Colorado Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Holly Gateway Entertainment, LLC 209 S. Main Street, Holly Jacob Holdren 2018-01-16 Good Standing
Holly Stone House, LLC 109 N 5th St, Holly Jennifer Sue Holdren 2017-12-08 Good Standing
Colorado Commodities Exporters, LLC 28948 County Rd 30.5, Holly 2017-08-09 Good Standing
Sylwas Santa Fe Spirits 105 W Goff Ave, Granada Casey Dorenkamp 2017-07-31 Good Standing
Lorri's Lapidary LLC 38000 CR UU, Holly Lorri Ann Kinney 2017-06-27 Good Standing
Quintana Trucking LLC 216 S. 2nd Street, Holly Miguel Quintana 2017-04-21 Good Standing
REYMAN'S GROCERY, INC. 100 S. MAIN ST., Holly 2017-04-21 Good Standing
Dorenkamp Farms LLC 34500 Cty Rd 19, Holly Logan Dorenkamp 2017-03-26 Good Standing
Marty's Homeraised Angus Beef L.L.C. 33960 US HWY 50, Holly Marty Neugebauer 2017-03-23 Good Standing
Golden Rule Dairy LLC 25705 County Road JJ, Holly Regina J Dorenkamp 2017-03-03 Good Standing
Sunup Sundown Transport, L.L.C. 31510 County Road 36, Holly Justin Harrington 2017-02-08 Good Standing
CPN Enterprises 731 West Park ST, Holly Chris Paul Neises 2017-02-03 Good Standing
Boggs Creek Tactical, LLC 21294 County Road LL, Bristol Jason Don Freouf 2017-01-20 Good Standing
Badura Equine, PLLC 110 Barth Drive, Holly Chelsey Lynn Badura 2017-01-01 Good Standing
SoCo Vending LLC 31227 Cr 33, Holly Nolan Dane Thompson 2016-12-15 Good Standing
Parrish Ranch Land Management, LLC 211 S. LaBelle, Bristol John Park 2016-10-22 Good Standing
Parrish Ranch Operations Management, LLC 211 S. LaBelle, Bristol John Park 2016-10-22 Good Standing
Triple J Transport LLC P.O. Box 403, Holly Jesus Manuel Terrazas Sr. 2016-10-20 Good Standing
Kalma Construction LLC 29988 CR HH, Holly Johnny Jake Kalma 2016-08-16 Good Standing
Elbrinco Construction 33518 County Rd 18, Holly Darlene Mancia 2016-07-18 Delinquent
Scotty's Gardens, LLC 28948 CR. 30.5, Holly Tre Jensen 2016-03-30 Good Standing
CIVIS & JOHNSON, LLC 25525 COUNTY ROAD 31.5, Holly CODY D JOHNSON 2016-03-09 Good Standing
Neugebauer Racing LLC 30545 CR JJ, Holly Preston Neugebauer 2016-03-01 Delinquent
Holly Family Chiropractic 209 S. Main St, Holly Jacob Holdren 2016-02-10 Good Standing
5thGenFarms, LLC 30500 CR 30, Holly NEIL THOMPSON 2016-01-07 Good Standing
Infinite Assets LLC 32480 County Road 29, Holly Samantha Smith 2015-11-09 Delinquent
Johnson Auction Service LLC 25525 County Road 31.5, Holly Cody D Johnson 2015-11-09 Good Standing
Vanderpool Farms LLC 25241 county rd nn, Holly Raymond Emmett Vanderpool 2015-04-26 Good Standing
RUSHTON THOROUGHBREDS LLC 28790 CR 34, Holly TYREN H RUSHTON 2015-04-17 Delinquent
Mar-K-Cam Services L.L.C. 1000 W Cheyenne st, Holly Marty K Campbell 2015-04-03 Delinquent
Malone Cattle Co., LLC 33827 County Road 17, Holly Lane Malone 2015-03-04 Good Standing
Buffalo Creek Outfitters Limited Liability Company 25705 COUNTY ROAD JJ, Holly CASEY DORENKAMP 2015-02-25 Delinquent
Wonna Loy Crum Minerals LLLP 340 N 9th, Holly Wonna Loy Crum 2015-01-15 Good Standing
PRAIRIE PRODUCE, LLC 35717 COUNTY ROAD NN, Holly 2014-11-04 Good Standing
Russell's ATV & Motorcycle Service 114 E.Colorado St. POBox 665, Holly 2014-09-13 Good Standing
Joyce F. Smith & Family, LLC 615 N. 1st Ave, Holly Joyce F. Smith 2014-08-26 Good Standing
Hendricks Welding LLC 1050 West Colorado St., Holly 2014-07-22 Good Standing
CannonBro IT Solutions, LLC 211 S. LaBelle, Bristol John Park 2014-05-13 Good Standing
Community Calvary Worship 205 So 5th, Holly 2014-04-10 Good Standing
Wheatland Ag, Inc. 16065 Highway 89, Holly Bryce Schenck 2014-03-12 Good Standing
Vanderpool Farms, LLC 25042 Rd LL, Bristol 2014-02-04 Voluntarily Dissolved
Southeast Colorado Consulting, LLC P.O. Box 398, Holly Jason Schneider 2014-01-28 Good Standing
Schenck Ag, LLC 18050 Highway 89, Holly Craig Schenck 2014-01-01 Good Standing
Valley Natural Resource LLC 34500 County Road 19, Holly Logan Joseph Dorenkamp 2013-12-26 Delinquent
Running D LLC 25243 Road KK, Holly Jonathan DeForest 2013-09-30 Delinquent
Goshen Farms Inc. 110 Highland Drive, Holly Dale Willhite 2013-09-24 Good Standing
FOSTER 5, LLLP 42769 CNTY RD 50, Holly DONALD D FOSTER 2013-09-17 Good Standing
Goodale Farms, LLLP 18021 CNTY RD LL, Bristol ROBERT WILGER 2013-09-17 Good Standing
RETB90, LLC 36501 COUNTY ROAD LL, Holly VICKIE CLINE 2013-09-12 Voluntarily Dissolved
3D Cattle Company LLC 34500 County Road 19, Holly Logan Dorenkamp 2013-07-24 Delinquent
Lundy Construction, LLC 21423 County Rd. LL, Bristol Forrest Lin Lundy 2013-07-22 Delinquent
Holly Medical Clinic 210 W Colorado, Holly 2013-06-13 Good Standing
Holly Inn Suites, LLc 128 S. Main St., Holly Farah Beheshti 2013-04-04 Good Standing
3D Cattle and Energy Services LLC 34500 Cnty Rd 19, Holly Logan Joseph Dorenkamp 2013-04-04 Delinquent
Agri-Tek, LLC 28948 County Road 30.5, Holly 2013-03-16 Delinquent
Topaz Sky, LLC 201 E. Park St., Holly Jacqueline Christine Leiker 2013-01-07 Good Standing
Goodnight Feeds LLC 21500 COLO HWY 89, Holly DAVID L WAGNER 2012-10-08 Delinquent
Bristol Community Church 109 South Fredrick Ave., Bristol Rena Mae Rink 2012-09-28 Delinquent
J.E.L. TRUCKING, LLC 33014 COUNTY RD GG, Holly DONNIE HAMMIT 2012-08-13 Good Standing
Myers Enterprice LLC 607 South First Street, Granada Brycel Myers 2012-05-02 Delinquent
GP GLOBAL LLC 825 W Colorado Street, Holly 2012-04-04 Delinquent
S Triangle Farms, LLC 31095 County Road 31, Holly Neil S Fletcher 2012-01-18 Good Standing
TWT ENT., LLC 26404 HWY 89, Holly DAVID WILLHITE 2011-06-24 Good Standing
HARPER FARMS LLC 615 N 1ST AVE, Holly JOYCE SMITH 2011-02-28 Delinquent
River Side Construction LLC 25243 County Road KK, Holly Daniel R. DeForest 2011-02-16 Delinquent
Drophorn Ranch LLC 25243 County Road KK, Holly Daniel R. DeForest 2011-02-16 Delinquent
LIGHTNER FARMS, L.L.C. 31144 CR 34, Holly Donald L Steerman 2010-11-04 Noncompliant
JUAREZ - MOLINA LLC 120 S 5TH ST, Holly MANUAL JUAREZ 2010-09-01 Good Standing
Ride High 30587 RD GG, Holly Wylee Cooper Cathcart 2010-08-03 Voluntarily Dissolved
Infected Diesel Performance LLC 34500 County Rd.19, Holly Kevin Issac Merritt 2010-08-02 Delinquent
R4K, LLLP 36241 County Road TT, Holly James N. Kalma 2010-07-12 Good Standing
Jensen Land & Investments, LLC 28948 CR 30.5, Holly Eric Jensen 2010-07-07 Delinquent
Colorado Livestock Carriers, LLC 550 E Colorado St, Holly 2010-06-30 Good Standing
R&R Wind Farm, Inc. 40971 County Road 37, Holly 2010-05-25 Delinquent
A & C TRUCKING LLC 839 CHEYENNE, Holly CANDELARIO CHAPARRO LOYA 2010-04-05 Voluntarily Dissolved
Biologik Design 29545 CR HH, Holly Carrie Ann Jensen 2010-03-13 Delinquent
Miles Court, LLC 30255 County Road 31, Holly Colin Thompson 2010-03-02 Good Standing
K&B Land & Cattle, LLC 14389 County Road 39, Holly Kyle Barth 2009-12-28 Good Standing
Sandhill Enterprises, LLC 120 N 1st Ave, Holly Cynthia Shae Humrich 2009-10-28 Delinquent
R & R Automotive Service, LLC 101 S McMurtry Street, Holly Rhonda C Davis 2009-09-30 Delinquent
VMS Dollar Store & More, LLC 1040 Colorado Street, Holly Shawnlee M Hammit 2009-09-25 Delinquent
Seth Walker Insurance Agency Inc. 308 E. Olive Street, Lamar Seth Walker 2009-09-25 Good Standing
Running D Land & Cattle,LLC 25243 Rd KK, Holly Daniel R DeForest 2009-03-17 Delinquent
2 Guys and a Company LLP 309 East Cheyenne, Holly Dale Lee Willhite 2009-02-02 Delinquent
ESJ, Inc. 28948 CR 30.5, Holly Eric Jensen 2008-12-12 Delinquent
Biologik Gardens, Inc. 28948 CR 30.5, Holly Ryan Jensen 2008-12-12 Good Standing
Colorado Manufacturers, LLC 309 East Cheyenne, Holly Jeff Wittman 2008-10-02 Delinquent
L & L Greenhouse, LLC 100 S Swafford St., Holly Susan Ann Lucius 2008-08-18 Delinquent
P.L. Marketing, Inc. 41500 County Road 35, Holly Paul Lucius 2008-08-05 Voluntarily Dissolved
Green Bottom Bag Company, LLC 825 N 8th Street, Holly Tamara Helen Daskam 2008-01-22 Delinquent
Preferred Contracting, LLC 825 N 8th St., Holly Michael Lee Daskam 2007-12-27 Delinquent
western things 300 E. Colorado Ave., Holly Barbara E. Rushton 2007-12-10 Good Standing
Allen Turner, LLC 36009 US Highway 50, Holly John H Allen 2007-12-01 Good Standing
Weasel Express LLC 605 West Cheyenne, Holly Joshua William Whisenand 2007-10-27 Delinquent
HRTF, Inc. 100 Tony Garcia Dr., Holly Tony Garcia 2007-04-29 Voluntarily Dissolved
Prairie Pearl Ranch, LLC 26953 County Road 37, Holly Jean Dorenkamp 2007-01-04 Good Standing
4BRC, LLLP 35335 CR X, Holly Dwight L Burns 2006-12-27 Good Standing