Colorado Charity

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 114 thousand non-profit charity organizations registered wtih Colorado Secretary of State.

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Entity Name Office Address Officer
COLD WEATHER CARE 10451 Huron St, Northglenn, CO 80234 Lisa Geels
MILE HIGH DACHSHUNDS RESCUE, INC. 5290 S Geneva Wy, Englewood, CO 80111 Dorothy A Lueloff
MAXMODS 4377 W 117th Court, Wesminster, CO 80031 Deana Watson
GAMERS GIVING, INC. 8099 Chase Dr #10, Arvada, CO 80003 Linda Weygant
THE SEA OTTER FOUNDATION & TRUST 2778 W 104th Lane, Wesminster, CO 80234 Diane Tomecek
USAFA LACROSSE PARENTS AND BOOSTER CLUB, INC. 2169 Field House Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 808409500 Michael Walsch
THUNDER BASEBALL LEAGUE 6900 W. 117th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020 Shawn M Williamson
THE MGIVE FOUNDATION, INC. 821 22nd Street, 2nd Floor, Denver, CO 80205 Jenifer Snyder
K9 C.A.R.E.S. VICTIM SUPPORT 2510 West 108th Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80234 Philip C Corbett
TRIVIAL DONATIONS FOUNDATION 3440 W. 104th Place, Wesminster, CO 80031 Anita Schervish
ANIMALS' ANGELS, INCORPORATED 133 E. Main St., Suite 1b, Wesminster, MD 21157 Sonja Meadows
MOST PRECIOUS (THAT'S WHO YOU ARE) 7402 Church Ranch Blvd #122, Wesminster, CO 80021 Linda K Reid
CHILDREN'S GRIEF EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 6883 Wyman Way, Wesminster, CO 80030 Mary M Lyles
WESTMINSTER PUBLIC SAFETY RECOGNITION FOUNDATION 3720 West 103rd Drive, Wesminster, CO 80031 Morton C Anderson
CIVIL RIGHTS NOW 4441 Meade St., Denver, CO 80211 Teva Sienicki
ROCKY MOUNTAIN FAMILY COUNCIL 3801 E Florida Ave, #600, Denver, CO 80210 Thomas Scheffel
WSA BLUE PLANET FOUNDATION 11265 Decatur Street #100, Wesminster, CO 80234 Kristina K. Scribner
PARAGON THEATRE 9883 Quay Way, Wesminster, CO 80021 Michael Stricker
WESTMINSTER LEGACY FOUNDATION 4800 W. 92nd Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80031 Laura Michelle Mulkey
HAVE A HEART PROJECT, INC 3455 W 72nd Ave, Wesminster, CO 80030 Deborah L Smith
WESTMINSTER 7:10 ROTARY CLUB FOUNDATION, INC. 3347 W 114th Circle, Wesminster, CO 80031 Loren Donaldson
LIGHT FOR LIFE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL 3699 W. 76th Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80030 Dale Emme
WESTMINSTER PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOUNDATION 7002 Raleigh St, Wesminster, CO 80030 Stephanie Baer
COLORADO ATHLETIC DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION 12011 Tejon Street #700, Wesminster, CO 80234 Gary Leeper
SOUTHERN EXPOSURE IMMERSIONS, INC. 7400 W. 80th Avenue, Arvada, CO 80003 Matthew Lanning
COMMUNITY REACH CENTER FOUNDATION, INC. 8931 Huron St., Thornton, CO 80260 Richard L Doucet
DEL NORTE SENIOR HOUSING INC 1025 Spruce Street #a-11, Del Norte, CO 81132 Rainie Kelso
REACH INTERNATIONAL, INC. 8200 Baylor Ln., Wesminster, CO 80031 D Roscoe Meredith
LALMBA ASSOCIATION 7685 Quartz Street, Arvada, CO 80007 Hillary James
WESTMINSTER AREA HISTORICAL AND MUSEUM SOCIETY 3924 W. 72nd Avenue, Wesminster, CO 80030 Adam Jacobson
COMMUNITY REACH CENTER, INC. 8931 Huron Street, Thornton, CO 80260 Christine Mecillas
DEVEREUX CLEO WALLACE 8405 Church Ranch Blvd, Wesminster, CO 80021 Chris Aldworth
WESTMINSTER POLICE LODGE 25 FOP 9110 Yates St, Wesminster, CO 80031 David Acunto
LIFE CONSEQUENCES 4513 West 69th Drive, Wesminster, CO 80030 Ethan Fisher
ARCHBISHOP FULTON J SHEEN KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL NO. 7502 2911 West 104th Avenue, Wesminster, CO 802343506 Joseph Feiten
MOE MOE'S BULLDOG RESCUE OF THE ROCKIES 10133 Quivas St, Thornton, CO 80260 Heather Lea Heren
LOTUS 88 FOUNDATION 11768 Osceola Street, Wesminster, CO 80031 Jennifer L Shook
GO DEAL GO, LLC 340 Edgemont Circle, North Salt Lake, UT 84054 John R. Nuckols
DENVER APOSTOLATE OF DIVINE MERCY, LLC 1381 W. 112th Ave., Unit D, Wesminster, CO 80234 Mary Angela Morales