Colorado Business Entities
Zip 80526

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date
Viva Purpose Inc. 912 Rocky Mountain Way, Fort Collins Steven Michael Page 2018-03-02
PUR Release 2519 S. Shields St. #169, Fort Collins Catherine Turner 2018-03-01
Quick Tails LLC 1000 W Horsetooth Rd., Fort Collins Desiree Lynn Loyd 2018-03-01
MACH 4 Properties LLC 4404 Picadilly Dr, Fort Collins 2018-02-28
Lindy Pearson Counseling 155 WEST HARVARD STREET, Fort Collins Lindy Marie Pearson 2018-02-28
Woodford Court, LLC 2815 S TAFT HILL RD, Fort Collins Darren Radach 2018-02-27
Flawless Faces by J 3851 s Taft hill rd, Fort Collins Jasmine Patrice Thompson 2018-02-27
Oilfield Service Professionals, LLC 3629 Soderburg Dr., Fort Collins 2018-02-26
Insight Healing 2627 Redwing Rd, Suite 342, Fort Collins Jennifer Laxague 2018-02-26
Earnest Property Inspections LLC 3200 Eagle Drive, Fort Collins Ernest Victor Pelser 2018-02-24
Mountain Top Acupuncture LLC 1601 w Swallow rd unit 1D, Fort Collins Van E Wetzig 2018-02-23
KRACKEN INK 2300 WCR38 E, Fort Collins REBECCA SCHEU 2018-02-23
Camacho's Painting Co, LLC 2300 W CR 38 E, Fort Collins Alejandro Camacho 2018-02-23
LuLu's Esthetic and Massage LLC 2716 S. College Ave. Unit C, Fort Collins Lucy Rosario-Montoya 2018-02-22
Marchio's Grill 3114 Cockney St, Fort Collins Jeffrey John Marchio 2018-02-22
Alkhemy Energy Harmonization, LLC 3200 Azalea Dr., Fort Collins Todd White 2018-02-22
Buachompu,LLC 1727 Rolling Gate Rd, Fort Collins Lampang Mayer 2018-02-21
Chef CDS Jeanne, "Cooking For U" LLC 1212 Raintree Drive E110, Fort Collins Lisa Jeanne Hinkley 2018-02-20
CaptureME Photo Booth LLC 525 Goldeneye Drive, Fort Collins Jessica Ann Santos 2018-02-20
Start-2-Finish Consulting 2713 Trenton Way, Fort Collins Travis James Michalowski 2018-02-19
Granny's Gears, LLC 3909 Goodell Ln., Fort Collins Sean T Jennings 2018-02-18
Freestone Real Estate Advisors, LLC 807 Benthaven Street, Fort Collins Kyler Knudsen 2018-02-17
Snapping Dog Photography LLC 724 Bonita Ave, Fort Collins Kyle Marano 2018-02-17
WPR-Services, LLC 7209 Trout Court, Fort Collins Randal Paul Williamson 2018-02-17
Bastion Technology Group LLC 2030 Lexington Ct, Fort Collins Kelly Ryan Schroeder 2018-02-16
G & Z ROOFING LLC 2300 West county rd 38E #7, Fort Collins Osvaldo Zaus Sr. 2018-02-16
Mountain Park LLC 3615 Haven Ct., Fort Collins Erin Jenifer Jacobsen-Williams 2018-02-16
Scholarship Painters, LLC 1225 W. Prospect Rd. R37, Fort Collins Zachary Alexander Norris 2018-02-16
Overland Church 4001 Moss Creek Drive, Fort Collins Zachary Taylor Thurman 2018-02-15
Northern Colorado Veterinary Services LLC 3409 Bale Dr., Fort Collins Lisa McCarthy 2018-02-15
Colorado BB's 2313 Sceap Ct., Fort Collins Shea Alan Bell 2018-02-15
Origin Colorado LLC 3623 ROYAL DR, Fort Collins ZACHARY IAN MCCOY 2018-02-15
JAJM, LLC 2218 W Stuart St, Fort Collins 2018-02-14
JGF Properties 1 2313 Charolais Dr, Fort Collins Jon Gregory Freck 2018-02-13
West of I 25 LLC 802 W Drake Road, Fort Collins J Robert Wilson 2018-02-12
Hit It, LLC 2124 Ayrshire Dr., Fort Collins Devin Grant Egger 2018-02-11
CANO'S HARDWOOD FLOORS 1818 PECAN ST, APT 2, Fort Collins IVAN CANO Sr. 2018-02-10
Meishan Dongpo Holdings USA Inc. 2409 Denby Ct., Fort Collins Quanyi Zhou 2018-02-09
Lori S Juszak and Jacob Griego, The Camper Connection of Colorado 21 Old Town Square, Fort Collins Lori S Juszak 2018-02-09
Performance Spectrum LLC 2710 Westridge Court, Fort Collins Charles Deirueste 2018-02-09
Moon Investments LLC 3050 W Stuart St, Fort Collins Brenda Taft Edwards 2018-02-09
Cisar Properties LLC 4202 Rolling Gate Rd, Fort Collins Joshua David Cisar 2018-02-08
Bella Gaia Healthy Living, LLC 3924 Elmhurst Dr., Fort Collins Alexa Ann Vasquez 2018-02-08
Johnnie Blaze 3006 Garrett Drive, Fort Collins 2018-02-07
D and L Enterprises, llc 1924 Derby Ct, Fort Collins Lois Marie Lawson 2018-02-07
Patricia G. Ferguson, LPC, PLLC 1506 Casa Grande Blvd, Fort Collins Patricia G Ferguson 2018-02-07
Manini Enterprises, LLC 3219 Nesbit Court, Fort Collins Rickey Edwin Felton 2018-02-06
JoeKo, LLC 3473 Sam Houston Cir., Fort Collins 2018-02-04
Wesley Morley Photography, LLC. 4926 Pyrenees Dr., Fort Collins Wesley Morley 2018-02-04
Lights & Flights LLC 1917 S Shields St, Fort Collins Casey William Norgard 2018-02-02
Zenith Spa Services LLC 3212 Meadowlark Avenue, Fort Collins Meaghan Claire Harville 2018-02-02
LifeVault Foundation 2625 Redwing Road, Fort Collins 2018-02-01
2dB Engineering Inc. 2831 Blue Leaf Drive, Fort Collins Dwight Birdsall 2018-01-31
Furthering Our Community Ourselves, Inc. 2828 Silverplume Drive, Fort Collins David Lawrence Kovach 2018-01-30
Coloraska Gourmet, LLC 1644 Haywood Place, Fort Collins Sean Mackenzie Lamberson 2018-01-29
Yani's Cleaning LLC 3717 S Taft Hill Rd #96, Fort Collins Yanira Gomez 2018-01-28
4M LLC 1913 Ames Ct., Fort Collins Michael Shane Corbin 2018-01-28
Phoenix Resolution LLC 3614 Richmond Dr, Fort Collins 2018-01-27
PATTERSON & ASSOCIATES LLC 2312 IDLEDALE DR, Fort Collins 2018-01-26
Iot Sevices LLC. 2762 Nottingham SQ, Fort Collins Andrew Paul Anselmo 2018-01-26
Heirlooms Again, LLC 3630 Richmond Drive, Fort Collins Patricia Ann Gorman 2018-01-25
Johnson Consulting LLC 3903 Platte Dr., Fort Collins Kyle Johnson 2018-01-25
Lodgepole Naturals LLC 3903 Platte Dr., Fort Collins Kyle Johnson 2018-01-25
Lodgepole Capital Ventures LLC 3903 Platte Dr., Fort Collins Kyle Johnson 2018-01-25
Resolve Endurance and Strength Training LLC 1833 E. Harmony Unit 20, Fort Collins Mark Mandler 2018-01-24
Johnny's Auto Park, LLC 3402 SENECA STREET UNIT C., Fort Collins Jay Michael Soneff 2018-01-24
Voorhees Real Estate LLC 3131 Kittery Court, Fort Collins Kevin Scott Voorhees 2018-01-24
Twin Lion Industries LLP 2106 Langshire Dr, Fort Collins Christopher Hans Bauer 2018-01-24
Chef Briana Goodall, LLC 2106 Langshire Drive, Fort Collins Megan Briana Goodall 2018-01-23
The Urban Corner Garden Ltd. 3101 Crockett Street, Fort Collins spencer morin 2018-01-23
C AND H CONSTRUCTION 2024 Lindsey Ct, Fort Collins HANNAH RHAYE WHITE 2018-01-22
3417 Williams, LLC 2706 W. Stuart St., Fort Collins Virginia Sciabbarrasi 2018-01-22
Art of GraceCo LLC 3809 Dalton Dr, Fort Collins Kirsten Lee Hundley 2018-01-22
Marisha LLC 1424 Winfield Dr, Fort Collins David Lambertson 2018-01-22
John Tiedemann, Inc. 3012 West Prospect Rd, Fort Collins Katrina E Hansen 2018-01-21
The Windsor Independent Living LLC 802 West Drake Road, Fort Collins J Robert Wilson 2018-01-21
Stadium Challenge LLC 4609 Dusty Sage Drive, Fort Collins Kara-leigh Stacie Michaelsen 2018-01-21
CKM Management LLC 4609 Dusty Sage Drive, Fort Collins 2018-01-21
Apex Realty, Ltd. 4430 Craig Dr., Fort Collins Jennifer Noel Warner 2018-01-21
Great White Management LLC 1918 Sandalwood Lane, Fort Collins 2018-01-19
Tipton Rental, LLC 1442 Regency Court, Fort Collins Scott Tipton 2018-01-19
2212 Vassar Avenue, LLC 1442 Regency Court, Fort Collins 2018-01-19
732 Oxford Lane, LLC 1442 Regency Court, Fort Collins 2018-01-19
Ellender Ltd. 808 W Prospect Rd., Fort Collins Evan Ross Ellender 2018-01-18
Clearview Financial Solutions LLC 1400 Casa Grande Blvd, Fort Collins Teresa Glasscock 2018-01-18
Colorado Cash for Keys, LLC 4109 Red Fox Road, Fort Collins Andrew J Hoelzel 2018-01-17
bongo goldstone designs, LLC 5220 Arrowhead Lane, Fort Collins Kent Michael Stewart 2018-01-17
Lube Pros Mobile LLC 3200 Azalea Dr Unit K2, Fort Collins William David DeDoncker 2018-01-15
Intelligent Spaces LLC 2606 Canterbury Dr, Fort Collins Andrea Shields 2018-01-15
Bell Jay 1025 Wakerobin Ln apt B307, Fort Collins Jose Enrique Villalpando 2018-01-15
6 Dog Training LLC 2248 Suffolk St, Fort Collins Chrystal Freeman 2018-01-15
The Monkey Creative LLC 1225 w prospect road apt f205, Fort Collins Michael Chandler Prohl 2018-01-14
Spectra Circus Entertainment LLC 1705 Pecan St, Fort Collins Corinne Elizabeth Watson 2018-01-12
Helluva Design, LLC 1031 Wagonwheel Drive, Fort Collins Aspen Michelle Hancock 2018-01-12
Tom Bol Photography, LLC 806 Coronado Ave, Fort Collins Thomas Neal Bol 2018-01-11