Colorado Trade Name

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities registered with Colorado Secretary of State (SOS), Business Division. Each trade name is registered with registrant name and organization, address, mailing address, entity status, effective date, etc.

Grand Junction · Search Result

Trade Name Primary Address Registrant Start Date
Western Colorado Publishing Company 2024 Freedom Court, Grand Junction Frank J Daniels 2018-02-03
Renegade Hemp 2148 M Road, Grand Junction Jenna Griest 2018-02-02
AlyCam Properties 2793 Skyline Court, Suite D, Grand Junction Cary Eidsness 2018-02-01
Iron Horse Property Investors 404 LAURALYNN CT, Grand Junction 404 LLC 2018-02-01
Iron Horse Home Investors 404 LAURALYNN CT, Grand Junction 404 LLC 2018-02-01
Sky Farm Studio 214 Easter Hill Drive, Grand Junction Beverly O'neil 2018-02-01
Landon Baker- Shelter Insurance 1236 N 7th st, Grand Junction Landon James Baker 2018-01-31
A-1 Repossessions, LLC 521 30 Rd, Grand Junction Christa Coats 2018-01-30
BPH Builders 288 Mahan Street, Grand Junction Ryan L Burkepile 2018-01-30
Professional Coatings 2126 J Rd, Grand Junction Thomas M Bartelt 2018-01-29
Blue Sky Installations 3070 D Road, Grand Junction DAVID FRITZLAN'S MAINTENANCE SERVICE, INC. 2018-01-29
NEVERQUIT 2575 Young Ct., Grand Junction NEVERQUIT LLC 2018-01-29
Guerrilla Burritos 3198 F Rd, Suite #101, Grand Junction big green chili Ltd. 2018-01-28
Inside Out Dirt Movers 293 arlington dr, Grand Junction Corrina Kuipers 2018-01-27
Tax Consulting 591 Grand Cascade Way, Grand Junction The Tax Consulting Company 2018-01-26
White wolf mobile detailing 2910 north ave., 32A, Grand Junction Kurt Andrew Lobato 2018-01-26
Foot Factory Skateboards, LLC 657 N. 19th Street, Grand Junction Foot Factory Skateboards, LLC 2018-01-26
Scrambled Off Road 1709 K 3/4 Rd., Fruita KLENE ENTERPRISES, INC. 2018-01-26
Sunny Side Up Off Road 1709 K 3/4 Rd., Fruita KLENE ENTERPRISES, INC. 2018-01-26
Tax Legal Consulting 591 Grand Cascade Way, Grand Junction The Tax Consulting Company 2018-01-26 2102 I Road, Grand Junction Yenter Custom Machining, LLC 2018-01-26
Over Easy Off Road 1709 K 3/4 Rd., Fruita KLENE ENTERPRISES, INC. 2018-01-26
Jose Herrera Stucco 3140 Brownie Cir, Grand Junction Jose L Herrera 2018-01-25
Alegre Services 561 29 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Joyce Serrano 2018-01-25
Ashtangasana Yoga Studio Training 332 Red Ridge Ct., Grand Junction Blackstone and Forest Partners, L.L.C. 2018-01-24
LA Design & Interiors 201 Alcove Dr, Grand Junction Lindsey Andrew 2018-01-24
Kajun Transportation 831 23rd, Grand Junction Eugene Oliver Bourgeois Iii 2018-01-23
GJ Auto Glass 2995 Walnut Ave., Grand Junction James Jason Daniel 2018-01-23
Maruca Investments 395 High Ridge Drive, Grand Junction Joseph Maruca 2018-01-22
Garland Brass Instruments 793 22 Road, Grand Junction Thomas Jepson Garland 2018-01-22
Joseph Maruca, M.D. 395 High Ridge Drive, Grand Junction Joseph Maruca 2018-01-22
Red Lion Gallery & Studio 523 1/2 Main Street, Grand Junction Red Lion Gallery & Studio 2018-01-22
Ace in the Hole Imports 657 SPRINGBROOK DR, Grand Junction James Tibbetts Ross 2018-01-22
High Altitude Trucking 184 TZ Trail, Grand Junction B & A, INC. 2018-01-22
Six J's Ranch, LLC 855 25 Rd., Grand Junction Six J's Ranch, LLC 2018-01-22
HOMETOWN CREATIONS 660 31 1/2 ROAD, Grand Junction Brittaney Noel Leturgez 2018-01-22
Fruita Barbershop 156 N Mesa St, Fruita Brandie R Williams 2018-01-22
Stoic CrossFit 145 N. Mesa St., Unit A, Fruita Grand Valley Fitness, LLC 2018-01-21
Neece builders 486 Mae st unit 2, Clifton Jeremiah Lee Neece 2018-01-19
Griffith Construction & Management Services (GCMS) LLC 3274 B 1/2 RD., Grand Junction GCMS,LLC 2018-01-19
Shop LOCAL Wedding Guide 183 Thompson Rd., Grand Junction Camberly Brown Anderson 2018-01-19
Liberty Design Build 509 Liberty Cap Ct, Grand Junction Liberty Homes, LLC 2018-01-19
GJ Lifestyle Colorado Realty LLC 2196 W. Morrison Ct, Grand Junction GJ Lifestyles Colorado Realty LLC 2018-01-19
Unique Fiberglass Pools 252 red rim drive, Grand Junction Kevin Ray Smith 2018-01-19
Hayes Property Management 3254 Villasur Court, Clifton Flora J Hayes 2018-01-18
Chris & Co. 330 Glenwood Ave, APT #115, Grand Junction Christina Moises Attarian 2018-01-18
Green Leaves LLC 626 Pueblo Ct, Grand Junction Jerri Alison Sams 2018-01-17
Conrad Quality Commerical and Home Inspection 603 Orchard Run, Grand Junction Kory Conrad 2018-01-17
The Cleaning Witch 139 West Kennedy, Grand Junction Isela Gonzalez 2018-01-17
Thermal Dynamic Consulting 2585 Fox Run, Grand Junction Paul Anthony Longo 2018-01-17
Kory's Quality Painting 603 Orchard Run, Grand Junction Kory Conrad 2018-01-17
Pineapple Place 510 Main St., Grand Junction Brook Angela Calhoon 2018-01-16
Joe Joe Bean & Company 2834 Oxford Ave, Grand Junction Shawna Lemon 2018-01-16
Five 14 Band 2122 Chipeta Ave., Grand Junction Beacon Music Unlimited, LLC 2018-01-16
Lash Works II 2481 Solstice Lane, Grand Junction Stephanie Marie Jochim 2018-01-16
Tallgrass Landscape and Construction 3023 Royal Ct., Grand Junction Grand Valley Construction Services, Inc 2018-01-16
Lucky Foot Apparel 3181 Summit Way, Grand Junction AnQuest Industries LLC 2018-01-15
Smooth Rides 659 Market St, Grand Junction Michael Dean Stover 2018-01-15
Louise Eden Tax Service 2248 Kingston Road, Grand Junction Louise Eden 2018-01-14
Blue Door Farm Flowers 265 32 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Blue Door Farm LLC 2018-01-14
Brandon Peek 2032n 22st, Grand Junction Brandon Ray Peek 2018-01-12
El piojo Stucco 518 EDRIS CT. NO. 65, Grand Junction Abel Garcia Sr. 2018-01-12
Bay Equity Foundation 700 Belford Avenue, Suite 300, Grand Junction Fidelity Mortgage - Bay Equity Foundation 2018-01-12
Fidelity Mortgage Foundation 700 Belford Avenue, Suite 300, Grand Junction Fidelity Mortgage - Bay Equity Foundation 2018-01-12
RiversEdge West 244 N. 7th St., Suite D, Grand Junction TAMARISK COALITION 2018-01-11
Hands From Above Massage Therapy 1141 North 25 th street unit F, Grand Junction Lora Lea Teare 2018-01-09
TCD Productions 2591 Legacy Way, Grand Junction Thomas R Bloom 2018-01-09
Collective Goods PO Box 824, Grand Junction J&B Display LLC 2018-01-09
U.S. Lawns 593 CREEKSIDE CT, Grand Junction ENERGY SOURCING IDEAS, LLC 2018-01-08
Native4Rent 639 1/2 STARLIGHT DR, Grand Junction Native4Rent, Ltd. 2018-01-08
Clarkland Motors 780 South Sedona, Grand Junction Clarkland, Ltd. 2018-01-08
3-D Builders 2878 Pinyon Avenue, Grand Junction Lawrence K Dowd 2018-01-08
Nikitta Chin-See Service Provider 2867 Basil Pl, Grand Junction Nikitta Julanne Chin-see 2018-01-08
Hooker Blade & Truck Service 272 Village Lane, Grand Junction Mark Hooker 2018-01-07
Rood Homes LLC 1361 Kennedy ave., Grand Junction Rood Homes LLC 2018-01-05
Black Sheep Gathering 2471 I Rd, Grand Junction Laura Jean Pedge 2018-01-05
Free Spirit Photography 467 31 1/4 Road, Grand Junction Ellen Ruth Spears 2018-01-05
Your 3A Team 1015 North Avenue, Grand Junction Your 3A Team 2018-01-04
B.O.R. Restoration 2695 Patterson Rd., Ste. 2-221, Grand Junction We Clean Up Western Slope LLC 2018-01-03
Tonsfeldt & Company CPAs 397 Ridges Blvd, Grand Junction Morris & Tonsfeldt CPAs, LLC 2018-01-03
Rock Jam 359 Colorado Ave, #304, Grand Junction Misty Dawn Aaberg 2018-01-03
YepYep to Home 1968 Broadway, Grand Junction Jacobus Daniel Bosman 2018-01-03
Western Slope Timing 2230 Rimrock Rd, Grand Junction Kathaleen Bechard Recker 2018-01-03
Cops and Cars, Car show. 2748 B 1/2 ROAD, Grand Junction TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH OF GRAND JUNCTION 2018-01-02
Sunset Valley Estates GV, LLC 2536 I Road, Grand Junction Cattail Property GV, LLC 2018-01-02
Woodstoneglass design Federal EIN: 54-1808304 325 Dakota Circle, Grand Junction Margaret Louise Mathis 2018-01-02
Stretch A Dollar 1605 Highway 50, Grand Junction Alexa Marie Whittaker 2018-01-02
authors and editors group 445 Hall Avenue, Grand Junction Anna Elise Goetz 2018-01-02
Mountain Eagle Maintenance 830 Independent Ave, Space #4, Grand Junction Rosendo Fuentes-herrera 2018-01-02
Kidding Around Yoga with Nancy LLC 484 Meadow Rd., Grand Junction Nancy Sue Wall 2018-01-02
Rustic Slopes 3189 Kennedy Ave, Grand Junction Laura Anne Mehl 2018-01-02
Shear Eclectic 1000 North 9th Street #28, Grand Junction Caryn Joann Stamps 2018-01-02
Mountain Time Watch Co. 1460 North Ave., Ste R, Grand Junction Dennis Seth 2018-01-02
Homeopathy Housecalls 300 Main St Ste 106, Grand Junction Linda Hardy Nelson 2018-01-02
Colorado West Lookouts 3119 Dublin Way, 31, Grand Junction Grand Junction Grizz 2018-01-02
AEG press 445 Hall Ave, Grand Junction Anna Elise Goetz 2018-01-02
Avant Motors 780 South Sedona, Grand Junction Clarkland, Ltd. 2018-01-01
a' la mode virtual assistant 479 Appaloosa Lane, Grand Junction Natasha A Weber 2017-12-31
Aardvark Armory 321 Mayku Way, Grand Junction Larry Cackler 2017-12-30
ICMS 556 Eastmoor Dr, Grand Junction Tiana Makay Anderson 2017-12-29