Colorado Charity

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 114 thousand non-profit charity organizations registered wtih Colorado Secretary of State.

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Entity Name Office Address Officer
TOSTAN, INC. 641 S Street Nw, 3rd Floor, Washington Priti Derrick
AFRICAN WILDLIFE FOUNDATION 1400 16th Street, Nw, Suite 120, Washington Craig Sholley
AMERICAN SERVICE COUNCIL, INC. 5145 Duke Street, Alexandria Rodney Mealy
DEAF BIBLE SOCIETY, INC. 220 Westway Place, Suite 100, Arlington Chantel Pagan
STUDENTS FOR LIBERTY, INC. 1101 17th St. Nw, Suite 810, Washington Frederik Roeder
B'NAI B'RITH YOUTH ORGANIZATION, INC. 800 Eighth Street, Nw, Washington Janice Bigelow
THE NATIONAL PHYSICIANS ALLIANCE FOUNDATION, INC. 1001 G Street Nw, Suite 800, Washington Jeff Huebner
AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENTISTS 2107 Wilson Blvd., Suite 700, Arlington Walt Marlowe
RAILS-TO-TRAILS CONSERVANCY 2121 Ward Court, Nw 5th Floor, Washington Roxana Kiely
YOUR CATHOLIC VOICE FOUNDATION 1430 Truxton Avenue, 5th Floor, Bakersfield Sandra Galloway
MARRIAGE TODAY 115 Grand Avenue, Suite 213, Southlake Caitlin Edwards
NATIONAL COALITION TO ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY 1620 L Street, Suite 250, Washington Diann Rust-tierney
WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE 10 G Street Ne, Washington Maryann Martone
THE GLOBAL FUND FOR CHILDREN 1101 14th St. Nw, Suite 420, Washington Susan Goodell
THE NEA FOUNDATION FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF EDUCATION 1201 16th Street Nw, Suite 416, Washington Harriet Sanford
COMMUNITY SUPPORT NETWORK, INC. 1137 N. Sherman Avenue, Madison Deb Dove
HOPEWELL FUND 1201 Connecticut Ave Nw Ste 300, Washington Lee Bodner
MBA OPENS DOORS FOUNDATION 1919 M Street, Nw, Washington Teresa Betz
THE WILDERNESS SOCIETY 1615 M Street, Nw, Washington Thomas Tepper
NATIONAL LESBIAN AND GAY LAW FOUNDATION 1200 18th St., Nw, Suite 700, Washington D'arcy Kemnitz
CENTER ON BUDGET AND POLICY PRIORITIES 820 First Street, N.e. Suite 510, Washington Robert Greenstein
READING IS FUNDAMENTAL, INC. 1730 Rhode Island Ave., Nw, 11th Floor, Washington Jeffrey Galginaitis
NATIONAL PARTNERSHIP FOR WOMEN & FAMILIES, INC. 1875 Connecticut Avenue, Nw, Suite 650, Washington Jennifer Gardiner
GRAMEEN FOUNDATION USA 1400 K Street, Nw, 3rd Floor, Washington Alexander Counts
OCEAN CONSERVANCY, INC. 1300 19th Street, Nw, 8th Floor, Washington Mary Mclean
STARR COMMONWEALTH 13725 Starr Commonwealth Road, Albion Gary Crist
GREEN AMERICA 1612 K Street, Nw, Suite 600, Washington Alisa Gravitz
COLON CANCER ALLIANCE, INC 1025 Vermont Ave Nw, Washington Elena Kukanova-carpenter
THE AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION 1400 16th Street Nw, Washington Robin Ganzert
RETIRESAFE 1616 H Street, Nw, Ste. 902, Washington Thair Phillips
PUBLIC CITIZEN FOUNDATION, INC. 1600 20th St. Nw, Washington Joseph Stoshak
PUBLIC CITIZEN, INC. 1600 20th St. Nw, Washington Joseph Stoshak
NATIONAL ABORTION FEDERATION 1090 Vermont Avenue, Nw Suite 1000, Washington Vicki Saporta
COMMON CAUSE EDUCATION FUND 805 15th St Nw, Suite 800, Washington Elizabeth Marchant
NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE 512 10th St Nw, Washington David O'steen
THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA 620 Michigan Avenue, Ne, Leahy Hall, Room 280, Washington John Garvey
CENTER FOR PUBLIC JUSTICE 312 Massachusetts Ave Ne, Washington Stephanie Summers
HORSE POWER SANCTUARIES, INC. 47240 Lockwood Jolon Road, Lockwood Dorothy Beagle
THE ULI FOUNDATION 2001 L Street, Nw, Washington Michael Terseck
AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION 800 I Street, Nw, Washington Oluwakemi Oluwafemi
NATIONAL RECYCLING COALITION, INC. 1220 L Street, Nw, Suite 100-155, Washington Mark Lichtenstein
JUBILEE HOUSING, INC. 1640 Columbia Rd., Nw, 2nd Floor, Washington Jim Knight
COLLEGE SUMMIT, INC. 1763 Columbia Rd., Nw, 2nd Floor, Washington Joanne Smith
CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA LEGISLATIVE ACTION COMMITTEE 1015 15th St., N.w., Suite 1100, Washington Penny Nance
MEDAL OF HONOR MUSEUM FOUNDATION 528 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt. Pleasant Robert Wilburn
PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA (PVA) 801 18th Street, Nw, Washington John Ring
CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA 1015 Fifteenth Street, Nw, Suite 1100, Washington Penny Nance
UNITE FOUNDATION 4929 Kansas Avenue, Nw, Washington Megan Adcock
BUCKNER FOUNDATION, INC. 700 N. Pearl St., Ste. 1200, Dallas Albert Reyes
THE ONE CAMPAIGN 1299 Pennsylvania Ave., Nw Suite 400, Washington Luis Guardia
THE OCEAN FOUNDATION 1320 19th St, Nw, 5th Floor, Washington Karen Muir
MATHCOUNTS FOUNDATION 1420 King Street, Alexandria Louis Digioia
ONE ACTION 1299 Pennsylvania Ave., Nw Suite 400, Washington Luis Guardia
FINCA INTERNATIONAL, INC. 1201 15th Street Nw, 8th Floor, Washington Bob Price
THE EMPTY TOMB 301 North Fourth Street, Champaign Sylvia Ronsvalle
DELTA RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION 1703 New Hampshire Avenue, N.w., Washington Patricia Lattimore
AMERICAN NEAR EAST REFUGEE AID (ANERA) 1111 14th Street Nw., Suite 400, Washington Donna Diane
TELLING THE TRUTH, INC. 309 N Water Street, Milwaukee Michael Certalic
JEFFERSONIAN PROJECT 2900 Crystal Drive, 6th Fl., Arlington Lisa Nelson
CANCER SUPPORT COMMUNITY 734 15th Street Nw, Washington Kim Thibodeaux
PARTNERSHIP FOR A HEALTHIER AMERICA 2001 Pennsylvania Ave, Nw Ste 900, Washington Lawrence Soler
SUDAN RELIEF FUND, INC. 3220 N. Street Nw, Washington Neil Corkery
FOOD & WATER ACTION FUND 1616 P Street, Nw, Suite 300, Washington Lane Brooks
FOOD & WATER WATCH 1616 P Street, Nw, Suite 300, Washington Lane Brooks
NATIONAL CHARITY SERVICES, INC. 1905 Brentwood Road Ne, Washington Marc Gudelsky
NATIONAL WORKFORCE REGISTRY ALLIANCE 2807 Remington Green Circle, Tallahassee Rose Kor
RESCUE INTERNATIONAL 145 S Livernois Rd., Suite 308, Rochester Hills Dominic Russo
LEGAL SERVICES CORPORATION 3333 K Street Nw, 3rd Floor, Washington Wendy Rhein
FREEDOMWORKS FOUNDATION, INC. 400 North Capitol Street, N.w. Suite 765, Washington C Brandon
AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY CANCER ACTION NETWORK, INC. 555 11th Street Nw, Washington William Dalton
FREEDOMWORKS, INC. 400 North Capitol Street, N.w., Suite 765, Washington C Brandon
SAINT BARNABAS MEDICAL CENTER 94 Old Short Hills Road, Livingston Sabeena Hussain Raza
CATO INSTITUTE 1000 Massachusetts Ave., N.w., Washington William Erickson
FRIENDS OF WORLD FOOD PROGRAM, INC. 1819 L Street Nw #400, Washington Richard Leach
FUND FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH 1120 Connecticut Avenue, Nw, Washington Elizabeth Coit
THE LEAGUE OF CONSERVATION VOTERS EDUCATION FUND 1920 L Street Nw, Suite 800, Washington Patrick Collins
THE LEAGUE OF CONSERVATION VOTERS, INC. 1920 L Street Nw, Suite 800, Washington Patrick Collins
TAX FOUNDATION 1325 G Street, Nw, Suite 950, Washington Chris Krukewitt
THE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION 633 Pennsylvania Ave Nw, 3rd Floor, Washington Harry Johnson, Sr.
ENROLL AMERICA 1001 G Street, N.w., Washington John Gilbert
CARE ACTION NOW, INC. 1899 L Street, Nw, Washington David Ray
THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF AREA AGENCIES ON AGING, INC 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, Nw, Suite 1200, Washington John Magdaleno
RAPE, ABUSE & INCEST NATIONAL NETWORK (RAINN) 1220 L Street, Nw, Suite 505, Washington Kay Ericson
U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL INC. 2101 L Street Nw Suite 500, Washington Mahesh Ramanujan
COMMON CAUSE 805 15th St Nw, Suite 800, Washington Elizabeth Marchant
AMERICA VOTES 1155 Connecticut Ave Nw, Washington Susan Finkle-sourlis
SECUREAMERICANOW.ORG 1800 M Street Nw, Washington David Goder
AMERICAN RIVERS, INC. 1101 14th Street, N.w., Suite 1400, Washington Kristin May
AMERICAN PRINCIPLES PROJECT FOUNDATION 1130 Connecticut Avenue, N.w., Washington Cannon Francis
LEADERSHIP FOR EDUCATIONAL EQUITY FOUNDATION 1805 7th Street Nw, 8th Floor, Washington Michael Buman
JOHN HANCOCK COMMITTEE FOR THE STATES 1464 Morena Blvd., San Diego Mark Meckler
OCEANA ADVOCACY RESOURCES 1350 Connecticut Ave, Nw, 5th Floor, Washington James Simon
INSTITUTE ON TAXATION AND ECONOMIC POLICY 1616 P Street, Nw, Washington Martha Wiehe
THE NATIONAL ITALIAN AMERICAN FOUNDATION, INC. 1860 19th Street, Nw, Washington Geraldine Jones
FOUNDATION FOR THE DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACIES, INC. 1800 M Street, Nw, Suite 800s, Washington Clifford May
CENTER FOR URBAN RENEWAL AND EDUCATION 1317 F Street, Nw, Suite 900, Washington Star Parker
PEACETECH LAB, INC. 2301 Constitution Avenue Nw, Washington Sheldon Himelfarb