Georgia Business Entities

Jurisdiction: Georgia State
Source: Georgia Secretary of State, Corporations Division

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Georgia Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

SNELLVILLE · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date
Barker And Associates 31 Ltd. Liability Co. 4343 APOLLO COURT, SNELLVILLE Charles Barker, Edward Sr. 2016-08-02
Nia Holloway Llc 4273 ARABIAN WAY, SNELLVILLE Celeste Holloway 2016-05-12
Shabella'S Boutique & Consignment Llc 3974 WATERS END LANE, SNELLVILLE Sharonderlen Bell, Melgail 2016-05-11
Angle Masters Llc 4384 JANICE DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Tracy Ross, Mozell Mrs. 2016-04-28
Legend Trucking Llc 4553 BEAU POINT COURT, SNELLVILLE Amanda Tate 2016-04-26
Batiste Transportation, Llc 4090 CAMARON WAY, SNELLVILLE Earl Batiste 2016-04-26
Custom Creative Creations Llc 3420 SPRING MESA DR, SNELLVILLE Ruchi Darji 2016-04-25
Kumari Health Services Llc 2366 TULLAMORE CIRCLE, SNELLVILLE Kumari Ghimirey, ` F 2016-04-24
J & E Cleaners Llc 3490 CAMEO CT, SNELLVILLE Jane Elliott 2016-04-21
Relentless Athletics Inc. 3331 SPAIN ROAD, SNELLVILLE Audrey Baccas, Rosemarie 2016-04-20
Creative Imagination Publishing Llc 4002 HWY 78, STE 530-160, SNELLVILLE Aaron Neal, A. 2016-04-20
A1 Construction Llc 3753 ELI DR, SNELLVILLE Roxana Morales 2016-04-19
Thomas Investments Enterprise Llc 2968 GARRETTS WAY CT, SNELLVILLE Tamelia Thomas 2016-04-19
Invite With Love Llc 3921 FOREST DAWN CT, SNELLVILLE Laurraine Danpunue 2016-04-19
K.A.T.I.E. (Karing Actions Towards Inspiring Eagles), Llc 1604 NORRIS LANDING DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Terriyln Rivers-Cannon, Charron 2016-04-18
Royal K Designs, Llc. 4582 HUFF COURT PARK, SNELLVILLE Kristie Ferrell, Ashley 2016-04-18
Brookwood Cheerleading Booster Club Corp 1036 BRIDGEWATER WALK, SNELLVILLE Donna Cook 2016-04-11
Georgia Brokerage Services, Llc. 2398 LENORA CHURCH RD, SUITE 203, SNELLVILLE Frank Warren 2016-03-28
Fong Transportation Llc 4212 MEDLOCK RIVER CT, SNELLVILLE Chaquan Williams 2015-12-10
Enhance Apps Llc 1162 GRASSMEADE WAY, SNELLVILLE Ayaz Virani 2015-11-01
Pleasant Paws, Llc 2325 MAIN STREET EAST, SNELLVILLE Richard Diegel 2015-10-28
North America Trader Llc 2318 PATE BROOK RD, SNELLVILLE Ahmadou Daou, H 2015-10-28
She Ships Cars Llc 2483 HERITAGE VILLAGE SUITE 16 363, SNELLVILLE Crystal Choyce 2015-10-27
Terminus Logistics Inc 3104 PERIWINKLE DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Derrick Bennett, Maurice 2015-10-26
Cindy Tnr Cats Foundation, Inc 2250 OAK RD SUITE 765, SNELLVILLE Laney Goodmon 2015-10-25
Peabody International, Llc 2483 HERITAGE VILLAGE 16 #223, SNELLVILLE Eric Griffin 2015-10-23
Earth Camp Llc 2602 LAUREL VIEW CT., SNELLVILLE Jerrard Cross 2015-10-22
Superior Medical Transport Llc 1460 LAKESHORE DR, SNELLVILLE Brittni Jacobs 2015-10-21
Ka Pai Trucking, Inc. 2200 BUCKLEY TRAIL, SNELLVILLE Lisa M. Gable 2015-10-20
Abbas Investments Llc 2405 MOSSY BRANCH DR, SNELLVILLE Nahida Akhter 2015-10-18
Zr&R Services, Llc 2886 LANIER DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Zipporah P. Jackson 2015-10-18
Healing Expressions Llc 2330 SCENIC HIGHWAY, SNELLVILLE Monique Owe 2015-10-15
Atlanta Realty Partners Llc 1555 JANMAR ROAD, SNELLVILLE Sara Weaver 2015-10-14
Queensbridge Ventures Llc 2563 BRIDGEWOOD LANE, SNELLVILLE Emmanuel Bridgeforth 2015-10-13
Dollar Nutri Club, Llc 1971 WICKLIFFE PLACE, SNELLVILLE Nick Mullins 2015-10-13
Nature'S Love Early Learning Center, Inc. 3034 PERIWINKLE DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Monique Woodard, Nicole 2015-10-10
A-List Home Health Agency, Llc 1350 SCENIC HIGHWAY, BLDG 200 STE 215, SNELLVILLE Ameera Ali 2015-10-10
Wwglobal Properties & Management Llc 972 WHITE CLOUD RIDGE, SNELLVILLE Amos Lee Williams Jr. 2015-10-08
Sims Contracting Group Llc 2450 ROSEDALE RD, SNELLVILLE Brent Sims 2015-10-08
Jb Elite Cleaning Services Llc 2805 LAKE PORT DR., SNELLVILLE Keisha Brown 2015-10-08
Tender Loving Companions Llc 2398 LENORA CHURCH ROAD, SUITE 206, SNELLVILLE Kristi Harris, Charity 2015-10-07
Bird Life Taxidermy, Llc 1966 RIDGEDALE DR, SNELLVILLE Linda Pruett, Cpa 2015-10-07
Triple 7 Dance Moves Inc. 2485 MAIN STREET, SNELLVILLE United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2015-10-06
Jael & The Brothers Inc 3083 SKYLAND DR, SNELLVILLE Tomas Vilela 2015-10-06
By His Stripes Striping Company, Llc 3151 LAUREL WAY, SNELLVILLE Thaddeus Clark, Dewayne 2015-10-05
Cabrillo Innovations, Llc 1350 SCENIC HIGHWAY, SNELLVILLE Dave Basker 2015-10-05
Two Chicks And A Bil, Llc 2483 HERITAGE VILLAGE STE. 216-244, SNELLVILLE Samuel Brown, W 2015-10-05
S. K. Hye, Llc 2250 SCENIC HWY N STE B, SNELLVILLE Arthur Chung 2015-10-05
First Connect, Llc 2892 MEADOWSWEET TRAIL, SNELLVILLE James Shedd, B 2015-10-05
Dci Solutions Inc. 2511 CHIMNEY TOP LN, SNELLVILLE David Cooper, H Sr 2015-10-04
Tb & J Solutions Llc 3547 ROSEBUD PARK DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Tanika Kyle, J 2015-10-02
Orr Consulting Llc 3820 CANNONWOLDE DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Danielle Orr, Marie 2015-10-02
Cc Watch & Jewelry Repairs Llc 2479 SNELLVILLE PLAZA, SNELLVILLE Sophany Tuon 2015-10-01
Zayan Usa Llc 2800 ADAMS POINTE DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Ali Imran Lakhani, A 2015-10-01
355015 Coffee Cafe, Llc 2199 GLENMORE LANE, SNELLVILLE Kadirali Chunara 2015-10-01
Ra Healthit, Llc 2767 APPLE ORCHARD TRL, SNELLVILLE Rashida Adegbite 2015-10-01
Old Norcross Venture, Llc 1900 BRANDIE ELAINE AVE., SNELLVILLE Lan Pham 2015-10-01
Quality Care Management Llc 3362 KITTERY DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Anthony Ervin 2015-10-01
Social Media Enhancements Llc 2330 SENIC HWY, SNELLVILLE Donte Pitchford, Deshon 2015-09-30
Glamher Llc 2735 TROTTERS WALK TRAIL, SNELLVILLE Fareedah Barnes 2015-09-30
Lucerne East Investments Llc 3313 STONE MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY, SNELLVILLE John Ulmer 2015-09-29
The Healthy Woman Llc 1350 SCENIC HIGHWAY SUITE 266, SNELLVILLE Jocelyn Moore 2015-09-29
Bella Mexican Store Llc 2671 CENTERVILLE HWY, SNELLVILLE Idalia Lopez 2015-09-29
Sweet Life Event Planning Group, Llc 4501 ASH TREE STREET, SNELLVILLE Orly Tyrell 2015-09-27
Five Five Transport, Llc 4651 ASH TREE STREET, SNELLVILLE Omar Sharpe, Sharif 2015-09-27
My Choice Health Llc 2761 ANSCOT COURT, SNELLVILLE Wallace Chapman 2015-09-26
My Quality Mushrooms And Forest Products Llc 3871 LENORA CHURCH RD, SNELLVILLE Peter Burry, Ross Jr 2015-09-26
Mpt Llc 2820 MANOR BROOK CT, SNELLVILLE Scott Kaye 2015-09-25
Bobbi Pen Consulting Inc 2764 TWIN SPRINGS DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Keisha Miller 2015-09-23
Huda Fatimah Inc. 503 GRASSMEADE WAY, SNELLVILLE Ikbal Momin 2015-09-23
The Chosen Ones Family Learning Center Llc 4340 MCCORD LIVSEY RD, SNELLVILLE Chevanese Allen 2015-09-23
Prime Building And Renovations, Llc 3250 RIDGEROCK WAY, SNELLVILLE Mark Radaszewski 2015-09-22
Jrtiii Transportation Llc 3670 SCOTLAND LANE, SNELLVILLE John Tedford, Robert Iii 2015-09-22
General Solutions Marketing Inc. 3605 ANDREEA LEE CT, SNELLVILLE Andru Ghiuta, Dan 2015-09-21
Ttfk Inc 2929 MEADOW POINT DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Felix Abah 2015-09-21
M3R Solutions Llc 2747 DUNMOORE DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Oyenike Roberts 2015-09-18
Jt Hill Distribution, Llc 3401 COTTONWOOD LANE, SNELLVILLE United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2015-09-18
Office Installation Technicians Of Atlanta Llc 4255 SMOKECREEK PKY 141 A, SNELLVILLE Orlando Johnson, Rioule 2015-09-18
Frekan Clothing, Llc 3495 REVERE CIR, SNELLVILLE Reuben Remy 2015-09-18
Protect Your Egg Llc 3375 CENTERVILLE HIGHWAY SUITE 391601, SNELLVILLE Manuel Showalter 2015-09-18
A Baby Consultant Llc 4168 WHITE ROAD, SNELLVILLE Jamecia Beal 2015-09-18
R&C Specialist Llc 2750 CENTERVILLE HIGHWAY, SNELLVILLE Chris Huber 2015-09-17
Team Spatial, Llc 1033 CROMWELL POINT, SNELLVILLE Robert H. Turner Iii, Esq. 2015-09-17
Radiopress Media, Llc TBD, SNELLVILLE Anne Harmon 2015-09-17
Lixtech Technical Services Llc 2104 OAKLAND SPRING DR, SNELLVILLE Felix Osarenkhoe, O 2015-09-17
Cyprian Healthcare Llc 3478 SNOW TRAIL, SNELLVILLE Claudia Georgestone 2015-09-17
Ks Enterprises, Llc 2199 GLENMORE LANE, SNELLVILLE Kadirali Chunara 2015-09-16
Chunara Food Holdings, Llc 2199 GLENMORE LANE, SNELLVILLE Beth S. Hilscher, Esq. 2015-09-16
Hair By Honey Llc 2189 SCENIC HWY, SNELLVILLE Keandra Andrade 2015-09-16
Hoop Nation, Llc 4395 VINEYARD TRAIL, SNELLVILLE Latoya Bond 2015-09-16
Skip Carpet Cleaning Solutions Llc 1620 TUFTSTOWN CT, SNELLVILLE Brian Smith, M 2015-09-15
Royal Renovations And Restorations Llc 2159 DOGWOOD CIRCLE, SNELLVILLE Conrad Marquez, Macedonio 2015-09-15
354610 Coffee Cafe, Llc 2199 GLENMORE LANE, SNELLVILLE Beth S. Hilscher, Esq. 2015-09-15
Veteran Trucking Llc 3753 GALDWAY DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Myron Cherry 2015-09-15
Seerat Sk Inc 3200 STONE MOUNTAIN HWY, SNELLVILLE Sanjeev Kumar 2015-09-14
Atlanta Family Restaurant And Bakery Group, Llc 2740 RUNNELWOOD LANE, SNELLVILLE Stephen Kirkland, L. 2015-09-14
Desai Solutions, Inc. 2820 HIGHPOINT ROAD, SNELLVILLE Pranay Desai 2015-09-14
Crystal Wright, Llc 4635 RITLEDGE DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Crystal Wright, L. 2015-09-14
Cornerstone Residential Treatment Facilities, Llc 4422 GAELIC WAY, SNELLVILLE Ameera Ali 2015-09-12
Jamil Bonnick Designs L.L.C. 3581 WYNTERSET DRIVE, SNELLVILLE Kim Kline 2015-09-11