Florida Corporations
Zip 33035

Jurisdiction: Florida State
Source: Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations

This dataset includes 1.6 million business entities (corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and trademarks) registered with Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, agent name, agent address, entity status, type, officer, and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
P.S.A. Construction Services Inc. 2060 Southeast 17th Court, Homestead Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. 2013-08-06 Inactive
Fish Investments, Inc. C/O Patrick Gleber, 888 Kingman Road, Homestead Msj Corporate Services Llc 2012-11-21 Active
WOKE Transport Inc 2908 Se 17 Ave, Unit 100, Homestead Maradiaga, Alicia A 2012-09-07 Inactive
Homesteadmed, Pa 2640 Fairways Dr., Homestead Lynn, Sandra Tesq. 2005-12-28 Inactive
Q-Wares.Com, Llc 1865 Se 13th St, Homestead Thompson, Queron 2010-04-08 Inactive
Totally Wright Llc 2735 Se 16th Avenue, 201, Homestead Wright, Travis L 2015-01-29 Inactive
Rocky Deaver Consulting Inc. 2819 Augusta ;Ane, Homestead Deaver, Harold 2010-04-16 Inactive
Vladimir Diaz, Md., Pa. 1738 Egret Road, Homestead Diaz, Vladimir 2007-07-24 Active
The Associates Network Llc 2721 Se 12th Place, 105, Homestead Iliana Taleno & Associates Llc 2012-07-09 Inactive
Village Ceramics, Inc. 1314 S Fieldlark Lane, Homestead Bergeron, Rebecca 1987-12-04 Inactive
Brave Logistics, Inc. 1764 Sandpiper Blvd, Homestead Mesa, Bill 2006-06-27 Inactive
Brian Justice Pa 2875 Dunwoodie Pl, Homestead Justice, Brian 2012-01-13 Active
Mizecde Productions Corp 2009 Se 21st Ct, Homestead Zecdeneumostier, Milushka 2005-12-14 Active
Lorenzo & Andrea Spencer Ministries Inc. 2211 Se 24 Place, Homestead Spencer, Lorenzo 2007-07-13 Active
Trinus Llc 1923 Se 10th St, Homestead De Leon, Fernando 2011-10-11 Active
O D O Second Chance Llc 2210 Se 27th Drive, 205-A, Homestead Ormeno, Carlos C 2012-08-28 Inactive
Elm Home Inspection Services, Inc. 2633 Se 21st Ct, Homestead Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. 2002-06-10 Inactive
Jason R. Santiago, Cpa, P.A. 2140 Se 19th Avenue, Homestead Santiago, Jason R 2013-01-09 Active
Xtreme Painting & Remodeling Services, Inc. 1651 Se 28 Ct, Unit #205, Homestead Fletes, Jose R 2009-03-11 Inactive
Omarvaldes Inc 2761 Southeast 15th Road, Homestead Davis, Jackie 2014-07-15 Inactive
Blake'S Family Customer Service Work Inc 2731 Se 17th Ave, Unit 106, Homestead McDonald, Mandi M 2007-10-10 Inactive
Quest Construction Corp. 1127 Se 12th Terrace, Homestead Berg, Donald Lii 1994-02-28 Inactive
Fons Iuvenis, Corp. 3790 Alex Muxo Blvd, Homestead Martinez, Roman 2016-04-26 Active
Elite Travel & Tour Management Corporation 2721 Se 12th Place, Unit 105, Homestead Taleno, Iliana M 2010-04-26 Inactive
Quiksell Realty Inc 2921 Augusta Circle, Homestead Kahn, Richard M 2005-09-02 Inactive
Katherine Dew, Inc. 2001 Se 27th Drive, Homestead Dew, Katherine 2005-03-17 Inactive
Brave Logistics, Inc. 1764 Sandpiper Blvd, Homestead Mesa, Bill 2004-09-13 Inactive
E & C Express Usa Llc 1948 Se 21 Ct., Homestead Pineda, Jorge A 2012-01-25 Inactive
Z.A.B.'S Helping Hands, Corp. 1832 Se 15 Street, Homestead Jester, Shameka N 2013-09-11 Inactive
Ricovic Services, Corp. 2719 Se 15th Rd, Homestead Cardoso, Alfonso 2006-10-26 Inactive
Dirtcar, Inc. 1553 N. Bluebird Lane, Homestead Business Filings Incorporated 2003-10-29 Inactive
Miller'S Compactors And Balers Corp. 1663 Se 23 Way, Homestead Urra, Miller 2016-04-12 Active
Betzy B Haynes Express, Inc 1771 Se 18th Terrace, Homestead Haynes, Betzaida C 2015-09-10 Inactive
C & E Inspections Inc. 2066 Se 14th Street, Homestead Nunez, Carlos Jjr. 2012-05-04 Inactive
One Stop A To Z Multi Services, Inc 1249 S. Fieldlark Lane, Homestead Etienne, Jean Yves 2006-02-17 Inactive
Lorena Enterprises, Inc. 2967 Se 15th Ave, Homestead Andrade, Lorena P 2006-04-25 Inactive
Herandy Llc 1525 Se 2 Place, Homestead Esparragoza, Maria 2015-12-22 Active
Zurria Investments Llc 2603 Se 21 Court, 2603, Homestead Carbonaro, Angela 2010-08-09 Inactive
Virtual Quality Services Corp, 1212 San Remo Circle, Homestead Guevara, Lisamarie 2009-10-28 Inactive
Virtual Tech Desk, Llc 2930 Se 12th Rd. 101, Homestead Ramirez, Hector 2012-04-11 Inactive
LLH Enterprises, Inc. 29595 S. Dixie Hwy., Homestead Hill, Lawson 1990-07-03 Inactive
The F.O.R.E. Marketing Group, Llc 2271 S.E 27th Drive, Homestead Curd, Ralph Biii 2001-03-07 Inactive
P.U.B Windows Llc 1915 Se 17th St, Homestead Diaz, John E 2013-10-07 Active
Angelitos Bus Service, Inc. 325 Calusa St., Suite 473, Key Largo Basnuevo, Lisbeth 2013-09-30 Active
Mai Designs, Inc. 2460 Se 15 Pl, Homestead De La Cruz, Mari 2014-03-06 Inactive
P.U.B Investors Inc. 1915 S.E 17th St, Homestead Piedrahita, Jackeline 2007-07-20 Inactive
One Stop Accounting, Taxes, & More, Inc. 1401 Se 17 Ave, Homestead Cerrillo, Daniel A 2011-12-15 Active
R.P.C. South Inc. 897 Se 13th Road, Homestead Dunnigan, Allen Ejr 2001-02-19 Inactive
J & A Trucking Services Llc 1651 Se 31st Ct, Homestead Cruz Alcantara, Antonio 2016-01-27 Inactive
Quality Living Investments, Llc 1948 Se 24th Ave., Homestead Melara, Michelle 2015-09-01 Inactive
Oreo Property Management, Llc 2595 South Canal Drive, Homestead Miscavage, Robert M 2004-12-16 Inactive
1025 Nw 8 Street Holdings, Llc C/O Rene Rey, 1275 Se 9th Place, Homestead Rey, René 2003-12-31 Inactive
X-Treme Landscape Service Inc. 2223 Se 23 Rd., Homestead Aguirre, Mayra Y 2008-08-25 Inactive
Gulf Key Appraisal Services, Inc. 1857 Se 14 Street, Homestead Perez, Aimee 2005-04-04 Inactive
P.S.A. Construction Services Inc. 2060 Se 17th Ct, Homestead Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. 2015-10-14 Inactive
Vickers McCormick Llc 2259 Se 19th Ave, Homestead Vickers, Karin 2013-10-10 Inactive
M.J. Fuerzas Mix, Inc 1405 Se 26 Ave, Homestead Gomez Dominguez, Javier 2008-07-02 Inactive
Quintana'S Vending, Inc. 1411 Se 23 Drive, Homestead Quintana, Jesus E 2006-05-16 Inactive
BHMG Corp 1370 Osprey Ct, Homestead Hernandez, Belitza 2015-08-19 Inactive
Mobile Universe Llc 2618 Se 19th Ct., Homestead United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2014-06-24 Inactive
Xtreme Services Llc 1522 Se 16th Ave, Homestead Fletes, Jose 2014-04-09 Active
QVID Technologies Llc 1703 Egret Road, Homestead Fajardo, Nelson B 2009-07-06 Inactive
The Blacksmith Supply Store "La Casa Del Herrero, Corp. 1271 Se 29 St, Apt 206, Homestead Pons-Santiago, Michelle 2007-03-21 Inactive
C, G & R Properties, Inc. 1703 S. Goldeneye Ln., Homestead Ribeaux, Gus D 1995-12-07 Inactive
Lynch Communications, Inc. 1190 S. Audubon Drive, Homestead Lynch, Allen L., Sr. 2001-02-26 Active
Queen Of The Road Llc 815 North Homestead Boulevard, 652, Homestead Jacobs, Shearlyn 2011-03-04 Inactive
Mantrust Designer, Inc. 1757 S. Curlew Ln, Homestead Huq, Emranul 1998-08-13 Inactive
O & Savi Incorporated 1904 S.E. 17th Street, Homestead Inije, Charles 2010-09-15 Active
Angelitos Bus Service, Inc. 1492 Egret Rd., Homestead Nario, Nayra 2012-07-23 Inactive
DBA Work Services Inc 2740 Se 16 Ave, Homestead Baez, David 2011-04-19 Active
Kip'S Mix Llc 2731 Se 12th Place, 104, Homestead Johnson, Kipri C, Owner 2009-05-19 Inactive
Lucy Cyberspot Corp 3202 San Remo Cir., Homestead Rodriguez, Lucy 2006-11-13 Inactive
Xseed Llc 1809 Se 20th Road, Homestead Ribeiro, Dahn 2012-11-27 Active
Blake Family Customer Service Work Llc 2527 Se 14 Avenue, Homestead McDonald, Mandi 2012-04-19 Inactive
Victory Full Services Corp 2551 Se 13th Ct, Homestead Arciniegas, Gloria V 2012-07-17 Inactive
The Billiard House, Llc 2910 Se 13th Ave, #205, Homestead Vargas Martinez, Jheyson 2016-03-24 Active
Y.D.W. Underground Construction Inc 1382 Se 26th Ave, Homestead Jacobo & Associates Inc 2008-12-16 Inactive
Quick Run, Inc. 2912 W Augusta Dr, Homestead Gracjasz, Pawel 2005-12-09 Inactive
XIM Pat Y Co., Llc 2823 Se 15th Rd., Homestead Luque, Reinaldo De La C 2009-11-16 Inactive
Doctor Fix General Services Inc. 1300 Se 29 St, Apt 106, Homestead Delli Rocili, Oswaldo A 2011-04-07 Inactive
Jenniferlobo Inc. 1606 Se 16th St, Homestead Lobo, Jennifer 2014-11-06 Inactive
Yurubi Services Inc 1431 Se 17 Av, Homestead Yurubi, David A 2007-09-19 Inactive
Xtremeports Communications, Corp. 2206 Se 23 Terrace, Homestead Hemelberg, Diego 2005-07-25 Inactive
Ximena Transport Inc 2752 Se 15th Pl, Homestead Saltos De Quintero, Ximena P 2008-10-10 Inactive
Rei Usa, Llc 3408 San Remo Circle, Homestead Lopez, Reinier Sr. 2008-11-25 Inactive
C E Automotive Paints Corp 1260 Se 29th St., 101, Homestead Figueroa, William 2011-03-03 Active
S.A.P.P.S. Enterprises Inc. 2022 Se 18 St, Homestead Sutherland, Skeeta Kv 2006-03-22 Inactive
Blake Family Customer Service Work Inc 2527 Se 14 Ave, Homestead McDonald, Mandi N 2010-08-31 Inactive
J & A Enterprise Group Corp 1941 Se 14th Court, Homestead Accounting Solutions South 2011-04-26 Inactive
ZOE Bra'Z & Bikini'Z, Inc. 2010 Se 14th Ct, Homestead Juste, Alfred 2014-02-13 Inactive
Public Health Awareness, Inc. 2552 Se 12 Ct, Homestead Exume, Erline 2008-10-08 Inactive
P & E Supermarket Inc 2745 Se 15 Place, Homestead Vachon, Michael 2013-08-30 Inactive
C. Bo. Investment & Management, Llc. 1325 Nw 93rd Ct, B-113, Doral Bisquet, Carlos 2011-01-31 Inactive
Venetia Palms. Llc 2947 Se 35 Ave, Homestesd Grant & Associates, Llc 2005-08-17 Inactive
"Help Our Children", Inc. 1403 Ivory Gull Court, Homestead Buch, Iris G 1994-09-29 Inactive
Z&Z Catering Llc 4002 13th St, Saint Cloud Zia, Asim 2007-09-13 Inactive
Mj Coin Laundry Inc. 139 N. Redland Road, Florida City Masoud, Jamil A 2015-06-30 Active
Easy Way To Scrap Corp 2651 Se 12th rd Unit 205, Homestead Morua, Alejandro 2015-02-16 Active
J & L Subway Inc 2528 Ne 10th Ct, Homestead Kelley, Susan 2008-11-20 Inactive
Quint Advertising, Inc. 2218 Se 25th Avenue, 2218, Homestead Quintero, Alexander 2009-02-05 Active