Colorado Business Entities
Zip 81501

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Department of State (CDOS)

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Colorado Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date
BF Cubed Inc. 140 Ouray Ave., Grand Junction Breanna Stayce Fogg 2018-03-02
DMC ONE LLC 1141 N 25th ST, Grand Junction 2018-03-01
Carniceria Sonora VII 644 north ave unit 3, Grand Junction jensy s trevizo colmenero 2018-03-01
Grand Crepe LLC 1405 Rood Ave., Grand Junction Ian McGowan 2018-03-01
Martinez Custom Homes LLC 384 27 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Anjrell LaDawn Martinez 2018-03-01
JACOB HALLMARK LLC 931 N 1st St, unit B, Grand Junction Jacob Z Hallmark 2018-03-01
Card Zone, LLC 2851 North AVE, Grand Junction 2018-02-28
Welch Agency LLC 104 Orchard Ave. Ste B4, Grand Junction Jordan J Welch 2018-02-28
Insight Inspections, Inc 426 N. 9th Street, Grand Junction Justin Davison 2018-02-28
MTC Services, LLC 1631 Rood, Grand Junction Drew Moore 2018-02-28
Landscape Center, Inc 2523 High Country Court, Grand Junction George Daniels III 2018-02-27
B & P Trucking 1447 Kennedy ave, Grand Junction Billy Allan Page 2018-02-27
The Food Yacker 2859 1/2 Grand Falls Dr., Grand Junction Kristi Bent 2018-02-26
Data Entry Services LLC 578 1/2 28 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Gail Elaine Urbina 2018-02-25
COOR Fitness LLC 2140 N 12th Street Unit B, Grand Junction Bryce Edward Christianson 2018-02-23
STORY INSURANCE SERVICE LLC 840 PITKIN AVE, Grand Junction SANDRA Kay story 2018-02-23
Above and Beyond Yard Maintenance LLC 2878 Texas Avenue, Grand Junction Glendon Scott Knutson 2018-02-23
Grand Valley Crisis Nursery Grand Valley Crisis Nursery c/o PCF, Grand Junction Kaleigh Marie Stover 2018-02-22
Saucy Lulu Catering LLC 545 North Ave Suite A, Grand Junction Laurie Ann Valdez 2018-02-21
Flip that Houzz 446 Hill Ave, Grand Junction Michael Anthony Gresham 2018-02-21
Grand Junction Painting Company LLC 1325 N 19TH STREET, Grand Junction JAMES DANIEL GOBLE 2018-02-21
BOE LAND COMPANY LLC 1015 N. 7th Street, Grand Junction Robert C Boe 2018-02-21
Cambri Strong Consulting LLC 1844 N 18th Street, Grand Junction Cambri Michelle Strong 2018-02-20
Adam Strong Art, LLC 1600 North Ave., Grand Junction Adam Joseph Strong 2018-02-20
Zen Home Rentals, LLC 555 28 1/2 Road, Unit 23, Grand Junction Coby William Thompson 2018-02-19
Western Slope Roofing LLC 399 evergreen rd, Grand Junction 2018-02-15
Carroll Consulting LLC 1220 Cannell Ave, Grand Junction Mitchell Max Carroll 2018-02-13
Freeway Donna LLC 920 Colorado Avenue, Grand Junction Talya Dewey 2018-02-12
Bark & Meow Resort & Academy LLC 579 !/2 North Commericial Dr, Grand Junction Brenda B Hixson 2018-02-09
Sunshine Hospitality " L.L.C." 236 Main Street, Grand Junction kevin reimer 2018-02-08
MK Agency, LLC 587 Gable Ct, Grand Junction Miguel Porras 2018-02-06
Elevated Calibrations 2872 I-70 Business Loop, Grand Junction Adam Thomas Quain 2018-02-05
414 Palisade Investments, LLC 1355 Chipeta Avenue, Grand Junction Michael P. Cerwinka 2018-02-05
Making Hay Ads 619 Main Street, Grand Junction Seth Doogan 2018-02-05
Action Rent A Car LLC 2599 1/2 Hwy 6 and 50, Grand Junction David Frank Ward 2018-02-05
Underdog Landscape Solutions LLC 1430 n15th. street, Grand Junction Matthew James Bratcher 2018-02-04
Delta Sigma Phi At Colorado Mesa University 1100 North Avenue, Grand Junction 2018-02-02
Tanette Lee Properties, Inc 428 Main Street, Grand Junction Tanette Lee Mucino 2018-02-02
Alco Building Company Inc 131 MESA AVE, Grand Junction John Albert Turner 2018-02-01
TAYLOR'D INVESTMENTS LLC 2006 N 13TH ST, Grand Junction 2018-01-31
RSW-436, LLC 462 Glen Road, Grand Junction 2018-01-31
New Directions, Ltd. 623 Chaco Ct., Grand Junction Suzanne Kupelian 2018-01-30
GJ Birth Collective 749 Rood Ave, Grand Junction Miranda Sue Richardson 2018-01-29
Alpha Auto Transport LLC 1430 Bunting Ave, Grand Junction Olawale Ademola Adelusimi 2018-01-29
Red Lion Gallery & Studio, LLC 523 1/2 Main St #12, Grand Junction Jonathan M Gosser 2018-01-27
Lindsay Ishman LLC 518 28 Road, Grand Junction Lindsay Marie Ishman 2018-01-27
Foot Factory Skateboards, LLC 657 N. 19th Street, Grand Junction John Trevor Rogan 2018-01-26
Fair Brothers LLC 3227 1/2 Bunting Ave., Clifton Kent Riggs 2018-01-26
Fine Line Customs, LLC. 2101 CHIPETA AVE, Grand Junction Billy Little 2018-01-25
Z&G Consulting, LLC 2150 College Pl, Grand Junction Mitchell J Grant 2018-01-25
790 Holdings, LLC 950 Grand Ave., Grand Junction Sharon Jacksi 2018-01-23
APEX Painting Solutions LLC 564 1/2 Garden Grove Court, Grand Junction Eduardo Jayme Rodriguez 2018-01-23
Agape Professional Pet Grooming, "LLC" 2525 High Country Ct Suite A, Grand Junction Suzanne Elaine Rambo 2018-01-23
HEWL Wood Designs, LLC 1721 N. 3rd Street, Grand Junction James Whitmore 2018-01-22
Colorado River Fest PBC 750 Main Street, Suite 202, Grand Junction Jackie Balding 2018-01-22
Mind & Muscle Medicine, LLC 1003 Main St., Grand Junction Rachel Marie Scutt 2018-01-20
Whitlock LLC 635 Hill Ave, Grand Junction Susan Whitlock 2018-01-18
I.L. Gonzalez LLC 408- C West Colorado Ave, Grand Junction Isela Gonzalez 2018-01-17
Candle Kitchen, LLC 120 N. 5th St., Grand Junction Kristine Motz 2018-01-16
467 RSB LLC 464 Main Street, Grand Junction Robert Sachs 2018-01-15
RH Factor, Inc. 838 Grand Ave, Grand Junction 2018-01-13
stove depot and chimney works llp 1460 North Ave Unit J, Grand Junction Bryce Wynne 2018-01-10
Third Loft Marketing, Inc. 491 28 1/4 Rd., Grand Junction Jacob Tegtman 2018-01-09
Clarion Management Services, LLC 336 Main St. Ste 207, Grand Junction Jerome Gonzales 2018-01-09
SIMPLY COLORADO LLC 954 White ave, Grand Junction Toran Zachary Taulbee 2018-01-09
Becca Posner Commercial Brokerage, LLC 244 N 7th Street, Grand Junction Rebecca Posner 2018-01-08
Lost 3Lements 3ntertainment, LLC 1253 Bunting Ave., Grand Junction 2018-01-03
Happy Life Coaching LLC 1142 Main Street, Grand Junction Brenda Lee Pomeroy 2018-01-03
Advanced Rehab Medical Massage LLC 750 Main Street, Grand Junction Julie Ann Jelsma 2018-01-03
Diorio's on North Inc 1125 North Avenue, Grand Junction Sonya Ortega 2018-01-01
2800 North Niagara LLC 2800 North Niagara Circle, Grand Junction Donald Paul Gregory 2018-01-01
Inspired Vision Construction & Property Services, LLC 620 N. 18th St., Grand Junction Dee Goodsell 2018-01-01
HTS Welding and Fabrication L.L.C. 2636 Orchard Avenue, Grand Junction Houston Tate Shelton 2017-12-28
Two Rivers Landscaping and Lawn Service Corp 2021 N 7th St, Grand Junction Alfredo Acevedo Jr. 2017-12-26
Lifestyle Living Real Estate LLC 750 Main Street Unit 107, Grand Junction 2017-12-26
3705 Indianpipe Management 1303 Main St, Grand Junction Idaho Omoviro Edokpayi 2017-12-22
J and A Recovery "llc" 2430 Gunnison Avenue, Grand Junction James Logan Menzies 2017-12-22
Tammy Bendetti Real Estate LLC 1255 Grand Ave, Grand Junction Tammy Bendetti 2017-12-20
Olympic Arms 8 LLC 3214 E Rd, Grand Junction 2017-12-19
The Chocolate Peach Bonding Company, LLC 1251 Bookcliff Ave., Grand Junction Jymi Layne Bond 2017-12-15
Dragon Wash, LLP 1204 North 7th Street, Suite 200, Grand Junction Ben D. Hill 2017-12-14
Body Relaxing LLC 644 North Ave Space 2, Grand Junction Shumei Xie 2017-12-13
4301 Cummings Street, LLP 1204 North 7th Street, Suite 200, Grand Junction Ben D Hill 2017-12-13
3289 1/2 D 1/2 Road, LLP 1204 North 7th Street, Suite 200, Grand Junction D Hill Ben 2017-12-13
Las Colonias Development Corporation 250 N 5th Street, Grand Junction John P. Shaver 2017-12-13
South Holdings Incorporated 6547 N Academy Boulevard #1011, Colorado Springs Botelho Jeff 2017-12-13
Austin Services Inc 2855 Florida St, Grand Junction Benjamin Michael Austin 2017-12-12
BMT Auto Hauling LLC 1428 Ute Ave., Grand Junction Jeffery Dottson Jr. 2017-12-12
The Men's Room LLC 200 W. Grand Ave #7A, Grand Junction McNicol Shane 2017-12-11
Rodriguez Custom Tile LLC 480 28 1/4 rd, Grand Junction Salvador Rodriguez 2017-12-11
Westwater Imports, LLC 1302 Bunting Ave, Grand Junction Nathan Stevenson 2017-12-08
1190 Bookcliff, LLC 1190 Bookcliff Ave, Grand Junction Christopher M Beus 2017-12-08
Mesa Lavender Farms, LLC 450 Hill Ave, Grand Junction Curtis Elmer Swift 2017-12-06
Wallys Private investments 563 28 road, Grand Junction Walter Isaiah Yeager 2017-12-06
202 Love Mesa Drive, LLP 1204 North 7th Street, Suite 200, Grand Junction Ben D. Hill 2017-12-04
2787 Printers Court, LLP 1204 North 7th Street, Suite 200, Grand Junction Ben D. Hill 2017-12-04
O M Duplexes, LLP 1204 North 7th Street, Suite 200, Grand Junction Ben D. Hill 2017-12-04