Connecticut Licenses and Credentials
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Provider: Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)
Jurisdiction: State of Connecticut

This dataset includes 2 million licenses and credentials issued by Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), as in the eLicensing system.

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Licensee NameCredential TypeAddressStatusEffective Date
Claudia A ContiRegistered Nurse3 Cheryl Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-08-01
Nancy J TortoraRegistered Nurse37 Lilac Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-08-01
Stephanie N DumondOccupational Therapist5 Holley Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-08-01
Diana A VeneriPhysical Therapist34 Melissa Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-08-01
Carla L KennellyRegistered Nurse9 Brighton Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-08-01
Mary M BaumbachLicensed Practical Nurse66 Cherry Circle, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-08-01
April L VoseOccupational Therapist Assistant52 Smoke Rise Circle, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-08-01
Anne C CarringtonRegistered Nurse116 Summit Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Gloria SantoroRegistered Nurse1 Pinecrest Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Riley N ShawRadiographer14 Maple Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-07-01
Timothy C DemosLicensed Practical Nurse17 Colonial Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Jessica M LagasseRegistered Nurse10 Mikayla Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Sara F JohnsonRegistered Nurse25 Elaine Court, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Joan C MartiRegistered Nurse23 Stonefield Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Andrew Michael ShurrettoPhysical Therapist Assistant4 Highland Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-07-01
Barbara E GoffredoRegistered Nurse10 Wagon Wheel Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Domenic J JannettyNotary Public Appointment21 Pondview Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Allen P ThibodeauRegistered Sanitarian73 Coachlight Cir., Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-07-01
Maria T Crosby · FazzolariRespiratory Care Practitioner9 Coachlight Circle, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Megan H FennDental Hygienist14 Putting Green Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Tara T DunnRegistered Nurse217 Straitsville Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-07-01
Margaret J SheaReal Estate Salesperson236 Cook Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Maria C PereiraReal Estate Salesperson52 Salem Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Linda M ThornbergReal Estate Salesperson79 Salem Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Damia L Rosado GaryReal Estate Salesperson82 Plank Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Dominick J Mirabelle JrReal Estate SalespersonPo Box 7055, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Mark S GravelineReal Estate SalespersonPo Box 7092, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Louis J MirabelleReal Estate SalespersonPo Box 7170, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Gil Foundation IncPublic CharityPo Box 7331, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Anthony D PolzellaReal Estate Salesperson1 Colonial Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Lynn M Benevides · ChiswellRegistered Nurse22 Corinne Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-06-01
William T FlahiveNotary Public Appointment30 Scott Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Kimberly R GalloReal Estate Salesperson16 Knapp Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
James Ashe JrSub-Surface Sewage Installer17 Gramer Ave., Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-06-01
Samantha R NauglerRegistered Nurse21 Sherwood Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Roger D MalaguttiReal Estate Salesperson23 Colonial Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Donna A WysockiRegistered Nurse4 Alison Court, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Michelle Josephine D'AmicoMarital and Family Therapist42 Beach Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-06-01
Kelly J GrenierReal Estate Salesperson6 Wihbey Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Nicholas T GreeneReal Estate Salesperson13 Spruce Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Lori A FrascoReal Estate Salesperson21 Elaine Court, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Deborah A RidolfiReal Estate Salesperson24 Alison Court, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Jeffrey L CiprianoReal Estate Salesperson24 Hemlock Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Jennifer P FranceskinoReal Estate Salesperson25 Trotters Way, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Michelle LaspinoRegistered Nurse3 Cherry Circle, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Karen P MieleRegistered Nurse3 Woodland Terr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Barbara A PodlisnyReal Estate Salesperson56 Melissa Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Vittoria B Delucia · NaveRegistered Nurse67 Melissa Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Darcey A RileyReal Estate Salesperson7 Clark Hill Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Vincent M VarillaPhysician/Surgeon73 Waterbury Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Kelly A ShafferReal Estate Salesperson12 Rowland Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-06-01
Mark Alexandre S CarvalhoReal Estate Salesperson17 Saunders Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-06-01
Julie M SchiavoReal Estate Salesperson18 Dogwood Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-06-01
Paulette M SchwartzLicensed Clinical Social Worker30 Stephen Court, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-06-01
Florinda DokoRegistered Nurse4 Smoke Rise Cir, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Joseph S LovalloReal Estate Salesperson78 Cherry Circle, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Lori B JonesReal Estate Salesperson12 Pine Meadow Ln, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-06-01
Lia F PankakeSpeech and Language Pathologist120 Cheshire Road, Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-06-01
Scott F MartinReal Estate Salesperson15 Heritage Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Sean S RussoReal Estate Salesperson23a Merriman Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Darlene NovakowskiReal Estate Salesperson41 Heritage Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Stephanie N CarusoReal Estate Salesperson6 Timberhill Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Robert L Wenick MdPhysician/Surgeon115 Waterbury Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Seth L ClohoseyPhysician/Surgeon166 Waterbury Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Anna E Clement · GagnonRegistered Nurse2 Timber Hill Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Amy M VolovskiRadiographer29 Juggernaut Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Dawn E KrisavageReal Estate Salesperson11 Stonefield Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Terri H McmahanReal Estate Salesperson15 Rachel Ann Court, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Carmela AveryReal Estate Salesperson15 Stonefield Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Michele A ChristensenRegistered Nurse28 Putting Green Ln, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Anne M KringsReal Estate Salesperson45 Putting Green Ln, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Susanne K HalimRegistered Nurse5 Roy Mountain Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Laurie MikulskiReal Estate Salesperson50 Putting Green Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-06-01
Heather TrompeterAdvanced Practice Registered Nurse62 Summit Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-27
Marisa D'AmicoMarital and Family Therapist9 Spruce Dr., Prospect, CT 06712Approved2021-05-21
Highline Riggers LLCCrane Registration103 Union City Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-21
Maria MarrinerNotary Public Appointment30 Cook Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Elizabeth Ann SemeraroRegistered Nurse24 Beach Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Angela Gianna ChiaravallotiRegistered Nurse62 Klein Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Carolyn M PoulinRegistered Nurse69 Plank Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Carla V BrothertonRadiographer138 Salem Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Deborah F ScarmozzinoRegistered Nurse18 Amber Court, Prospect, CT 06712Retired2021-05-01
Jessica Lynne WilliamsRegistered Nurse18 Summit Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Jamie M PerryLicensed Clinical Social Worker18 Farmwood Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Margaret M DwyerRegistered Nurse2 Horizon View, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Kristen M BistygaLicensed Practical Nurse22 Skyline Dr., Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Christopher J WattsPhysician/Surgeon38 Highland Dr, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Lisa R Accetura · ParenteauRegistered Nurse6 Rozum Circle, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Ashley Lee VelazquezRespiratory Care Practitioner47 Mikayla Lane, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Susan M StokesRegistered Nurse4 Rosewood Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Annette E LusasRegistered Nurse15c Juggernaut Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Mary T ErdmannRegistered Nurse2 Southridge Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Francine M HallinanRegistered Nurse20 Sterling Woods, Prospect, CT 06712Retired2021-05-01
Carl L GravelineCertified General Real Estate Appraiser4 Peter Gilkey Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Theresa A Swanson · DuganRadiographer25 Cambridge Drive, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Anna C PuleoLicensed Practical Nurse3 Rolling Ridge Ct, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Danielle CarpentierNotary Public Appointment32 Clark Hill Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Sandra J D'AmelioNotary Public Appointment41 Clark Hill Road, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Meredith A DayRegistered Nurse10 Woodland Terrace, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01
Elizabeth Carroll DavisLicensed Practical Nurse65 Talmadge Hill Rd, Prospect, CT 06712Active2021-05-01