Colorado Charity

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 114 thousand non-profit charity organizations registered wtih Colorado Secretary of State.

Thornton · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Officer
Your Dogs Are Good Dogs 4169 E 131st Dr, Thornton, CO 80241 Aaron J Gisler
Stargate Foundation 14530 Washington St, Thornton, CO 80023 Lynne W Allen
Stargate Charter School 14530 Washington St, Thornton, CO 80023-91 Lynne W Allen
Gedo Relief 10146 Fillmore St, Thornton, CO 80229 Anab Adam
Alliance of International Aromatherapists 10972 Elm Drive, Thornton, CO 80233 Carla Pearson
Tonj Community Association, Inc 9189 Gale Blvd, Thornton, CO 80260 Yai Lyai
Bethel Fellowship International 4669 E. 109th Pl, Thornton, CO 80233 Andrew J Marner
Thornton Junior Football League Association 10932 Clermont Court, Thornton, CO 80233 Scott Bradley
Touching Lives 4049 East 133rd Circle, Thornton, CO 80241 Libby M Mcgahey
Holy Cross Knights of Columbus 16084 9371 Wigham St, Thornton, CO 80229 Clark Musser
Optimist International 25116 Westminster Co 14734 Vine Street, Thornton, CO 80602 Steven D. Gorrell
Powerhouse Boxing Academy 146 West 81st Avenue, Thornton, CO 80221 Robert Leroy Alirez
Scientific Education and Research Foundation 9005 Grant St, Suite 200, Thornton, CO 80229 Christina Balous
Westgate Community School 12500 Washington St, Thornton, CO 80241 Sharon Collins
Healthy Kids Running Series 383 Brinton Lake Road, Suite 1, Thornton, PA 19373 Scott Ely
Ascend Tc3 12318 Elizabeth Ct, Thornton, CO 80241 Jennifer Hopwood
Event Integrity, LLC 3568 E 102nd Ct, Thornton, CO 80229 Chrystal Huskey
Thornton Community Band 2000 E 95th Ave, Thornton, CO 80229 Jason Kleve
Moe Moe's Bulldog Rescue of The Rockies 10133 Quivas St, Thornton, CO 80260 Heather Lea Heren
The Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County 8859 Fox Drive, Suite 205, Thornton, CO 80260 Lisa Jansen Thompson
Colorado Rising for Communities 2318 E 116th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233 Tricia Olson
The Shane Thurston Foundation, Inc. 13195 Logan Street, Thornton, CO 80241 Taylor Hindes
Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance 3758 E 104th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80233 Kate N. Lewis
Brantner Elementary Pta 7800 E. 133rd Ave., Thornton, CO 80602 Nichele Helgeson
Adams County Youth Initiative, Inc. 1500 E 128th Ave, Thornton, CO 80241 Becky Renee Hoffman
More Maitri, Inc. 720 West 84th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80260 Bethany Frye
Rocky Mountain Youth Medical and Nursing Consultants, Inc. 9197 Grant Street, Suite 100, Thornton, CO 80229 Barbara Tafoya
Food for Hope 3853 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233 Emily Stromquist
Tailwinds of Hope- Zachary Capra Memorial Foundation, Inc. 2519 E 148th Place, Thornton, CO 80602 John C Capra
Sant' Antonio Di Padova Society 3243 E. 94th Dr., Thornton, CO 80229 Joseph Lombardi
Journey Scholarship 5296 E. 116th Pl, Thornton, CO 80233 Michele P. Laterra
Stronghold Society 13231clermont Circle, Thornton, CO 80241 Allison M Pourier
Miracles Therapeutic Riding Center 8802 E 148th Lane, Thornton, CO 80602 Chris Griffith
Organization of Igbos In Colorado, Inc. 4510 E. 122nd Court, Thornton, CO 80241 Chuks Petrus Nweke
The Link: A Community Assessment & Resource Center 8461 Delaware St, Thornton, CO 80260 Nikole Bruns
Act On Drugs, Inc. 13945 Dahlia St, Thornton, CO 80602 Michael E Pavlich
Western Endowment Subsistence Trust 3240 Jackson Way, Thornton, CO 80233 Lillian Golbesky
Take Jake, Inc. 8221 E. 128th Pl, Thornton, CO 80602 Clark M Thompson
A Child's Touch 9141 Poze Blvd, Thornton, CO 80229 Deborah L Grillo
Mindful Ways 13221 Garfield Dr., Thornton, CO 80241 Sherilyn Rogers O'gorman
Rocky Mountain Alchemy Guild 10883 Fairfax Way, Thornton, CO 80233 Scott Ammerman
The Senior Hub, Inc. 9025 Grant Street #150, Thornton, CO 80229 Stephanie Knight
Inspire Foundation 13420 Detroit Ct., Thornton, CO 80241 Keith Poole
Moms Club of Thornton 11203 Dexter Street, Thornton, CO 80233 Jamie Davis
Neighbor Outreach of Colorado 9371 Wigham St, Thornton, CO 80229 Patricia Carr
Society for Integrated Conscience 9440 Hoffman Way, Thornton, CO 80229 Cherri Renee Roberts
Adams 12 Five Star Education Foundation 1500 E 128th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80241 Shannon Hancock
Comfort Cabin 13451 Birch Way, Thornton, CO 80241 Laura J Amman
Stick2life 14182 Elm St, Thornton, CO 80602 Erica Petersen
Marc Apodaca Jr. Children's Glioma Cancer Foundation 2604 E. 142nd Ave., Thornton, CO 80602 Lynette A. Apodaca
A Child's Song, Inc. 12301 Grant Street, Thornton, CO 80241 Sandy L. Taylor
Alex Cares 4205 E 133rd Place, Thornton, CO 80241 Elise Marie Bertilson
Yon Sel Lanmou 3519 E 140th Pl, Thornton, CO 80602 Gregory A Cronin
Visiting Ancillary Services Inc 550 E. Thornton Parkway, Thornton, CO 80229 Kenneth Kucera
Dancespace Booster Club 16669 Washington St., Thornton, CO 80023 Ryan Incorvaia
Ami of Adams County Inc 8931 Huron St, Thornton, CO 6806 Warren Taylor, Ph.d.
Joyful Journeys Community Enrichment 4466 E 93rd Pl, Thornton, CO 80229 Tasha Nicole Vanmarter
Braedi and Beyond 1602 E 167th Ave., Thornton, CO 80602 Bailey Clarice Lebleu
Mo.mentioned Management LLC 13433 Race Street, Thornton, CO 80241 Gabriella Monique Salem
Rangeview Library Friends Foundation, Inc. 5877 E. 120th Ave., Thornton, CO 80602 Nan Fisher
Colorado Huskers Youth Athletics 7780 E 129th Pl, Thornton, CO 80602 Matthew Gonzales
Arising Hope 3831 Woodglen Blvd, Thornton, CO 80233 Angela M Mcmahan
Hope From The Heart 4334 E 128th Place, Thornton, CO 80241 Eric D Rome
Thorncreek Baseball Club 440 E 134th Ave, Thornton, CO 80241 Sharon L Hall
Yes, And..., Inc. 3879 E. 120th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80233 Anne Tupler
Bruins Boosters 5482 East 125th Drive, Thornton, CO 80241 Bethann Hernandez-losey
Celebration Ministries 3853 E. 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233 Michael Aletheuo
Lets Feed Orphans 101 E 88th Avenue, N 101, Thornton, CO 80229 Etejoe Imejoe
Timberwolves Football Booster Club, Inc. 1551 E. 88th St, Thornton, CO 80229 Tracy Mealer-hernandez
Arapahoe House, Inc. 8801 Lipan Street, Thornton, CO 80260 Michael Butler
Arapahoe House Foundation 8801 Lipan Street, Thornton, CO 80260 Michael Butler
Courage 2 Thrive 4464 Cottonwood Lakes Blvd, Thornton, CO 80241 Benjamin Keller
Rocky Mountain Football Fundamentals & Combine Training Rmffct Inc 13404 Locust St., Thornton, CO 80602 Darryl Johnson
Creative Redirection 2801 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233 Alicia Marie Pickell
Taking It To The Streets 14718 Columbine St., Thornton, CO 80602 Cheryl Ann Jackson
Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostes Movimiento Misionero Mundial Inc 8970 Hoyt Dr, Thornton, CO 80229 Benjamin Gonzalez
Colorado Tigers Elite Baseball 5040 E. 120th Pl, Thornton, CO 80241 Edward K Leins
Thornton High School Instrumental Music Booster 9351 Washington St., Thornton, CO 80229 Julie Dutch
Meadows Consulting, LLC 10584 Garfield St, Thornton, CO 80233 Lucas C Meadows
Himalayan Light Ministries 3464 E 143rd Place, Thornton, CO 80602 Heather M Singh
Future Tutoring Services, Inc. 9740 Detroit St, Thornton, CO 80229 Jeanine Elise Roybal
Just Ask! for Colorado Kids 7812 E 123rd Pl., Thornton, CO 80602 Amie Rebecca Walton
Regina Kay Nelson 8859 Pearl St, Thornton, CO 80229 Regina Kay Nelson
A Cause 4 Hockey 2875 Signal Creek Dr, Thornton, CO 80241 Jimmy A Alfaro
Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary Thornton Lodge 16 11836 Columbine St, Thornton, CO 80233 Brianna M Karlen
Santa Fe Christian Fellowship 4946 E 109th Ct, Thornton, CO 80233 Daniel M Martinez
Infinity Flights Foundation 12150 Washington Ctr Pkwy, 15-207, Thornton, CO 80241 Kimberly Tyser
All His Children 2221 Mcdougal St., Thornton, CO 80229 Placido Jose Montoya
Little People of America Front Range Chapter 13030 Hudson Street, Thornton, CO 80241 Barbara A Kotzian
Hughes Consulting 12144 Colorado Blvd., Thornton, CO 80214 Robert W Hughes
Dame Tu Corazon- Give Me Your Heart 12023 Eudora Ct., Thornton, CO 80241 Linda Crestol Guevara
Gods Will On Earth 10641 Dexter Dr., Thornton, CO 80233 Rev.william Edwin Dobell
Gary Francis Thornton Charities 13473 Williams St, Thornton, CO 80241 Timothy M Thornton
Exceeding Expectations, Inc. 3646 E. 112th Pl., Thornton, CO 80233 Brandi J Mazzuca
Flatirons Behavioral Health Corporation 8801 Lipan Street, Thornton, CO 80260 David G. Murphy
Ultimate Electronics Children's Foundation 321 84th Avenue, Suite A, Thornton, CO 80260 Terri Takata-smith
Affordable Child Care of Colorado Inc. 5344 130th Way, Thornton, CO 80241 Paul M Warrick
Colorado Coalition for Mobile/Manufactured Home Residents Rights, Inc. 3600 E. 88th Avenue, #127, Thornton, CO 80229 Michele M. Newman
Residents United for Thornton 495 E. 134th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80241 Ronald A Hardin