Colorado Trade Name

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities registered with Colorado Secretary of State (SOS), Business Division. Each trade name is registered with registrant name and organization, address, mailing address, entity status, effective date, etc.

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Trade Name Primary Address Registrant Start Date
Aries Rising Feather 4155 S LIPAN ST, Englewood Karin J Henninger 2019-03-10
Oikos Coffee 4061 S. Cherokee St., Englewood Anderson Joy Rebecca 2019-03-10
Harmonic Cornhole 3799 S Jason St, Englewood Harmonic Cornhole 2019-03-09
ARTISTIKWAYZ 2257 S. TEJON ST., Englewood artistikwayz 2019-03-09
Colorado Mobile Music Inc. 4795 S Huron St, Englewood Colorado Mobile Music Inc. 2019-03-06
SUPER CLEAN LLC 4764 S Galapago St, Englewood Suoer Clean LLC 2019-03-06
B clean 201 W Belleview Ave, Apartment 301B, Englewood Brittany Rachael Whiting 2019-03-06
Joe's Gutters 5219 S Delaware St, Englewood Joe Urioste 2019-03-06
Agradecer Designs 2915 South Elati Street, Apt 1, Englewood Brianna Michelle Johnson 2019-02-28
Cubbard Insurance Solutions 1177 Grant Street, Suite 302, Denver Covered Insurance Solutions, Inc. 2019-02-28
Hammerdown Cycles & Speed Shop 1600 WEST EVANS AVENUE, UNIT H, Englewood DONALD H. BLOOM CONSTRUCTION, INC. 2019-02-28
The Day Trading Club 501 W. Bates Ave. #305, Englewood Douglas Wagner 2019-02-25
Society of Cars 3893 S. Delaware St, Englewood Haas Designs LLC 2019-02-25
Peace Addict Tie Dyes 4608 S. Acoma St., Englewood Kathryn M Degroot 2019-02-25
JOSUE HERRERA HEATING 3726 S IRVING ST, Englewood Josue S Herrera lopez 2019-02-25
Morningtide Cleaners 4581 S Kalamath St, Englewood BlueLine D, LLC 2019-02-21
C & J Motors 1925 W. Harvard Ave, Unit A, Englewood Clayton Alan Marsh 2019-02-17
Tyzana Designs 3200 West Radcliff Dr, Englewood Chantele Tyzana Roybal 2019-02-11
Awesome Carpet Tile & Upholstery Cleaning 3320 So. Bryant St., Sheridan Priscilla A Cruz moreno 2019-02-11
High Ventures LLC 1260 w oxford ave, Englewood Crown Partners LLP 2019-02-07
Spa Exchange Inc DBA Wind River Spas 2940 S GALAPAGO ST, Englewood SPA EXCHANGE, INC. 2019-02-06
Clout Corp 2743 S Bannock St., Englewood Christopher Marc Cloutman 2019-02-05
Haley Hoffman Smith 4493 South Cherokee Street, Englewood Haley Hoffman Smith 2019-02-04
Solem Harris & McKinley, P.C. 3333 South Bannock Street, Suite 900, Englewood Solem Williams & McKinley, P.C. 2019-02-01
CM Custom Painting 5048 S. Hooker Street, Englewood Carlos O Menendez 2019-02-01
Karmachanics Automotive 2992 S. Umatilla St., Englewood Tom R Davis 2019-01-28
Mack Construction 333 w. Lehow ave Apt 24, Englewood Bradley Potter 2019-01-28
Stockyard Home Improvement 3644 South Cherokee Street, Apt #4, Englewood Stanley F Anderson 2019-01-27
New Divide Realty 4070 S Delaware St, Englewood New Divide Realty, LLC 2019-01-24
Stanley K Williams 3359 S Dale Ct, Englewood Stanley K Williams 2019-01-24
New Divide Realty 4070 S Delaware St, Englewood Quoc bao Le 2019-01-23
MJ Logs, Inc. 3333 S. Bannock St, Suite 600, Englewood PETROFICHE, INC. 2019-01-21
Collect Hard 1855 W Union Ave #N, Sheridan Jon-paul Alonso 2019-01-21
Hopewell 3884 S Bannock St, Englewood Hopewell Limited 2019-01-16
Farmlore 200 W. Hampden Avenue, Suite 201, Englewood Farmlore LLC 2019-01-15
ACCURATE IMPORT 2900 S SHOSHONE ST #213, Englewood Nasser Shariat 2019-01-10
Flooring's Ultimate Professionals LLC 3677 S Huron St #105, Englewood FUP LLC 2019-01-09
Parsifal Marketing Solutions 3242 s Platte river dr, Englewood Parsifal Flores 2019-01-04
Orderly & Co. 3343 W. Wagontrail Drive, Englewood Calender Elizabeth 2019-01-04 3310 S Knox Ct, Englewood GBFANS LLC 2019-01-03
N9V9RMOR9 999 W Stanford Ave, Englewood Connor Madison Colman 2019-01-02
SHADOW'S ROOFING 3585 S IRVING ST, APT 7, Englewood Jose Luis Sanchez-rojas 2019-01-02
Justin S Deliveries 304 W Grand Ave, Unit C, Englewood Justin J Slishinsky 2019-01-01
Locitup1time 3125 W Floyd Ave., #F-106, Englewood Benjamin John Carrick 2018-12-29
Paco's Body Shop 1835 w union ave, Englewood Juan Lara 2018-12-28
WPA IP LLC 1260 w oxford ave, Englewood Crown Partners LLP 2018-12-28
Kalkhoff Carpentry 3486 W QUINCY AVE, Apt 102, Englewood Brandon Lance Kalkhoff 2018-12-27
Shed & Co. 770 W Hampden, Suite 250, Englewood Shed Skin & Massage Llc 2018-12-23
Head Mom in Charge 3655 S Delaware St, Apt 210, Englewood Carrie Head 2018-12-22
odorbuster 3814 s. acoma st., Englewood Robert Michael Perconti 2018-12-19
DENCO Claims Consulting 4415 S Delaware St, Engelwood DC Insurance & Real Estate Consultancy, Inc. 2018-12-18
LS Autobody 1915 w Stanford ave, Englewood Ladislav Sluka 2018-12-17
JOHNNYS BARBER SHOP 3491 S LOGAN, Englewood John A Lucero 2018-12-17
Zodiac Event Displays 925 W. Kenyon Ave., #15, Englewood Zodiac Consulting LLC 2018-12-14
Ben Plowed Snow Removal 1795 W Yale Ave, Englewood Ben Plowed Landscaping, LLC 2018-12-12
Tru Automotive 2331 W Hampden Avenue Unit 139, Sheridan Tru Automotive Fabrications LLC 2018-12-12
Design Theory Events 5200 S Delaware St, Apt D204, Englewood Yariela Perez 2018-12-05
BTM Automotive 3997 South Mariposa Street, Englewood Bryon T Miller 2018-12-03
Lifes Elixir 3785 s acoma st, Englewood Darryl William Dolan 2018-12-03
Brain Space 3333 S. Bannock St. 435, Englewood Jennifer E Medina 2018-11-30
J E D Marble & Granite 5054 S Grove St, Englewood Jesus Diaz escobar 2018-11-29
Bare-Bax, Ltd. 3265 S Bryant St., APT 204, Englewood Phillip Baxter Banks 2018-11-26
Cherry Tree Apartments LLC 333. W. Hampden Ave, Suite 600, Suite 600, Englewood IH Holdings Ten LLC 2018-11-26
Controversy Catalyst 4901 S. Huron St, Englewood Darren Lyman 2018-11-23
Get Lit 1795 W Yale Ave, Englewood Ben Plowed Landscaping, LLC 2018-11-22
Precision Specialties 3952 S. Mariposa St., Englewood Craig Marshall Moore 2018-11-21
Fur The Luv Of Dogz 4856 S. Delaware St, Englewood Angella Marie Finney 2018-11-16
Ferocious Ink 3970 S. Inca St, Englewood Steidley Design LLC 2018-11-16
Purple Door Coffee 1555 W Thomas Ave, Englewood Purple Door Ventures, Inc. 2018-11-16
Countless Crafts 3201 S Zuni st, unit C, Englewood Regal Viability LLC 2018-11-15
The Outdoorsman's Attic 2650 W HAMPDEN AVE, Sheridan William Lawrence Paddock Jr. 2018-11-15
IT Bookkeeping 1998 W Girton Avenue, Englewood Browning Global LLC 2018-11-15
Creative Engineering Industries 1401 W. Stanford Avenue, Englewood Garmat USA, LLC 2018-11-14
K.B. House cleaning 3560 W. Union Ave, Englewood Katherian Louise Boehm 2018-11-10
The Floor Care Company 4275 S. Navajo Street, Unit A, Englewood RAG ltd 2018-11-10
K. B. House Cleaning 3560 W. Union Av, Englewood Katherine Louise Boehm 2018-11-10
Naked Tree Studio 3971 S. Fox Street, Englewood Connie Jo Maeran 2018-11-08
NJD CONSTRUCTION LLC 3041 W HAMILTON PL 4, Englewood NJD CONSTRUCTION, LLC, Delinquent September 1, 2016 2018-11-08
Bullet Liner Denver 4310 S Federal Blvd, Unit 110, Sheridan Kevin Michael Shipman 2018-11-06
Danea Sutton Hair Artist 8501 W Bowles Ave #124, Littleton Danea Sutton Cappel 2018-11-01
Industrial Shipping Services 3860 S. Jason St., Englewood 999Fine, LLC. 2018-11-01
Teacher Outfitters 333 W HAMPDEN AVE STE 710, Englewood Kimberly's LLC 2018-10-31
Rambler Coffee 333 W Hampden Ave, Suite 1000, Englewood Passage Coffee Co. Ltd. 2018-10-31
Rambler Coffee Co. 333 W Hampden Ave, Suite 1000, Englewood Passage Coffee Co. Ltd. 2018-10-31
Thomas flooring & tile 3241 s galapago st, Englewood Thomas J Wullstein 2018-10-29
Interim HealthCare Personal Care and Support Services 333 West Hampden Ave #705, Denver INTERIM HEALTHCARE OF GREATER DENVER, INC. 2018-10-24
Triton Gardening 3535 S Platt River Dr, Unit N, Sheridan Chan Enterprises Inc 2018-10-24
T's Sunrise LLC 3975 S LIPAN ST, Englewood T'S SUNRISE, LLC 2018-10-23
Thomas Sattler Homes 3535 S Platte River Dr, Suite F, Englewood SATTLER HOMES, INC. 2018-10-22
Gage Enterprises 3700 S Inca St, Englewood Gary B. Thompson 2018-10-22
Passage Coffee Co. 333 W Hampden Ave, Suite 1000, Englewood Passage Coffee Co. Ltd. 2018-10-22
AWD Skill Games LLC 3201 W. Hampden Ave., Englewood QUALITY BINGO SUPPLY COMPANY 2018-10-18
Maurer's Motors 1855 W Union Ave, Unit S, Sheridan Maurer's Motors Ltd 2018-10-18
COSOPHE PO Box 40397, Denver Colorado Society for Public Health Education 2018-10-17
Excellence Construction 4156 S Dale CT., Englewood Rueda Luis 2018-10-16
HandelCleaning1685 138 West Fifth Avenue, Denver Autumn Lynn Kay-nfaoui 2018-10-15
Rocky Mountain Pizza 3011 W BEAR CREEK DR, Sheridan THE ORIGINAL ROCKY MOUNTAIN PIZZA, INC., Delinquent June 1, 2017 2018-10-12
Martha La Terapista 200 W. Hampden Ave, Ste 100, Englewood Acute Spine and Sports Therapy, LLC 2018-10-11
Ainsworth & Fitch 191, University Boulevard Suit 463, Englewood CONGLOMERIDE INC. 2018-10-11