Florida Corporations

Jurisdiction: Florida State
Source: Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations

This dataset includes 1.6 million business entities (corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and trademarks) registered with Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, agent name, agent address, entity status, type, officer, and creation date.

Tampa · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Kinnect, Inc. 3030 N Rocky Point Dr., Suite 150A, Tampa Registered Agents Inc. 2016-09-07 Active
QEAT Dansar, Llc 1300 N. Westshore Blvd, Ste 220, Tampa Meiners-Levy, Suzanne 2016-04-19 Active
ZONS Sunrise Holdings, Inc. 605 S Fremont Avenue, Suite B, Tampa Kramer, David 2016-03-14 Active
Home Blessed Home, Llc 3180 Valley Oaks Drive, Tampa United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2016-03-14 Active
Bath Me Holdings Llc 501 E Kennedy Blvd, Ste 801, Tampa Licker, Douglas 2016-01-22 Active
Front Door Investments Llc 4701 N Manhattan Ave, Tampa Guerra, Jeremy J 2016-01-11 Active
Helping Youth Prepare For Excellence Corp. 4801 Tannery Ave., Tampa McIntyre, Christy M 2015-12-31 Active
Balanced Universal Real-Life Strength Training Llc 6234 Savannah Breeze Ct, 303, Tampa Bell, Michael 2015-12-31 Active
Tru-Counsel, Llc 4805 W. Laurel St., Ste 100, Tampa O'Rourke, Colleen 2015-12-29 Active
Foodventure Carrollwood Llc 10025-10235 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Store #33, Tampa Lokhandwala, Anila 2015-12-07 Active
Sarah'S Pines, Llc 101 E. Kennedy Blvd, Ste 2800, Tampa Glaser, Sarah M 2015-12-02 Active
Concierge Closing Services, Llc 3407 W. Tyson Avenue, Tampa Lecher, Galyn S 2015-12-01 Active
Quality Lawn Service And Landscaping, Llc 1803 E. Humphrey Street, Tampa United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2015-11-16 Inactive
Am Family Limited Liability Company 2307 Kensington Garden Lane, Tampa Mehta, Abhishek S 2015-11-05 Active
Il Trading Inc. 7600 Kingstone Pike Rd, Knoxville Yaron, Linor 2015-11-03 Inactive
Emerald Technology, Inc. 20207 Ravens End Dr, Tampa Gillespie, Brian 2015-10-19 Inactive
La 41 Meat Market, Inc. 19017 Us Highway 41, Lutz Curbelo, Sergio 2015-10-06 Active
F & M Pizza Of Carrollwood, Inc. 10053 North Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa Massey, Starlett 2015-10-06 Active
TAAG Academy Incorporated 8918 Magnolia Chase Circle, Tampa Floyd, Darwin E 2015-09-16 Inactive
Dream Home Construction Llc 12808 Horseshoe Rd, Tampa Acordi, Zulamar 2015-09-02 Inactive
Value Rate Insurance Agency Ii Inc 785 Rangewood Rd, Piney Flats Chambers, Vanessa L 2015-08-25 Active
Tabares Windows Corp 10215 Turtle Hill Court, Tampa Gonzalez Tabares, Javier 2015-07-16 Inactive
Mjdesai, Llc 10561 Cory Lake Drive, Tampa Desai, Maria J 2015-07-08 Inactive
Laaam Drywall Services, Inc. 1401 E. 108th Ave., Tampa Ruiz, Lorenzo, Jr 2015-06-29 Active
Teague & Associates, Llc 4010 W Boy Scout Blvd., Suite 700, Tampa Teague, Brandan 2015-06-15 Inactive
Team 413 Landscaping Services, Llc 20007 Nob Oak Ave, Tampa Threadgill, Martha H 2015-06-03 Active
SMBM Grove Properties, L.L.C. 17813 Osprey Point Pl, Tampa Buckler, Susan 2015-05-07 Active
Aaron And Edward Management Group, Llc 1501 Doyle Carlton Dr Apt 410, Tampa Leonard, Edward J 2015-04-30 Inactive
O & R Marble And Granite,Llc 4518 Eden Rock Road, Tampa Pena, Oriel 2015-04-29 Inactive
LRT Trucking Llc 1101 W Patterson Street, Tampa Trucking Permits And More Llc 2015-04-28 Active
United Toxicology Partners Llc 275 Bayshore Blvd, Suite 1607, Tampa Martel, Kyle J 2015-04-17 Inactive
Jennifer Lauren Photography, Llc 10144 Arbor Run Drive, Unit 64, Tampa Washington, Jennifer L 2015-03-30 Active
Vocreo Summaries, Llc 518 N. Tampa St., Suite 280, Tampa Raynor, Jordan 2015-03-27 Inactive
Volant Measurement Llc 4520 West Oakellar Ave, P.O. 130495, Tampa Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. 2015-03-26 Active
Meres Crossing Manager, Llc 1215 N Franklin Street, Tampa Arnold, Bowen 2015-03-18 Active
A1A Investment Group Inc. 8439 N Nebraska Ave., Tampa Pinhasov, Brian 2015-02-11 Inactive
Concilio De Iglesias De Cristo Misionera Mision Internacional Inc El Fuego No Se Apagara 5903 N 47th St, Tampa Leon, Carmen M 2015-01-26 Inactive
Zion Project Services Llc 10408 N Hartts Dr, Tampa Garcia, Marcel 2015-01-21 Inactive
C2 Incorporated 19046 Bruce B. Downs Blvd, Suite 154, Tampa Pinnacle Accounting Llc 2015-01-05 Inactive
Taazz, Inc. 14239 N Florida Avenue, Tampa Rahman, Zillur 2014-12-31 Active
H2 America Transport Inc 6728 W Clifton St, Tampa Franquelo, Jenrry P 2014-12-23 Inactive
Team Impact Sports, Llc 5632 Samter Ct, Tampa Skelly, Kevin E 2014-12-03 Active
T. Rowe Marketing, Llc 808 N. Franklin St., 2402, Tampa United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2014-12-02 Inactive
Premium Estate Llc. 16040 Bella Woods Drive, Tampa Mehta, Tripti 2014-11-10 Active
QI Tribe, Llc 1910 E Palm Ave, 11207, Tampa Kaplan, Robert 2014-11-10 Active
Fontes Delivery Llc 8405 N Jones Ave, Tampa Fontes Alonso, Alain 2014-10-31 Active
J&V Transportation Services Inc 112 E Logarto Cir, D204, Tampa Souverain, Jimmy 2014-10-28 Inactive
L 2 Cattle Company 13645 Riada Way, Dade City Sanders, Walter S 2014-10-22 Inactive
C3 Partners Inc 5405 W. Crenshaw St, Tampa Lawson, Christopher 2014-10-13 Active
Angel'S Contracting Llc 9720 Poplar St, Tampa Ramirez, Rod 2014-09-10 Inactive
Shaworl Corporation 20512 Carolina Cherry Ct, Tampa Latta, Neha 2014-09-09 Inactive
L3 Marketing Inc. 1503 S Us Hwy 301, Suite 91, Tampa Watson, William 2014-08-28 Inactive
Hheftv Global Network Llc 10004 North 17 Street, Tampa Bernard, Michael A, Sr. 2014-06-27 Inactive
Zephyr Exchange Llc 400 N. Ashley Drive, Suite 200, Room 3, Tampa Jones, Brianna L 2014-06-25 Inactive
F2 Solutions Corp 2128 W Sehawa St, Tampa Fernandez, Fabian J 2014-06-04 Inactive
LISA Wilkie, Inc. 10904 Gillette Avenue, Tampa Short, Paul R 2014-06-02 Active
Ea Baseball Club Corp 13048 Race Track Rd, Tampa Delaguardia, Ivan 2014-05-27 Inactive
FAA Enterprises Inc 7001 Whittier St, Tampa Jubeh, Feras 2014-05-12 Inactive
Pharmfood Group Of Companies Inc 6380 Commerce Dr., Westland Patel, Alpesh 2014-03-31 Active
OTR Holding, Llc 405 S Dale Mebry Hwy Suite 128, Tampa Preston O. Cockey Jr. Pa 2014-03-27 Active
Independence Home Solutions Llc 7028 W Waters Ave #232, Tampa Crosier, Jonathon S 2014-03-05 Active
USA Mobile Phlebotomy Service, Llc 15310 Amberly Drive, 210, Tampa Bell, David T, Jr 2014-02-28 Inactive
Bhakti Petroleum Llc 8133 Brinegar Cir, Tampa Patel, Kirit 2014-02-18 Active
Healthcare Solutions Direct, Llc 12421 N Florida Ave, Suite 211, Tampa Gurbikian, Gregory L 2014-02-17 Active
C2Q, Inc. 7437 Bonaventure Drive, Tampa Wojcik, Eric 2014-02-17 Inactive
Zone3 Fitness Llc 15427 Plantation Oaks Drive, 1, Tampa Pickett, William 2014-02-17 Inactive
Xalthee Enterprises Llc 16350 Bruce B Downs Blvd # 48431, Tampa Douglas, Robert J, Jr 2014-01-27 Inactive
Inman Pro Flooring, Llc 3301 West Nassau Street, Tampa Inman, Charles W 2013-12-20 Active
Lonsa Craftsman Master L.L.C. 2504 Chapel Way, Tampa Londono, Hernando 2013-12-11 Inactive
J & E Construction, Llc 3648 Westchester, Holiday Olivera, Pedro 2013-12-04 Inactive
Braza Installations, Inc. 2241 Curzon Way, Odessa Da Silva, Ricardo 2013-10-15 Active
I9 Sports Association Chapter 279, Inc. 13806 Lake Village Place, Tampa Vetrano, Anthony P 2013-10-10 Inactive
M2A Promotions, Inc. 301 W. Platt St., 615, Tampa Mitchell, Angela 2013-10-07 Inactive
LTD Family Trust, Llc 3812 N. Tampa Street, Tampa O'Brien, Connell David 2013-10-02 Active
Natural Solutions For Wellness, Llc 612 Luzon Ave, Tampa Spencer, Jenny R 2013-09-25 Active
Team Electric Llc 1118 Dogwood Ave, Tampa David, Harsche M 2013-07-22 Active
Carrollwood Business Center, Llc 13920 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 2, Tampa Rehbein, Laura L 2013-07-17 Active
L D L, Funding, Llc 4851 W Flamingo Rd., Tampa Ligori, Nick J 2013-06-17 Active
Lakeland Smile Experts Pl 808 N Franklin St, Unit 1411, Tampa Reliance Consulting Llc 2013-06-13 Active
Zulu Wave Llc. 10815 Roundview Ln, Tampa Cortes, Ariel D 2013-06-13 Inactive
Z Consultant, Inc. 6928 Dimarco Road, Tampa Harden, Zibron 2013-06-04 Inactive
C360 Strategies Inc 5823 Bowen Daniel Dr, 402, Tampa Barry, Christina 2013-05-29 Inactive
Faalex Corporation 18120 Canal Pointe Street, Tampa Akinyemi, Tunde O 2013-05-17 Active
Orleans Assets, Llc 7808 Orleans Ave, Tampa C&J Alpha, Llc 2013-05-15 Active
Concrete 101, Inc. 18105 Hamden Park Way, Tampa Thompson, John 2013-05-06 Inactive
Camtonly Solutions Llc 4104 W De Leon Street, Tampa Quinn, Christopher 2013-04-30 Active
O-Tech Electronic Repairs Corp 6911 Sheldon Rd, Tampa Orjuela, Andres 2013-04-30 Inactive
Marielis Law Group, P.A. 3225 S. MacDill Avenue #129-208, Tampa Rivera, Marielis 2013-04-23 Active
Prentice Systems Llc 82841 N Florida Ave, Tampa Prentice, Jason 2013-04-18 Active
O And E Cleaning Service Llc 5602 Orient Rd, Tampa Dominguez, Edwin 2013-04-17 Inactive
Artbit Llc 11405 Mallory Square Dr, #203, Tampa Alvarez, Hernan A 2013-04-12 Inactive
Premium Collection Consultants Inc 2017 Gregory Dr, Tampa Machin, Jean M 2013-03-22 Inactive
S2 Marine Services, Inc. 5055 South Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 1536, Tampa United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2013-03-21 Inactive
Zovalia, Inc. 5820 N Church Ave Unit 414, Tampa Ramos, Jose S 2013-03-18 Inactive
Carport Of Tampa Bay Inc 4532 W Kennedy Blvd, Suite 202, Tampa Goto, Takamasaburise 2013-02-28 Inactive
C3 Energy Solutions, Inc. 14312 Homosassa St., Tampa Grove, Brenda J 2013-02-18 Inactive
Vantage Asset Solutions Llc 503 E Jackson St, Suite 124, Tampa Harwell, Brian J 2013-01-28 Inactive
Team 3 Llc 13775 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa Linsky, Michael A 2013-01-08 Inactive
Investments Rrl Corp 4209 Key Thatch Drive, Tampa Esaine, Rossana D 2013-01-04 Inactive
Fabri Pavers Inc 6011 Ambassador Dr, Tampa Fabri, Rodrigo S 2012-12-17 Inactive