Florida Corporations
Zip 34639

Jurisdiction: Florida State
Source: Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations

This dataset includes 1.6 million business entities (corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and trademarks) registered with Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, agent name, agent address, entity status, type, officer, and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
PTS Holdings, Llc 22939 Collridge Dr, Land O'Lakes Cf Registered Agent, Inc. 2014-04-22 Inactive
H2O Conservation & Protection, Inc 2660 Kristi Ct., Land O Lakes Marks, Kathy J 2013-08-21 Inactive
C2C Performance Corporation 3921 Roswell Place, Land O Lakes Clermont, Kristine M 2012-11-27 Inactive
Nature Coast Entertainment Services Llc 26215 Corkwood Ct, Land O Lakes Usa-Ra Llc 2012-08-27 Active
Quintessential Skin Care, Llc 4213 Aladar Ct, Land O Lakes Osorio, Laquinta A 2011-02-14 Inactive
C4J Enterprises Inc 22852 Fern Court, Lane O Lakes Tejas, Jessica 2010-06-23 Inactive
I2 Designs, Inc. 2313 Foggy Ridge Pkwy, Land O Lakes Suarez, Jonathan D 2009-11-02 Inactive
Ricks Auto Electric & Diagnostics Llc 6116 Land O Lakes Blvd, Land O Lakes Florio, Kandi 2009-08-04 Inactive
Real Tree Property Services, Inc. 5405 School Road, Land O'Lakes Stephens, Martin L 2008-07-16 Inactive
P3: Perfect Professional Planning, Corp. 22649 Marsh Wren Drive, Land O Lakes Benjamin, Demene 2007-01-08 Active
QART Consulting Inc. Po Box 2659, Land O Lakes Stackpole, Charles E 2004-07-13 Inactive
Michael Shively Cabinet Installations, Inc. 25241 Bunting Circle, Land O Lakes Shively, Michael W 2004-01-07 Inactive
T3 Installation, Inc. 23307 Sierra Rd, Land O'Lakes Harvey, Timothy Ajr. 2003-12-04 Inactive
Habitat For Humanity Of Central Pasco County, Inc. 1519 Dale Mabry Hwy, Lutz Shelton, Mark 2001-12-03 Inactive
H20 Enterprises, Inc. 4334 Land O Lakes Boulevard, Land O Lakes Flynt, Julie 2001-11-06 Active
H2O Properties, Inc. 4334 Land O Lakes Blvd, Land O'Lakes Flynt, Julie 1999-10-04 Inactive
Wayne Walters Enterprises, Inc. 7827 Land O Lakes Blvd, Land O Lakes McRory, Jerry 1999-02-15 Inactive
Port A Rooms Inc. 5734 Sun Up Rd, Land O'Lakes Contat, Matilda L. 1990-10-22 Inactive
C C Marine Inc. % Allie L Cone Iii, 4611 Land O Lakes Blvd, Land O Lakes Cone Iii, Allie L. 1989-11-07 Inactive
River Lakes Corp 3912 Chaucer Way, Land O Lakes Fletcher, William L 1972-09-20 Inactive
Ride With Joe, Inc 2209 Collier Parkway,#303, Land O Lakes Villa, Ramon Jii 2008-07-07 Inactive
Warrener Properties Llc 25707 Bloomsbury Ct., Land O' Lakes Incorp Services, Inc. 2015-04-02 Active
C. J. Pfau And Associates, Llc 3934 Cedar Way, Land O Lakes Pfau, Cherry T 2003-11-04 Inactive
Hoseneck Holdings Inc. 5618 Sheer Bliss Loop, Land O Lakes Herrin, Robert J 2016-05-02 Active
Branch Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc. 8811 S.R. 52, 18, Hudson Nugent, John Ljr 2001-07-18 Inactive
J&A Financial Llc 3210 Silkwood Loop, Land O' Lakes Ortiz, Jonathan L 2016-03-11 Inactive
EURO Tech Machining, Inc. 6405 Barcellona Rd, Land O Lakes Kuenzel, Diane V 1992-04-08 Inactive
Aal-Matic Transmissions, Inc. 3634 Land O' Lakes Blvd, Land O' Lakes Savage, Vincent 1998-06-16 Inactive
Visionary Curbs, Inc. 4006 Marlow Loop, Land O Lakes Ochoa, Milton E 2006-11-08 Inactive
OPTU Residential Care, Llc 25229 Yuma Way, Land O Lakes Haught, Benjamin G 2010-01-11 Inactive
Aaron Pni Worldwide Llc 22838 Killington Blvd, Land O Lakes Kerzner, Aaron J 2008-06-23 Inactive
Team Bellamora Llc 3632 Land O Lakes Blvd., Suite 102, Land O Lakes Corporation Service Company 2010-10-11 Inactive
Xcellr8 Soccer Development, Llc 3433 Leaf Lake Drive, Land O'Lakes Bush Ross Registered Agent Services, Llc 2009-05-05 Active
C & J School Fundraising, Inc. Po Box 2346, Land O Lakes Chamanda, Burris 2006-12-07 Inactive
Integrity Cleaning Systems, Llc. 4522 Roundview Court, Land O Lakes Grisafi, Warren J 2007-04-16 Active
JND Rockledge Llc 458 N Apple Tree Ln, Lafayette Hill Zambito, Dawn A 2014-08-20 Active
Public Brokers Inc. 12006 Us 41 So, Tampa Stamat, Bonnie 1989-09-20 Inactive
D&C Industries Inc. 3119 Anne Jolley Ct, Land O Lakes Santana, Carlos Jr. 2009-07-22 Inactive
Premium Consulting Associates, Inc. 3349 Lake Padgett Drive, Land O Lakes Hanover Associates, Llc 2001-11-07 Active
Joe Kaminski Consulting, Llc 3518 Lake Joyce Drive, Land O'Lakes Fuller, Michael W 2004-09-21 Inactive
Maxhealth Enterprises, Inc. 4905 Gulfstream Place, Land Of Lakes Amerilawyer Chartered 1996-04-17 Inactive
The Art Of Technology Inc 4965 Trinidad Dr, Land Olakes Kemp, Marlon Asr 2011-02-25 Inactive
Pickett Fences Realty Inc. 3632 Land O Lakes Blvd, 105-5, Land O' Lakes Law Offices Of Moneque S. Walker 2012-10-09 Active
Bp Enterprises, L.L.C. 25326 Oaks Blvd, Land O Lakes Pollock, Brent Dmr 2006-12-06 Inactive
Helou, Inc. 3253 Keswick Ct, Land O Lakes Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. 2001-03-01 Inactive
Firm Foundations Llc 26638 Pheasant Run, Wesley Chapel Hudson, David B 2006-08-29 Active
Volptrain Llc 2833 Banyan Hill Lane, Land O Lakes Ghannad, Hossein 2012-11-05 Inactive
Red Rose Media, Inc. 5019 Swallow Drive, Land O' Lakes Traber, Martin A 2001-05-02 Inactive
Team McAlister, Inc. 4648 Wessex Way, Land O Lakes McAlister, C. Scott 2003-09-25 Inactive
Video Depo, Inc. 18920 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 102, Lutz Imfeld, Carmen Z 2002-05-31 Inactive
Tudela & Associates, Inc. 7110 Melogold Circle, Land O Lakes Tudela, Anthony 2002-09-05 Inactive
Smooth Sound Studio Inc. 22958 Wood Violet Ct, Land O Lakes Amegadje, Yawo 2002-09-26 Inactive
Quality Installs, Inc. 4415 Dylan Loop #176, Land O Lakes Navarro, Patrick J 2003-11-26 Inactive
RMJP Bardmoor, Llc 458 N Apple Tree Ln, Lafayette Hill Zambito, Dawn A 2003-09-25 Active
John A. Wiest, D.D.S., P.A. 3040 Flat Rock Pl, Land O Lakes Wiest, John A. 1969-09-05 Inactive
Advantage Referral Network, Inc. 3948 Lake Padgett Drive, Land O Lakes Ruhlig, Holly Christine 1996-03-05 Active
B.R.A.D.D.Y., Inc. B.R.A.D.D.Y., Inc., 4117 Cox Drive, Land O'' Lakes Bullard, F. Timothy C.P.A. 2002-07-05 Active
C & H Crash Recon, Llc 2851 Lake Saxon Dr., Land O Lakes Holt, Lawrence 2008-09-05 Inactive
B&TR Marketing, Inc. 22439 Southside Dr, Land O' Lakes Richter, G. Bruce 2012-02-16 Inactive
Virginia Roeder Wenger Foundation, Inc. 3626 Swans Landing, Land O'Lakes Drummond, Temple H Esq 2006-08-18 Active
R&D Millennium, Corp. 7114 Congress Street, New Port Richey Reyes, Julius-Vincent S 2010-02-03 Inactive
Angel'S Autos, L.L.C. 3541 Mossy Oakcircle, Land O'Lakes Bass, Lloyd S, Mr 2016-01-26 Inactive
Community H.O.M.E. Options, Inc. 5918 Cape Loop, Land O Lakes McNeish, Roxann 2007-06-19 Inactive
B&E Metals Llc 6323 Desert Peace Ave, Land O Lakes Anderson Leonard, Brandon L 2011-09-26 Active
CRC & Associates, Llc 5912 Desert Peace Ave, Land O Lakes Charlson, Charlie D 2005-09-02 Inactive
Wenner Real Estate Corp 23246 Key Largo Loop, Land O' Lakes Wenner, Donald D 2014-03-17 Active
Congenial Enterpeises, Inc. 2918 Ramada Dr, #143, Tampa Milinder, Scott T 1994-05-24 Inactive
Vladimir Management Corp 22437 Oakville Drive, Land O Lakes Breton, Vladimir 2015-06-30 Active
Rytlewski Auto Service & Performance, Llc 2905 Banyan Hill Lane, Land O Lakes Rytlewski, Gary 2015-09-30 Active
I.D.P.K. Llc 3618 Swans Landing Dr., Land O Lakes Igor, Yurchenko V 2011-06-28 Active
Yorkhunt Family Limited Partnership 2339 Oasis Drive, Land O Lakes Begue, Gabriel 2009-12-10 Inactive
Angels On Brooms Incorporated, Commercial Cleaning Service 21027 Voyager Blvd, # K1, Land O Lakes Enriquez-Brown, Diana 2004-07-23 Inactive
F.A.C. It Construction, Inc. 4938 Cactus Needle Ln, Wesley Chapel Sellars, Amanda Kr.A. 2008-10-06 Inactive
Raymond Loring, Inc. 4607 McBrine Ct, Land O Lakes Kolpek, Raymond L 2005-05-05 Inactive
Bravo Landscape, Llc 3752 Red Bluff Ct., Land O Lakes Neely, Larry C 2011-02-22 Active
Quintana & Quintana Leasing, Inc. 4935 Thornbriar Place, Land O' Lakes Quintana, Douglas J 2013-10-23 Active
Hammersley Construction Llc 22638 Neff Ct, Land O Lakes Hammersley, Tim 2007-03-22 Inactive
Postmaster Delivery Systems, Inc. 6735 Land-O-Lakes Blvd., P.O. Box 859, Land-O-Lakes Snyder, G.E. 1986-09-24 Inactive
Earl Llc 18824 Litzau Ln, Land O' Lakes Lane, Kevin E 2007-01-22 Inactive
C D K Enterprises, Llc 22341 Southshore Drive, Land O Lakes Kilfoyl, Darin 2006-03-06 Active
JND Oakstead Commons, Llc 458 N Apple Tree Ln, Lafayette Hill Zambito, Dawn A 2007-11-06 Active
A & T Deliveries Corporation 22701 Hawk Hill Loop, Landolakes Hernandez, Alberto 2005-03-08 Inactive
Divas And Dolls Promotions, Inc 25022 Hyde Park Blvd, Land O Lakes Burris, Chamanda B 2006-03-17 Inactive
Aaron Protection, Inc. P.O. Box 458, Land O'Lakes Schiek, Frank K. 1991-01-22 Inactive
JND University Cove, Llc 458 N Apple Tree Ln, Lafayette Hill Zambito, Dawn A 2004-01-23 Active
Red Stag Armory Llc 2521 Shorewood Lane, Land O Lakes Pirrone, Paul 2011-12-29 Inactive
EURO Concepts Salon, Inc. 1930 Land O' Lakes Blvd., Suite 16, Land O' Lakes Bonfondeo, Petula L 2003-09-19 Inactive
C & C Cleaning And Restoration, Inc. 22817 Bay Cedar Dr, Land O Lakes White, Christopher 2006-10-13 Inactive
C & C Investigations, Inc. 4112 Marlow Loop, Land O Lakes Capen, Karen A 2004-12-03 Inactive
Payafterdeletion Inc. 5230 Land O Lakes Blvd, 1686, Land O Lakes Garcia, Daniel 2012-06-12 Inactive
Smokin' Fire, Llc 6213 North 50th Street, Unit 194, Tampa Banks, William E 2007-03-05 Inactive
T & N Sales, Inc. 21834 Ocean Pines Dr, Land O'Lakes McKeon, Thomas J. 1988-04-11 Inactive
Patriotic Home Solutions Llc 4736 Spring Place, Land O Lakes Smith, Jeremiah D 2016-01-21 Active
Casual Food Concepts, Inc 3753 Meridean Place, Land O Lakes Rudge, Todd E 2004-04-14 Inactive
Beyond Therapy, Inc. 23830 Hastings Way, Land O Lakes Michael, Evelyn 2011-06-06 Active
First A.M.E. Zion Church Of Wesley Chapel, Florida, Inc. 5450 Bruce B. Downs Blvd, # 328, Wesley Chapel Caldwell, Jimmy Rsr. 2012-02-21 Inactive
Sydev, Inc. 3104 Sago Point Ct., Land O' Lakes Lagasca, Gerry M 2002-02-22 Inactive
Ray Numen, Inc. 4409 Tarkington Drive, Land O Lakes Numen, Ray W 2015-02-17 Inactive
QIN Gu Md Pa 23332 Dinhurst Ct, Land O Lakes Gu, Qin 2008-03-27 Active
Quality Tampa Inc 3800 Land O Lakes Blvd, Land O Lakes Blvd Ellis, Catherine 2015-12-08 Active