Colorado Charity

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 114 thousand non-profit charity organizations registered wtih Colorado Secretary of State.

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Entity Name Office Address Officer
COMPOUND OF COMPASSION 3819 S Quintero Circle, Aurora, CO 80013 Shana Shaw
ROCKY MOUNTAIN FAMILIES BEHIND THE LINE 19886 E. Villanova Dr., Aurora, CO 80013 Kisha St Peter
RELENTLESS VOLLEYBALL CLUB 5018 S. Addison Way, Aurora, CO 80016 Jason Smith
PROJECT HELPING 8811 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80231 Justin Kruger
BURMA COMMUNITY RANGERS INC 3656 S Halifax Way, Aurora, CO 80013 Drucie Bathin
WE ARE WOMEN, INC. 15472 E Evans Ave #205, Aurora, CO 80013 Samantha Koren Robbins
SANTA SPIRIT 17529 E Caspian Place, Aurora, CO 80013 Stacey E Simpson-fleming
YOU CAN BEGIN AGAIN 3705 Eudora St, Denver, CO 80207 Winifred W Carter
RHYMING BIBLE TRUTHS MINISTRIES INC 1580 Gaylord St, Denver, CO 80206 Betty J Banks
SHARING THE LOVE FOUNDATION 16912 E. Harvard Ave., Aurora, CO 80013 Kip Raynard Jones
PROFESSIONALS TO THE WORLD 32 Nighthawk Way, Westcliffe, CO 81252 Charlie E Holden
URBAN MEDIA GROUP INCORPORATED, THE 21244 East Lehigh Place, Aurora, CO 80013 Tennille Jones
THEEDUCTR 3515 South Norfolk Way, Aurora, CO 80013 Annette Sills-brown
AMIGOS MINISTRIES 4016 S Killarney Way, Aurora, CO 80013 Brian Anderson
HERA WOMEN'S CANCER FOUNDATION 3228 South Idalia Street, Aurora, CO 80013 Shannon Daly
AURORA GATEWAY ROTARY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, INC. 16900 E. Amherst Dr., Aurora, CO 80013 Diana J Payne
COLORADO CHASSIS LASSIES 16932 E. Amherst Dr, Aurora, CO 80013 Patricia Fredrick
DIVINE POWER EVANGELISTIC MINISTRIES 21152 E Greenwood Pl, Aurora, CO 80013-896 Seifu Kebede
CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS PARENT COUNCIL EAGLECREST HIGH SCHOOL 5100 South Picadilly Street, Centennial, CO 80015 Tanya Harris
RECYCLED RACERS, INC 3126 South Idalia Street, Aurora, CO 80013 Marnie Grosz
S. E. AURORA CLUB 16732 E. Iliff Ave., Aurora, CO 80013 David Burnside
CHUCK LEWIS MINISTRIES, INC. 15671 E. Atlantic Cr., Aurora, CO 80013 Barbara K Lewis
COLORADO QUILTING COUNCIL, INC. 2596 S Rifle Street, Aurora, CO 80013 Mary Rush
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL 5161 2375 E Arizona Ave, Denver, CO 80210 Titus I Conwell
RACING FOR HOPE 19993 E Oberlin Place, Aurora, CO 80013 Alice Brown
JUST 1 YES 21086 E Princeton Place, Aurora, CO 80013 Devika M Lyles
STYMIE CANINE CANCER FOUNDATION 3031 S Jericho Way, Aurora, CO 80013 Aimee M Thompson
TEN KIDS ENTERPRISE 15793 E Caspian Cir 203, Aurora, CO 80013 Jarvis Hutchings
JUST 1 YES 21086 E Princeton Place, Aurora, CO 80013 Devika M Lyles