Florida Corporations
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Jurisdiction:Florida State
Source:Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations

This dataset includes 1.6 million business entities (corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and trademarks) registered with Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, agent name, agent address, entity status, type, officer, and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
The Young Boss Foundation Inc. 7836 Nw 167th Terrace, Miami Lakes Moreno, Ramon J, Jr. 2016-07-08 Active
W 76 Street Mm, Llc. 7735 Nw 146 Street, Suite #306, Miami Lakes Swezy, Lewis V 2015-11-24 Active
Deflores Inc 5650 W 26th Ct, 205, Hialeah Flores Reyes, Enrique R 2014-04-03 Inactive
QP Art & Design, Inc. 2555 W 65th St, Hialeah Puente, Alicia 2014-01-07 Active
O.Xpress Inc 10090 Nw 80 Ct Apt 1415, Hialeah Juan, Oscar 2013-10-31 Inactive
Hair By Pink Llc 6535 W 27th Ct, 24, Hialeah Mathrin, Maxwell 2013-03-12 Inactive
Michigan Apartments, Llc 16520 Nw 77th Place, Miami Lakes Jacqueline A. Salcines, Pa 2012-06-28 Active
Luciano Motors, Inc. 2620 West 79 Street, Hialeah Goss, Kenneth 2011-10-17 Inactive
Easy Pharma Corp 16881 Nw 80 Ct, Miami Gbs Consultants, Inc. 2011-02-08 Active
D.B.S.Enterprise Llc 7953 Nw 161 Terrace, Miami Lakes Serrano, Beatriz R 2009-12-14 Inactive
New Design Center Inc 1018 Nw 47 Street, Miami Sanchez, Rafael 2007-11-08 Inactive
J-B Income Tax & Credit Services Corp 2033 West 62 Street, Suite # 218, Hialeah Hernandez, Lazaro 2006-08-14 Inactive
K9 International, Llc 15476 Nw 77 Ct. #610, Miami Lakes Artiles, Agustin F 2005-09-30 Active
Maxlife Medical Center, Inc. 7600 West 20th Ave, 108, Hialeah Balbin, Giamny 2005-07-22 Inactive
M&J Palmetto L.L.C. 7150 W 20th Ave M-131, Hialeah Gerassimos, Vardaramatos 2005-01-05 Active
X-Treme Speed, Inc. 8083 Nw 103 St, Hialeah Gardens Dunn, Lowell Ssr 2003-10-01 Inactive
Yelay Medical Supply Inc 2217 W 80 St, Unit #5, Hialeah Linares, Orlando 2003-01-09 Inactive
First Trucking International, Inc. 8001 Nw 64 Street, Miami Garcia, Maribel Pdt 2002-10-22 Inactive
First Class Insurance Group Inc. 6930 W 27 Ave, Hialeah Gonzalez, Eloy D 2001-08-17 Inactive
Z & A Sister Enterprise, Inc. 8041 North West 169th Terrace, Miami Lakes Le Caridad Collazo, Katrina De 2000-10-13 Inactive
ZOTZ International, Inc. 10090 N.W. 80th Court, #1443, Hialeah Gardens Valdes, Andres J 2000-06-21 Inactive
Public Transportation Specialist, Inc. 7735 Nw 146 Street #100, Miami Lakes Renaud, Jose M 1999-04-01 Active
Recliner Depot, Inc. 8081 W 21 E Palmetto Lakes, Hialeah Calzadilla, Alberto 1998-08-07 Inactive
How Cool, Inc. 2646 West 84th Street, Hialeah Fischer, Ana 1997-03-03 Inactive
F & C International Corp. 10258 Nw 129 St, Hialeah Gardens Viera, Carlos R 1996-03-11 Inactive
Bravo Truck Services, Inc. 7713 W 31 Ct, Hialeah Bravo, Rafael A 1996-02-01 Inactive
JANE Hernandez-Ing, M.D., P.A. 7150 W. 20th Avenue, Suite 318, Hialeah Auerbach, Marc H 1995-02-17 Active
Quality Service Of Dade, Inc. 2750 West 68th Street, Suite 113-178, Miami Saravia, Felipe 1994-06-14 Inactive
Kislak Realty Group, Inc. 7900 Miami Lakes Drive West, Miami Lakes Brafman, Howard J. 1992-10-21 Inactive
Healthcare Expansions, Inc. 6490 W 20th Ave, Hialeah Penzer, Mark 1992-07-10 Inactive
ZEMA Enterprises, Inc. 15145 N.W. 88 Court, Hialeah Inacio, Jose M 1991-11-07 Inactive
Zodiac Enterprise Services Corp. 2235 W. 77th St., Hialeah Rebolledo, Freddy A. 1991-07-03 Inactive
C & C Professional, Inc. 5332 West 23 Court, Hialeah Valdes, Miriam D. 1991-02-06 Inactive
Public Safety Devices, International, Inc. 8200 Nw 103rd St, Hialeah Gardens Paz, Oscar, Jr. 1989-09-15 Inactive
Bravo Retouch, Inc. % Carlos M. Moran, 6283 West 24th Ave, Hialeah Gardens Moran, Carlos M. 1987-10-15 Inactive
Phire Brand Llc 5424 W. 26th Ave., Hialeah United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2013-12-18 Inactive
ZUMA Enterprise, Inc. 2730 West 78 Street, Hialeah Rodriguez, Marcial 1993-10-05 Active
Women'S Investor Group, Llc 14160 Nw 77 Ct., 33, Miami Lakes Delgado, Oscar J 2013-02-18 Inactive
Ramsy Investment Corp 9553 West Okeechobee Rd, Hialeah Gardens Garcia, Hiram 2006-10-04 Active
J.V.V Trucking Company 13600 Nw 97 Ave., Hialeah Gardens Espinosa, Juan C 1998-03-11 Inactive
GUTI Investments Corp. 6939 W 24 Ct, Hialeah Gutierrez, Jose 2009-02-27 Inactive
Fonseca Patient Services, Corp. 2410 W. 52 Terrace, Hialeah Bermudez, Maria 1992-07-09 Inactive
Voice And Data Communications Equipment, Inc. 9500 Nw 77 Ave, B-11, Hialeah Gardens Silva, Francisco 2003-06-25 Inactive
F A Construction S Fla Corp 10090 Nw 80 Court Bldg 5, 1133, Hialeah Antelo, Eduardo 2012-05-07 Inactive
Anndy Designs Inc 5918 W.26th Avenue, Hialeah Titus, Felix 2001-06-18 Inactive
Concepts In Optics, Inc. 14072 Nw 82nd Ave, Miami Lakes Darata, Ronald 1998-10-07 Inactive
Quality Therapy Services Corp 16861 Nw 77 Place, Miami Lakes Lopez Gonzalez, Frank 2013-10-11 Inactive
Neptune Kingdom Productions, Inc. 7191 W 24 Ave - Ste 31, Hialeah Beltran, Barbara F 2005-12-06 Inactive
Tour & Travel Marketing Associates Corp. 8160 West 26th Avenue, Hialeah Hethington, Vincent 1999-04-08 Inactive
Shaday Medical Equipment, Inc. 2750 West 76th Street, Suite 204, Hialeah Gardens Socarras, Ligia 1994-03-09 Inactive
La Rosa Of Hialeah Gardens Restaurant Inc. 10550 Nw 77th Court, Hialeah Gardens Cruz, Angelo 1999-01-11 Inactive
Community Medical Centers, Inc. 3127 W Hallandale Blvd, Hallandale Palenzuela, Roberto L. 1992-12-22 Inactive
Orion Of Miami, Inc. 8245 W 36th Avenue, Hialeah Gardens Hernandez, David 1994-05-12 Inactive
Euroamerican Body Shop Corp. 10550 N.W. 77 Ct. #304, Hialeah Campos, Eduardo A. 1991-11-12 Inactive
Q.A. Sub Of South Florida, Inc. 2451 West 68 Street,, 5, Hialeah Abreu, Lazaro 2009-11-04 Inactive
Easy Solutions Danny Corp. 5255 West 26 Ave, 14, Hialeah Garcia Pelegrin, Danilo A 2015-09-16 Active
JMC Diversified Enterprises, Inc. 8838 N.W. 108 Lane, Hialeah Gardens Osman, L. Michael 1989-08-21 Inactive
Mayda Rodriguez, P.A. 16740 Nw 80th Ct, Miami Lakes Rodriguez, Mayda 2008-02-26 Inactive
Orange Accountable Care Of South Florida, Llc 14750 Nw 77 Court, Suite 309, Miami Lakes Exposito, Lissette 2014-03-10 Active
At Your Service Express Inc 2345-B West 69 St, Hialeah Rodriguez, Caridad 2008-10-03 Inactive
Brave Investments Inc. 2500 W. 56th St., 1207, Miami United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2014-06-10 Inactive
V & Y Care Corporation 16902 Nw 83 Ave, Miami Lakes Soler, Vivian 2006-07-25 Inactive
Year Round Management Company 8053 Nw 155 St, Miami Lakes Carvajal, Arturo 1998-08-03 Inactive
Recreation Foodservices Management, Inc. 8352 Dundee Terrace, Miami Lakes Trimble, Craig S 2000-01-27 Active
J And C Health Clinic, Inc 8060 Nw 155th St, 100, Miami Lakes Montero, Sandra M 2014-04-16 Inactive
Real Trucking Service Corp 9695 Nw 79th Ave, Unit 29, Miami Piacquadio, Ettore 2015-07-14 Inactive
XZ Natural Lab Corp. 2431 West 80th Street, Unit 4, Hialeah Avila, Juan Carlos 2015-06-15 Inactive
LAZO Transport Services Inc 7275 W 24 Ave, Apt 141, Hialeah Hernandez, Suriel 2011-03-29 Inactive
J And R Hauling Corp. 2589 W. 76th Street, 107, Hialeah Gallinal, Juan A 2009-08-14 Inactive
Mr Gummy Vitamins Llc 12815 Nw 45th Ave, Unit 4, Opa Locka Rodriguez, Nelson 2013-06-05 Active
Lieberman And Goldstein Enterprises, Inc. 14411 Commerce Way Suite 320, Miami Lakes Forrest, Linda 2006-05-19 Inactive
Quorum Development Group, Llc 14341 Glencairn Road, Miami Lakes Camilo, Aguirre 2005-03-25 Inactive
Zoredal Corporation 9811 Nw 80th Ave., Bay 7-R, Hialeah Gardens Morales, Zoraida 1993-07-09 Inactive
Xtreme Barricades, Llc 8030 Nw 159 Ter, Miami Lakes Cabanas, Ivette Pres 2009-01-09 Inactive
E & A Express Inc 2582 W 56th St Apt 202, Hialeah Iglesias, Yoel Benitez 2014-08-14 Inactive
Liberty Fts, Llc 2097 West 76th Street, Hialeah Dieppa Law Firm, P.A. 2013-07-23 Inactive
K & N Services Inc. 9805 N.W. 80 Avenue, Suite 13-H, Hialeah Gardens Severo, Naym V 2002-10-16 Inactive
Oak Hill Development , Llc 16206 N.W. 83 Ct., Miami Lakes Sergio R. Penton, Pa 2006-05-22 Inactive
A.And S.Knitting, Inc. 10030 N.E. 79 Ave., Hialeah Gardens Gredinger, Jacob 1977-07-11 Inactive
K & M Patient Care Corporation 8122 Nw 103rd St., Hialeah Gardens Lopez, Killiam 1996-09-03 Inactive
Xtreme Appliances Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. 6615 W 22 Lane, Hialeah Fernandez, Wilfredo 2010-08-25 Active
M&J Envios Corp 8050 Nw 103th St Suite 102, Hialeah Gardens Quinones, Mayi 2013-03-18 Active
Quality Metal Finish Corp 7279 W 24 Ave Suite 247, Hialeah Munoz, Carlos 2009-07-17 Inactive
Vice Communications Express, Inc. % Nestor L. Guillen, 2108 W 62nd St, Hialeah Guillen, Nestor L. 1988-03-30 Inactive
Team International (USA), Inc. 15476 Northwest 77 Court, Suite 437, Miami Lakes Amerilawyer Chartered 1996-06-13 Inactive
MIKE Choi, Do, Llc 7150 W 20th Ave, Suite 215, Hialeah Pinchasik . Strongin . Muskat. Stein & Co 2009-07-24 Inactive
OMZ Industries Llc 2545 W. 80th St, Unit 5, Hialeah Zemmama, Omar 2015-12-28 Active
Zoombargains Llc 8421 Dundee Terrace, Miami Lakes Ruano, Jose L 2012-08-01 Inactive
Fonte Design Group Inc. 7950 W 26 Avenue, Hialeah Fonte, Richard 2013-09-16 Active
Oscar Aircraft Corp. 8009 Nw 154 Street, #259, Miami Torrecilla, Oscar O 1993-01-27 Inactive
Maxtax, Inc 14750 Nw 77th Court, Suite 204, Miami Lakes Dangervil, Chad 2010-12-15 Active
Lakes Surgical Center, Llc 2100 West 76 Street, 101, Hialeah Paradela, Ruben T 2005-01-27 Inactive
Hamilton Property Management, Llc 14411 Commerce Way, Ste 305, Miami Lakes Perez, Sugeil M 2008-08-06 Inactive
Law Offices Of Anyelin Mesa, Esq., Pa 7900 Nw 154th Street, 202, Miami Lakes Coto, Rene Eesq 2011-07-08 Active
Y & A Corporation 5350 West 21st Court, #306, Hialeah Rios, Aida C 1999-07-29 Inactive
Ramay Enterprises, Incorporated % Raul Gomez, 5430 W. 27th Court, Hialeah Gomez, Raul 1993-08-23 Inactive
VICO Restoration Contractors Llc 2648 West 84th Street, Hialeah, Hialeah Ivanez, Raul O 2011-07-22 Active
LS Lender, Llc 7735 Nw 146th Street, Suite 306, Miami Lakes B&C Corporate Services Of Central Florida, 2014-02-26 Active
QMI Group, Inc 7961 Nw 169th Terr, Miami Lakes Quiros, Nestor 2014-07-25 Active
Bridge Capital Leasing, Inc. 215 Schilling Circle, Suite. 100, Hunt Valley 2012-03-23 Inactive