Colorado Trade Name

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities registered with Colorado Secretary of State (SOS), Business Division. Each trade name is registered with registrant name and organization, address, mailing address, entity status, effective date, etc.

Lakewood · Search Result

Trade Name Primary Address Registrant Start Date
LGs Home Services 1758 s flower st, Lakewood Luke Grimsley 2018-02-04
Rosemary's Baby 1430 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood Rosemary L Barr 2018-02-03
Red Monkey Creative Solutions 10910 W. 16th Dr., #6-202, Lakewood Gabe Mercado Enterprises, L.L.C. 2018-02-03
Roots on your Head Dreadstudio 8640 w colfax ave, Lakewood Christian C Castaneda Sr. 2018-02-03
Colorado Frameworks 13607 W. Mississippi Ct., Lakewood Grozzco, LLC 2018-02-02
C H Carpentry 1050 S. Pierce St. Lot #34, Lakewood Carl Harig 2018-02-02
Copper Relic Gear Co. 212 Wright St. #105, Lakewood Chris T Macgreggor 2018-02-02
Ridgewood Mobile Home Park 6825 West Mississippi Avenue, Lakewood Ridgewood MHP Lakewood LLC 2018-02-02
LIT 13131 W Cedar Dr., Lakewood Mile High Medical Cannabis LLC 2018-02-01
Tandem Tacos 1026 S Cole Drive, Lakewood Carroll Szarek 2018-02-01
THE BLUSHING ZEBRA 1064 S PARFET CT, Lakewood Kirsten Ealaine herold Phelan 2018-02-01
Mountain Man Woodworking 8555 W. Tennessee Pl., Lakewood Jose Antonio Guerra 2018-02-01
Dharma Consult 1702 Eaton Street, Lakewood Doni Detwiler 2018-02-01
Tammy Carlson 10050 w 19th Ave, Lakewood Tammy Lynn Carlson 2018-02-01
Team Parker Realty 143 Union Blvd, Suite 120, Lakewood PASRE LLC 2018-01-31
Muveology 2103 S Wadsworth Blvd, Suite 219, Lakewood Muveology Corporation 2018-01-31
DNS Home Exteriors 8171 W Louisiana Pl., Lakewood DNS Home Exteriors, LLC 2018-01-31
Colorado Adjusting Services, Co. 500 S. Reed St. 434, Lakewood Benedikta Woods 2018-01-31
Work Bench Web Designs 5330 W. Shirley Place, Lakewood Boot Fitting Supply LLC 2018-01-31
JRC Exteriors 8171 W Louisiana Pl., Lakewood DNS Home Exteriors, LLC 2018-01-31
Crop Press 6825 e hampden, #100, Denver Angela Dawn Lenhardt 2018-01-30
Orphan Annie's Housecleaning 1210 South Gray St., Lakewood Anna Marie Mckay 2018-01-30
John Klepper Inc dba John Klepper Signature Window Cleaning 1650 Taft St., Lakewood John Klepper Inc 2018-01-30
DNS Home Exteriors 8171 W Louisiana Pl., Lakewood DNS Home Exteriors, LLC 2018-01-30
Uncle Ralph Records 451 S Taft St., Lakewood Andy John Sydow 2018-01-29
710 Butte Ave 710 Butte Ave, Crested Butte Emily Henkel 2018-01-29
Sam's Landscaping 2366 S Harlan Ct, Lakewood Sang M Nguyen 2018-01-29
Amen Maintenance Services, Inc 6890 W. 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge AMEN MAINTENANCE SERVICES, INC., Delinquent June 1, 2016 2018-01-29
Mountain Mutt Services 12203 W 2nd Place, #2-301, Lakewood Grant Harrison Gladson 2018-01-29
Sunridge Apartment Homes 3595 S. Teller Street, Suite 301, Lakewood FSV LLC 2018-01-29
Royal Beauty Solutions 14500 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood Royal Beauty Solution LLC 2018-01-29
Dickey's Barbecue Pit 1509 Wadsworth Blvd B, Lakewood Hilarisey BBQ LLC 2018-01-29
WILDFLOWER ENTERPRISES 244 S CODY ST #20, Lakewood, Co Destiny Ann wildflower Trujillo 2018-01-29
Elite Bicycle Repair 2385 S. Holman Circle, Lakewood MotoFix, LLC 2018-01-29
Martinez Graphics Products Inc. 1315 Larmar ST, Unit 1, Lakewood MARTINEZ GRAPHIC PRODUCTS, INC. 2018-01-29
JRC Home Solutions 8171 W Louisiana Pl., Lakewood Gregory Gappa 2018-01-28
ARLY' S 1653 FENTON ST, Lakewood Edel Arredondo 2018-01-27
Great Frontier Brewing Company 2010 S. Oak St., Lakewood New Brew Ventures, LLC 2018-01-26
Golden Heart Senior Care 12081 W. Alameda Pkwy. #476, Lakewood Hyder Care Solutions, LLC 2018-01-26
GS Accounting Services 579 Wright St, 4-107, Lakewood GS Accounting Services 2018-01-26
SaBell's Professional Services 1675 S Balsam Street, Lakewood Levi Nicholas Sabell 2018-01-26
Self Worth Fashion 1790 Cody St., Lakewood uspeak international 2018-01-25
Gz New York Pizza 2950 S BEAR CREEK BLVD STE E, Lakewood GUIDO'S PIZZA 2 LLC 2018-01-25
Pikes Peak RV Park 320 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs Roger Guzman 2018-01-25
Yoga Savage LLC PO Box 150951, Lakewood Christopher I Loving-campos 2018-01-24
Homestead Primary Care 215 S. Wadsworth Blvd., #420, Lakewood Gina M. Nelson MD, PC 2018-01-24
The Atanacio De Jesus Sanchez Revocable Trust 3355 S Flower Street, 106, Lakewood The Atanacio De Jesus Sanchez Revocable Trust 2018-01-24
Jackie Mack 13786 W Amherst Way, Lakewood Jacqueline Mack 2018-01-24
Divine Intervention 13013 West Alameda Pkwy, Lakewood, LLC 2018-01-23
Pete's Plantscapes 1425 S Urban Way, Lakewood Peter West 2018-01-23
Nichole Fit 1173 S Eaton St, Lakewood Nichole Candeladia Fischer 2018-01-23
Noetic Publishing House 950 Wadsworth Blvd., Suite 315, Lakewood Creating Your Beyond, LLC 2018-01-22
Facility Supplies 7951 W. Mississippi Ave, Suite A, Lakewood Hamilton Investments, Inc 2018-01-22
Books Aligned 1141 S MARSHALL ST, Lakewood Margaret James LLC 2018-01-22
Guzman Power Wash on Colfax 11695 W. Colfax blvd., Lakewood Roger Guzman 2018-01-22
COLORADO PLUMBING AND DRAINS LLC 1669 FENTON ST, Lakewood Duglas R Enamorado garcia 2018-01-22
Cure For Love Records 850 S. Harlan St., Lakewood Megan Burtt 2018-01-20
Colorado Craft Brews 12052 W Dakota Dr, Lakewood Jeremy Allen Fleming 2018-01-20
EL BOMBERO 6571 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood EL BOMBERO LLC 2018-01-19
The Olden Chapters 1885 Denver West Ct, Apt 1324, Lakewood Sarah Olden 2018-01-19
Bonnie Wee Bairns 944 S Parfet Way, Lakewood Sherri Jakopic 2018-01-19
Bullett of One 8887 W.Yale Ave #9, Lakewood Jennifer Rena Bullett 2018-01-18
Wheat Ridge Poultry's Pets 865 Oak Street, Lakewood Wheat Ridge Poultry and Meats, Inc. 2018-01-18
RMM Processing 865 Oak Street, Lakewood Wheat Ridge Poultry and Meats, Inc. 2018-01-18
Heart Center Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families 200 Union Blvd, Suite 200, Lakewood Jacqueline Rene Vonfeldt 2018-01-18 1755 Glen Moor Drive, Lakewood Elizabeth Ann Potts 2018-01-18
PetWell PO BOX 151301, Lakewood 4:13 Urban Pet Store LLC 2018-01-17
Celestial Esthetics 1400 Pierce Street, Lakewood Celestial Esthetics 2018-01-17
What's Pawsitive 12372 West Asbury Place, Lakewood Dow Carrie 2018-01-17
sairas tailors boutique 5066 s wadsworth blvd, #132, Lakewood Myong Nan Chong 2018-01-17
Susy's Beauty Salon LLC 85 S. Sheridan Blvd, Lakewood Claudia S Ortiz 2018-01-17
Intelligent Office 225 Union Blvd. ste#150, Lakewood GREENBELT CORPORATION 2018-01-16
Hillsid Gallery and Frame Shop 9255 West Alameda Avenue, Unit i, Lakewood Rhanda L. Scrivner 2018-01-16
TK Business Services 7852 W Mansfield Pkwy, Apt 5-205, Lakewood Tiffany Kallevik 2018-01-16
Jacob House 7595 Vassar, Lakewood Junou Cheng 2018-01-15
Ma Vie Photography 9425 W Dakota Ave, Lakewood KB LLC 2018-01-15
Sacry Heating & Hot Water 1650 s Arbutus pl, Lakewood Dale William Sacry 2018-01-15
Power House Roofing 7856 W Mansfield Pkwy, Apt 7-308, Lakewood Ida H. Trevino 2018-01-15
Kyra Drives 9025 W 4th Ave, Lakewood Kyra Anne Lee 2018-01-15
Tsuru Kame Deco 8105 W Floyd Avenue, #12-304, Lakewood Noriko Mcconnell 2018-01-14
sawdust 10311 w. girton dr 102, Lakewood Michael D. Sanders 2018-01-14
Gentle Touch Therapeutic Massage 230 South Brentwood St., #301, Lakewood Kathleen Paduano 2018-01-14
Habit Yourself 415 Dover St., Lakewood Mitzi Elizabeth Loffelmacher 2018-01-14
Yarrish Construction 12651 w Mississippi ave, Apt 201, Lakewood Justin David Yarrish 2018-01-13
Liberty Hardwood Floors 6750 West 6th avenue, Lakewood Jeremy Brownfield 2018-01-12
Fire & Vine 2200 Youngfield St, Lakewood COOKS CONCEPTS L.L.C. 2018-01-12
JD Painting 1905 Dudley st, Lakewood Joshua James Duffy 2018-01-12 6305 W 6th Ave, A6, Lakewood DKT Realty, LLC 2018-01-12
HARRIS TRUCKING 3459 S. AMMONS ST, 4-8, Lakewood Duane Gordon Harris 2018-01-12
Cruises by Charly 620 S. Vance Street, Unit 1203, Lakewood Charlotte Marie Ekis 2018-01-12
Shakti'Seeds 2235 Iris St., Lakewood Shakti Bioscience Limited 2018-01-12
Treehouse Adventure Park 621 Kendall Way, Lakewood Treehouse Adventure Park, LLC 2018-01-11
Joy Media 12219 W 2nd Pl, Apt. 10-307, Lakewood Kaitlyn J Thul 2018-01-11
Lepard Photography & Videography 212 Wright St., Lakewood Andrew Lepard 2018-01-11
JPottleIncorporated 143 Union Blvd., Suite 110, Lakewood Judith Loyd Pottle 2018-01-11
Healing Practices 390 S Owens St, Lakewood Rebecca Blatt 2018-01-10
Mark D. Painting maintenance 1496, South Chase Street, Lakewood Mark Spencer Decoopman 2018-01-10
Colin Ross inc 7527 w yale ave, Lakewood Colin Ross Galvin 2018-01-10