Colorado Trade Name

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities registered with Colorado Secretary of State (SOS), Business Division. Each trade name is registered with registrant name and organization, address, mailing address, entity status, effective date, etc.

Grand Junction · Search Result

Trade Name Primary Address Registrant Start Date
Csilla Leonard Fine Art Portraits 367 Teegan Ct, Grand Junction Csilla Haszon 2018-03-18
Le Visage Skincare 2348 Carolina Dr #2, Grand Junction Cathy Nordine 2018-03-17
RAYMOND SALAZAR 1800 White Avenue, Grand Junction Raymond Salazar 2018-03-16
Bechtel, Santo & Severn 205 North 4th Street, Suite 300, Grand Junction Bechtel & Santo, PLLC 2018-03-16
Canyon View Surgery Center 2373 G Road, Suite 180, Grand Junction Canyon View ASC LLC 2018-03-16
Only One Earth 871 QUAIL RUN DRIVE, Grand Junction TESSERACT THREADS, LLC 2018-03-15
FAMILY FIRST ROOFING 190 NIGHTHAWK DR, Grand Junction Joseph Farley 2018-03-15
KDubs Flooring 259 Montana Road, Grand Junction Kenneth W Lucero 2018-03-15
Hometown Realty 1141 N 25th. Street, Unit C, Grand Junction Lisa Sells LLC 2018-03-14
DBA Jimmy Johns 1230 North 12th Street, Unit 1, Grand Junction Ventures with Mesa LLC 2018-03-13
Fruitvale RV & Boat Storage 545 31 Road, Grand Junction Rocky Mountain Gun Club, LLC 2018-03-13
Odds & Ends Handyman Service 278 gary dr, Grand Junction Kevin Jalal Elbakri 2018-03-13
J & M cleaning service 2819 N Niagara cir, Grand Junction Maria De jesus Ramirez 2018-03-13
EcoloGIS 203 Mira Monte Rd, Grand Junction Alicia Marie Langton 2018-03-13
Grand Valley Orthopedics 2351 G Road, Grand Junction COLORADO WEST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM 2018-03-13
CRAIG MORREN 403 CHERT DRIVE, Grand Junction Craig Alan Morren 2018-03-13
Hunter Services 1360 15th ST B, Grand Junction Wendell L Hunter Jr. 2018-03-13
Aydora Builders 382 Ridge View Drive, Grand Junction Michael Dean Langville 2018-03-12
Lee Gelatt Photography 320 Country Club Park Rd, Grand Junction Lee Gelatt 2018-03-12
Reeves Inc. 250 27 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction Agustus Arthur Reeves Jr. 2018-03-09
WHO LET THE DOGS OUT 2738 B 1/4 Road, Grand Junction Jamie Anna marie Martin 2018-03-09
R and R Custom Inspections 2801 Grand Avenue, Grand Junction Rodney James Smith 2018-03-08
Emma's Host Home 2826 Newport Circle, Grand Junction Emma Patricia Franco 2018-03-07
Studio Laconic 2833 Quincy Ct #6, Grand Junction Chad Harris 2018-03-07
Grand Valley Orthopedic Specialists 2351 G Road, Grand Junction COLORADO WEST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM 2018-03-07
Western Colorado Spine 2351 G Road, Grand Junction COLORADO WEST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM 2018-03-07
Triple Digit HotShot 312 1/2 27 3/8 Rd, Grand Junction James Travis Head 2018-03-07
Dragon Professional Services 2260 N 13TH ST APT 16, Grand Junction Dragon Professional Services, LLC 2018-03-07
Diamond Janitorial 457Larrys Meadow Dr., Grand Junction Karen Ruth Leech 2018-03-06
Strike Gold Marketing 2033 Wrangler Way, Grand Junction W7KM2, LLC 2018-03-06
Baseline Advisors 267 W Danbury Cir, Grand Junction Primary Security & Consulting, LLC 2018-03-05
J & K Properties 3648 Bell Ct, Grand Junction Kay Wilmesher 2018-03-05
My Backyard 2023 Broadview Ct., Grand Junction Klein Associates, Inc. 2018-03-05
Sofa Brand 2837 Grand Falls Circle Unit #3, Grand Junction Sofa Brand LLC 2018-03-05
MotoDiscovery Rentals 528 23 Rd, Grand Junction Moore Adventures LLC 2018-03-05
Blood Wolf 2414 #1 Hidden Valley Dr., Grand Junction Joshua D Fowler 2018-03-04
The Redneck Gift Shop 2801 Monroe Ct., Grand Junction Decorative Metal Art Works LLC 2018-03-04
Duarte Outfitters 702 Golfmore Dr#I, Grand Junction Elmer Joseph Duarte 2018-03-02
Construction Services and Machinery 3092 Walnut Place, Grand Junction Vertical Equity, LLC 2018-03-01
Metta Yoga 329 Lila Lane, Grand Junction Nikki Williams 2018-03-01
ROCKY MOUNTAIN STEAM N' WEED 2091 SOUTH BROADWAY, Grand Junction H & H 1, LLC 2018-02-28
Katy Q's BBQ 521 S. Broadway, Apt 2, Grand Junction Kathleen A Bledsoe 2018-02-28
THE BOXMAN 156 29 RD, Grand Junction Walter K Brueggeman 2018-02-28
Knockout Design Company 480 seasons ct, Grand Junction David Siemsen 2018-02-28
Redlands Dental 2249 Broadway, Grand Junction Stephen L Johnson 2018-02-27
Redlands Dental Associates 2249 Broadway, Grand Junction Stephen L Johnson 2018-02-27
Grand Valley Pie Co. 545A North Avenue, Grand Junction Provishuns, LLC 2018-02-27
St. Paul Ladies' Fellowshiop 632 26 1/2 Road, Grand Junction St. Paul Ladies' Fellowship 2018-02-27
Practical Risk Management 1018 White Avenue, Grand Junction Andria Dutcher 2018-02-27
Miz Kleen 434 Osage Circle, Grand Junction Olivia Jennifer Rakness 2018-02-26
JBI Associates, LLC dba Foresight Village Apartments 606 25 1/2 Road, Office, Grand Junction JBI Associates LLC, dba Foresight Village Apartments 2018-02-26
Goat Cleaning and Maintenace 387 Sunnyside Cir #F, Grand Junction GOAT Enterprises 2018-02-26
JBI Associates LLC 606 25 1/2 Road, Office, Grand Junction JBI Associates LLC 2018-02-26
Michelle's Land Services 1725 Orchard Ave., Grand Junction Michelle F Staples 2018-02-26
Weldon Preservation Services 598 Shoshone St., Grand Junction Charles Thomas Weldon Jr. 2018-02-25
Jipse Interiors 128 Vista Grande, Grand Junction Breanne Rockwell 2018-02-23
Common Thread Life Coaching 2462 Thunder Mountain Drive, #907, Grand Junction Kent Thompson 2018-02-23
Go Green Complete Clean 2470 Patterson Road, Suite 4, Grand Junction Gizzard 69 Development, LLC. 2018-02-23
Structured Federal 2307 Terry ct., Grand Junction Lance K Hopkins Sr. 2018-02-21
Dean Derby Consulting 2693 Paradise Way, Grand Junction Arthur Dean Derby 2018-02-21
Class 1 Recovery Specialist 2336 Interstate Ave, Grand Junction Morris Beebe 2018-02-20
Brach's Interior Storage, LLC 15720 BS Road,, Glade Park Redlands Interior Storage, LLC 2018-02-20
One Source Specialists 2692 Hwy 50, Suite X, Grand Junction Jacobs Holdings Ltd. 2018-02-19
Meals on Wheels Mesa County 2635 N. 7th Street, Grand Junction ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL & MEDICAL CENTER, INC. 2018-02-19
Your Grand Valley 2369 1/2 Ridge Circle Dr, Grand Junction Dabblism LLC 2018-02-18
Ahlberg Windows and Doors 580 1/2 Gerken Rd., Grand Junction Kyle James Ahlberg 2018-02-17
Office Assistance by Caitlin 1822 1/2 Bunting Ave, Grand Junction Caitlin Loase 2018-02-15
GLC Publishing 908 23 ROAD, Grand Junction GLC ALPACA PLACE, LLC 2018-02-15
Metal Typer Restoration 211 Epps Drive, Grand Junction Nicholas B Jackson 2018-02-14
Northstar Exterminators 634 Karen Ct., Grand Junction Tyler Evans 2018-02-14
Mountain Bakers 2654 Paradise Way, Grand Junction Tatiana Serrano Gilbertson 2018-02-14
Armor Fire Door Inspection Services 2390 Sayre Drive, Grand Junction GENESIS CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, LLC 2018-02-12
Freeway Donna 920 Colorado Avenue, Grand Junction Freeway Donna LLC 2018-02-12
The Dainty Blossom Co. 647 W Tomahawk Cir, Grand Junction Heather Williamson 2018-02-12
Hartmann House 2030 Roosevelt Ct, Grand Junction Hartmann Farmhouse, LLC 2018-02-12
Loose Cannon Band 40511, Grand Junction Earl Halladay 2018-02-12
Mustangs Rider & Quesenberry, LLC, 751 Horizon Court, Suite 200, Grand Junction Grand River Hotel, Inc. 2018-02-12
Ketafusion 590 Preserve Ln, Grand Junction AllClinica, LCC 2018-02-12
Rocket Boost 760 Horizon Dr, Ste 200, Grand Junction Rocket Corp LLC 2018-02-09
Bravo's Landscaping 585 25 1/2 Road # 87, Grand Junction Saul Bravo 2018-02-09
I D Services 622 Entrada St, Grand Junction Ivan Claire Plummer Jr. 2018-02-09
RW Roadside Repair 2210 HIGHWAY 6 AND 50 #203, Grand Junction RW Trucking, LLC 2018-02-09
On the Wing Taxidermy 436 Mountainside Lane, Grand Junction Nathan Robert Albers 2018-02-09
Cherished Moments by Christy 2882 Kathy Jo Lane, Grand Junction Christine Anne Halseth 2018-02-08
Foundations Yoga 605 Meander Dr, Grand Junction Joann Ford 2018-02-07
Border Magic by Lush Green 2131 Village Circle Court, Grand Junction BAKER & ASSOCIATES LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT, LLC 2018-02-07
Ruby82 1450 Grand ave, Grand Junction Latasha Nicole Wells 2018-02-07
JLLandCare 246 28 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Jose Luis Leon 2018-02-07
Boulder Designs by Lush Green 2131 Village Circle Court, Grand Junction BAKER & ASSOCIATES LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT, LLC 2018-02-07
Kelly's All Dolled Up 602 Ronlin Dr, Grand Junction Kelly Rogers 2018-02-06
All Fence 831 Winters Ave., Grand Junction Western Workmen, LLC 2018-02-06
Cycling Western Colorado 750 Main St, Grand Junction 943 Productions, LLC 2018-02-05
Fuel Source 750 Main St, Grand Junction 943 Productions, LLC 2018-02-05
Western Colorado Publishing Company 2024 Freedom Court, Grand Junction Frank J Daniels 2018-02-03
Renegade Hemp 2148 M Road, Grand Junction Jenna Griest 2018-02-02
AlyCam Properties 2793 Skyline Court, Suite D, Grand Junction Cary Eidsness 2018-02-01
Iron Horse Property Investors 404 LAURALYNN CT, Grand Junction 404 LLC 2018-02-01
Iron Horse Home Investors 404 LAURALYNN CT, Grand Junction 404 LLC 2018-02-01
Sky Farm Studio 214 Easter Hill Drive, Grand Junction Beverly O'neil 2018-02-01
Landon Baker- Shelter Insurance 1236 N 7th st, Grand Junction Landon James Baker 2018-01-31