Connecticut Licenses and Credentials

Provider: Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)
Jurisdiction: State of Connecticut

This dataset includes 2 million licenses and credentials issued by Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), as in the eLicensing system.

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Licensee NameCredential TypeAddressStatusEffective Date
Grace Camille CosePharmacy Intern651 Decanter Cir, Windsor, CA 95492-9630Active2025-09-30
Jeniffer VargasNotary Public Appointment8 Hilltop Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Anthony S Tiemann JrRegistered Nurse16 Lennox Ave, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Deborah S DoweRegistered Nurse27 Hillcrest Road, Windsor, CT 06095-3310Active2022-01-01
Anthony P. KarlowiczCertified Public Accountant Certificate408 Farmers Drive, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Michael D Martino JrCertified Public Accountant Certificate21 Midian Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095-4219Active2022-01-01
Trevor ThoringtonCertified Public Accountant Firm Permit252 Ethan Drive, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Eric Matthew SegalCertified Public Accountant Certificate6 River Bend Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-1617Active2022-01-01
Gina My Duyen TranCombination Nail Technician, Esthetician Or Eyelash Tech12 Broadleaf Cir, Windsor, CT 06095-1633Active2022-01-01
Stephanie M. SantiagoNail Technician11 Dewey Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-2211Active2022-01-01
Sarah CarterRegistered Nurse98 Longview Dr, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Marlene D HarrisRegistered Nurse229ethan Drive, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Magaly AliceaLicensed Practical Nurse130 Pine Lane, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Kerry-Ann N WhyteLicensed Practical Nurse28 Long Hill Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-2649Active2022-01-01
Nicholas A PallottiCertified Public Accountant Certificate111 Newport Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Jill N LambertLicensed Clinical Social Worker324 Mercer Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-4743Approved2022-01-01
Carlos A SagastumeAsbestos Abatement Supervisor8 Dally Farm Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-4314Approved2022-01-01
Christopher D ComerCertified Public Accountant Certificate72 Mary Catherine Circle, Windsor, CT 06095-1793Active2022-01-01
Jane T ReinschPhysical Therapist181 Sunnyfield Dr, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2022-01-01
Kathryn J MasLicensed Clinical Social Worker1934 Logans Way, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2022-01-01
James M NoonanMarital and Family Therapist10 Adam Hl, Windsor, CT 06095-2456Approved2022-01-01
Myers and Stauffer LLCCertified Public Accountant Firm Permit7 Waterside Crossing, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Fallon Moving and Storage, IncHousehold Goods Carrier800 Marshall Phelps Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Susan G DugdaleLicensed Practical Nurse276 Prospect Hil Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Michele C NearyEmergency Medical Responder110 Addison Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-2171Approved2022-01-01
Alfreda LewisRegistered Nurse17 Woodland Pk, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2022-01-01
Lakeisha StewartMedication Administration Certification38 Hayes Dr, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-20
Lisa A KuntzBehavior Analyst324 Kennedy Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Samantha J InnissMaster's Level Social Worker74 Tamarack Dr, Windsor, CT 06095-3852Active2021-12-01
Thuy Tien Thi NguyenCombination Nail Technician, Esthetician Or Eyelash Tech216 Rollingbrook, Windsor, CT 06095-1364Active2021-12-01
Nicole Marie TarbellNotary Public Appointment110 Giddings Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Christie Lyn GuyerNotary Public Appointment546 Palisado Ave, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Kristine M Griffith · SilvaDental Hygienist761 Kennedy Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Denise P PanosSpeech and Language Pathologist48 Brookview Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Donald T MacgillivrayAthletic Trainer1228 Windsor Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-3419Active2021-12-01
Leola J Mccrorey · PertillarLicensed Clinical Social Worker1173 Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Liama B HolmesLicensed Clinical Social Worker912 Plymouth St, Windsor, CT 06095-3714Active2021-12-01
Walter Aniskoff JrSub-Surface Sewage Installer15 Dewey Ave., Windsor, CT 06095Approved2021-12-01
Brian D CyrNotary Public Appointment117 Ethan Drive, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Alison G CiancioloSpeech and Language Pathologist237 Mountain Road, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2021-12-01
Sarah L OlchanowskiAudiologist36 Strawberry Hl, Windsor, CT 06095-1250Approved2021-12-01
Windsor Community Television IncPublic Charity599 Matianuck Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-3567Active2021-12-01
Ashley A ProulxPhysician Assistant29 Crabapple Rd Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Stephanie M GoodenRegistered Nurse94 Midian Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-4221Active2021-12-01
Lucinda Canty LnmRegistered Nurse70 Capen Street, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Marie C MahmoodNotary Public Appointment93 Brewster Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Mary Beth Spillane · Mary Beth AbramRegistered Nurse145 Carriage Way, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Windsor Police Union Ibpo 328Public Charity110 Addison Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Lucilla Marino AcostaRegistered Nurse14 Barry Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-2616Active2021-12-01
Angelica ThompsonMaster's Level Social Worker42 Warham St, Windsor, CT 06095-2438Active2021-12-01
Heather K MachadoRegistered Nurse957 Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Marcia A MullingsRegistered Nurse77 Pierce Boulevard, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Diondrea D Raymond-VanhoutenRegistered Nurse31 Bent Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Darlene ReedMaster's Level Social Worker115 Joshua Hill, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Mary AguhLicensed Practical Nurse7 Sabrina Dr., Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Cassandra CrosbyLicensed Practical Nurse37 Allen St, Windsor, CT 06095-4403Active2021-12-01
Keith Bennett MorrisRadiographer322 Conestoga St, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2021-12-01
Connecticut Daughters of The American Revolution IncPublic Charity778 Palisado Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-2072Active2021-12-01
Margaret Rathier MdPhysician/Surgeon86 Mary Catherine Cir, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Doreen C StoecklinRegistered Nurse423 Lantern Way, Windsor, CT 06095-1656Active2021-12-01
Sharon R. BouieRegistered Nurse276 Carriage Way, Windsor, CT 06095-3262Active2021-12-01
Walters Wood Working LLCHome Improvement Contractor47 Old Kennedy Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-2020Approved2021-12-01
J & N Builders IncHome Improvement Contractor346 Merriman Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1019Approved2021-12-01
Woodhaven Development CorpHome Improvement Contractor335 Prospect Hill Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1648Approved2021-12-01
B R C Builders LLCHome Improvement Contractor1348 Hillside Cir, Windsor, CT 06095-3157Approved2021-12-01
Elizabeth Almeida-SanbornPhysical Therapist15 Cobblestone Way, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2021-12-01
Sean BrennanPhysician Assistant360 Bloomfield Ave Ste 209, Windsor, CT 06095-2700Active2021-12-01
Gkm Construction LLCHome Improvement Contractor5 Massow Lane, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
P & P Management LLCHome Improvement Contractor3 Arrowbrook Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-3923Approved2021-12-01
Eco Energy Solutions LLC · Dr E Nergy SaverHome Improvement Contractor800 Prospect Hill Rd Ste E, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Thomas Duby · All Weather Prime PaintingHome Improvement Contractor120 Pleasant St, Windsor, CT 06095-2454Active2021-12-01
Jrj Home Improvement LLCHome Improvement Contractor104 Hillcrest Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Heritage Investment Group LLCHome Improvement Contractor28 Hampden Pl, Windsor, CT 06095-1478Active2021-12-01
Sifco IncHome Improvement Contractor2643 Day Hill Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1599Active2021-12-01
Christopher P TennisHome Improvement Contractor22 Apple Tree Ln., Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Marys Place IncPublic Charity6 Poquonock Ave, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2021-12-01
Colin Matthew AhernMedical Marijuana Producer Employee1046 Windsor Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-3460Active2021-11-20
Nilda RuizMedication Administration Certification56 Colonial Dr., Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-16
Cp Windsor LLC · Hartford/Windsor Marriott AirportHotel Liquor28 Day Hill Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1705Active2021-11-16
Nicole NdiayeMedication Administration Certification20 Remington St 1st Floor, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-10
Ernest Vineyards LLCOut of State Winery1200 American Way, Windsor, CA 95492-7861Active2021-11-05
Lodge Earthworks LLCDemolition Contractor92 Ethan Dr, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
Susan Elizabth MorinBehavior Analyst47 Alden Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1903Active2021-11-01
Michael L ReginiPlumbing & Piping Unlimited Contractor100 Columbia Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-3820Active2021-11-01
Dennis P FarrellyPlumbing & Piping Limited Contractor36 Rainbow Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1134Active2021-11-01
Benjamin N NigroPlumbing & Piping Limited Journeyperson777 Stone Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1028Active2021-11-01
Dominick J D'Amato · DamatoLicensed Practical Nurse112 Lovell Ave., Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
Kimberly A LeslieRegistered Nurse15 Peddler Drive, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
Caroline L WynterLicensed Practical Nurse29 Richmond Crescnt, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
Rosemary Loeffler · CarrieroRegistered Nurse3 Pebblebrook, Windsor, CT 06095Retired2021-11-01
Brittnee JohnsonMaster's Level Social Worker20 Donna Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-3201Active2021-11-01
Shellene S SherwoodRegistered Nurse241 Windsor Ave, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
Meredith Gaiter-BrownRegistered Nurse31 Michelle Lane, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
Theresa M Cosgrove-PepinRegistered Nurse31 Craigs Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
Pauline P ThompsonRegistered Nurse149 Henry St, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
Claudia A DixonPhysical Therapist145 Columbia Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
April L McgrawPhysical Therapist6 Sage Park Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
Jill M PrimeranoPhysical Therapist27 Warham Street, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01
Lori A DoucetteRespiratory Care Practitioner26 Rhodora Ter, Windsor, CT 06095-4721Active2021-11-01
Paul R LamonacaMarital and Family Therapist21 Remington Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-11-01