Colorado Trade Name

Jurisdiction: Colorado State
Source: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities registered with Colorado Secretary of State (SOS), Business Division. Each trade name is registered with registrant name and organization, address, mailing address, entity status, effective date, etc.

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Trade Name Primary Address Registrant Start Date
David's Dollhouse 6678 S Clayton St, Centennial David L Nielsen 2018-03-16
A Little Help From Your Friend 4932 Gallapego St., Englewood Shawn Allen 2018-03-15
JM Real Estate Company Suite 206, 3615 South Huron St., Englewood JM Real Estate Management L.L.C. 2018-03-15
JM Real Estate Company Suite 206, 3615 South Huron St., Englewood JM Real Estate Management L.L.C. 2018-03-15
Colorado Siding 1555 W Thomas Ave, Englewood Colorado Siding Repair, Inc 2018-03-13
JG AUTO 3666 S ACOMA ST, APT 210, Englewood Jacobo Garcia 2018-03-13
Taylor of the Rockies Company 2618 S. Raritan Circle, Englewood The Molokai Group, LLC 2018-03-12
AFC Urgent Care Broadway 901 W. Hampden Ave., Suite 103, Englewood COLORADO URGENT CARE PHYSICIANS, P.C. 2018-03-12
Urbanz Landscaping LLC 4724 S Fox Street, Englewood Urbanz Landscaping LLC 2018-03-02
Ronis Construction 4100 s bannock st, apt. 303, Englewood Ronis Cantarero mejia 2018-03-01
Pawfessional Pet Sitting 130 West Grand Ave., #306, Englewood Skyler Cheyenne Gingrich 2018-03-01
Paint Project Colorado 201 W Belleview Ave Apt 305 A, Englewood Lee Galvez Jr. 2018-03-01
Jake's Certified Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning 1855 W. Union Ave., Suite E, Sheridan Jake's Carpet Cleaning, LLC 2018-03-01
GemTech Diamond Co 3420 S Platte River Dr, Apt 4204, Englewood Joseph Bistranin 2018-02-19
Big Toys, Service and Maintenance 2331 Hampton, Sheridan Keith Edwin Deutsch 2018-02-19
Denver's Best Housecleaning 1701 W. baltic pl, 1701 W. Baltic Pl Kelsee Ambria Mcmillan 2018-02-17
city Mart 3457 S Wadswworth Blvd, Lakewood Dhungel Enterprise Inc 2018-02-16
Vesl Oils 3431 South Federal Blvd., Unit J, Englewood Paragon Corp. 2018-02-15
The Fire Place 2760 W Hampden Ave, Sheridan 2760 Hampden Inc 2018-02-13
Christopher's Kitchen and Bath 2765 W HAMPDEN AVE, Englewood CHRISTOPHER'S PLUMBING, INC. 2018-02-13
242 CORP 3721 S. Delaware St., Englewood Two Forty Deuce Corp. 2018-02-12
King Liquor 851 Englewood Parkway, Englewood Abby Investment, LLC 2018-02-12
Healthy Smiles 4711 S. Cherokee St. #2, Englewood Amy Elizabeth Leonard 2018-02-11
D & D Installations 726 W. Belleview Ave, J-104, Englewood Dowse Wayne Dowse 2018-02-10
Mhp 1559 hooker st, Denver Miaz LLC 2018-02-09
A&A flooring 2333 s.Tejon st., Englewood Alex M Rodriguez 2018-02-08
J's 123 3151 W. Girard Ave, Englewood Joel Bensoussan 2018-02-08
Hardwood Desk Tops 2680 S Tejon St, Englewood Armani Guitars, L.L.C. 2018-02-07
HUDSPETH 4775 S. Santa Fe Circle, Englewood HUDSPETH & ASSOCIATES, INC. 2018-02-06
HUDSPETH INC. 4775 S. Santa Fe Circle, Englewood HUDSPETH & ASSOCIATES, INC. 2018-02-06
G & C ENTERPRISES 3602 S. JASON ST., Englewood Gary Christopher Jenkins 2018-02-06
The mile high tree guy llc 4510 s Lowell blvd, Englewood Paul J.e. Ramirez 2018-02-06
Fox Telecom, LLC 1500 W. Hampden Ave., Suite 5J, Sheridan Avalon Communication Services LLC 2018-02-05
Tea 4U 3602 Riverpoint Pkwy Unit C, Sheridan Nhan Dinh Pham 2018-02-04
7/10tm Festival LLC 1260 W OXFORD AVE, Englewood Canberra Partners LLP 2018-02-03 LLC 1260 W OXFORD AVE, Englewood Canberra Partners LLP 2018-02-03
Crystal's Compass 4340 S. Delaware St., Englewood Crystal Anne Niedzwiadek 2018-02-01
X13 333 W HAMPDEN AVE STE 710, Englewood CAT6 LLC 2018-02-01
180 Ministries 3333 S Bannock St, STE 700, Englewood TEEN CHALLENGE OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS, INC. 2018-01-29
YOUR Community Market 3538 S Bannock St #2, Englewood SamAnd Enterprise LLC 2018-01-25
Craft Software 1045 W Radcliff Ave, Englewood Brew Edge Software, LLC 2018-01-22
AMADO ROBLERO LATH 3147 S BRYANT ST, Sheridan Amado Roblero 2018-01-22
Canna Demos 4621 W 36th Ave, No. 305, Englewood Sensi Supply LLC 2018-01-22
George's Flooring Services 252 w Jefferson ave, Englewood George Jourawleff 2018-01-17
Englewood Locksmith - Pro 3410 S. Platte River Dr #3205, Sheridan Mykel Samson 2018-01-17
Hopp's Auto Body 2045 W. HAMPDEN AVE., Sheridan HOPP'S, INC. 2018-01-17
J Duran Construction 4801 S. Acoma St., Apt 29, Englewood Jorge H. Duran 2018-01-15
Spa Exchange, Inc. DBA: Wind River Spas 2940 S Galapago St, Englewood Richard F Hallett 2018-01-13
Happy Homes Housekeeping 801 Englewood Pkwy #C308, Englewood Jaime Michelle Chastain 2018-01-11
Shady Lane Services 4536 S Delaware St, Englewood SHADY LANE SERVICES INC., Delinquent October 1, 2013 2018-01-10
Denver Auto Outlet 2397 W Dartmouth Ave., Englewood Denver Auto Outlet, LLC 2018-01-09
The Tax Group, Co 333 West Hampden Ave, Suite 710, Englewood The Management & Tax Group, Co. 2018-01-09
SYLO TILE AND STONE 3265 W. Girard, Englewood Sylvester Luis Salcido 2018-01-09
Summit Automotive 2005 W Dartmouth Ave, Englewood Summit Collision & Repair LLC 2018-01-09
FarView Properties 3315 W. PIMLICO AVENUE, Englewood FarView Properties, LLC 2018-01-08
Elevated Advisory, LLC 4400 S Galapago Street, Englewood Elevated Advisory, LLC 2018-01-08
thomas flooring & tile 3241 s galapago st, Englewood Thomas Jeffery Wullstein 2018-01-03
unique remodeling and cleaning 2675 south federal blvd, Denver Cimino A Patricia 2018-01-03
Conroy Creative & Design 3966 S Acoma St, Englewood Lauren Michelle Bricker 2018-01-02
Little Spruce Artisans 4384 S Federal Blvd, Englewood Donna Sue Garland 2017-12-29
LUX Technologies 3953 S. Lipan St., Englewood Cory D Franek 2017-12-27
TB Products 3186 W. Radcliff Dr., Englewood Theodore Hollis Butterworth 2017-12-27
Justin S Deliveries 304 W. Grand Ave, Unit C, Englewood Justin Slishinsky 2017-12-26
Emilio's Roofing 35855 Irving St, Apt#1, Englewood Emilio Ramirez vega 2017-12-26
No Limit Kustoms 3070 S. Vallejo, Englewood Derek J Gallegos 2017-12-20
All Man Power Movers 2243 S. Vallejo St, Englewood All Man Power Movers, LLC, Delinquent August 1, 2014 2017-12-20
813 Ventures, Inc. 3301 W HAMPDEN AVE., Unit A, Englewood MOUNTAIN SCREEN IMPRESSIONS, INC. 2017-12-20 4050 S. Delaware St., Englewood Suppco, LLC 2017-12-18
Regency Electric 4725 S SANTA FE CIR, Englewood REGENCY ELECTRIC, INC. 2017-12-14
Non-Cliche Photo Art 4440 S. Elati Street, Englewood Dennis Behm 2017-12-12
Beautiful Wood Floors 3655 S. Delaware St., #210, Englewood William Burnam 2017-12-08
Retriever Solutions, INC. 888 W Ithaca Ave, Suite 100, Englewood RETRIEVER SOFTWARE, INC. 2017-12-07
Mountain Life 2916 S. Fox St., Englewood God's Country Apparel, LLC 2017-12-05
The Forgotten Bull Terriers 4010 s hazel ct, Englewood The Forgotten Bull Terriers 2017-12-04
LORI HARTMAN 1010 W STANFORD DRIVE, Englewood Lori L Hartman 2017-12-04
The Good Source 2957 S Fox St, Englewood Anna Lynnette Elsner 2017-12-01
RodFordsArt 3298 W. Farmdale RD, Englewood Rod Ford 2017-11-30
Nathen Emerson the Handyman 501 W. Bates Ave, #101, Englewood Nathen E Emerson 2017-11-30
2 Face Jesus 4901 S. Huron St., Englewood Darren Lyman 2017-11-29
Dilly! Dilly! WeedCannibis LLC 4320 S. Elati Street, Englewood Robin Marie Shaver 2017-11-28
TWO MEN'S PEALING LOGS 3585 S IRVING ST APT 8, Englewood Alvaro Garcia 2017-11-28
Colorado Music Gear SwapMeet 2016 West Hamilton Place, Sheridan Gregory Decker 2017-11-21
Foot Tracks 1907 W Girton Ave, Englewood Foot Tracks, LLC 2017-11-21
Sammy's Cleaning 4801 S Acoma St #39, Engleewood Jesus Duran 2017-11-17
BD Fleet Restoration 4325 South Huron Street, Englewood Benjamin Fleet 2017-11-17
Graykin Industries 2150 W. Yale Ave., Englewood Props Plus Ltd. 2017-11-14
GEEZ Customs 3322 S Dale Ct, Englewood Graham White LLC 2017-11-14
Mile High Artists' Collective 3322 S Dale Ct, Englewood Graham White LLC 2017-11-14
APB Systems 5066 Keenland Ct, Englewood Michael Braun 2017-11-13
Sand Run Management Company 1260 W Oxford Ave, Englewood Huaka'i Investment Partners LLC 2017-11-13
BCT CONSTRUCTION 3001 W Stanford Ave, Englewood Tereso Chamu 2017-11-13
Blackbird and Son Tree Services 3990 S. Delaware St., Englewood Steven Ross 2017-11-12
PalletCharm 3270 W Grand Ave, Englewood Peter Diaz 2017-11-11
Ackerman's Kitchen & Bath LLC 3390 W. Saratoga Ave., Englewood Ackerman's Attention to Detail LLC 2017-11-08
Estee Zakar 3353 South Clay st, Englewood Estee Ann Zakar 2017-11-06
Bad Bunnies 4780 S. Mariposa Drive, Englewood Bad Bunnies 2017-11-06
Ross Tree Services 3990 S. Delaware St., Englewood Steven Ross 2017-11-06
Hermosa Roofing 853 Racquet Lane, Boulder Charles Nathan Lotshaw 2017-11-02