Connecticut Licenses and Credentials

Provider: Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)
Jurisdiction: State of Connecticut

This dataset includes 2 million licenses and credentials issued by Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), as in the eLicensing system.

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Licensee NameCredential TypeAddressStatusEffective Date
Danielle M RauchleEmergency Medical Technician205 Vernon Ave Apt 217, Vernon, CT 06066-4368Active2021-10-01
Dennis M SoMedical Marijuana Dispensary80 Bridlewood Ln, Vernon, CT 06066-4558Active2021-08-22
Michelle AafedtOccupational Therapist56 Irene Dr, Vernon, CT 06066-4006Approved2021-08-01
Sheryl S ThibeaultNotary Public Appointment32 Heidi Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-08-01
Suzanne R ChiapponiLicensed Practical Nurse376 Taylor St., Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-08-01
Carol L ChasseOccupational Therapist Assistant80 Thrall Road, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-08-01
Barbara J FalkowskiRegistered Nurse11 Gardner Road, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-08-01
Jonathan N PinterRegistered Nurse524 Reservoir Rd, Vernon, CT 06066-5615Active2021-08-01
Laurie B AnorgaPhysical Therapist32 Range Hill Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-08-01
Kathleen C MindekRegistered Nurse1031 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-08-01
Egle SierkevicieneRegistered Nurse1158 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-08-01
Naek Construction Company IncMajor Contractor27 Naek Rd, Vernon, CT 06066-3964Active2021-07-01
Deborah J BubelaPhysical Therapist27 Crown St, Vernon, CT 06066-3712Active2021-07-01
Strong Family Farm StandRetail Dairy Store274 West St, Vernon, CT 06066-4139Active2021-07-01
Sean O'GaraEmergency Medical Technician22 Donnel Rd, Vernon, CT 06066-2706Active2021-07-01
Renee LeightonRadiographer54 Montauk Dr, Vernon, CT 06066-5306Active2021-07-01
Catherine E AshlineRegistered Nurse79 Pearl Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
The Cupcake Brake LLCBakery101 West St # B, Vernon, CT 06066-2954Active2021-07-01
Vms Construction CompanyMajor Contractor120 Bolton Road, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Wnt V LLC · Wood-N -TapBakery236 Hartford Tpk, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Laggie BeattieRegistered Nurse42 Kenwood Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Ganadheesh LLCBakery53 Hartford Tpke, Vernon, CT 06066-5258Active2021-07-01
Cynthia L FigielaNotary Public Appointment21 Ironwood Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Burger King #3892 · New King Inc DbaBakery304 Hartford Tpke, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Brick Oven PizzaBakery312 Hartford Tpke, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Reins Ny Style Deli RestaurantBakery435 Hartford Tpke, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Briggitte P BrownLicensed Clinical Social Worker71 Raven Croft Rd, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Burger King #13588 · New King of Rockville, IncBakery75 Reservoir Road, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
C V MartRetail Dairy Store1237 Hartford Tpke, Vernon, CT 06066-4548Active2021-07-01
Theresa Y MangualPhysician/Surgeon253 Tallwood Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Shoprite of Tri-City PlazaBakery35 Talcottville Rd, Vernon, CT 06066-5261Active2021-07-01
Ladd-Turkington & Carmon Funeral HomeFuneral Home551 Talcottville Rd, Vernon, CT 06066-2311Active2021-07-01
Helenmarie J ClementsRegistered Nurse78 Blue Ridge Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Anthony's Giant Grinder & PizzaBakery216 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Michael W HveemNotary Public Appointment62 Box Mountain Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Melissa A SzczycinskiLicensed Clinical Social Worker1158 Hartford Tpke Unit 3, Vernon, CT 06066-4582Active2021-07-01
Rosemary WoodPhysical Therapist75 Hockanum Blvd Unit 2227, Vernon, CT 06066-4072Active2021-07-01
Deilian Morales GonzalezNotary Public Appointment75 Hockanum Blvd Unit 2932, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Faustina AgyapongRegistered Nurse95 Hockanum Blvd Unit 4307, Vernon, CT 06066-7006Active2021-07-01
Valerie F Kiefer AprnRegistered Nurse95 Hockanum Blvd Unit 4006, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-07-01
Chassaddi BridgesMedication Administration Certification166 Terrace Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-15
Manju John · UtsavRestaurant Liquor575 Talcottville Rd, Vernon, CT 06066-2391Active Under Review2021-06-11
Lisa Marie Michaud-AlvarezRegistered Nurse2 East St, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Yaa A AsanteLicensed Practical Nurse4 Hany Ln, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Mason P Dunn-McdonaghPhysician Assistant1 First St, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Thomas E SledeskyReal Estate Salesperson19 Main St, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-06-01
Thomas A HarrisReal Estate Salesperson215 E Main, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Gloria G TownsendReal Estate Salesperson61 Zoey Dr, Vernon, CT 06066-5722Active2021-06-01
Jessica SmithRegistered Nurse160 High St, Vernon, CT 06066-5023Active2021-06-01
Lynn A KlockReal Estate Salesperson2 Trail Run, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Danielle Michelle FaucherRegistered Nurse29 Wayne Rd, Vernon, CT 06066-5933Active2021-06-01
Amanda J PompaReal Estate Salesperson63 South St, Vernon, CT 06066-4510Approved2021-06-01
Joshua R ChaffeeRegistered Nurse9 Summit Rd, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Jacqueline C BoraskyReal Estate SalespersonPo Box 1583, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Holly Van OrsdellReal Estate SalespersonPo Box 2235, Vernon, CT 06066-1635Active2021-06-01
Charles E Connelly JrReal Estate Salesperson16 Mary Lane, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Bridgette E RodriguesReal Estate Salesperson179 Union St, Vernon, CT 06066-3024Active2021-06-01
Alicia B MercerReal Estate Salesperson18 Kanter Dr, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Mark A SuprinReal Estate Salesperson26 Danny Trl, Vernon, CT 06066-5958Active2021-06-01
Maria F ReynoldsLicensed Practical Nurse31 Wilson Ln, Vernon, CT 06066-2313Active2021-06-01
Linda Goff · Llg DesignReal Estate Salesperson4 Valerie Dr, Vernon, CT 06066-3519Approved2021-06-01
Marissa LebedzinskiRegistered Nurse5 Boxwood Dr, Vernon, CT 06066-5106Active2021-06-01
Eileen R TarziaSpeech and Language Pathologist7 Glenn Lane, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-06-01
Angela T JordanHairdresser/Cosmetician152 W Main St, Vernon, CT 06066-3503Approved2021-06-01
Justin M GuimondReal Estate Salesperson3 Ertel Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Susanne P VacekReal Estate Salesperson43 Vinetta Dr, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Ann M AllenRegistered Nurse97 Grier Road, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Barbara S BarryLicensed Clinical Social Worker11 Leona Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-06-01
Donna F CarneyReal Estate Salesperson21 Franklin St, Vernon, CT 06066-2409Active2021-06-01
Deborah B CloughRegistered Nurse221 Skinner Rd, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Lisa M PhilbrickReal Estate Salesperson308 Vernon Ave, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
William E Francis JrReal Estate Salesperson41 Pinnacle Rd, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Kathryn Leigh AndersonRegistered Nurse75 Brimwood Dr, Vernon, CT 06066-2703Active2021-06-01
Lynn Ann BranciforteReal Estate Salesperson92 High Street, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Nisha S BhattacharyaReal Estate Salesperson10 Quarry Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Julie A Jacques-MarcotteReal Estate Salesperson301 Lake Street, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Kim M WujcikRadiographer31 Heather Lane, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Deborah A Stango · InnamoratoRegistered Nurse41 Brookside Ln, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Jason A NiemczykRegistered Nurse44 Gerald Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Kristan L ThibodeauRegistered Nurse462 Bolton Road, Vernon, CT 06066-5618Active2021-06-01
Amy E LopesReal Estate Salesperson49 Davis Avenue, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Christopher M DuclosReal Estate Salesperson49 Hansen Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-06-01
Cynthia L VallarelliReal Estate Salesperson57 Overbrook Dr, Vernon, CT 06066-3910Active2021-06-01
Angiolina A RussoReal Estate Salesperson60 George Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Joanna M HeaneyReal Estate Salesperson61 Frederick Rd, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-06-01
Nicholas W KostantReal Estate Salesperson64 South Street, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Melissa SmajevicRegistered Nurse66 Evergreen Rd, Vernon, CT 06066-4302Active2021-06-01
Elaine R FensterReal Estate Salesperson66 Frederick Rd, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Ashley M PercyReal Estate Salesperson67 Overbrook Dr, Vernon, CT 06066-3910Approved2021-06-01
Lydia K LiburdReal Estate Salesperson68 George Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-06-01
Thomas H Steed SrReal Estate Salesperson8 Cindy Terrace, Vernon, CT 06066-4106Active2021-06-01
Kristin CervizziRegistered Nurse80 Country Lane, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-06-01
Tracy L OstroutLicensed Practical Nurse104 Legion Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Theodore C Jarrett JrReal Estate Salesperson12 Ellington Ave, Vernon, CT 06066-3202Active2021-06-01
Marjorie M BossieDental Hygienist16 Rainbow Trail, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-06-01
Dolores MelendezReal Estate Salesperson16 Wilshire Road, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Jessica M CrowellReal Estate Salesperson2 Pineview Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Mavourneen Ann CostelloReal Estate Salesperson39 Michael Drive, Vernon, CT 06066Approved2021-06-01
Kimberlie I MidfordMassage Therapist60 Old Town Road, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01
Lauren A IserRegistered Nurse70 Old Town Road, Vernon, CT 06066Active2021-06-01