Colorado Business Entities
Zip 80526

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date
Vattano Custom Carpentry LLC 1748 Concord Drive, Fort Collins Vattano David 2018-05-14
Stark Enterprises 3219 Sumac St #10, Fort Collins Stark Jonathan 2018-05-14
HR Operandi LLC 3444 Warren Farm Dr, Fort Collins Krystyna McCright 2018-05-14
Hitz Ohana LLC 4920 Pyrenees Dr., Fort Collins Steven Ryan Hitz 2018-05-14
Precision Carpentry LLC 2518 Coventry Ct, Fort Collins Alex Shows Roussel 2018-05-14
Future U, LLC 2706 Hanover Drive, Fort Collins Joy Renae Nyenhuis 2018-05-12
Colorado Mobile Outfitters Ltd 5431 Fossil Creek Drive, Fort Collins Mark Wierbilis 2018-05-12
144Engineering, LLC 2737 Stagecoach Court, Fort Collins Gregory M Gross 2018-05-12
Zachary B Bradford LLC 17904 e ida ave, Centennial Zachary Blaise Bradford 2018-05-11
Rocky Mountain Tree Identification and Selection, LLC 737 Blue Mesa Avenue, Fort Collins Timothy K Buchanan 2018-05-11
Spade Consulting LLC 2230 Water Blossom Ln, Fort Collins Joshua L Douglas 2018-05-11
DeVries Family, LLC 1008 Centre Ave, Fort Collins Cheryl Lee Van Ackern 2018-05-10
Fletcher & Sons LLC 1215 Belleview Dr, Fort Collins Darin Fletcher 2018-05-10
Overlord Robotics LLC 1136 Wabash street unit 21, Fort Collins Perry Campbell 2018-05-09
BAx2 LLC 2828 Silverplume Dr, Fort Collins Brenton Flad Aldridge 2018-05-09
Signal, LLC 2632 Somerville Dr., Fort Collins Dave L. Rizzotto 2018-05-08
IBCSLLC 1212 RAINTREE DR, Fort Collins 2018-05-08
Foothills Anesthesia Services LLC 4737, Fort Collins kaycee simon 2018-05-08
Savage Ranch LLC 4208 Red Fox Rd, Fort Collins Scott Christopher Savage 2018-05-07
Black Diamond Business Financing, LLC 4306 MILL CREEK COURT, Fort Collins DAVID JUSTIN KILNESS 2018-05-05
Bellefeuille & Co., LLC 1431 Regency Court, Fort Collins 2018-05-04
DC Media, LLC 333 W. Drake Road, Fort Collins 2018-05-04
MIDADYNE, LLC 2702 Pasquinel Drive, Fort Collins Nicole F Hulliger 2018-05-04
Botanical Babe, LLC 1610 Westbridge Dr., Fort Collins Thomas Edward Gregory 2018-05-04
JCMN Enterprises, LLC 4015 S. Taft Hill Road, #1, Fort Collins James Pflipsen 2018-05-03
Value Designs Ltd. 4406 Kano Dr., Fort Collins Paul Kevin Mallow 2018-05-02
Landscaping by Angel, LLC 1913 Sandalwood Lane, Fort Collins Angel Overla Alvarez 2018-05-02
OK&J Cleaning Solutions, LLC 1020 Wabash St Unit 7-104, Fort Collins Oscar Rogelio Esquivel Sr. 2018-05-02
RHLC LLC 617 Hillview Ct, Fort Collins Julie A Bradley 2018-05-02
Black Diamond Capital Loans, LLC 4306 Mill Creek Court, Fort Collins David Justin Kilness 2018-05-01
At Whitts End LLC 3319 santa fe ct, Fort Collins Kenneth Frank Whittaker Sr. 2018-05-01
Laborde Consulting, LLC 4455 Seneca Street, Fort Collins 2018-05-01
Shigglebees LLC 3109 Azalea Dr, Fort Collins John Lumia 2018-05-01
Divinity Limited Liability Company 843 Wagonwheel Drive, Fort Collins 2018-04-30
Intensely Focused Development LLC 4431 Starflower Dr, Fort Collins Kory Lee Wilson 2018-04-27
Gunn121 LLC 2404 CONSTITUTION AVE, Fort Collins TODD E ALLMENDINGER 2018-04-26
Westwood Patio Homes Real Estate LLC 802 West Drake Road, Fort Collins J Robert Wilson 2018-04-26
Poor Boy Gaming and Entertainment LLP 2106 Langshire Dr, Fort Collins Christopher Hans Bauer 2018-04-26
David Wiatrolik Music 1813 Corriedale Dr, Fort Collins David Nicholas Wiatrolik 2018-04-24
Hite Development Resources, LLC 5208 Arrowhead Lane, Fort Collins 2018-04-24
Premium Roofing LLC 3851 South Taft Hill Road Apt A-3, Fort Collins Kevin Ortiz 2018-04-24
Wall of Flowers Inc. 3915 Lynda Lane, Fort Collins 2018-04-23
The Gypsy Syndicate 1705 Heatheridge Rd, Fort Collins Jordan Lee Phillips 2018-04-23
The Door Guy LLC 5417 Continental Dr., Fort Collins James Robert Isaacs 2018-04-23
Leslie A. Matsukawa MD LLC 1136 E. Stuart, Fort Collins Leslie A. Matsukawa 2018-04-22
Windsor IL Real Estate LLC 802 W Drake Rd, Fort Collins Robert Wilson J 2018-04-19
Comments From The Peanut Gallery 7 Goldweed Ct., Pueblo Jordan Dean Kurtz 2018-04-19
Synesthesia Solar 6715 Enterprise Drive, Fort Collins Joshua Albert Lapin 2018-04-18
Quality Choice Painting, LLC 3717 S Taft Hill Rd #28, Fort Collins Yanet Fragoso Rivota 2018-04-18
GLTI LLC 1531 Birmingham Dr., Fort Collins 2018-04-17
Up and Running Physical Therapy LLC 3424 Colony Dr, Fort Collins Andrew J Cohen 2018-04-17
S Clarke Kaizen Limited 1125 W Drake, Fort Collins Shane Clarke 2018-04-17
Suyana Services L.L.C. 1913 Sandalwood Lane, Fort Collins James K Dye 2018-04-16
Just Foods Company LLC 2406 Merino Court, Fort Collins Amber Baldwin 2018-04-15
GSR Internetworking LLC 2207 Wakefield Drive, Fort Collins Thomas Jeff Loran 2018-04-15
Corsean Enterprises, LLC 1101 West Drake Road, Fort Collins 2018-04-14
Sage BioSolutions, LLC 4921 Corsica Drive, Fort Collins Jay S. Stout 2018-04-13
Eccentricities, LLC 4921 Corsica Drive, Fort Collins Sharon A. Stout 2018-04-13
Northern Colorado Basement Finishers 3219 Boone Street, Fort Collins Steven Gary Werning 2018-04-13
About Thyme Permascapes LLC 3200 Laredo Lane, Fort Collins Leah S Kennedy 2018-04-12
R2G Holdings, LLC 2705 Redwing Road, Fort Collins Richard A Karch 2018-04-12
BCG Consulting & Contracting 4225 Goldeneye Drive, Fort Collins John Edward Miranda Jr. 2018-04-12
DNA Welding and Fabrication LLC 3635 Crescent Drive, Fort Collins David Joseph Mike 2018-04-12
Colorado's Dry Eye Society, LLC 373 West Drake Road, Fort Collins Jaclyn Munson 2018-04-11
Ernst Klar 1020 Wabash St., Fort Collins Conrad Marcus Rathmann 2018-04-10
BWFD LLC 7021 Ranger Dr, Fort Collins Lewis Hartle 2018-04-09
CryptWire LLC 2100 Clydesdale Drive, Fort Collins 2018-04-09
Bro Builders Design LLC 1415 Leahy Dr, Fort Collins Taylor James Jensen 2018-04-09
Boomer Enterprises, LLC 3711 Richmond Dr., Fort Collins 2018-04-08
Phytofarm Cooperative 300 W Swallow Rd, Fort Collins Courtney Watson 2018-04-08
StraightOuttaRussia LLC 4108 Trowbridge DR, Fort Collins Nikita A Beriozkin 2018-04-07
Solid Business Foundations LLC 1748 Concord Drive, Fort Collins Tanya Vattano 2018-04-07
The Float Cafe, LLC 2313 Karakul Ct., Fort Collins Thomas DeJarnette Triplett 2018-04-06
Emily Ghelli Speech & Language Therapy, LLC 1719 Valley Forge Ave, Fort Collins Emily Mary Ghelli 2018-04-06
660 Zuni Circle, LLC 660 Zuni Circle, Fort Collins Alyssa Gorlick 2018-04-06
Heath Consulting Inc. 2521 Platte Pl, Fort Collins Scot E. Heath 2018-04-05
Quality Photovoltaics, LLC 719 Larkbunting Dr, Fort Collins Steven Norton Reed 2018-04-04
Innovative Property Investments 5250 Hahns Peak Dr, Loveland Taylor Reece Dye 2018-04-04
NCW Colorado, LLC 3665 John F Kennedy Pkwy, Fort Collins G. Brent Coan 2018-04-03
THIRTY-FIVE EIGHT INC. 3851 S TAFT HILL RD UNIT D22, Fort Collins 2018-04-02
REIIGN LLC 3306 Downing Ct., Fort Collins Kenyon N Jackson Sr. 2018-03-31
Casa De Hermanos LLC 1533 Front Nine Drive, Fort Collins Rick Callan 2018-03-30
Luxx Retreat LLC 1526 Carmela Ct., Fort Collins Wyatt T Beebe 2018-03-29
Adage Investment Advisors, L.L.C. 2749 Wyandotte Dr, Fort Collins Paul Huebner 2018-03-28
Appner, L.L.C. 2749 Wyandotte Dr, Fort Collins Paul Huebner 2018-03-28
Michael Patrick Goss LLC 1710 Bluegate Court, Fort Collins Michael Patrick Goss 2018-03-27
Drive Effective Recruitment, LLC 3224 Eagle Dr., Fort Collins 2018-03-26
Horsetooth Gear, LLC 3701 Soderburg Drive, Fort Collins Michael J. Young 2018-03-26
Attaining Center 1728 Concord Drive, Fort Collins Emily Everett 2018-03-26
Jasper Street LLP 736 Benthaven Street, Fort Collins 2018-03-26
Infinite Concrete Design, LLC 724 Larkbunting Dr, Fort Collins Sarah Ashly Davis 2018-03-23
JPriebe Consulting LLC 3950 Manhattan Ave., Fort Collins 2018-03-22
Willow Tree LLC 2503 Coventry Court, Fort Collins Lea Jarvinen-Nesbitt 2018-03-22
The Career Academy, Inc. 819 Chetwood Ct, Fort Collins 2018-03-22
MCEJE, LLC 4125 Ann Street, Fort Collins Mark Mecseji 2018-03-22
Option3 Solutions LLC 2142 W Prospect RD, Fort Collins Peter Joseph Harper 2018-03-22
Pauly Holdings, LLC 715 Ashford Lane, Fort Collins Albert Stephen Pauly 2018-03-20