Connecticut Licenses and Credentials

Provider: Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)
Jurisdiction: State of Connecticut

This dataset includes 2 million licenses and credentials issued by Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), as in the eLicensing system.

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Licensee NameCredential TypeAddressStatusEffective Date
Katherine Elizabeth MeadRegistered Nurse1 Heritage Ln, Montgomery, NY 12549-2040Active2021-07-01
H2 Pharma LLCWholesaler of Drugs, Cosmetics & Medical Devices2021 Berry Chase Pl, Montgomery, AL 36117-6893Active2021-07-01
Mckesson Corporation · Mckesson Drug CompanyWholesaler of Drugs, Cosmetics & Medical Devices10 Hudson Crossing Dr, Montgomery, NY 12549-2855Active2021-07-01
Kowa Pharmaceuticals America IncWholesaler of Drugs, Cosmetics & Medical Devices530 Industrial Park Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36117-5543Active2021-07-01
Haakim ByrdReal Estate Salesperson1 Hawkins Dr, Montgomery, NY 12549-2630Active2021-06-01
Jennifer M TolpaRegistered Nurse1531 Southampton Rd, Montgomery, MA 01085-9563Active2021-06-01
Kate Michelle RogersRegistered Nurse2543 Deer Point Dr., Montgomery, IL 60538Active2021-05-01
Harriet Harris-WilsonRegistered Nurse5344 Surrey Rd, Montgomery, AL 36109-4939Active2021-04-16
Carrie Beth WadleyRegistered Nurse694 Edgewood Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356-8429Active2021-04-05
Ann Marie Nicola WillisRegistered Nurse201 Taylor Oaks Cir Apt 205, Montgomery, AL 36116-8594Active2021-03-11
Heather Marie RodriguezReal Estate Salesperson26 Collabar Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-1804Active2021-03-08
Nicole Elizabethe ObrizzoLicensed Practical Nurse431, Montgomery, TX 77316Active2021-03-01
Daniel Stickles · All Around ImprovementsHome Improvement Contractor2 Bodine Tavern Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-2444Active2021-02-17
Michael SalamoneHome Improvement Salesperson121 Van Amburgh Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549Active2021-02-05
Eric M SchlobohmProfessional Engineer9 Elm Ct., Montgomery, NY 12549Active2021-02-01
Michael R ChelminskiProfessional Engineer123 Main Rd, Montgomery, MA 01085-9524Active2021-02-01
Michael J CooneyProfessional Engineer97 Weaver St, Montgomery, NY 12549-1320Active2021-02-01
John T De NoyellesPhysical Therapist117 Youngblood Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-1954Active2021-02-01
Heather HeidenreichProfessional Engineer2456 Hillsboro Ln, Montgomery, IL 60538-5061Active2021-02-01
Aihua HuangMassage Therapist611 State Route 17k, Montgomery, NY 12549-2703Active2021-02-01
Theodore J HainesLand Surveyor82 West Searsville Road, Montgomery, NY 12549Active2021-02-01
Sebastian AdamsHome Improvement Salesperson380 Bullville Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-1811Active2021-01-29
Foundation for Moral Law IncPublic Charity1 Dexter Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104-3576Active2021-01-04
Christy L. MayoCertified Public Accountant License23 Pine Court, Montgomery, NY 12549Active2021-01-01
Allen S FrydenbergCertified Public Accountant License12282 Mead Road, Montgomery, MI 49255Active2021-01-01
Melina Z KontzamanysCertified Public Accountant License309 North Kaisertown Road, Montgomery, NY 12549Active2021-01-01
Jason T Anderson Architect P CArchitecture Corporation25 Wallkill Ave, Montgomery, NY 12549-1117Active2020-12-31
Ryan AntoniukHome Improvement Salesperson3305 Big Bend Dr, Montgomery, IL 60538-3701Active2020-12-01
Kimberly PliscoDental Hygienist343 Royal Navigator Rd, Montgomery, TX 77316-6867Active2020-12-01
Equal Justice Initiative · EjiPublic Charity122 Commerce St, Montgomery, AL 36104-2538Active In Renewal2020-11-19
Gina Marie FlemingRegistered Nurse87 Main Rd, Montgomery, MA 01085-9523Active2020-11-01
David W TourvillePlumbing & Piping Unlimited Contractor217 Pitcher St, Montgomery, MA 01085-9547Active2020-11-01
Lashondra Monchelle MooreRegistered Nurse3117 Sheldon Ln, Montgomery, AL 36108-1603Active2020-11-01
Bobby G WilsonPlumbing & Piping Limited Journeyperson1020 Pershing St, Montgomery, AL 36106-2452Active2020-11-01
George E SeymourFire Protection Unlimited Contractor3410 Fitzgerald Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356-8951Active2020-11-01
Zachary A KandelakiElectrical Unlimited Contractor221 Pitcher St, Montgomery, MA 01085-9547Active2020-10-25
Primary OceanCommercial Fertilizer24011 W Fm 1097 Rd, Montgomery, TX 77356-6476Active Under Review2020-10-21
Jason Thomas AndersonArchitect52 Corbett Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-2022Active2020-10-13
Colin D NeylonElectrical Unlimited Contractor93 Pomeroy Rd, Montgomery, MA 01085-9406Active2020-10-01
Allen A MurdockElectrical Unlimited Journeyperson148 Waters Edge, Montgomery, NY 12549-0473Active2020-10-01
Wayne LavalleeElectrical Unlimited Journeyperson1569 Russell Rd, Montgomery, MA 01085-9620Active2020-10-01
Steven E MonkiewiczElectrical Unlimited Contractor29 New State Rd, Montgomery, MA 01085-9534Active2020-10-01
Diane O'BrienHairdresser/Cosmetician3152 Bentwater Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356-8607Active2020-10-01
Shelynnette MorenoLicensed Practical Nurse16748 E Ivanhoe St, Montgomery, TX 77316Active2020-10-01
Splc Action FundPublic Charity400 Washington Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104-4344Active2020-10-01
Brent D CovelHeating, Piping & Cooling Limited Journeyperson34 Pomeroy Rd, Montgomery, MA 01085-9548Active2020-09-01
Louis J DoroLimited Sheet Metal Journeyperson2 Montgomery Hts, Montgomery, NY 12549-2500Active2020-09-01
Sabino PiccirilliHeating, Piping & Cooling Unlimited Contractor52 Pine Ridge Rd, Montgomery, MA 01085-9600Active2020-09-01
Baxter Healthcare CorporationNonresident Pharmacy500 Neelytown Road, Montgomery, NY 12549Active2020-09-01
Civil Air Patrol · Cap, Civil Air Patrol Foundation, Cap FoundationPublic Charity105 S Hansell St Bldg 714, Montgomery, AL 36112-5937Active In Renewal2020-09-01
Shavonne Latoya JohnsonMassage Therapist15 Farm Meadow Ln, Montgomery, NY 12549-2101Active2020-08-06
Christopher M LadanyiArchitect87 Weaver St, Montgomery, NY 12549-1320Active2020-08-01
Robert F McalpineArchitect505 Cloverdale Rd Ste 102, Montgomery, AL 36106-1875Active2020-08-01
Deirdre LewisLicensed Practical Nurse1534 S Court St, Montgomery, AL 36104-5446Active In Renewal2020-07-08
Whitfield Foods IncNon-Alcoholic Beverage & Water Bottlers1101 N.court St, Montgomery, AL 36104Active In Renewal2020-07-01
Flowers Bakery of MontgomeryBakery140 Folmar Pkwy, Montgomery, AL 36105Active In Renewal2020-07-01
Baxter Healthcare CorpWholesaler of Drugs, Cosmetics & Medical Devices500 Neelytown Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-2828Active In Renewal2020-07-01
United Natural Foods - MontgomeryMilk Sub-Dealer525 Neelytown Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-2846Active2020-07-01
Storm King Group IncMajor Contractor720 Neelytown Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-2842Active In Renewal2020-07-01
Sara E ChaffeePhysician Assistant1 Pineridge Rd, Montgomery, MA 01085-9619Active In Renewal2020-06-01
Lillian V DavisRegistered Nurse997 Parkwood Dr, Montgomery, AL 36109Active In Renewal2020-06-01
Brandi Camille McneaseRegistered Nurse3611 Whittier, Montgomery, TX 77356Active In Renewal2020-04-01
Kathleen LaneDental Hygienist488 Towne Lake Pl, Montgomery, AL 36117-6014Active In Renewal2020-04-01
Pamela J WardRegistered Nurse238 Biltmore Loop, Montgomery, TX 77316Active In Renewal2020-03-01
Angela Denise LoweryRegistered Nurse2569 Winchester Rd, Montgomery, AL 36106-3327Active In Renewal2020-02-01
Denise Annette ThomasRegistered Nurse6813 Willowick Rd, Montgomery, AL 36116-1325Active In Renewal2020-01-10
Savannah PreneveauHairdresser/Cosmetician136 Snow Bunting Ct, Montgomery, NY 12549-1725Active2020-01-01
Matthew B DwyerEmergency Medical Technician23506 Chisolm Trl, Montgomery, TX 77316-1550Active2019-12-24
John Joseph KingTax Preparer/Facilitator Permit11 Powers Lane, Montgomery, NY 12549Active2019-12-17
Ilene S. CastaldoRegistered Nurse2 Farm Meadow Ln, Montgomery, NY 12549-2100Active In Renewal2019-12-01
Ryan Oliver StroudGsp Class Ia Technician5627 Sweetwood Way, Montgomery, AL 36117Inactive2019-11-04
Ayesha Michelle Britton-JamesRegistered Nurse47 Powers Ln, Montgomery, NY 12549-2515Active In Renewal2019-08-20
Olivia M CassasePharmacy Technician85 Bullville Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-1813Inactive2019-08-14
Meghan Eileen LacovaraPhysician/Surgeon130 Meadowood Road, Montgomery, NY 12549Active2019-07-15
Beth S RutherfordRegistered Nurse101 Canterbury Green Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356-8877Active In Renewal2019-07-01
Carla YoungRegistered Nurse171 Sunrise Haven Dr, Montgomery, TX 77316-1659Inactive2019-05-29
Sharonda Denise CauseyLicensed Practical Nurse - Temporary2137 Capitol Ave, Montgomery, AL 36107Inactive2019-04-24
James H Edwards MdControlled Substance Registration for Practitioner3502 Bankhead Ave, Montgomery, AL 36111-2018Inactive2019-03-01
Seth JackmanPesticide Commercial Operator Certification309 Main Rd, Montgomery, MA 01085-9528Active2019-02-01
Laila Jane DavidsonRegistered Nurse - Temporary147 Ward St, Montgomery, NY 12549-1112Inactive2018-12-26
Anthony M PrestiaEmergency Medical Technician315 Corbett Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-2046Active In Renewal2018-11-13
Brooke ByrnesOccupational Therapist11 Hanover Street, Montgomery, NY 12549Inactive2018-10-17
Precision Woodwork & Home Remodeling LLCHome Improvement Contractor246 Route 416, Montgomery, NY 12549Inactive2018-06-28
Shakeer MitchellPesticide Commercial Operator Certification240 Tompkins Rd, Montgomery, NY 12549-1246Active2018-02-01
Michelle Rose WadeRegistered Nurse - Temporary101 Pine Hill Lane, Montgomery, TX 77356Inactive2017-11-06
Dawn PetershagenRegistered Nurse197 Lakeside Drive, Montgomery, TX 77356-9032Inactive2017-11-01
Patricia BurbankPhysical Therapist6721 Post Oak Lane, Montgomery, AL 36117Inactive2017-10-01
Tara L McnallyRadiographer20 Didio Ln, Montgomery, NY 12549-2712Inactive2017-06-01
Sherri F Taylor · MayerRegistered Nurse58 Carlow Rd, Montgomery, AL 36108Inactive2017-06-01
Justin FernengelPesticide Commercial Operator Certification25 Avery Road, Montgomery, MA 01085Active2017-02-01
Orphans Hands Inc (the) · F/K/A Stella's Hands IncorporatedPublic Charity6249 Woodmere Boulevard, Montgomery, AL 36124Inactive2016-12-01
Keith B ThomasHeating, Piping & Cooling Limited Journeyperson8427 Chadburn Xing, Montgomery, AL 36116-7221Inactive2016-09-01
Cloverland DrugsNonresident Pharmacy1716 Taliaferro Trl, Montgomery, AL 36117-7759Inactive2016-09-01
Alexandra HolmesEmergency Medical Technician61 Richardson Ct, Montgomery, NY 12549-1981Inactive2016-07-06
Angelia D ThomasRegistered Nurse1270 Mitchell Young Rd, Montgomery, AL 36108-5837Inactive2016-07-01
April L YetterRegistered Nurse13213 Enchanted Way Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356Inactive2016-05-01
Kenneth J DejordyElectrical Unlimited Journeyperson219 Pitcher St, Montgomery, MA 01085-9547Inactive2015-12-08
Melody A JuddRegistered Nurse10343 Birkemeyer Dr, Montgomery, OH 45242-5204Inactive2015-11-01
Elkin ArteagaRegistered Nurse - Temporary511 E Moye Dr, Montgomery, AL 36109Inactive2015-08-04
Metrics Inc · Mayne PharmaWholesaler of Drugs, Cosmetics & Medical Devices780 Industrial Park Blvd Unit C, Montgomery, AL 36117-5547Inactive2015-07-01