Colorado Charity

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 114 thousand non-profit charity organizations registered wtih Colorado Secretary of State.

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Entity Name Office Address Officer
Hwy 50 Freedom Ride 11993 Triple Crown Dr, Parker, CO 80134 Brittany Elizabeth Higgins
Bhaskara Prakasha Ashram 10541 Hillrose Street, Parker, CO 80134 Anant Venkateswaran
Parker Task Force for Human Services 19105 Longs Way, Parker, CO 80134 Steve Budnack
Gen 12 Ministries Inc 16965 Pine Lane, Suite 202, Parker, CO 80134 Bruce Rouse
Cancer League of Colorado 7943 Forest Keep Circle, Parker, CO 80134 Diane Brandon
Food Connect Colorado 11447 Hilary Ct., Parker, CO 80138 October Levy
Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Catolico Usa - Castle Rock 1383 Lisbon Drive, Parker, CO 80138 Oralia Rodriguez
Hawkquest 12338 N. Second Street, Parker, CO 80134 Joaquin A. Quitugua
Parker Core Knowledge Charter School 11661 Pine Dr, Parker, CO 80138 Teri Aplin
Navy League of The United States - Denver Council 6945 N Trailway Circle, Parker, CO 80134-62 Florence Mackin
Informed Action Harm Reduction 9515 Longford Way, Parker, CO 80134 Omer Alexander Useche
South Suburban Community Orchestra Dba Parker Symphony Orchestra 8461 Wild Alfalfa Pl., Parker, CO 80134 John Morgan
Care for Kids International 41479 Country Rose Circle, Parker, CO 80138 Kelli Korn
Challenge To Excellence Charter School 16995 E. Carlson Dr., Parker, CO 80134 Richard Barrett
Denver Ballet Guild 5325 Pinyon Jay Road, Parker, CO 80134 Trece Odonnell
Parker Panthers, Inc. 16952 Cornerstone Dr, Parker, CO 80134 Ross Cargo
Denver Mustangs, Inc. 13536 Rose Ridge Road, Parker, CO 80138 Mary H Macleod
Colorado Wind Ensemble, Inc. 10812 Bayfield Way, Parker, CO 80138 Jim Bundy
Mountainchild, Inc. 16965 Pine Lane, Suite 202, Parker, CO 80134 Josh R. Duncan
Southeast Christian School 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO 80134 Michelle Davis
Wheelers for The Wounded of Colorado 12122 Bay Oaks Ct, Parker, CO 80138 John Calvin Walters
Mountain State Congress of Optometry 10036 E. Pinewood Dr., Parker, CO 80138 Jeri A Schneebeck
Leadership Design Group, Inc. 17053 Hastings Ave., Parker, CO 80134 Wes M. Roberts
Christian Home Educators of Colorado 19039 Plaza Dr Ste 210, Parker, CO 80134 Stephen Craig
Global Orphan Relief 16352 Prairie Farm Cir, Parker, CO 80134 Suzanne Powell
Shepherds Heart Ministry 9249 E. Morningstar Place, Parker, CO 80134 Larry Russell
El Grupo Vida 10540 Rutledge St, Parker, CO 80134 Elisa Aucancela
Senior Friends League 11710 East Parker Road, Parker, CO 80138 Patty Tedesco
Legend High School Band Boosters, Inc. 22219 Hilltop Road, Parker, CO 80138 David G Mowery
Cross Family Church 11673 Blackmoor St, Parker, CO 80138 Daniel Lee Wolfe
Cherry Creek Valley Rotary Club of Parker Foundation 16610 Amberstone Way, Parker, CO 80134 Donald Willson
Colorado Greyhound Adoption, Inc. 8707 Aspen Cir, Parker, CO 80134 Stephen M Mckay
Northeast-Mountain View Parent Teacher Organization 6598 North Highway 83, Parker, CO 80134 Kelly Jaeger
The Do Good Project LLC 10856 Parker Vista Lane, Parker, CO 80138 Collin Stephan Caffrey
Vision Charitable Trust D/B/A My Faith Votes 10940 South Parker Road, Parker, CO 80134 Jason C. Yates
Chaparral Patrons of The Performing Arts 15655 Brookstone Dr, Parker, CO 80134 Lara Plaia
Mile High Rowing Club 12061 S Great Plains Ct, Parker, CO 80134 Grace Malacrida
Council of Arts, Science and Culture % Peak Accounting LLC, Parker, CO 80134 Curt Carey
Covered Corporation 16965 Pine Lane, Suite 202, Parker, CO 80134 Jo Durocher
Chauncey Billups Elite Basketball Academy 10905 Baxter Drive, Parker, CO 80134 Ronald Degray
Inspire Creative, Inc. 19600 E. Mainstreet, Parker, CO 80138 Ralph Neumann
Prom Dress Exchange Corporation 45308 Summit Rd, Parker, CO 80138 Priscilla Hm Mancosky
Leadercare, Inc. 10165 Quarry Hill Place, Parker, CO 80134 David Ragsdale
Front Range Divorce Center Dba Wings 11654 Laurel Lane, Parker, CO 80138 Nadia Shokohi
Downtown Business Alliance of Parker 19501 E Mainstreet Ste 200, Parker, CO 80138 Michelle C Mango
Rosie's Ranch 10556 East Parker Road, Parker, CO 80138 Mary Mosher-stathes
Citizens Offering Parker Police Support (copps) 8663 Little Sunflower Place, Parker, CO 80134 Richard Turnquist
Cowboy Dressage World of Colorado 10174 Prairie Meadow Cir, Parker, CO 80134 Erin Long
Special Kids, Special Care Inc. 6592 Club Villa Road, Parker, CO 80134 Barbara J Deloian
Ponderosa Quarterback Club 7007 Bayou Gulch Road, Parker, CO 80134 Johna Olio
Praying Hands Ranches, Inc. 11892 East Hilltop Road, Parker, CO 80138 Shirley Hanson
American Aberdeen Association 19590 East Mainstreet #104, Parker, CO 80138 Janis Black
Badad, Inc 11602 Sagewood Lane, Parker, CO 80138 Kevin Talbot
Rowan Tree Foundation 5147 Mining Camp Trail, Parker, CO 80134 Corinne C Oflynn
Aspen Lung Conference 3859 North Bayou Hills Road, Parker, CO 80134 Jeanne Cleary
National Cancer Prevention Association 12900 Stroh Ranch Way, Parker, CO 80134 Wilson Ellis
Community Accountability Committee for Douglas County School District, Colorado 10976 Cherokee Lane, Parker, CO 80138 Gary Colley
Rocky Mountain Brassworks 5995 Shavano Place, Parker, CO 80134 John A House
Parker Senior Center Inc. 10675 Longs Way, Parker, CO 80138 Jan M Dengal
Southeast Community Outreach (secor) 17150 Pine Lane, Parker, CO 80134 Dennis Gorton
Serving Alongside Ministry (sam), Inc. 5015 Bayou Gulch St, Parker, CO 80134 Rachel E Dufour
Bannered Host Ministries 11092 Independence Cir E, Parker, CO 80134 Micheal J Spivey
Radiant International 21857 Silver Meadow Lane, Parker, CO 80138 James Paul Pruitt
String of Pearls 7973 Stroh Rd, Parker, CO 80134 Laura J Huene
Double Angel, Inc 12064 Bay Oaks Court, Parker, CO 80138 Bambi Dixey
Greater Parker Foundation 20120 E Mainstreet, Parker, CO 80138 Susan C Vanderpool
Southeast Christian Counseling Center, A Colorado Nonprofit Corporation 16965 Pine Lane, Parker, CO 80134 Jason Bell
10-33 Stmr 10436 Cherokee Lane, Parker, CO 80138 Darce Weil
El Fadi Inc 18164 Shadbury Lane, Parker, CO 80134 Nagi Mickael
Fightback360, Inc. 10355 S Progress Way, Parker, CO 80138 Benjamin Larrabee
Who Is My Neighbor 12235 Boothill Drive, Parker, CO 80138 Clint Waite
Complete Game Ministries 14417 Mosaic Avenue, Parker, CO 80134 Keith Wahl
Love Sheila - A Giving Project 19033 E. Cody Ave., Parker, CO 80134 Rebecca A Nazzaro
Mavuno Children and Family Ministries, Inc 2364 Elkhorn Street, Parker, CO 80138 Neil P Evans
Angel Spring Missions 6650 N Village Rd, Parker, CO 80134 Lamaint Wallin
Global I.e. 10799 Appaloosa Ct., Parker, CO 80134 Frank D. Fort
The Ponderosa Band Booster Club, Inc. 7007 Bayou Gulch, Parker, CO 80134 Susan Vendegna
Teen With A Dream 19110 E. Creekside Drive, Parker, CO 80134 Jan Harrison
Debbie Jackson Memorial Scholarship Foundation 18801 E. Mainstreet, Suite 240, Parker, CO 80134 Scott E Jackson
St. Andrew Society of Colorado 16235 E Summit Fox Ave, Parker, CO 80134 Heather Cronkhite
Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals 12858 N Sierra Circle, Parker, CO 80138 Lynda Jean Edwards
Blazing Holy Fire Church 10940 S. Parker Rd # 785, Parker, CO 80134 Christine Uwizera Coleman
Centennial Xtreme Aces 11870 Swansea Drive, Parker, CO 80134 Justin Robert Stein
I Already Voted Initiative 11603 Jacobsen Street, Parker, CO 80134 Jonathan Daniel Haubert
Parker Chorale 17051 Numa Pl, Parker, CO 80134 Alicia Pope
Parker Pop Warner 12219 S. Red Sky Drive, Parker, CO 80134 Cheri Mcelhiney
Rocky Mountain Region Pony Club 46587 Indian Brush Ct, Parker, CO 80138 Karen B. Clark
Graduation Gallop 8502 N. Pinery Pkwy, Parker, CO 80134 Sarah Grace Small
Savvy Giving By Design Denver, Inc. 10964 S Pikes Peak Drive, Suite 200, Parker, CO 80138 Jessica Duce
Chaparral Wrestling Club 15655 Brookstone Drive, Parker, CO 80134 Samuel Bell
Inspiring Hope Ranch Inc 5139 Aster Court, Parker, CO 80134 Richard Koehler
Colorado Patriots, Inc 17029 Hastings Ave, Parker, CO 80134 Stephen C Smith
Colorado Art Education Association 16041 Bluebonnet Drive, Parker, CO 80134 Vanessa Hayes-quintana
Ourchildren 19113 E. Cottonwood Dr. 936, Parker, CO 80138 Ciara Adams
International Whale Shark Preservation Society 10411 Vienna Street, Parker, CO 80134 Janice R Tanquary
Parker Early Learning Center 9985 South Twenty Mile Road, Parker, CO 80134 Katie Mcdonald
Aurora Horsemen's Association 12666 N. Fourth Street Parker, Parker, CO 80134 Rebecca Amat Y Leon
Wildlife, Health, Education and Management Inc 45042 Stagecoach Rd., Parker, CO 80138 Brian Danforth
Naked Shoes, Inc. 10940 S. Parker Road, Parker, CO 80134 Lynn Given
Mcdonald Hyundai Hope Foundation 11731 Riverdale Drive, Parker, CO 80138 E Jennifer Kramer