Florida Corporations
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Jurisdiction: Florida State
Source: Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations

This dataset includes 1.6 million business entities (corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and trademarks) registered with Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, agent name, agent address, entity status, type, officer, and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Dream Home Construction Llc 12808 Horseshoe Rd, Tampa Acordi, Zulamar 2015-09-02 Inactive
J & E Construction, Llc 3648 Westchester, Holiday Olivera, Pedro 2013-12-04 Inactive
O & A Celi Construction Inc. 2434 Brownwood Drive, Mullberry Celi, Otto 2005-11-21 Inactive
Pablo Diaz Construction Inc 2038 E Bearss Ave #505, Tampa Diaz, Pablo N 2005-01-13 Inactive
E & A Construction Service, Inc. 10218 Cutten Green Court, Tampa Hernandez, Elionais 2001-04-23 Inactive
T-3 Construction, Inc. 7823 North Himes Avenue, Tampa Koehler, Keith Wcpa 1992-01-31 Active
C And E Construction Company Inc 1723 West Cypress St., Tampa Meade, Elizabeth A. 1963-08-19 Inactive
A.D. Gatlin Construction Corp. % Alan D. Gatlin, 2705 E Hanna, Tampa Gatlin, Alan D. 1989-08-18 Inactive
Belen Construction Inc. 14535 Bruce B Downs Blvd, 121, Tampa Velez, Yaritza 2004-01-30 Inactive
Leo General Construction Corp 1008 N Paddock Ave, Tampa Tovar, Maria 2013-05-29 Inactive
C A L Construction Company 2125 W Junean St, Po Box 8338, Tampa Canasi, Manuel D. Jr. 1985-04-18 Inactive
Dane Construction And Company, Inc. 5012 W. Cypress St, Suite 300, Tampa Selzer, Kent A 1999-09-28 Active
Mj & V Construction Inc. 8617 N 14th St, Tampa Villatoro Gomez, Oscar F 2014-07-25 Active
Laporte Construction Inc. 2817 W Leila Ave, Tampa Laporte, Nicholas W 2011-08-24 Active
C. Adams Construction Inc 4505 West Beachway Drive, Tampa Adams, Charles, Charles Adams 2013-08-30 Active
Gridiron Construction Company, Llc 324 S Plant Ave, Tampa Simplifi Businness, Inc. 2015-03-10 Active
Joe Perez Construction, Corp 4911 Hilifax Dr, Tampa Perez, Jose R 2014-07-08 Active
Hannaway-Reites Construction And Maintenance, Inc. % Jack M. Larkin, 806 Jackson St, Tampa Larkin, Jack M. 1989-08-21 Inactive
Zion Shield Constructions Inc 6602 Sussman Place, 308, Tampa Simao, Messias Bmr 2005-02-08 Inactive
C.L. Bennett Construction Co., Inc. 203 South Coolidge, Tampa Salem, Richard J 1975-08-22 Inactive
J. A. Martinez Construction, Inc. 3003 Peacock Lane, Tampa Sierra, Michael 2002-07-11 Inactive
J&D Vets Construction, Llc 4001 W. Waterman Ave., Tampa United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2014-10-10 Active
Bhadelia Construction Company, Inc. % Farooq Bhadelia, 8612 Palm Lane, Tampa Bhadelia, Farooq 1983-02-17 Inactive
Quality Road Construction, Inc. 13014 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, #357, Tampa Matt Mule', P.A. 2010-04-02 Inactive
Helping Hands Construction Llc 8004 Timberlane Drive, Tampa Walters, Cynthia A 2016-01-22 Active
Vorel Construction, Inc. % Steven Gonzalez, 4063 Henderson Boulevard, Tampa Gonzalez, Steven 1986-10-02 Inactive
Quick Construction Solutions, Llc 4501 N. Saint Vincent St., Tampa Linares, Marisela 2013-04-22 Active
Balla Schmidt Construction, Incorporated 400 E Martin Luther King Blvd., Suite 110, Tampa Balla, Daniel Rpres 2006-09-06 Active
Aarias Construction Inc 6510 Alta Monte Dr, Tampa Pinnacle Accounting Llc 2016-03-14 Inactive
Angelo Retamozo Construction Co. % Donald A. Smith, Jr., 412 E. Madison St., #909, Landmark Bank, Tampa Smith, Donald A., Jr. 1984-04-10 Inactive
Lantes Construction Services Llc 1201 N New Jersey, Tampa Lantes, Lazaro R 2003-07-01 Active
Recio Construction Llc. 8110 N. 12th St, Tampa Galindez, Jose A 2009-02-13 Inactive
Concrete Construction, Inc. 715 Swann Ave., Tampa Gregory, William P. 1990-10-19 Inactive
FLA Construction, Llc 301 W. Platt St., Suite 351, Tampa Sicignano, Robert A 2008-01-22 Inactive
Earl Pippin Construction, Inc. 4007 Inman St., Tampa Pippin, Earl 1993-04-13 Inactive
I & J Construction, Inc. 8516 Twin Lakes Blvd., Tampa Little, I. L. 1977-03-14 Inactive
Xpert Construction & Management, Llc 2802 E. Wilder Ave., Suite 1 A, Tampa Amar, Nabile 2007-11-26 Inactive
Veronica Construction Services Inc 6111 N. Armenia Ave., Tampa Dominguez, Jose J 2006-03-16 Active
ZJ Development And Construction, Inc. 3333 Henderson Blvd Suite 150, Tampa Riley, Steven 1995-12-18 Inactive
H And H High Tech Construction, Inc. % Donald Harrison, 1324 Divot Lane, Tampa Harrison, Donald 1986-07-30 Inactive
Angel Construction Llc 3105 W. Osborne Ave, Tampa Morales Angel, Yoel 2012-12-28 Inactive
Hammersley Construction Services, Llc 7401 Armand Dr., Tampa Hammersley, Timothy 2013-11-21 Inactive
Fonseca Construction Co. Inc. 5510 N. Himes Ave., Apt. 205, Tampa Fonseca, Gilberto 2006-02-16 Inactive
Moore For Less Construction Services, Inc. 3612 E Knollwood St, Tampa Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. 2004-01-02 Inactive
Kal-Mar Construction, Inc. 5312 Hwy. 92 West, Plant City Martin, Carey Dean 1967-11-03 Active
JIMS Construction Services Inc 9208 Sabalridge Grove Pl, 104, Tampa Bernal Caicedo, John C 2014-10-30 Active
Fiesta Pools & Construction, Inc. 308 N. Howard Avenue, Tampa Mondello, Sam 1979-08-01 Inactive
Willis Corroon Construction Services Corporation Of Florida 7560 Courtney Campbell Causeway, Ste. 920, Tampa Dunn, James W 1989-05-03 Inactive
Cobalt Construction And Design, Inc. 213 N. Hesperides St, Tampa White, Darren A 2001-05-18 Active
J. B. All Construction Corp 812 East Bounganvillea Ave, Tampa Benitez, Jose R 2006-09-25 Inactive
L& E Construction And More, Llc 10921 Airview Dr, Tampa Santiago, Enrique F 2014-03-21 Inactive
Z And B Masonry Construction Inc 8409 North 20th St, Tampa Garcia, Zeferino 2016-04-28 Active
KCI Construction Services Llc 10401 Highland Manor Drive, Suite 120, Tampa Corporation Service Company 2013-05-07 Active
Mixon Environmental & Construction Llc 14502 Brentwood Dr, Tampa Daniel, Dalfino W 2010-09-13 Active
Angelo Power Construction, Inc. 8801 Poe Drive, Tampa Perez, Angel Pres 2006-10-16 Inactive
Victor Mf Constructions. Inc 1305 17 Ave N, Tampa Fernandez, Victor M, Sr 2014-03-07 Inactive
J.K. Enterprises Construction Company, Inc. 4320 West El Prado Blvd. Ste 16, Tampa Gonzalez, Joe Mesq. 1995-06-12 Inactive
KAIK Construction Inc 4217 North Sandalwood Circle, Tampa Kaik, Antonio F 2012-06-04 Active
Valles Construction Llc 8324 Iberia Pl, Tampa Valles, Pierre M 2008-05-13 Inactive
Rock Solid Construction & Development Inc. 3501 Bessie Colieman Blvd. #25592, 1, Tampa Okoye Morgan 2005-09-08 Active
A.A. Monark Construction Corporation 1532 Land O'Lakes Blvd., Suite A, Lutz Tilton, Robert L 1982-05-11 Inactive
Vector Construction Systems, Inc. 333 N. Faulkenburg Road, Suite B-203, Tampa Holloway, Michael T 1996-02-28 Inactive
A.A.R. Construction Services Inc 8322 N. Boulevard, Tampa Felix, Jesus 2007-11-27 Inactive
C & C Florida Construction Tb Inc. 3415 W Hillsborough Ave Ste 614, Tampa Caraballo, Yasser 2009-07-08 Inactive
Daniel Archbell Construction Company 6815 32nd Avenue South, Tampa Archbell, Pamela 2004-01-07 Inactive
Universal Construction Services, Inc. 824 East Fletcher Avenue, Tampa Ward, Ken 1991-10-04 Inactive
Blake - Ezell Construction, Inc. 808 West Waters Avenue, Tampa Hudock, Leslie Wms. 2005-03-07 Inactive
Victor Construction Llc 1607 E Henry Ave, Tampa Baranyay, Viktor 2009-08-24 Inactive
JOSE Rivera Construction Corporation 5106 Serena Dr., Tampa Rivera, Jose A 2006-02-20 Inactive
Ship Construction Strategies, Inc. 4427 West Kenndy Blvd, 200, Tampa Thomas Craig & Associates 1992-12-24 Active
J A Villegas Construction Corp 4313 W Oklahoma Ave, Tampa Villegas, Jorge 2016-01-29 Active
AAM Construction & Renovations Llc 7020 N Oregon Ave, Tampa Mendoza, Armando 2013-09-24 Active
Mark Alan Cheek Construction Corp. 7914 Pat Blvd., Tampa Cheek, Paul M 2003-11-07 Active
Y.A. Garcia Construction Corp. 12421 N Florida Avenue, Suite B-125, Tampa Garcia, Yolando A 2004-06-25 Inactive
William Miller Construction Llc 12720 Saddle Club Circle, Apt 202, Tampa Miller Ii, William R 2012-03-21 Active
M&R Construction Services Inc 10106 Springtree Cir, Tampa Eleutice, Mark A 2010-04-26 Inactive
J & B Construction Management, Llc 3025 Lake Ellen Drive, Tampa Whitehead, John P 2014-02-06 Inactive
Zapin Construction Services, Llc 2707 West Cluster Ave, Tampa Zapata Pinzon, Julio 2013-07-09 Active
Angell Contracting And Construction, Inc. 4013 W. Cayuga St., Tampa Angell, Chad 1989-09-12 Active
03 Construction Services Inc." 3006 N Tampa St, Tampa Moyano, Eduardo Jr. 2005-09-01 Inactive
Turino Construction Llc 6616 N Church Ave, Apt D, Tampa Turino, Aramis 2013-11-12 Inactive
E C Viveiros Construction Corporation 6161 Memorial Hwy, #1410, Tampa 4Madi Services Inc 2011-07-08 Inactive
Y And Y Construction And Remodeling Inc 10303 Bramblewood Pl, Tampa Hernandez Cabrera, Yosbel Sr 2005-07-08 Inactive
Carrington E. Barrs Construction Company 2510 Conley Ave, Tampa Salem, Richard J. 1986-07-03 Active
1st A.R Construction L.L.C 607 Missionwoode Dr., Tampa Rodriguez, Andres 2016-01-22 Active
Van Metre Construction Corporation C/O Phyllis T. Johnson, 501 W. Horatio St., Tampa Johnson, Phyllis T. 1988-04-15 Inactive
Torbek Construction, Inc. 5364 Chrlich Rd. #152, Tampa West, George V 1995-04-03 Inactive
O. Cerno Construction, Inc. 7725 Judi Lynn Drive, Tampa Cerna, Oscar 2006-02-27 Inactive
Diversified Cable Construction, Inc. % Leo Larkin, 9220 Lazy Ln, Tampa Larkin, Leo 1987-08-27 Inactive
J&A Alvarez Construction Corp 1365 Autumn Dr, Lot 300, Tampa Pasan Investment, Inc 2015-09-24 Active
Mainlands Construction Co., Inc. 1201 Swann Avenue, Tampa Lopez, Al R., Jr. 1979-06-19 Inactive
Classic Construction And Realty, Inc. 12810 Olive Jones Road, Tampa Jones, Bruce 1986-03-26 Inactive
Reconstruction, Inc. 303 E. Whitehall Court, #C, Tampa Boone, Gloria M 1996-10-07 Inactive
Masterkraft Construction Co., Inc. 6910 W. Waters Avenue, Suite 812, Tampa Rivet, Ron 1992-02-10 Inactive
O.C. Professional Construction Llc 8501 Lee Pl, Tampa Cruz, Orlando 2014-03-19 Active
C & C Florida Construction Inc. 8011 N Clark Ave, Tampa Caraballo, Yasser 2007-06-04 Inactive
O & G Construction, Llc 3225 S. MacDill Ave, Suite 313, Tampa Granai, Jason Fmgrm 2005-11-17 Inactive
Sitecon Construction And Utilities Llc 411 S Oregon Ave, Tampa Kozlowski, Renee 2016-03-04 Active
Bide Construction, Inc. 9914 North Nebraska Ave., Tampa Dessler, James F. 1984-07-17 Inactive
University Properties Construction Corporation 1017A South Highway 301, Tampa Berns, Martin S 1978-10-26 Inactive