Florida Corporations
Miami Lakes

Jurisdiction:Florida State
Source:Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations

This dataset includes 1.6 million business entities (corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and trademarks) registered with Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, agent name, agent address, entity status, type, officer, and creation date.

Miami Lakes · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
The Young Boss Foundation Inc. 7836 Nw 167th Terrace, Miami Lakes Moreno, Ramon J, Jr. 2016-07-08 Active
Marvel Logistics Llc 8849 Nw 145th Terrace, Miami Lakes Villanueva, Brian 2016-01-20 Active
W 76 Street Mm, Llc. 7735 Nw 146 Street, Suite #306, Miami Lakes Swezy, Lewis V 2015-11-24 Active
C & D Sales Corp 7225 Bedlington Rd, Miami Lakes Gonzalez, Caridad 2015-11-19 Inactive
Wb Production Management, Llc 8792 Nw 142nd Lane, Miami Lakes United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2015-11-10 Active
Eamed, Llc 16421 Fox Den Court, Miami Lakes Avellanet, Nelly 2014-08-05 Active
M2Brands 1 Incorporated 15937 Nw 77 Place, Miami Lakes Garcia, Maribel 2013-10-28 Active
L10 Manangement, Inc. 8004 Nw 154 Street, 132, Miami Lakes Haynes, Jeanette 2013-06-17 Inactive
Hammerhead Products L.L.C. 5960 Miami Lakes Drive E.,, Miami Lakes Eli, Federman 2012-11-26 Inactive
C & C Force Enterprises,Corp. 15327 N.W. 60th Avenue, Suite 235, Miami Lakes Cordova, Monica 2012-11-15 Inactive
Michigan Apartments, Llc 16520 Nw 77th Place, Miami Lakes Jacqueline A. Salcines, Pa 2012-06-28 Active
Bright Ideas Consulting Group Inc 6725 Kingsmoor Way, Miami Lakes Silva, Barbara C 2012-01-18 Inactive
Eureka Estates Land Holdings Llc 16400 Nw 59th Avenue, Miami Lakes Ruiz, Alexander 2011-09-06 Inactive
R2 International Inc 5881 Nw 151 St, 104, Miami Lakes Rodriguez, Rodolfo R 2011-08-02 Active
Easy Pharma Corp 16881 Nw 80 Ct, Miami Gbs Consultants, Inc. 2011-02-08 Active
D.B.S.Enterprise Llc 7953 Nw 161 Terrace, Miami Lakes Serrano, Beatriz R 2009-12-14 Inactive
Rosaline'S Group Home Services, Inc 20009 Nw 58 Ct, Miami Lakes Simeon, Maud Emille 2009-08-05 Inactive
R.A.L Transport Inc 6133 Nw 181 Terrace Cir West, Miami Lakes Lopez, Ana A 2009-06-23 Inactive
Easy 123 Autos Inc 15476 Nw 77th Ct, Miami Lakes Sanchez, Juan C 2009-05-06 Inactive
The Lakes Home Health Agency, Inc 5901 Nw 151 Street, Suite 200, Miami Lakes Castro, Juan 2009-05-01 Inactive
Opalocka Foods Corporation 5751 Nw 151 Street, Miami Lakes Ec Management Corp 2009-04-30 Inactive
R2 Builders Inc 5881 Nw 151 Street, 104, Miami Lakes Rodriguez, Rodolfo R 2007-04-06 Active
K9 International, Llc 15476 Nw 77 Ct. #610, Miami Lakes Artiles, Agustin F 2005-09-30 Active
BHA Florida, Llc 6625 Miami Lakes Dr, Suite 316, Miami Lakes Friedman, Michael D 2004-12-08 Inactive
Jyoti Laungani, Pa 15100 N.W. 67 Avenue, #110, Miami Lakes Laungani, Jyoti 2004-07-15 Inactive
Vicenza At Fountainbleau Park I, Condominium Association, Inc. 5779 Nw 151 Street, Miami Lakes Correa, Danny 2003-02-05 Inactive
BPG Enterprises Inc. 15327 Nw 60 Avenue, Ste 230, Miami Lakes Kelly, Graylin S 2003-01-27 Inactive
First Trucking International, Inc. 8001 Nw 64 Street, Miami Garcia, Maribel Pdt 2002-10-22 Inactive
Qualified Technologies, Inc. 5190 Nw 167th St Ste 221A, Miami Lakes Gushwa, Roy E 2002-03-19 Inactive
H20 Pure, Inc. 19032 N W 67th Court, Miami Lakes Del Pilar Agruedas, Maria 2001-07-23 Inactive
Xenco Laboratories, Llc 5757 N.W. 158th Street, Miami Lakes Fincher, Liliana Mgrm 2001-03-28 Inactive
Z & A Sister Enterprise, Inc. 8041 North West 169th Terrace, Miami Lakes Le Caridad Collazo, Katrina De 2000-10-13 Inactive
Public Transportation Specialist, Inc. 7735 Nw 146 Street #100, Miami Lakes Renaud, Jose M 1999-04-01 Active
Kislak Realty Group, Inc. 7900 Miami Lakes Drive West, Miami Lakes Brafman, Howard J. 1992-10-21 Inactive
Premiere Publications, Inc. 16500 Stonehaven Road, Miami Lakes Garcia, Michael 1985-10-29 Inactive
Quality Builders International, Inc. 17726 Nw 63rd Ct, Miami Lakes Wolland, Frank 1985-04-16 Inactive
EURO - American Hosiery, Inc. 7845 N.W. 148th St., P.O. Box 112535, Miami Lakes Kahn, Donald J. 1984-07-18 Inactive
Bibi'S Insurance Agency, Inc. 14301 Cypress Court, Miami Lakes Castillo, Lilliam M. 1983-05-27 Inactive
Women'S Investor Group, Llc 14160 Nw 77 Ct., 33, Miami Lakes Delgado, Oscar J 2013-02-18 Inactive
Oak Tree Industries, Inc. 6100 N.W. 153 Street, Miami Lakes Stack, Irwin Bosh 1987-11-23 Inactive
Concorde Land & Development Corporation 6428 Miami Lakes Drive East, Miami Lakes Barth, Jerry 1975-07-30 Inactive
C & I Professional Group, Corp. 18955 Nw 63 Court, Miami Lakes Palacio, Bladimir 2014-02-03 Inactive
A&P Venture Group Llc 15500 New Barn Road, Suite 104, Miami Lakes Elias, Robert Esq 2005-12-02 Active
Concepts In Optics, Inc. 14072 Nw 82nd Ave, Miami Lakes Darata, Ronald 1998-10-07 Inactive
Quality Therapy Services Corp 16861 Nw 77 Place, Miami Lakes Lopez Gonzalez, Frank 2013-10-11 Inactive
Manuel Sanchez, P.A. 7410 Loch Ness Drive, Miami Lakes Sanchez, Manuel 1998-05-06 Active
Community Medical Centers, Inc. 3127 W Hallandale Blvd, Hallandale Palenzuela, Roberto L. 1992-12-22 Inactive
Mayda Rodriguez, P.A. 16740 Nw 80th Ct, Miami Lakes Rodriguez, Mayda 2008-02-26 Inactive
Orange Accountable Care Of South Florida, Llc 14750 Nw 77 Court, Suite 309, Miami Lakes Exposito, Lissette 2014-03-10 Active
V & Y Care Corporation 16902 Nw 83 Ave, Miami Lakes Soler, Vivian 2006-07-25 Inactive
Year Round Management Company 8053 Nw 155 St, Miami Lakes Carvajal, Arturo 1998-08-03 Inactive
Recreation Foodservices Management, Inc. 8352 Dundee Terrace, Miami Lakes Trimble, Craig S 2000-01-27 Active
J And C Health Clinic, Inc 8060 Nw 155th St, 100, Miami Lakes Montero, Sandra M 2014-04-16 Inactive
Lieberman And Goldstein Enterprises, Inc. 14411 Commerce Way Suite 320, Miami Lakes Forrest, Linda 2006-05-19 Inactive
Yalexa Realty Llc 7011 Lochness Drive, Miami Lakes Zajac, Alejandro 2012-02-27 Active
Quorum Development Group, Llc 14341 Glencairn Road, Miami Lakes Camilo, Aguirre 2005-03-25 Inactive
Xtreme Barricades, Llc 8030 Nw 159 Ter, Miami Lakes Cabanas, Ivette Pres 2009-01-09 Inactive
Quest Sales, Llc 8716 Nw 149th Terr,, Miami Lakes Coto, Jose E 2007-02-12 Active
Oak Hill Development , Llc 16206 N.W. 83 Ct., Miami Lakes Sergio R. Penton, Pa 2006-05-22 Inactive
Totally Xtreme Productions Inc. 5901 Nw 151 Street, # 217, Miami Lakes Maldonado, Michael A 2002-11-12 Inactive
Concrete Connection Services, Llc 8784 Nw 162 Terr, Miami Lakes Kirsling, Whitney 2013-03-20 Active
Team International (USA), Inc. 15476 Northwest 77 Court, Suite 437, Miami Lakes Amerilawyer Chartered 1996-06-13 Inactive
K.L.S. Mobile Services Inc. 6625 Miami Lakes Drive, 411, Miami Lakes Samuels, Kenneth L 2013-03-19 Active
Truleadz Inc 6625 Miami Lakes Dr East, Miami Lakes Nunez, Caroline 2015-03-10 Active
Zoombargains Llc 8421 Dundee Terrace, Miami Lakes Ruano, Jose L 2012-08-01 Inactive
Balcan Transport Inc 18511 Windy Stone Dr, Houston Artreaga, Othniel 2015-08-20 Active
Maxtax, Inc 14750 Nw 77th Court, Suite 204, Miami Lakes Dangervil, Chad 2010-12-15 Active
Extended Hands Inc. 6625 Miami Lakes Drive, Suite 221, Miami Lakes Sellers, Octravier S 2010-04-15 Active
VIC Lucas Enterprises, Inc. 14410 Lake Candlewood Court, Miami Lakes Lucas, Victor T.,Jr. 1979-05-25 Inactive
Eureka Estates Investors Llc 16400 Nw 59th Avenue, Miami Lakes Ruiz, Alexander 2011-08-26 Inactive
Hamilton Property Management, Llc 14411 Commerce Way, Ste 305, Miami Lakes Perez, Sugeil M 2008-08-06 Inactive
Community Fitness Centers I, Llc 16357 Nw 57th Avenue, Miami Lakes Yetman, Wayne 2008-01-11 Active
XELL Studios, Inc. 19340 Bob-O-Link Drive, Miami Lakes Sarabia, Alejandro 2004-03-04 Inactive
Zarco & Company, Inc. 15327 Nw 60 Ave #230, Miami Lakes Zarco, David 1993-09-21 Inactive
Law Offices Of Anyelin Mesa, Esq., Pa 7900 Nw 154th Street, 202, Miami Lakes Coto, Rene Eesq 2011-07-08 Active
Healthi Card Marketing Services Llc 8756 Nw 168 Lane, Miami Lakes Orta, Raul 2004-07-02 Inactive
Zurbano - Christoph Llc 7480 Fairway Drive, Suite 103, Miami Lakes Zurbano, Nury Dr. 2001-10-16 Active
United Community Of Believers, Inc. 5979 Nw 151st Street, 200, Miami Lakes Ali, S D 2005-09-21 Inactive
Zedco International Trading Corp. 7777 Nw 146th St., Miami Lakes Shomar, Joseph 2003-07-21 Inactive
LS Lender, Llc 7735 Nw 146th Street, Suite 306, Miami Lakes B&C Corporate Services Of Central Florida, 2014-02-26 Active
QMI Group, Inc 7961 Nw 169th Terr, Miami Lakes Quiros, Nestor 2014-07-25 Active
Bridge Capital Leasing, Inc. 215 Schilling Circle, Suite. 100, Hunt Valley 2012-03-23 Inactive
Natural Ventures Corp. 8550 Dalkeith Lane, Miami Lakes Ralston, Scott 1986-09-23 Inactive
PTP Broadcasting Management Miami, Llc 14450 Commerce Way, Miami Lakes Rodriguez, Jose A 2015-04-30 Active
Ean Solutions, Inc. 8400 Nw 140 Street, # 3302, Miami Lakes Machin, Leslie A 2008-01-30 Inactive
Z-Car Corp. 1570 Bull Run Rd., G-367, Miami Lakes Gonzalez, Armando J 1996-08-29 Inactive
Postal Security Systems Llc 6175 N.W. 153 Street, Suite 229, Miami Lakes Estevez, Anabel 2001-10-22 Inactive
Vibes Auto Service Inc. 9085 Nw 180 Terrace, Miami Lakes Fraser, Natalie 2003-03-10 Inactive
Torremay Corp. 8421 Nw 140th Street, Suite 3509, Miami Lakes Torreblanca, Sergio 2002-03-18 Inactive
MMR Investments, Llc 5803 Nw 151st Street, #207, Miami Lakes Ruderman, Todd A 2005-03-23 Active
Joe Long, Management Company 14410 Lake Crescent Place, Miami Lakes Middelthon, Jr., Wm. Royall 1975-01-22 Inactive
Quadratta Inc. 16614 N.W. 73rd Ave., Miami Lakes Gonzalez, Mariana E 2005-05-16 Inactive
T.R.U. Checks Cashing Inc. 15476 Nw 77th Ct, Suite 281, Miami Lakes Martinez, Marcos J 1994-08-03 Inactive
Lateulade, Jose R., M.D., P.A. % Stephen S. Siegel, Esquire, 7411 Miami Lakes Drive, Miami Lakes Siegel, Stephen S., Esquire 1984-03-27 Inactive
AALL Aaaces Glass And Window Board Up Services, Inc. 6661 Lake Blue Drive, Miami Lakes Delgado, Alexis 1985-05-06 Inactive
Daniel Egipciaco, P.A. 14125 Nw 80th Ave, Suite 401, Miami Lakes Egipciaco, Daniel 2014-09-19 Active
Sarah Del Pino, Pa 6421 Windmill Gate Rd, Miami Lakes Greg K Gonzalez, Cpa, P.A. 2012-04-16 Inactive
Daflani, Inc. 7235 Nw 179th Street, Suite 208, Hialeah Abulu, Ivor I 2007-01-16 Inactive
Electricall Corp 14072 Nw 82 Ave, Miami Lakes Ameri, Gabriel 2012-04-13 Inactive
X-Hale Pilates Studio, Incorporated 15291 Nw 60th Avenue Suite 103, Miami Lakes Carrazana, Ana Ivis 2005-06-13 Inactive