Connecticut Licenses and Credentials

Provider: Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)
Jurisdiction: State of Connecticut

This dataset includes 2 million licenses and credentials issued by Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), as in the eLicensing system.

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Licensee NameCredential TypeAddressStatusEffective Date
Jane T ReinschPhysical Therapist181 Sunnyfield Dr, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Kathryn J MasLicensed Clinical Social Worker1934 Logans Way, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Peter J Otkowski Jr.Sub-Surface Sewage Installer30 Chestnut Drive, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Michele C NearyEmergency Medical Responder110 Addison Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-2171Active2022-01-01
Kerry-Ann N WhyteLicensed Practical Nurse28 Long Hill Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-2649Active2022-01-01
April E KeelerEmergency Medical Technician70 Poplar Dr, Windsor, CT 06095-1106Active2022-01-01
James M NoonanMarital and Family Therapist10 Adam Hl, Windsor, CT 06095-2456Active2022-01-01
Jill N LambertLicensed Clinical Social Worker324 Mercer Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-4743Active2022-01-01
Sophia R TettehRegistered Nurse68 Milo Peck Lane, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Sasha-Gaye R TinkerRegistered Nurse39 Somerset Drive, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Windsor Sunoco · Windsor Ventures LLCNon Legend Drug Permit446 Bloomfield Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-2303Active2022-01-01
Mewish Rehan LLC · Windsor Milk MartNon Legend Drug Permit138 Poquonock Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-2409Active2022-01-01
Teresa Anne JesterRegistered Nurse124 Conestoga St, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Jennifer L CorcoranRegistered Nurse149 Hayden Station Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Lorraine MarreroRegistered Nurse44 Midian Ave., Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Pooja TyagiPhysical Therapist389 Phaeton St, Windsor, CT 06095-2213Active2022-01-01
Matthew J ClarkProfessional Counselor360 Bloomfield Ave Ste 301, Windsor, CT 06095-2700Active2022-01-01
Erica L RichardsonLicensed Clinical Social Worker23 Michelle Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-1680Active2022-01-01
Nicole R MoralesRespiratory Care Practitioner1031 Plymouth St, Windsor, CT 06095-3650Active2022-01-01
Scott A SchwartzOptician77 Nook Farms Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Alicia MorrellLicensed Clinical Social Worker109 Tobey Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-3725Active2022-01-01
Jacqueline Melendez-TorresNotary Public Appointment642 Windsor Ave, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Phyllis Ama DarkwaProfessional Counselor108 Victoria Street, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Ana SuRadiographer28 Old Village Circle, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Yvette SmithDental Hygienist33 Pierce Blvd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Matthew A MarciOptician63 Stage Coach Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1243Active2022-01-01
John ChapdelaineLicensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor360 Bloomfield Ave, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Michael W StewartVeterinarian236 Palisado Ave, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Janie R HunterLicensed Clinical Social Worker58 Adam Hill, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Roina Kidd-BeasonLicensed Clinical Social Worker625 Thoreau Circle, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Cvs Pharmacy #349Non Legend Drug Permit484 Windsor Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-4401Active2022-01-01
Brett D BarberChiropractor45 Taylor St, Windsor, CT 06095-2437Approved2022-01-01
Andrew B BeliveauEmergency Medical Technician916 Stone Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1040Approved2022-01-01
Janae Kd HallRegistered Nurse24 Woodybrook Road, Windsor, CT 06095-3802Active2022-01-01
Amy TremblayHairdresser/Cosmetician530 Poquonock Ave, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2022-01-01
Krystal Marie MyersRegistered Nurse33 Milo Peck Lane, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Emily Rachel BegleiterRegistered Nurse311 Old Village Circle, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Jason M CerboneMaster's Level Social Worker319 Hitching Post Lane, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Elizabeth M RodriguezRegistered Nurse2 Devin Way, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Christopher A SortinoLicensed Clinical Social Worker29 Lennox Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2022-01-01
Faith E. Razzano-TorpeyOptician342 Mercer Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-4717Approved2022-01-01
Abigail CollinsLicensed Clinical Social Worker204 Deerfield Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2022-01-01
Issa S IssakaLicensed Practical Nurse64 Highland Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-4244Active2022-01-01
Price Rite of WindsorNon Legend Drug Permit590 Windsor Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-4046Active2022-01-01
Scott M. HaszCertified Public Accountant Certificate386 Kennedy Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2022-01-01
Cvs Pharmacy #1166Non Legend Drug Permit219 Broad St, Windsor, CT 06095-2904Approved2022-01-01
Lakeisha StewartMedication Administration Certification38 Hayes Dr, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-20
Latonya GlosterMedication Administration Certification12 Bell Flower Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-12
Littorai Wines (the)Out of State WineryPo Box 1124, Windsor, CA 95492-1124Active2021-12-09
John E Williams · Affordable PaintingHome Improvement Contractor98 Pleasant St, Windsor, CT 06095-2424Approved2021-12-09
James A YociusHeating, Piping & Cooling Limited Contractor28 Niles Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2021-12-08
Diana P InderRegistered Nurse39 Long Hill Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-2650Active2021-12-08
Ibidun SodiyaMedication Administration Certification226 Matianuck Ave, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-07
Danny DallaireHome Improvement Salesperson470 Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095Approved2021-12-07
Kenneth P Pascoe Cpa LLCCertified Public Accountant Firm Permit66 Maple Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-2926Active2021-12-07
Divine Homecare LLCHomemaker Companion Agency381 Rianbow Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-06
Allen Jackson · Aj Home ContractorsHome Improvement Contractor49 Strawberry Hl, Windsor, CT 06095-1251Active2021-12-06
Jose M Ferreira · Windsor Court Wine & SpiritsPackage Store Liquor1095 Kennedy Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1339Active2021-12-03
Jahira McphersonEyelash Technician936 High Path Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-4127Active2021-12-03
Soleil Milan Coachman-WilliamsEsthetician15 Marble Faun Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-4766Active2021-12-03
Karimah DunnTax Preparer/Facilitator Permit895 Delilah Dr, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-03
Justin CareyHome Improvement Salesperson9 Priscilla Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1945Active2021-12-02
Epifania Lopez GermanFamily Child Care Home1210 Matianuck Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-3295Active2021-12-01
Epidemic Answers IncPublic Charity360 Bloomfield Ave, Ste 301, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Gerald Marshall Arts LLCHome Improvement Contractor1482 Poquonock Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-1618Active2021-12-01
Woodhaven Development CorpHome Improvement Contractor335 Prospect Hill Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1648Active2021-12-01
Nu' Image LLCHome Improvement Contractor61 Park Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-3318Active2021-12-01
Tommy A PriceLicensed Practical Nurse8 Cleary Lane, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Your Purpose Contracting LLCHome Improvement Contractor94 Basswood Rd., Windsor, CT 06095-3961Active2021-12-01
Gkm Construction LLCHome Improvement Contractor5 Massow Lane, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Bright Solutions LLCHome Improvement Contractor7 Brentwood Lane, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Price Construction IncHome Improvement Contractor299 Prospect Hill Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1645Active2021-12-01
Emma E McglynnRegistered Nurse96 Niles Road, Windsor, CT 06095-3140Active2021-12-01
Darlene ReedMaster's Level Social Worker115 Joshua Hill, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Kraftsmen Remodeling & Construction LLCHome Improvement Contractor97 Pierson Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-2050Active2021-12-01
Sharon R. BouieRegistered Nurse276 Carriage Way, Windsor, CT 06095-3262Active2021-12-01
Felicia VelezMaster's Level Social Worker15 David Cir, Windsor, CT 06095-4203Active2021-12-01
Samantha J InnissMaster's Level Social Worker74 Tamarack Dr, Windsor, CT 06095-3852Active2021-12-01
Angelica ThompsonMaster's Level Social Worker42 Warham St, Windsor, CT 06095-2438Active2021-12-01
P & P Management LLCHome Improvement Contractor3 Arrowbrook Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-3923Active2021-12-01
Eco Energy Solutions LLC · Dr E Nergy SaverHome Improvement Contractor800 Prospect Hill Rd Ste E, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Ashley A ProulxPhysician Assistant29 Crabapple Rd Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Wentworth Restoration and Home Improvement LLCHome Improvement Contractor77 Pierson Ln Unit A, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Thomas Duby · All Weather Prime PaintingHome Improvement Contractor120 Pleasant St, Windsor, CT 06095-2454Active2021-12-01
Remodel Properties LLCHome Improvement Contractor315 High Path Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-4122Active2021-12-01
William F Marchuk · Marchuk Home ImprovementHome Improvement Contractor49 Dudley Town Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-2636Active2021-12-01
Paul D Mangano · Mangano ConstructionHome Improvement Contractor3 Chestnut Dr, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Acosta Artisanry LLCHome Improvement Contractor1198 Poquonock Ave., Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Eugenia AsieduLicensed Practical Nurse40 Marble Faun Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-4766Active2021-12-01
Lucilla Marino AcostaRegistered Nurse14 Barry Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-2616Active2021-12-01
J & N Builders IncHome Improvement Contractor346 Merriman Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-1019Active2021-12-01
Moore Exterior Home Improvement LLCHome Improvement Contractor60 Somerset Dr, Windsor, CT 06095-1479Active2021-12-01
Troy BilodeauHome Improvement Salesperson77 Pierson Ln Ste E, Windsor, CT 06095-2000Active2021-12-01
Lisa A KuntzBehavior Analyst324 Kennedy Road, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Stephanie M GoodenRegistered Nurse94 Midian Ave, Windsor, CT 06095-4221Active2021-12-01
Natasha Simone GregoryMaster's Level Social Worker3300 Dover Ct, Windsor, CT 06095-1491Active2021-12-01
Bci Inc · Butler CompanyHome Improvement Contractor848 Marshall Phelps Rd, Windsor, CT 06095-2107Active2021-12-01
Ct Valley Remodeling LLCHome Improvement Contractor93 Pleasant St, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01
Wayan MorganHome Improvement Salesperson5 Matthew Ln, Windsor, CT 06095-3219Active2021-12-01
Paul GarafoloHome Improvement Salesperson429 B Hayden Station Rd, Windsor, CT 06095Active2021-12-01