Colorado Charity

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 114 thousand non-profit charity organizations registered wtih Colorado Secretary of State.

Wesminster · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Officer
Denver Texas A&m Club, Inc. 4686 W 68th Ave, Wesminster, CO 80030 Anne Kimble
Fraternal Order of Police Colorado Metroplex 11236 Clay Court, Wesminster, CO 80234 Micheal A Deedon
Win The Battle Foundation 8895 W. 96th Dr., Wesminster, CO 80021 Mark Jurney
Clean It Up 7531 Yates St, Wesminster, CO 80030 Dieter Parker
Have A Heart Project, Inc 3455 W 72nd Ave, Wesminster, CO 80030 John J Maurer
Kiwanis Westminster Club 9537 West 89th Place, Wesminster, CO 80021 Robert William Delong
Just Have Faith International, Inc. 10469 Robb Court, Wesminster, CO 80021 Robert Matthew Hawkins
Westminster Community Artist Series D/B/A North Metro Arts Alliance 3707 W 73rd Ave, Wesminster, CO 80030 Vicky L Marshall
Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center 8845 Wagner Street, Wesminster, CO 80031 Gina Hensrud
Devereux Cleo Wallace 8405 Church Ranch Blvd, Wesminster, CO 80021 Chris Aldworth
Desert Hope Ministries 8461 Turnpike Drive, Suite 110, Wesminster, CO 80031 Janelle Hallman
Westminster Public Safety Recognition Foundation 3720 West 103rd Drive, Wesminster, CO 80031 Morton C Anderson
Animals' Angels, Incorporated 133 E. Main St., Suite 1b, Wesminster, MD 21157 Sonja Meadows
Kkis Incorporated 11436 Eliot Ct, Wesminster, CO 80234 Kelly K Caldwell
Ignite Myanmar, Inc. 11704 Pecos St., Apt. 207, Wesminster, CO 80234 Samuel Boykin
Hmong American Association of Colorado 11011 Newland Street, Wesminster, CO 80020 Crystal Muas
Corphans Inc. 9319 Raleigh Ct, Wesminster, CO 80031 Kerry M Minu
Colorado Rare 11269 Lamar Street, Wesminster, CO 80020 Mary Isabel Good
Rufus Foundation 11715 W. 107th Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80021 Travis V Laberge
National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children 9101 Harlan St, Suite 245, Wesminster, CO 80031 James R Mcdonald
Extended Hands of Hope 8120 Sheridan Blvd, Wesminster, CO 80003 Kristen Harness
Ryan Elementary Pta 5851 W 115th Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80020 Heather Hardman
Cotton Creek Pta 11100 Vrain St., Wesminster, CO 80031 Laura Hassett
The Academy of Charter Schools Inc. 11800 Lowell Boulevard, Wesminster, CO 80031 Andrea Foust
Tiaa-Forum 3855 W. 104th Drive, Unit A, Wesminster, CO 80031 Lew Grothe
Lukas Elementary Pta 9650 W. 97th Ave., Wesminster, CO 80020 Stephanie L Gottlob
Kulu Development Organization 11654 Pecos Street, Wesminster, CO 80234 Hamza Hamed Musa
Velocity Recreation 11082 Rutgers Court, Wesminster, CO 80031 Eden Benedict
Herbal Gardens Wellness 7281 Utica Street, Wesminster, CO 800030 Nancy R Medina Kochis
Colorado Judicial Institute 11386 Quivas Way, Wesminster, CO 80234 Joshua Dl Anderson
Music Minds Matter 8300 Sheridan Blvd, Wesminster, CO 80003 Angela Whaley
Community Resources and Housing Development Corporation 7305 Lowell Blvd., Suite 200, Wesminster, CO 80030 Yvette Seerden
Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International 8670 Wolff Court, Wesminster, CO 80031 Kathy Alm
Casa of Adams & Broomfield Counties 11860 Pecos Street, Wesminster, CO 80234 Sarah E Andreano
Randy E Roybal Foundation Inc 4772 West 100th Ct, Wesminster, CO 80031 Deborah L Roybal
Adams County Education Consortium 12200 Pecos Street, Ste.100, Wesminster, CO 80234 Chuck Gross
Cornerstone Christian Academy 12000 Zuni Street, Wesminster, CO 80234 Peter James Fetterly
Front Range Community College Foundation for Educational Excellence 3645 W. 112th Ave., Wesminster, CO 80031 Ryan Mccoy
Japanese Academy of The Rockies 10910 Yates Drive, Wesminster, CO 80031 Yuka Tanaka-chambers
Colorado Athletic Directors Association 12110 Pecos Street Suite 220, Wesminster, CO 80234 Gary Leeper
Covenant Village of Colorado, Inc. 9153 Yarrow Street, Wesminster, CO 80021 Peter Milbourn
Charles Semper Elementary Pta 7575 W. 96th Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80021 Caroline Mondanel
Healing The Children 4142 W 105th Way, Wesminster, CO 80031 Ann C Brown
Growing Home 3489 West 72nd Avenue #112, Wesminster, CO 80030 Anita Deshommes
Every Life, Inc 10415 Jellison Way, Wesminster, CO 80021 Brenda G Kaker
Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Public Safety Awareness Foundation 8400 Alcott St, Wesminster, CO 80031 Franklin Gale
Westminster Police Lodge 25 Fop 9110 Yates St, Wesminster, CO 80031 David Acunto
Mountain Range High School Band Boosters 12500 Huron Street, Wesminster, CO 80234 Danh Taylor
North Metro Community Services Inc. 1001 W. 124th Ave, Wesminster, CO 80234 Margarito Gandarilla
Westminster Public Schools Foundation 7002 Raleigh St, Wesminster, CO 80030 Stephanie Baer
Westminster 7:10 Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. 3347 W 114th Circle, Wesminster, CO 80031 Loren Donaldson
Junior Athletics of The Midwest, Inc. 11225 Gray Street, Wesminster, CO 80020 Rebecca Ainworth-sharpley
Betty Adams Elementary Pta 6450 W 95th Pl, Wesminster, CO 80021 Katie R Loomis
Pta Colorado Congress Sheridan Green Elementary Pta 10951 Harlan St., Wesminster, CO 80020 Katie Mowery
Moms Club of Westminster Adams County 10934 Allison Court, Wesminster, CO 80021 Kate Elizabeth Davis
Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Knights of Columbus Council No. 7502 2911 West 104th Avenue, Wesminster, CO 3506 Ronald B Ondrak
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation 9191 Sheridan Blvd., Suite 203, Wesminster, CO 80031 Surbhi Chavda
Devotion To A Dream, Inc. 9991 Hoyt Pl, Wesminster, CO 80021 Keith Alpert
Little Longears Mini Donkey Rescue, Inc. 1558 Bollinger Rd., Wesminster, MD 21157 Valerie Lowe
Colorado State Fraternal Order of Police 8400 Alcott St., Wesminster, CO 80031 Micheal Deedon
Rocky Mountain Agribusiness Association 12110 Pecos Street Suite 220, Wesminster, CO 80234 Gary E. Leeper
Hocking Marketing Services, Inc. 8753 Yates Dr. Suite: 226, Wesminster, CO 80031 Steven J Hocking
San Nicola Dog Rescue Foundation 9300 Pierce St, Wesminster, CO 80021 Inna Mizrahi
Pueblo Carousel Association 3516 W. 102nd Place, Wesminster, CO 80031 Raymond G Williams
Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition 7150 Hooker Street, Wesminster, CO 80030 Lorena Garcia
Hands of Hope for South Sudan 3179 W. 111th Dr., Wesminster, CO 80031 Deanna Chilton
Westminster Fire Fighters Fire Victims Benefit Fund 9110 Yates Street, Wesminster, CO 80031 Morton C Anderson
Rocky Mountain Christian Television Network, Inc. 9020 Yates Street, Wesminster, CO 80030 Neville Chankersingh
Als Association Rocky Mountain Chapter 10855 Dover St., Wesminster, CO 80021 Pamela Rush-negri
Child Evangelism Fellowship of Colorado, Inc 5130 W 80th Ave A101, Wesminster, CO 80030 Sandy Schanker
Boltz Wrestling Club 14345 N. Lipan St., Wesminster, CO 80023 Rebecca Joiner
Glass Hearts 9970 Grove St, Wesminster, CO 80031 Richard Lee Ellsmore
Joshua Nations International 4865 W 92nd Place, Wesminster, CO 80031 Russell W. Frase, Jr.
Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network 7301 Federal Blvd., Wesminster, CO 80030 Mekela Goehring
Westminster Area Historical and Museum Society 3924 W. 72nd Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80030 Adam Jacobson
Hilos Culturales Inc 4660 W. 101st Pl, Wesminster, CO 80031 Ellen G. Alires-trujillo
Davinci Institute Inc 9191 Sheridan Blvd. #300, Wesminster, CO 80031 Debra L Hellman
Rocky Mountain Butterfly Consortium Dba Butterfly Pavilion 6252 W 104th Ave, Wesminster, CO 80020 Patrick Tennyson
Westminster Legacy Foundation 4800 W. 92nd Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80031 Lauren Werner
The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation Inc. 7577 W 103rd Ave, Wesminster, CO 80021 Laura Clyncke
Low Income Family Empowerment, Inc 3033 W 71st Ave Suite 1000, Wesminster, CO 80030 Melissa Mercil
Westminster Vietnamese Baptist Church, Inc. 9744 Marshall Way, Wesminster, CO 80021 Hai Nguyen
Westy Cfire 9110 Yates St, Wesminster, CO 80031 Sherrie L Guerrero
Almost Home Adoptions for Rescued Cats 6010 West 88th Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80031 Kathleen Cline
Pta Colorado Congress Mandalay Middle School Ptsa 9651 Pierce St., Wesminster, CO 80021 Joshua Leininger
Center for Advancement of Workplace Safety, Inc. 9157 W. 104th Circle, Wesminster, CO 80021 Timothy C Smith
Colorado Foundation for Agriculture 10343 Federal Blvd Unit J Box 224, Wesminster, CO 80260 Jennifer Scharpe
Uplift Us Inc. 3635 W 84th Ave, Wesminster, CO 80031 Shannon Kern
Satellite Yoga, Inc 9419 Newton Street, Wesminster, CO 80031 Nancy Candea
Solar Speak Toastmasters 5354 W 115th Ave, Wesminster, CO 80020 Valerie Chase
Maxmods 4377 W 117th Court, Wesminster, CO 80031 Deana Watson
Transforming Glory Ministries 10111 Nelson St., Wesminster, CO 80021 Michael E Smith
The Sea Otter Foundation & Trust 2778 W 104th Lane, Wesminster, CO 80234 Diane Tomecek
Light for Life Foundation International 3699 W. 76th Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80030 Dale Emme
Colorado Celebration of African American Arts and Culture 3611 W. 90th Ave, Wesminster, CO 80031 Florence Ayers
A Shared Vision: Partners In Pediatric Blindness and Visual Impairment 10135 W. 101st Dr., Wesminster, CO 80021 Steven Lindauer
Life Consequences 4513 West 69th Drive, Wesminster, CO 80030 Ethan Fisher
Community Reach Center, Inc. 1870 W 122nd Ave, Wesminster, CO 80234 Christine Mecillas
Community Reach Center Foundation, Inc. 1870 W 122nd Ave, Wesminster, CO 80234 Richard L Doucet
Life Freedom Ministries 2560 W 109th Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80234 Neill D.s. Jakins