Colorado Trade Name

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities registered with Colorado Secretary of State (SOS), Business Division. Each trade name is registered with registrant name and organization, address, mailing address, entity status, effective date, etc.

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Trade Name Primary Address Registrant Start Date
Level Up Fitness 5545 West 56th Avenue, Unit A, Arvada Sloans Lake CrossFit Ltd. 2018-12-30
Dentistry of Colorado - Westminster, PLLC 8725 Wadsworth Blvd, Suite B, Arvada Sage Dentistry VI, PLLC 2018-12-28
Dentistry of Colorado - Boulder, PLLC 16205 W 64th Ave, Unit 200, Arvada Sage Dentistry III, PLLC 2018-12-28
Rocky Mountain Beauty and Wellness 14626 West 68th Place, Arvada SUCCESS RESOURCES UNLIMITED, INC. 2018-12-28
AVK Transport INC 10351 w59th ave #1, Arvada Aleksandr V Kublitskiy 2018-12-27
PCO Services 6260 Otis St, Arvada Peter C Ogg 2018-12-27
ebrand Partners 7239 Braun Ct., Arvada GJ Technical, LLC 2018-12-26
303Holdings 7239 Braun Ct, Arvada FBA Brands LLC 2018-12-26
DBI Fulfillment 7239 Braun Ct, Arvada DivvyBooks Inc 2018-12-26
Esquire Home Services 9485 Kilmer Way, Arvada David Michael Nocera 2018-12-26
Hell Dive Motorsports 13020 W 64TH PL, Arvada Brandon Scott Woodard 2018-12-26
Fast Lane Inc 10511 Livingston Dr, Bld 4 Apt 104, Arvada Fast Lane, LLC 2018-12-24
6 Million Steps for Kids 9363 Pike Way, Arvada Bright Future for Children 2018-12-24
Rock Portage Development Group 6870 West 52nd Avenue, Suite 203, Arvada Rock Portage Development Group, LLC 2018-12-24
Rock Portage Holdings 6870 West 52nd Avenue, Suite 203, Arvada Rock Portage Holdings, LLC 2018-12-24
Knottywood Designs 4896 W 61ST PL, Arvada Lindsay O'reilly 2018-12-23
Phoodio 9955 W 82nd Pl, Arvada Phoodio, LLC 2018-12-21
Mark VII 13446 W 62nd Dr, Arvada Andrew Welling 2018-12-20
Wright Capital Direct 7912 Oberon Rd Apt F, Arvada Geoffrey Crowley 2018-12-19
One More Time Outfitting 16416 W 85th Ln, Unit B, Arvada Trey E Robinson 2018-12-18
Rean Services 5898 Newcombe ct, Arvada Anatoliy Repnitskiy 2018-12-18
Kinetic Realty Group 9312 W 87th Place, Arvada Penny D Goodnight 2018-12-17
Prajna Healing Arts 7895 Alkire St, Arvada Prajna Partnerships Inc, 2018-12-17
Professional Consulting Services 5790 Lamar Street, Arvada Professional Enterprises, Inc. 2018-12-17
WoVo Identity Solutions, LLC 6767 Xenon Drive, Arvada Kathleen Marie Erickson 2018-12-17
Carly Zuehlke 7661 Gray Way, Arvada Carly May Zuehlke 2018-12-17
J. B. Lewis Co 8614 Yukon St. #201, Arvada Jonathan Bervin Lewis 2018-12-16
Wetherill Real Estate 8070 Tabor Street, Arvada Clifford Ray Wetherill 2018-12-15
Arvada American Shaman 6695 Wadsworth Blvd, Unit C, Arvada BJR LLC 2018-12-14
Two Snakes Farm 15089 W 77th Dr, Unit B, Arvada Two Snakes Farm LLC 2018-12-14
Uddesa 18650 W 93rd Dr, Arvada Cayleighs LLC 2018-12-13
United Auto Repair 6425 Jay Street, Arvada Geno's Your Garage LLC 2018-12-13
Effyian Creations 5700, Ammons St, Arvada Jacob S Helgesen 2018-12-13
Annas Hope 5263 arbutus street, Arvada Davis L Kathryn 2018-12-12
Denver Psilocybin Initiative 2041 Lawrence St., Denver Decriminalize Denver 2018-12-12
BackCountry Fireplaces 8195 Jellison court, Arvada Felix Morales 2018-12-11
MREColo 6410 Miller Street, Unit 12, Arvada Modern Real Estate LLC. 2018-12-11
Total Focus Massage Therapy 6552 Moore St, Arvada Debra Rapinchuk 2018-12-10
140point6 Sewing 19896 W 94th Ave, Arvada Meredith Albrecht Botnick 2018-12-10
Berkeley Village Discount Liquors 17140 West 64th Drive, Arvada BVL Holding, Inc. 2018-12-10
College Living Jobs 17016 W. 85th Lane, Arvada College Living Social 2018-12-09
Trujillo's Cleaning and Painting 7511 Marshall Street, Arvada Dennis Trujillo 2018-12-09
Luna and Roxly 17039 W 86th place, Arvada My Shoe Bae 2018-12-07
Phil Godsey Trucking 7827 alkire st, Arvada Kenneth Leroy Godsey 2018-12-06
Pat Bell & Associates 8752 Pierce Way, #124, Arvada Patricia Ann Bell 2018-12-06
Ken Godsey Trucking 8764 w 86th ave., Arvada Kenneth Leroy Godsey 2018-12-06
PWP Upholstery & Furniture Restoration, LLC 6216 Vance St, Arvada Projects with Purpose, LLC 2018-12-06
Effective Firearms Training 9806 W. 60th Ave, Arvada Effective Firearms, LLC 2018-12-05
N-Motion Capital 15388 W 64th Dr, Unit D, Arvada N-Motion, Inc 2018-12-05
Drive N-Motion 15388 W 64th Dr, Unit D, Arvada N-Motion, Inc 2018-12-05
Patty's 7705 Wadsworth Blvd., Studio 102, Arvada Patricia Chavez 2018-12-03
Think Electric 4980 W. 66th Ave, Arvada Peter Daniel Gonzalez 2018-12-03
Mobile Wrench P.O. Box 745987, Arvada MOBILE WRENCH, INC. 2018-12-03
MB&J Landscaping 5480 Marshall Street, Arvada MBJ Enterprises, LLC 2018-12-03
MEDxTeam 8750 Dover Cir, Arvada King's Venture, LLC 2018-12-02
JMP Construction 7670 W 61st Ave APT 1, Arvada JMP Construction, Inc., Dissolved December 19, 2018 2018-12-02
Nourish and Flourish 11635 W. 81st Ave, Arvada Marla Tenney 2018-12-01
Inktwist Studio 5420 Allison St Unit 101, Arvada Bessie Boltz 2018-12-01
Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems of Colorado Franchise #1524 6793 Kipling St, Arvada Elizabeth Martinez 2018-11-30
Accretive Services 6285 Devinney Circle, Arvada Dais Consulting, LLC 2018-11-30
Tracy Construction 6566 W 84th Pl, Arvada John Patrick Tracy 2018-11-30
Mountain Sisters Jewelry 11154 West 76th Place, Arvada Sally A Hill 2018-11-30
Talk Yourself Social 9025 W. 79th Way, Unit D, Arvada Aitana Gabriella Gonzales 2018-11-30
Little Bear Massage 5402 Carr St, Unit 103, Arvada Lisa Gaye Moyers 2018-11-29
Gi.Mie Interiors 7028 Vivian Ct, Arvada GI.MIE LLC 2018-11-29
Native Woods Firewood and Chimney Sweeping 5115 Carr St, Arvada Daniel Wayne Patino 2018-11-28
Aarati Sharma Neupane - Host Home 5270 W 80Th Avenue Apt 302H, Arvada Aarati Sharma Neupane 2018-11-28
JAC CREATIONS 17324 W 62nd Lane, Arvada Judith A Classen 2018-11-27
the Modern Hair Style 7705 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada Sarah Mi-chong Gale 2018-11-26
First View Ultrasound 9191 Sheridan Blvd, Ste 104, Westminster FIRST VIEW ULTRASOUND CENTERS, LLC 2018-11-26
VAPE WORLD 6725 WADSWORTH BLVD, Arvada Anil K Gautam 2018-11-26
SERGIO CONSTRUCTION 5400 SHERIDAN BLVD, LOT #385, Arvada Sergio Anibal Giron 2018-11-26
First View HD Ultrasound 9191 Sheridan Blvd, Ste 104, Westminster FIRST VIEW ULTRASOUND CENTERS, LLC 2018-11-26
Conrad's 7705 Wasdworth Blvd Unit M Ste 115, Arvada Conrad Kanda 2018-11-25
Alternative Working Capital Financial Group 8635 W 78th Place, Arvada Commercial Capital, LLC 2018-11-23
Fortitude Labs 15400 W 64th Ave. Ste.9E, PMB 136, Arvada Fortitude Labs LLC 2018-11-23
Studio S 7705 Wadsworth Blvd, suite118, Arvada Saeedeh Ziae shakeri 2018-11-23
Repurposed n Renewed 7583 Lamar ct, Arvada Zebulon Taul Graham 2018-11-22
Split Ends 7705 Wadsworth Blvd, Unit M Suite 117, Arvada Beth E Kaelin 2018-11-21
Crest Consulting 13763 W. 58th Place, Arvada Crest Credit Repair 2018-11-21
ammons academy, llc 7905 Lee Street, Arvada Ammons Academy LLC 2018-11-21
Rocky Mountain Critter Control LLC 6125 parfet st, Arvada Matthew Darryl Judd 2018-11-20
Foot and Ankle Care of Boulder County 7350 Poppy Way, Arvada Brian P. Gradisek, DPM, PLLC 2018-11-20
City Cabin 9666 W 56TH PL, Arvada Erin R Seimetz 2018-11-20
Mark Baker 8300 Sheridan Blvd. Apt 34A, Arvada Mark Blake Baker 2018-11-20
B2B Pro Services 9833 W 83rd Ave W 83rd Ave, Arvada Gary Avischious 2018-11-20
B and D Maintenance Company 5480 Saulsbury Ct., Arvada B AND D MAINTENANCE COMPANY 2018-11-20
Foot & Ankle Care of Boulder County 7350 Poppy Way, Arvada Brian P. Gradisek, DPM, PLLC 2018-11-20
CoachingSchool 9833 W 83rd Ave, Arvada Gary Avischious 2018-11-20
SAS Flight Factory 5627 Kendall Court, Arvada SAS Manufacturing LLC 2018-11-19
DC's Drastic Cleaning Co. 5513 Newland way, Arvada Brandy Lee Salway 2018-11-18
RB Carpentry 6140 w 83rd pl, Arvada Randall James Burge 2018-11-17
KRYMNASH 11145 Ralston rd, Apt. 211, Arvada Dmytro Parokha 2018-11-17
Moti B's 6925 Braun Ct, Arvada Kimberlee Boschetto 2018-11-17
Sure Choice Insurance Agency 6821 Pomona Dr, Arvada Ion Marketing LLC 2018-11-15
Ronoh Construction 7100 Broadway 6OPH, Denver Ronoh Contracting, LLC 2018-11-15
Hivemind 6810 w 75th Pl., Arvada Dakota J Leclair 2018-11-15
Olde Town Pick N Parlor 7515 Grandview Ave., Arvada Christopher Simon 2018-11-15
The Aragon Insurance Agency 6821 Pomona Dr, Arvada Ion Marketing LLC 2018-11-14
Grammy Giggles 8505 Oak Way, Arvada Heyer Publishing, LLC 2018-11-14