Georgia Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Georgia State
Source: Georgia Secretary of State, Corporations Division

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Georgia Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

KENNESAW · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date
Diehl Advisors Llc 1110 HAZELTINE LN., KENNESAW Diane Busch 2016-05-25
Shoe Over Llc 3018 LORING RD NW, 3018 LORING RD NW, KENNESAW Juivantz Caseus, Lee 2016-05-11
A & D Contracting Llc 2853 WOOD PARK TRACE, KENNESAW Antonio Concepcion 2016-05-09
Metro Diesel & Suspension Llc 3255 HERITAGE DRIVE, KENNESAW Terence O. Mcginn, Attorney At Law Llc 2016-04-30
Georgia Motorcoach, Llc 5355 TALLGRASS WAY NW, KENNESAW United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2016-04-28
Scrumptious Bundt Llc 1219 IRMA COURT NW, KENNESAW Julea Glaser 2016-04-28
West Cobb Services Llc 2774 COBB PKWY, STE 109-337, KENNESAW William A Heath Jr. 2016-04-27
Independent Brokers Alliance I.B.A. Inc 5150 STILESBORO ROAD NW SUITE 610, KENNESAW Zebulon Chandler 2016-04-27
Superior Minds Entertainment, Llc 2916 COUNTRY LANE NW, KENNESAW Registered Agents Inc 2016-04-26
Trinity'S Loving Hands Home Care, Llc 1481 PINE SPRINGS DRIVE, KENNESAW Tarshal Edwards 2016-04-26
Blake And Associates Reality, Llc 1775 CLOVERHURST LANE NW, KENNESAW Sedrick Blake, Durrell 2016-04-26
Michel Consulting, Llc 1185 BAGWELL DRIVE NW, KENNESAW Yvette Michel 2016-04-26
Classic Home Renovations, Llc 1215 WINBORN TERRACE NW, KENNESAW Jerry Gaccetta, Dean 2016-04-25
Carpilot, Inc. 630 KENNESAW DUE WEST ROAD, KENNESAW Csc 2016-04-22
Who Is Who Nigeria Directory, Llc 1635 OLD HIGHWAY 41, NW. SUITE 112-256, KENNESAW Dr. Ezra Aniebue 2016-04-21
J Management Group Llc 3180 TIA COURT NW, KENNESAW Joshua Mullins, T 2016-04-21
Greater Day Foundation, Llc 4177 CROWDER DRIVE NW, KENNESAW Denzle Harrison, A 2016-04-20
Communication Success, Llc 1311 DUNGAN DRIVE NW, KENNESAW Deborah Flowers, Malloy 2016-04-20
Rhenor Kidz, Llc 2075 LAKESHORE OVERLOOK DR, KENNESAW Omolara Wiggins 2016-04-19
Bk Equities Lllp 4697 LOCK RIDGE CT, KENNESAW Rebecca Jones, Susanne 2016-04-19
Trustlogics Llc 2359 ARLINGTON POINTE WAY, KENNESAW Adnon Dow 2016-04-15
Nice Guys Buying Houses, Llc 1595 STODDARD COURT, KENNESAW Clayton O. Carmack 2016-04-15
Crown Roof Design Llc 2549 RIDGECREST DRIVE NW, KENNESAW Mariela Gonzalez 2016-04-15
Gt Lowry Properties, Llc 5101 BUGLE SOUND WAY, KENNESAW George Lowry 2016-04-15
Oliver & Trixie Clothing Llc 1646 DUXBURY LN, KENNESAW Darnell Barnett 2016-04-15
Metrix Trucking Llc 1679 STILESBORO RIDGE DR NW, KENNESAW Abdel Camara 2016-04-14
Spring Clean Power Washing Llc 2652 ALLYN WAY, KENNESAW United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2016-04-14
Better At Home, Llc 3636 BELGRAY DRIVE, KENNESAW David J. Reed 2016-04-13
Strong Tower Properties Llc 1361 MOUNTAIN PARK DRIVE, KENNESAW Douglas Anderson, M. 2016-04-13
Gavlan Corporation 1690 STONE VILLAGE LANE, SUITE 501, KENNESAW Chad Jenkins 2016-04-11
Guest First Services, Llc 511 TREES OF KENNESAW PKWY. NW, KENNESAW Tarji Carter, A. 2016-04-11
Gavlan Rental Homes, Inc. 1690 STONE VILLAGE LANE, SUITE 501, KENNESAW Chad Jenkins 2016-04-10
Gavlan Properties, Inc. 1690 STONE VILLAGE LANE, SUITE 501, KENNESAW Chad Jenkins 2016-04-10
Gavlan Equipment Rental, Inc. 1690 STONE VILLAGE LANE, SUITE 501, KENNESAW Chad Jenkins 2016-04-10
Nations First Consulting Llc 3836 ASPEN SPRINGS NW, KENNESAW Sarwat Virani 2016-04-06
Hill Performance Management Group, Llc. 4360 WINDMOOR DR NW, KENNESAW Aaron Hill 2016-04-04
Fancy Fitness Llc 3453 BUSBEE DRIVE APT. 1303, KENNESAW Chontarria Wilson 2016-04-03
Choice Real Estate Holdings L.L.C. 745 CHASTAIN ROAD, KENNESAW Charles Dickenson 2016-03-31
Awn Services, Inc. 600 CHASTAIN ROAD NW, SUITE 326, KENNESAW C. George Kleeman, Iv, Esq. 2016-03-30
Seasoning Season, Llc 2820 AMHURST WAY, KENNESAW United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2016-03-30
Prismas Stones Llc 3414 ENGLISH OAKS DR NW, KENNESAW Nicolas Soto Badillo 2016-03-30
We Believe Global Inc 2001 DUNCAN DRIVE #10, KENNESAW Ike Nduka 2016-03-29
Orthozone, Llc 3104 CREEKSIDE VILLAGE DRIVE NORTHWEST, SUITE 401, KENNESAW Doug Singleton 2016-03-29
A & J Security Services, Llc 4290 BELLS FERRY ROAD, SUITE 106-21, KENNESAW Joseph Jackson 2016-03-29
Woodpecker Home Services Llc 4230 JANICE DR NE, KENNESAW Jose Barrera Rubio, Luis 2016-03-29
Mackay Investments, Llc 4983 SHALLOW RIDGE ROAD, NE, KENNESAW Ryan Donnelly, M. Esq. 2016-03-29
Ocd Roofing & Residential Construction Llc 3458 ENGLISH OAKS DR NW, KENNESAW Leif Terjesen, Anthony 2016-03-28
Surprise Box, Llc 4261 JOSHUA WAY NW, KENNESAW Heather Kocevar 2016-03-28
Dw Fit, Llc 713 CREEKSIDE DRIVE, KENNESAW United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2016-03-28
Extreme Wheeler Llc 2750 JILES RD NW, KENNESAW Soheil Saffaripoor 2016-03-28
Terry Realty Exclusives Llc 4290 BELLS FERRY ROAD, SUITE 134-27, KENNESAW Lisa Terry 2016-03-28
Alliance Management Solutions Group, Llc 2238 WHITFIELD PLACE NW, KENNESAW Terrence Woods 2016-03-25
Providence Counseling Services, Llc 1301 SHILOH ROAD SUITE 840, KENNESAW Joseph Mulligan, E 2016-03-25
Gg Solutions Enterprise Inc. 2951 CARRIE FARM RD. NW, KENNESAW Georgi Georgiev 2016-03-25
Preconinc, Llc 4104 PINEMIST LANE, KENNESAW Shelley Elder 2016-03-25
Wild Flower Boutique Llc 4224 GLENLAKE PKWY, KENNESAW Ashley Trawick 2016-03-24
Mending Our Stories Llc 1275 SHILOH RD, KENNESAW David Edwards 2016-03-24
Majestic Nursing Services Llc 2750 JILES RD.#117, KENNESAW City Of Kennesaw 2016-03-24
The Candidate Billy Davis Inc. 1455 WIMBLEDON DRIVE, KENNESAW Billy Davis 2016-03-24
Awaken The Hero, Llc 744 EDGEWATER LANE NW, KENNESAW Gregory Labrie, L 2016-03-23
Hardrock Excavation Llc 3725 GEORGE BUSBEE PKWY APT 1518, KENNESAW Clarence Walker Mr. 2016-03-23
Sentry Remodeling, Llc 315 MCCOOK CIRCLE NW, KENNESAW Waine Gray, Andrew 2016-03-22
His House Recovery Residence Of Georgia Inc. 19 LATIMER LANE NE, KENNESAW Kevin Weikum 2016-03-22
Playball Of The South Llc 3471 LEE CT, KENNESAW Paul Wilmot 2016-03-22
Lee'S Chilitos, Inc. 2090 BAKER RD, SUITE#504, KENNESAW Mike Lee 2016-03-21
Aaron E Pietila Insurance Agency Inc 4400 BELLS FERRY RD, KENNESAW Aaron Pietila 2016-03-21
Paul Pietila Insurance Agency Corp 4400 BELLS FERRY RD, KENNESAW Paul Pietila, Aaron 2016-03-21
Habanero Grill Food Truck, Llc 3385 SPINDLETOP DR, KENNESAW United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2016-03-21
Koban Enterprises Llc 1965 SHILOH VALLEY TRAIL NW, KENNESAW Michael Coburn, Francis 2016-03-21
Career Services Atl Llc 3453 BUSBEE DRIVE APT. 1303, KENNESAW Phillip Porter 2016-03-21
3 K Massage Llc 4311 BELLS FERRY ROAD SUITE C, KENNESAW Wanqiang Lin 2016-02-22
Maldonado'S Plumbing Llc 2032 SMITH DR, KENNESAW Rosalba Maldonado 2016-02-16
Woodbend Apartments, Llc 3735 CHEROKEE STREET, KENNESAW Jeremy L. Lantz 2016-02-05
Hero Lock Services L.L.C. 2090 BAKER RD SUITE 304-158, KENNESAW Waddell Fields 2016-02-04
Banfan Ii Enterprises, Llc 4290 BELLS FERRY ROAD, SUITE 144, KENNESAW Bhanu Manney 2016-02-04
Woodland Builder Group Llc 125 TOWNPARK DRIVE, SUITE 300, KENNESAW Matthew Coutu, Aaron 2016-02-04
Xenon Enterprises, Llc 3791 SEATTLE PLACE, KENNESAW Legalzoom 2016-02-04
Woodland Real Estate Holdings Llc 125 TOWNPARK DRIVE, SUITE 300, KENNESAW Matthew Coutu, Aaron 2016-02-04
Lien Solutions, Llc 505 PENTWORTH CT., KENNESAW Troy Cole, Anthony 2016-02-04
The Pkwy 750 Kennesaw Llc 750 COBB PLACE NW, KENNESAW Kevin Caiccio 2016-02-03
My Wireless Life Llc 415 LAURIAN WAY, KENNESAW Terence Caston 2016-02-03
Rheka It Company 4600 VIRGINIA AVE, KENNESAW Brent Chesson, Jacob 2016-02-03
Jb Outlets, Llc 2850 CRESSINGTON BEND, KENNESAW United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2016-02-02
Kennesaw Home Buyers, Llc 4391 LAUGHLIN COURT, KENNESAW Julie Kern 2016-02-02
4Everhomedecor 125 TOWN PARK DRIVE, SUITE 300, KENNESAW James Trueblood 2016-02-02
Chris Smith Video, Llc 897 WOOTEN LAKE RD., KENNESAW Christopher Smith, David 2016-02-02
Food Masters International Llc 4595 LATIMER POINTE, KENNESAW Mark Zeman, L 2016-02-02
House Duty, Llc 1142 MOUNTAIN SPRINGS DR., KENNESAW Fredrick Britton 2016-02-01
Kjf Properties, Llc 4708 REANN WAY, KENNESAW Kevin Ferretti 2016-02-01
Matching Gems Llc 4705 SHALLOW RIDGE ROAD, KENNESAW 2016-02-01
Promotional Mojo Llc 2001 DUNCAN DRIVE #1381, KENNESAW Ray Baker 2016-02-01
Phoenix Senior Investments Fund Ii, Llc 114 TOWNPARK DRIVE, SUITE 175, KENNESAW Scot Burton 2016-01-29
K & N Consultants And Associates, Llc 2324 HERITAGE PARK CIR, KENNESAW Kevin Miller 2016-01-29
Mobile Dirty Dog Grooming Llc 4290 BELLS FERRY ROAD, 106-44, KENNESAW Olivia Johnston 2016-01-28
Alpha Building Remodeling Inc. 4253 PIEDMONT LNDG NW, KENNESAW Daniel Da Silva , Claudio 2016-01-28
Peach State Irrigation And Lighting Llc 27 LATIMER LN, KENNESAW John Stanley 2016-01-28
Home Energy Experts Of Atlanta Llc 2694 BLAIRSDEN PLACE, KENNESAW Registered Agent Inc. 2016-01-28
Lendingpoint Spe, L.L.C. 1701 BARRETT LAKE BLVD, STE 290, KENNESAW Greg S. Mclaughlin, Esq. 2016-01-28
Aphina Global Fashion Llc 4142 CRIPPLE CREEK WAY, KENNESAW Josephine Jones 2016-01-27
Scrivner Homes, Llc 4363 MIKANDY DR, KENNESAW David Scrivner 2016-01-27