Florida Corporations

Jurisdiction: Florida State
Source: Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations

This dataset includes 1.6 million business entities (corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and trademarks) registered with Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, agent name, agent address, entity status, type, officer, and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Sycorax Media, Inc 728 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth Corporation Service Company 2016-03-18 Active
I360 Media, Inc 233 Monterey Ave, St. Augustine Readle Scarpitti, Lura 2016-01-29 Active
Oak Media 561 Llc 2285 Palm Rd, West Palm Beach Beiler, Michael E 2016-01-19 Active
I.E. Media Inc. 1275 S. W. Martin Highway, #114, Palm City Woodbury, Robert R 2015-11-04 Active
Print Media Llc 2247 Northlake Pkwy, 4th FL, Tucker C T Corporation System 2015-10-26 Active
Beach Media Group Llc 25860 Aysen Drive, Punta Gorda Hay, Michael A 2015-10-21 Active
Wellspring Mediation And Counseling, L.L.C. 7316 Lismore Ct, Orlando Metivier, Frederick 2014-11-25 Inactive
Zeus Media Group Llc 400 Alton Road #2103, Miami Beach Dobi, Imre 2014-05-27 Inactive
BHHB Marketing And Media Partners Inc 10700 Nw 66 St, 312, Doral Herrera, Juan R 2014-05-02 Active
Media Trust Entertainment Inc. 5318 Calarosa Ranch Road, Camarillo Asher, Miriam 2014-04-30 Inactive
Quick Mediation Solutions, L.L.C. 2326 Sw Frisco Terrace, Port Saint Lucie Hellberg, Melody A 2014-03-03 Active
Bridge The Divide Media, Llc 933 Palm Cove Dr, Orlando Pringle, William B, Iii,Esq 2013-12-23 Active
Zoohouse Graphic Design & Media, Llc 4222 Prince Hall Blvd, Orlando Lee, Terry L, Jr. 2013-11-19 Inactive
Niles Media Group, Inc. 9420 Liberty Dr, Liberty Corporate Filing Solutions, Llc 2013-11-12 Active
X2 Niche Media Solutions, Inc. 31720 Sw 213th Avenue, Miami Cuellar De Varona, Betty 2013-09-24 Active
CHG Intermediate Holdings, Inc. 7259 South Bingham Junction Blvd., Midvale Nrai Services, Inc 2013-05-28 Active
Race Media Usa Inc 1576 Bella Cruz Dr, Suite 432, The Villages Fortin, Theodore M 2013-01-09 Inactive
K2 Media, Inc. 755 Grand Blvd,, Ste B105-274, Miramar Beach Kessler, Natalie 2012-07-06 Active
Zoom Media Labs, Llc 15 Paradise Plaza, 211, Sarasota Rsl Holdings, Llc 2012-04-04 Inactive
H&I Digital Media Llc 1229 Salt Lake Dr, Tarpon Springs Idleman, Jen 2012-01-30 Inactive
Innermedia Llc 5120 Post Oak Lane, Naples Becvar, Brian 2011-11-08 Active
Marxmediates, Llc 901 Ne 3rd Street, #103, Fort Lauderdale Marx, Lauren M 2011-10-10 Inactive
S2 Interactive Media, Inc. 8870 N Himes Avenue, Suite #246, Tampa Radaker, Kerry 2011-04-29 Inactive
Vueroom Media, Llc 8815 Conroy Windermere Rd, Orlando Payne, Rayon 2010-09-09 Inactive
I-Guides Media Inc 3824 S. Shoreline Drive, Milford Mills, Keith 2010-07-22 Inactive
Political Media, Llc 500 Park Blvd South; Aldea Mar Unit 72, Venice American Safety Council, Inc 2010-07-02 Inactive
S3 Media Group, Inc. 1717 E 5th Avenue, Tampa Schleicher, Kurt Pj 2010-05-25 Active
Lyric Media, Inc. 902 Harvest Pointe Drive, Fort Mill Duffy, Jim 2010-05-10 Active
Mediation Navigation, Inc. 7700 North Kendall Drive, Suite 512, Miami McMurray, L. H 2010-04-29 Inactive
Rainmaker Multimedia Group, Incorporated 202 Sand Pine Rd., Indialantic Dickerson, Sean 2010-02-01 Inactive
Media Giant Holdings, Llc. 4106 Okeechobee Rd, Fort Pierce Simnett, Richard J 2009-12-04 Active
E50 Media, Inc. 4409 Hoffner Avenue, Suite 107, Belle Isle Willsey, Alan G 2009-09-29 Active
T26 Media Group, Inc. 7635 Asshley Park Court, Suite 503-I, Orlando Scott, Anthony T 2009-08-03 Inactive
ZP Media Group Llc 16203 Bridgepark Dr, Lithia Zapf, William 2009-06-18 Active
T2 Multimedia Group, Inc. 1 North 4th Street, Suite 204, Fernandina Beach Parker, Patricia 2009-06-08 Inactive
Belenis Media Llc 4969 Riverside Dr., Coral Springs Belen, Vallejo 2009-05-22 Inactive
Ronnie Boone Multimedia Services, Inc. 2575 40th Ave N, St. Petersburg Boone, Ronald A 2009-05-04 Inactive
K12 Multimedia Inc. 5550 Nw 61st Street, 530, Coconut Creek Green, Kirk A 2008-09-25 Inactive
Tablespoon Media, Inc. 380 Gulf Breeze Blvd, Venice Van Alstine, Susan 2008-08-01 Inactive
M1 Media Inc 4481 Riverwatch Drive, 202, Bonita Springs McCurdy, William F 2008-04-09 Active
Cl Media, Inc. 5501 Merchants View Square, 727, Haymarket Walters, Lawrence Gesq 2008-03-27 Active
Mediation Group Of Duval, Inc 1919 Blanding Blvd, Jacksonville Romanello, Duane C 2008-02-12 Inactive
Acronym Media, Inc. 350 5th Avenue, Suite 6520, New York Ct Corporation System 2007-10-18 Active
S2N Media Group Inc. 8230 46th E. Ct, Sarasota Rada, Rocio 2007-06-27 Inactive
M305 Media, Inc 800 Crandon Blvd, Ste 201, Key Biscayne Morales, Carlos Alberto 2007-03-09 Inactive
I-3 Media Group, Inc. 1101 North Lake Destiny Road, 300, Maitland Johnson, Horton S 2006-07-31 Inactive
S5 Media Group, Inc. 2914 Roosevelt Blvd, Clearwater Trax Sports Cafe And Music Hall 2006-04-17 Inactive
Heritage Christian Counseling And Mediation Inc. 314 Kassik Circle, Orlando Lee, Charles 2006-02-15 Inactive
Formula 5 Media, Llc 1477 Ash Circle, # 203, Casselberry Guerrette, Keith A 2005-09-13 Inactive
S3 Media, Inc. 2002 E. 5th Ave, 107, Tampa Smith, Darian T 2005-06-09 Inactive
Brave World Media, Llc 1080 Woodcock Road, Suite 100, Orlando Maly, Gerald 2005-04-13 Inactive
Vision Telemedia, Inc. One East Broward Blvd, #700, Ft Lauderdale Pierson, Thomas F 2004-08-05 Inactive
R2 Media Group, Inc. 11433 Vicolo Loop, Windermere Hall, Rodney 2004-06-03 Inactive
Magic Media, Inc. P O Box 743, Duncan 2004-04-19 Inactive
O.A.A. Media, Inc. 314 Simonton Street, Key West Corporation Service Company 2003-11-17 Inactive
Hardfacts Media, Inc. 3430 E Russell Rd, Suite 301-02, Las Vegas Mernan & Associates Inc. 2003-06-06 Inactive
M1 Media, Inc. 10007 Bridgeton Drive, Tampa McCurdy, William 2003-03-10 Inactive
Zerotype Digital Media, Inc. 1551 West Ave, 1, Miami Beach McGovern, Kevin K 2003-02-14 Inactive
Regal Cinemedia Corporation 7132 Regal Lane, Knoxville C T Corporation System 2002-12-16 Active
K2K End Media, Inc. 1931 S Praire Dunes Court, Oviedo Labret, Steven M 2002-10-21 Inactive
OMAG Media, Inc. 1078 Downton Rd, Baltimore Adair, Roberto C 2002-09-27 Inactive
Iomediapartners, Inc. 2042 N. Laura St., Jacksonville 2002-07-02 Inactive
I2I Media, Inc. 7025 County Road 46A, Suite 1071 - Box 105, Lake Mary Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. 2002-04-23 Active
Feedbag Media, Inc. 11 Saddle Ridge Dr, West Hartford Business Filings Incorporated 2001-10-18 Inactive
E4 Media, Inc. 142 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach American Information Services, Inc. 2001-08-15 Inactive
T3 Multimedia, Inc. 6742 Forest Hill Blvd. #213, West Palm Beach Stillwell, Karla 2001-08-06 Inactive
Oakdale Media, Inc. 1452 E. Bloomingdale Ave, Valrico Grouse, Michael 2001-07-05 Active
O2 Media, Inc. 3860 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach Klein, Patricia Esq 2001-05-01 Active
Multi-Media Group Of Tallahassee, Inc. 4636 Lebanon Pike, #255, Hermitage Rickman, David 2000-08-28 Active
VELA Media Group, Inc. 14629 Sw 104th Street, #134, Miami Vela, Enrique Jjr 2000-07-07 Inactive
Aanblik Media, Inc. Pmb 505, 11705 Boyette Road, Riverview Financial Foundations, Inc. 2000-05-19 Inactive
K C Multimedia, Inc. 1550 S. Dixie Hwy, #219, Coral Gables Cereceda, Kemel A 1999-11-24 Inactive
Blixt Media, Inc. 341 N. Maitland Avenue, Suite 120, Maitland Katz, Lawrence H 1999-10-26 Inactive
XACT Media, Inc. 780 Ne 69 Street, 502, Miami Verebay, Layne 1999-05-05 Active
Ion Media Of Hartford, Inc. 601 Clearwater Park Road, West Palm Beach Frye, Bianca F 1998-12-03 Active
Ion Media Hartford License, Inc. 601 Clearwater Park Road, West Palm Beach Frye, Bianca F 1998-12-03 Active
Ion Media Hartford Holdings, Inc. 601 Clearwater Park Rd, West Palm Beach Watson, William L 1998-12-03 Inactive
SAAX Media, Inc. 6375 4th Avenue South, St. Petersburg Rose, Brent 1998-09-04 Inactive
Ion Media Entertainment, Inc. 601 Clearwater Park Road, West Palm Beach Frye, Bianca F 1998-08-18 Active
Ion Media Of Indianapolis, Inc. 601 Clearwater Park Road, West Palm Beach Frye, Bianca F 1998-08-13 Active
Ion Media Of Des Moines, Inc. 601 Clearwater Road, West Palm Beach Frye, Bianca F 1998-02-11 Active
Mediaworks Partners L.C. 2403 Trade Center Way, Suite 3, Napels Enright, Daniel 1997-10-08 Inactive
Ion Media Of Fayetteville, Inc. 601 Clearwater Park Road, West Palm Beach Frye , Bianca F 1997-07-28 Active
Ion Media Of Washington, Inc. 601 Clearwater Park Road, West Palm Beach Frye, Bianca F 1996-10-16 Active
Ion Media Lptv, Inc. 601 Clearwater Park Road, West Palm Beach Frye, Bianca F 1996-02-02 Active
Benchmark Media Services, Inc. 3800 Annapolis Lane North, Plymouth Ct Corporation System 1995-04-28 Inactive
Ion Media Of Orlando, Inc. 601 Clearwater Park Road, West Palm Beach Frye, Bianca F 1995-01-12 Active
Mediaworks Of South Florida, Inc. 1001 Three Islands Blvd #41, Hallandale Dewlow, David 1994-08-23 Inactive
M3 Media Consultants, Inc. 450 Norma Court, Punta Gorda Meis, Alan D 1993-06-14 Active
Quality Multi-Media Corporation 350 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach Klein, Jeffrey G. 1990-11-06 Inactive
SWM Media Buying Group, Inc. % Myers,Myers & Adams Advertising (P.Myers, 938 N. Victoria , Ft. Lauderdale C T Corporation System 1990-06-29 Inactive
Mediavision Productions, Inc. % Michael J. Locigno, 6499 Timber Lane, Boca Raton Fl 33433 Locigno, Michael J. 1989-11-06 Inactive
DADE Mediation, Inc. P.O. Box 830503, Miami Canner, Gary 1989-10-17 Inactive
COX Media, Inc. 6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Atlanta 1982-06-18 Inactive
Labow Transmedia Productions, U.S.A., Incorporated Rporated, 3745 Torey Pines Blvd., Sarasota Russell, Jeffrey S. 1980-02-25 Inactive
Montjoy Media Inc. 842 Meridian Avenue #3C, Miami Beach Russell, Patrick Esq. 2009-05-20 Inactive
Premiere Media, Inc. 1320 S. Dixie Hwy., Ste. 830, Coral Gables Breier, Robert G 1997-10-28 Inactive
Educational Book And Media Association, Inc. Brian Gorg, 11 Main St., Suite D, Warrenton Registered Agents Inc 1986-09-08 Active
Healthcare Mediation Services, Inc. 1251 Rudder Ln, Osprey Nash, Richard H 1994-09-16 Inactive
Major Media Of The Southeast, Inc. 7751 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie C T Corporation System 1980-02-21 Inactive