Colorado Trade Name

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities registered with Colorado Secretary of State (SOS), Business Division. Each trade name is registered with registrant name and organization, address, mailing address, entity status, effective date, etc.

Grand Junction · Search Result

Trade Name Primary Address Registrant Start Date
Oils Solutions 2837 Grand Falls Cir, #4, Grand Junction Shelly Cross 2018-11-12
Integrity Painting and Drywall 202 North Avenue #146, Grand Junction Brian Luff 2018-11-10
Virga Photography 2939 W Erika Ct, Grand Junction Jesse R Selwyn 2018-11-10
Rack Breakers 367 1/2 ROSEVALE RD, #F, Grand Junction Diana Dalton 2018-11-10
Integrity Drywall 202 North Avenue #146, Grand Junction Brian Luff 2018-11-10
Maria McCleery Pottery 1955 Linda Lane, Grand Junction Maria Mccleery 2018-11-09
ColoREEDo Promotions 2186 W Morrison Ct, Grand Junction Justin Reed 2018-11-09
FunShares RV Rentals 667 Lincoln Ct.., Grand Junction J & J Partsch Enterprises, Inc. 2018-11-08
Adventure West RV 667 Lincoln Ct.., Grand Junction J & J Partsch Enterprises, Inc. 2018-11-08
Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties 131 N 6th Street, #300, Grand Junction Prime Properties of Colorado LLC 2018-11-08
Speedy Naturals 2138 Bond Street, Grand Junction Speedy Grow Inc. 2018-11-08
Tracie's Reclaimed Cabinets 2514 Van Buren Avenue, Grand Junction Tracie Lenn Workman 2018-11-08
Medicine Man of Cortez 2344 Promontory Court, Grand Junction Mountain Annie's, LLC 2018-11-07
Meraki Hair Studio 2412 Patterson, Unit 8 Ste 107, Grand Junction Jamie Euler 2018-11-07
Mesa Design 599 NORTHGATE DR, Grand Junction MOUNTAIN MESA SPORTS, INC. 2018-11-07
Sticks and Stones 245 Kip Ln, Grand Junction Melissa Colunga 2018-11-06
Trophies On The Wall PO Box 40925, Grand Junction Kevin Maestas 2018-11-06
PSC Training 267 W Danbury Cir, Grand Junction Primary Security & Consulting, LLC 2018-11-06
970tix 734 South 7th Street, Grand Junction Grand Junction Media, Inc. 2018-11-06
Ashlie's Cottage of Lula 3090 Lawson Avenue, Grand Junction Ashlie Marie Sedillo 2018-11-06
Summit Office Cleaning 2936 Jon Hall Road, Grand Junction Jimmy V Perea 2018-11-06
Silengo Company 2684 Carol Pl, Grand Junction Silengo Company The 2018-11-05
MODEmusic 3031 Gunnison Ave, Grand Junction Daniel Henry Odom 2018-11-03
R House 514 1/2 Morning Glory Ln, Grand Junction Rebecca Lee Howard 2018-11-02
VIOC - Frisco 709 - 23 2/10 Road, Grand Junction SUPERIOR LUBE, INC. 2018-11-02
VIOC - Sandy 709 - 23 2/10 Road, Grand Junction SUPERIOR LUBE, INC. 2018-11-02
Amanda Matilda Photography 1324 Colorado Ave, Grand Junction Amanda M Helmick 2018-11-01
Lury Schulz Cleaning Services 908 White Avenue #1, Grand Junction Lury Schulz 2018-11-01
SLV Concrete 2695 Patterson Rd, Ste. 2127, Grand Junction Tania Sanchez 2018-10-31
Mengel services 2486 S. Broadway unit B, Grand Junction Michael Engel 2018-10-30
BKnown 472 Dodge St., Grand Junction Alexis Rakel Wickham 2018-10-30
T.L.s Things 570 Meadowlark Lane, Grand Junction Dessa Dale Hand 2018-10-30
DaveTek 2048 WRANGLER WAY, Grand Junction David Chang 2018-10-29
gjhomepros 2204 Canyon Rim Dr, Grand Junction Jeffrey Hoffman 2018-10-29
Static Studios 3123 Chipeta Ave, Grand Junction Static Studios LLC 2018-10-29 656 Welig Ct, Grand Junction Jeffrey Hoffman 2018-10-29
Atlas Fitness 703 Ash Dr, Grand Junction High Desert Fitness LLC 2018-10-29
The Blue Jasper 233 Alice Ct, Grand Junction Lisa Wabel 2018-10-29
Compass Youth and Family 392 Green River Dr, Grand Junction Colibri Personal Development Systems, LLC 2018-10-29
Wise Woman Wellness 1000 N. 9th Street, Suite 19, Grand Junction Deborah Ann Emerson 2018-10-28
RYLIE ELISE LUCERO c/o 3009 Rood Ave, Grand Junction Lucero, Rylie Elise 2018-10-27
Jacki's My TC 314 Pinon St, Grand Junction Jacki Solis 2018-10-26
Monica Westerling Counseling 2338 1/2 Rattlesnake court, Unit A, Grand Junction Monica Westerling 2018-10-25
Comfort Keepers #533 514 28 1/4 Road, Suite 5, Grand Junction AVIV Enterprises, Inc. 2018-10-25
Dale Realty, Inc. 581 Grand Valley Drive, Grand Junction DALE REALTY, INC. 2018-10-24
McNicol Barbering Services 200 West Grand Ave. #7A, Grand Junction Shane Gregory Mcnicol 2018-10-24
Meridian Reflexology 1552 Pinyon Ave, Grand Junction Brandy M Schell 2018-10-23
A&C Cleaning 533 Garfield dr., Grand Junction Amanda M Marti 2018-10-23
Rocky Mountain West Insurance 751 Horizon Court, Suite 100, Grand Junction Rocky Mountain West Insurance LLC 2018-10-23
Chris moving service 3039 mohawk ave, Grand Junction Chris Austin 2018-10-23
Mesa Maintenance 2845 Texas Avenue, Grand Junction Cesar Andres Pineda-gonzalez 2018-10-22
Discount Bicycle Warehouse 437 South Ave, Grtand Junction Edward Logan Allshouse Iv 2018-10-22
Faby's Cleaning Services 585 1/2 Road #79, Grand Junction Fabiola Carmen Vazquez 2018-10-22
Christopher Townsend Consulting 2574 Maureen Ct, Grand Junction Christopher Michael Townsend 2018-10-21
Happy Mama Bath & Body 2505 Foresight Cir, #C2, Grand Junction In- Touch Therapeutic Massage, LLC 2018-10-21
Circle G Home Inspections 620 N. 18th St., Grand Junction Circle G Mortgage Loan Services, LLC 2018-10-20
Mountain Annie's 2344 Promontory Court, Grand Junction Mountain Annie's, LLC 2018-10-19
Luster Vinyl by Cheyenne 441 s. Placer ct., Grand Junction Cheyenne M Coffey 2018-10-19
MK Swann 246 red rim dr, Grand Junction Marilyn K Swann 2018-10-18
Montrose Cleaning Services 182 1/2 Belmont Drive, Grand Junction Isaak & Penelope's LLC 2018-10-18
The Perki Bike 224 W Kennedy Ave, Grand Junction Ashley Laven 2018-10-18
Perceptions By William A Magee 2039 F 3/4 RD, Grand Junction William Addison Magee Jr. 2018-10-18
KeepUp Clothing 617 20 Rd, Grand Junction Jonathan M Hansen 2018-10-18
LNB Engraving & Designs 544 Teco Street, Grand Junction Melisa Dian Boyles 2018-10-17
Ragged Mountain Lapidary 228 28 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction Michael C Burritt 2018-10-17
Perez Superior Painting 1243 North 16th St., Grand Junction Jacqueline Janet Perez 2018-10-17
The Mesa County Hairstream 2230 N 17th Circle, Grand Junction Brandie R Williams 2018-10-16
White Wolf Handyman Service 1800 Main St., Unit A 28, Grand Junction Marcus Daniel Williams 2018-10-16
Krissy Mays Integrative Therapies 2505 Foresight Circle, Suite 2C, Grand Junction Kristina Marie Mays 2018-10-16
Elite Virtual Health 533 Bogart Lane, Unif F, Grand Junction Daniel A Lonquist 2018-10-16
New Earth Pottery 2135 Redcliff Circle, Grand Junction Jane M Coviello 2018-10-15
WC Transport 2542 Elm Ave, Grand Junction William Christopher Francis 2018-10-15
Moon Mountain Gems 338 S 2nd St, Grand Junction Moon Mountain Gems 2018-10-13
Four Seasons Cottage Crafts 2253 Tiffany Drive, Grand Junction Grace E Labrenz 2018-10-12
Rocky Mountain Respite 3123 Rob Ren Ct, Grand Junction Derick Riley Brady 2018-10-11
gjhomepros 2999 Debra St, Unit B, Grand Junction Samantha Klein 2018-10-11
gjhomepro 2999 Debra St, Grand Junction Samantha Klein 2018-10-11
Cult Clothing Company 188 Night Hawk Dr, Grand Junction Joseph Douglas Jackson 2018-10-11
B&B Appraisal, Inc. 743 Horizon Court, Suite 372, Grand Junction Kevin A Sawyer 2018-10-11
Architect in Health 751 Horizon Court, Sutie 202, Grand Junction Antia Alexandra 2018-10-07
Ashley Lynn Cosmetology 523 Main St, Grand Junction Ashley Lynn Lynn 2018-10-07
Powers Investigations & Consulting 1534 Crest View Ct, Grand Junction Natasha Anne Powers - marakis 2018-10-06
Serenity Financial Solutions 407 Dressell Drive, Grand Junction Rachel Smith 2018-10-05
Beierle Interim Nursing Services 1155 21rd, Grand Junction Patricia Beierle 2018-10-05
Fall Creek Investors, LLC 2458 Home Ranch Ct, Grand Junction Fall Creek Investments, LLC 2018-10-05
Nightingale's Home Care 2196 Canyon Court East, Grand Junction GJ Home Care, LLC 2018-10-04
Valley Top Roofing & Construction 2915 B 1/2 Rd, Grand Junciton Valley Top Roofing & Construction 2018-10-04
Mull Custom Sales 2837 Pitchblend court, Grand Junction Jason Mull 2018-10-03
SHAY'S NAILS 134 EL CORONA, Grand Junction Macel Shay Mellinger 2018-10-03
Giles Quality Drywall and Paint 2260 N 13 street, Apt 25, Grand Junction Kaiden Buys Giles 2018-10-02
Western Integrated Network 715 Horizon Drive, Suite 485, Grand Junction Western Accountable Care Organization, LLC 2018-10-02
Sandra Soria All About Hair 2892 West Hermosa Ct, Grand Junction Sandra Soria 2018-10-01
Grand Junction Renaissance Faire 640 24 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Juniper Ridge Community School 2018-09-28
Surgical Associates of the Grand Valley 2351 G Road, Grand Junction COLORADO WEST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM 2018-09-28
Peaceful Balanced Life 743 Horizon Court #368, Grand Junction Carris Psychological Services, P.C. 2018-09-28
Grand Valley Real Estate Group, LLC 877 26 Road, Grand Junction Debbie Dietmeyer Real Estate, LLC 2018-09-27
One More Chair 1316 Juniper St., Grand Junction Laurie Sue Noe 2018-09-27
Believe Beauty Salon and Boutique 2500 North Ave, Suite #8, Grand Junction Veronica Ashley Cooper 2018-09-26
We Shop GJ 2040 Hawthorne Ave., Grand Junction We Go Shop, LLC 2018-09-26