntarily Dissolved
Credit Precision, Inc. 280 Interstate North Circle SE, Atlanta 2016-10-21 Noncompliant
Project Success Inc 100 Galleria Parkway, Atlanta David Niesen 2016-10-12 Good Standing
Printpack Inc. 2800 Overlook Parkway, Atlanta 2016-10-12 Good Standing
Exchange Hub LLC 3301 Windy Ridge Parkway SE, Atlanta 2016-09-06 Delinquent
Knowledge Architects, LLC 3201 Post Woods Dr, Atlanta Sheila Jordan 2016-05-18 Good Standing
COCA-COLA EUROPEAN PARTNERS US II, LLC 2500 Windy Ridge Pkwy, Atlanta 2016-05-16 Good Standing
Lathem Time Corporation 200 GALLERIA PKWY, Atlanta 2016-05-03 Withdrawn
TWC Product and Technology, LLC 300 Interstate North Parkway SE, Atlanta 2016-01-15 Good Standing
Premier Reverse Mortgage LLC 3734 Chattahoochee Summit Dr SE, Atlanta 2015-11-14 Good Standing
Carver Hotel Group, LLC 1945 The Exchange SE, Atlanta 2015-10-19 Good Standing
RADCO RESIDENTIAL, LLC 400 GALLERIA PARKWAY SE SUITE 1200, Atlanta 2015-10-08 Good Standing
Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio, LLC 300 Galleria Parkway, Atlanta 2015-09-23 Good Standing
BL Santa Fe, LLC 3301 Windy Ridge Parkway, Atlanta 2015-08-31 Good Standing
RMI Purchasing, LLC 400 Galleria Parkway, SE, Atlanta 2015-08-25 Good Standing
RoofCo, LLC 1755 The Exchange SE STE 112, Atlanta 2015-08-24 Good Standing
Warshauer Law Group, P.C. 2740 Bert Adams Road, Atlanta 2015-08-11 Withdrawn
Ybor City Developer LLC 3301 Windy Ridge Parkway, Atlanta 2015-08-07 Withdrawn
Ybor City Hotel Developer LLC 3301 Windy Ridge Parkway, Atlanta 2015-08-07 Withdrawn
FULCRUM EXPRESS, INC. 1945 The Exchange, Atlanta 2015-07-21 Good Standing
Blue Ridge Solutions, Inc. 210 Interstate North Parkway SE, Atlanta 2015-07-02 Withdrawn
GLOBAL CUSTOM COMMERCE, INC. 2455 PACES FERRY ROAD, Atlanta 2015-05-01 Good Standing
Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. 2500 Windy Ridge Parkway, NW, Atlanta 2015-04-16 Delinquent
GE Grid Solutions, LLC 4200 Wildwood Parkway, Atlanta 2015-03-12 Good Standing
Aaron's Logistics, LLC 400 Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta 2014-12-23 Good Standing
HRV Mexico LLC 3301 Windy Ridge Parkway, Atlanta 2014-12-17 Good Standing
RADCO Management, Inc. 400 Galleria Parkway SE, Suite 1200, Atlanta 2014-12-11 Good Standing
Vion Support Services IV LLC 400 Interstate North Parkway, Atlanta 2014-09-25 Withdrawn
The Settlement Services Group, LLC 3350 Riverwood Parkway Suite GL28, Atlanta 2014-09-19 Good Standing
Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc. 6120 Powers Ferry RD NW, Atlanta 2014-09-08 Good Standing
Ashford East 88, LLC 101 East 88th Avenue, Thornton 2014-09-04 Good Standing
RANDSTAD NORTH AMERICA, INC. 3625 CUMBERLAND BLVD, Atlanta 2014-08-05 Good Standing
Ingenious Med, Inc. 400 Galleria Pkwy SE, Atlanta 2014-06-17 Good Standing
Precision Grow Systems Inc 1063 Riverbend Club Drive, Atlanta Patrick Andrew Campo 2014-05-15 Noncompliant
Ashford Belmar, LLC 400 GALLERIA PARKWAY SE, SUITE 1200, Atlanta 2014-05-14 Good Standing
3dMD LLC 3200 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Atlanta 2014-04-21 Good Standing
Rosie's Restoration CO, L.L.C. 1770 The Exchange SE, St 250, Atlanta Elizabeth Lily Lewis 2014-03-28 Delinquent
Tempo Telecom, LLC 320 Interstate North Pkwy SE, Atlanta 2014-03-20 Good Standing
The Kellen Company, Inc 10200 W 44th Street, Wheat Ridge 2014-03-14 Good Standing
Rubicon Professional Services, LLC 3350 Riverwood Parkway, Atlanta 2014-03-06 Withdrawn
Vertical Television, Inc. 2030 Powers Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta 2014-03-03 Good Standing
LIGHTNING INTERMEDIATE HOLDINGS, LLC 4301 West Boy Scout Blvd., Yampa 2014-02-14 Good Standing
Green Accounting, LLC 1600 Broadway, Denver Paul Mashburn 2014-01-17 Voluntarily Dissolved
Paradies-Taste 5280, LLC 2849 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta 2014-01-09 Good Standing
Paradies-Denver, LLC 2849 PACES FERRY ROAD, Atlanta 2013-12-10 Voluntarily Dissolved
Hojeij Branded Foods, Inc 1750 The Exchange, Atlanta 2013-12-09 Withdrawn
LS and Partners @ DIA, LLC 2849 PACES FERRY RD, Atlanta 2013-12-04 Good Standing
Macy Law Firm, P.C. 3330 Cumberland Blvd, SE, Atlanta James Meseck 2013-10-02 Good Standing
HRV Hotel Partners, LLC 3301 Windy Ridge Parkway, Atlanta 2013-09-21 Good Standing
The Weather Channel, LLC 300 Interstate North Parkway SE, Atlanta 2013-08-06 Delinquent
HDS RETAIL NORTH AMERICA, LP 2849 PACES FERRY ROAD, Atlanta 2013-07-15 Good Standing
Fulcrum Construction Inc. 1945 The Exchange, Atlanta 2013-06-20 Good Standing
PowerPlan, Inc. 300 Galleria Parkway, Atlanta 2013-06-20 Good Standing
Savannah Bourbon Company, LLC 3621 Vinings Slope, Atlanta Monica Rosenbluth 2013-04-15 Good Standing
Assurant Services, LLC 260 INTERSTATE NORTH CIRCLE SE, Atlanta 2013-03-27 Good Standing
Adams Keegan - GA, LLC 1100 Circle 75 Parkway, Atlanta 2013-03-20 Good Standing
Warbird Consulting Partners, LLC 600 Galleria Parkway SE, Atlanta 2013-02-12 Good Standing
Patriot Finance, LLC 2500 Cumberland Parkway, Atlanta 2013-01-22 Withdrawn
VTECH LLC 5540 Academy Blvd N#22, Colorado Springs 2012-11-05 Delinquent
Zep Vehicle Care Inc. 3330 Cumberland Blvd, Atlanta 2012-10-04 Good Standing
National Builders Insurance Company 2410 Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta 2012-09-18 Good Standing
Comprehensive Technical Group, LLC 2030 Powers Ferry Road, S.E., Atlanta 2012-08-30 Withdrawn
IBS Software Services Americas, Inc. 900 CIRCLE 75 PARKWAY, Atlanta 2012-08-30 Good Standing
Superior Essex International LP 6120 POWERS FERRY ROAD, Atlanta 2012-07-19 Good Standing
MountainSeed Appraisal Management, LLC 2100 Power Ferry Road SE, Atlanta 2012-07-05 Good Standing
Weather Central, LP 300 Interstate North Parkway, Atlanta 2012-06-28 Withdrawn
Greenway EHS, Inc. 1 Metroplex Drive, Birmingham 2012-06-15 Good Standing
FLOR, Inc. 2859 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta 2012-05-24 Withdrawn
BNI 2820 E. College Ave, State College 2012-04-10 Delinquent
PointeNorth Insurance Group LLC 1100 Circle 75 Pkwy SE, Atlanta 2012-03-13 Good Standing
Greenway Health, Inc 4301 W. Boy Scout Blvd., Yampa 2012-02-21 Good Standing
Equity Protection company, LLC 4501 Circle 75 Parkway, Atlanta 2012-02-17 Converted
CA South, LLC 1000 Parkwood Circle, Atlanta 2012-01-30 Delinquent
Sustainable Living Corporation 1063 riverbend club drive, Atlanta Joseph Martin Campo 2011-12-16 Delinquent
Polaritek Systems, Inc. 2950 Mt. Wilkinson Pkwy, Atlanta 2011-11-28 Delinquent
Campo Solar Corporation 1063 riverbend club drive, Atlanta Joseph Martin Campo Sr. 2011-11-07 Delinquent
Hojeij Branded Foods, Inc 1750 The Exchange SE, Atlanta 2011-11-03 Withdrawn
LS AND PARTNERS @ DEN, LLC 2849 PACES FERRY ROAD, Atlanta 2011-10-28 Good Standing