Georgia Business Entities
Zip 30032

Jurisdiction: Georgia State
Source: Georgia Secretary of State, Corporations Division

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Georgia Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date
Illliterate Republic Limited Liability Company 2209 KILARNEY RD, DECATUR Terryan Peoples 2016-05-17
First Class Enterprise Limited Liability Company 3501 COLUMBIA DR. SUITE C, DECATUR Tonyel Anderson 2016-05-03
Dolijemeriah Financial Llc 3127 GLENWOOD RD, DECATUR Williams H Arey 2016-04-28
Cam Hair Llc 2420-A CANDLER ROAD, DECATUR Angel Boston 2016-04-27
Trep Loc Llc 1832 2ND AVENUE, DECATUR Ihsan Saleem 2016-04-27
Open Arms Charity Llc 2400 CRESTA DRIVE, DECATUR Angela Johnson 2016-04-22
Great Exploration Tours Atlanta, Llc 2064 HOLLY HILL DR, DECATUR Stephanie Buffington 2016-04-20
Jimosh Transport And Logistics Llc 2855 MITCHELL DR, DECATUR Barbara Wanjiku 2016-04-20
Reach The Nations Community Church, Inc 568 LADONNA DR, SUITE F, DECATUR William Johnson, P Jr 2016-04-19
Innovate119 Llc 2560 WHITE OAK DRIVE, DECATUR Lauren Billick, Bartell 2016-04-19
J&R Ross Agency, L.L.C. 1641 AUSTIN MEADOWS DR, DECATUR Jason Ross, Eugene 2016-04-18
Favors Trucking Llc 3104 MCAFEE ROAD #A, DECATUR Joann Favors 2016-04-18
Pearls Of Wisdom Early Learning Academy Limited 1522 THOMAS ROAD, DECATUR Frank Johnson, E. 2016-04-18
Atl Best Seafood Market Inc 1988 CANDLER RD, DECATUR Hua Chen 2016-04-16
Little Debbie'S Family Services, Inc 4280 MEMORIAL DRIVE, SUITE C, DECATUR Lakisha Stiggers 2016-04-15
85 Mount Zion Rd Llc 1832 2ND AVE, DECATUR Ihsan Saleem 2016-04-15
Mommacha Llc 2099 CHESTNUT HILL CIR, DECATUR Chatorah Smith 2016-04-14
Dojason Services Llc 1661 COBBS CREEK LANE, DECATUR Douglas Anderson, J 2016-04-13
Roast Breadfruit Llc 3968 FIREOAK DRIVE, DECATUR Jamie Powell, Antonio 2016-04-13
Beairdfair Financial Llc 3127 GLENWOOD RD, DECATUR Smith Riley Foster 2016-04-12
Beauty Studio Atlanta Llc 1817 CANDLER RD, SUITE A, DECATUR GA Danielle Beckham 2016-04-11
Fast And Friendly Auto Llc 3303 MEMORIAL DRIVE, DECATUR Ibrahim Elaneizi 2016-04-11
Vesty Llc 2771 JOYCE AVE, DECATUR John Belk 2016-04-11
Healthy Happy, Llc 3228 EDGEMONT WAY, DECATUR John Beauchamp 2016-04-11
Homegrown Grass Llc 2681 JOYCE AVE, DECATUR James Forson, Kyle 2016-04-09
Blazin Jerk Cafe Llc 1820 AUSTIN DRIVE, DECATUR Yasmine Jackson 2016-04-09
Y-Dna Matters, Inc. 1999 NORMAL ST., DECATUR Tashi Browner 2016-04-06
Ntuned Llc 3753 OAKWOOD MANOR, DECATUR Adom Ebo 2016-04-05
85 Mount Zion Rd Llc 1832 SECOND AVENUE, DECATUR Ihsan Saleem 2016-04-04
Decatur Glass Door Inc 2133 TRAIL WOOD RD, DECATUR Michael Ehart 2016-04-03
Kaylee, Age 8 Inc 3623 ORCHARD CIRCLE, DECATUR Molly Coffee 2016-04-02
285 Sky Jewelry, Inc 4525 GLENWOOD RD SUITE I, DECATUR Rebecca Kim 2016-04-01
Stageflight Llc 1628 DELANO DRIVE, DECATUR Jessica Mcguire 2016-04-01
Sym Accounting Services Llc 3513 OREGON TRL, DECATUR Sandra Miller, Y 2016-03-31
Terra Boulder Holding Corporation 4373 GLENWOOD ROAD, DECATUR Stephen A. Winter, Esq. 2016-03-31
Terra Glenwood Holding Corporation 4373 GLENWOOD ROAD, DECATUR Stephen A. Winter, Esq. 2016-03-31
Leo Holdings Llc 3576 COVINGTON HWY, 210, DECATUR Business Filings Incorporated 2016-03-30
M H Health Consultant Firm Inc 2489 BRENTFORD PLACE, DECATUR Marcia Bartley, R 2016-03-29
Klean Kloud, Llc 1723 CARTER RD., DECATUR United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2016-03-29
Jirol Imports, Llc 2571 CANDLER RD STE. C-5, DECATUR Sunday Olaitan, L 2016-03-28
Unpopular Magazine Llc 2711 FAIRLEE DRIVE, APT A5, DECATUR Commercial Registered Agent 2016-03-28
Shrewd Investment Group Llc 1041 HOLCOMBE RD #B, DECATUR Marlon Wilkes 2016-03-28
Minimart Oaktree Inc 3494 CLUBHOUSE CIRCLE EAST, DECATUR Suraj Kochar, K 2016-03-25
Skrine Time Lawn Llc 2100 GARDEN CIRCLE, DECATUR Jonathan Skrine 2016-03-25
Gypsy And Magnolia Llc 2050 MARCO DR, ATLANTA Angela Leberte 2016-03-25
Selleme Llc 1046 HOLCOMBE RD STE 300, DECATUR Alemu Ordolo, Awano 2016-03-23
African American Financial Empowerment Connection Foundation, Inc. 2107 SECOND AVE, DECATUR Mary Millens, Frankie 2016-03-23
Bichon The Label Ltd Co. 3681 N DECATUR ROAD, P-14, DECATUR Danielle Johnson, Jewell 2016-03-23
Texaco Glenwood Inc 3364 GLENWOOD ROAD, DECATUR Sania Yarkhan 2016-03-23
Marathon Glenwood Inc 3285 GLENWOOD ROAD, DECATUR Harpreet Makkar 2016-03-23
Do Right Llc 1716 ELLINGTON ST., DECATUR Universal Registered Agents, Inc. 2016-03-23
Dws & Co. Llc 2992 LAUREN PARC RD, DECATUR De Marcus Shaw, W 2016-03-22
Right-Hand Help Care, Llc. 3299 BOBBIE LANE, DECATUR Alexis Moss-Gilbert 2016-03-21
Sirens Beauty Bar Llc 3905-A COVINGTON HIGHWAY, DECATUR Seree Francois 2016-03-21
Bored Azz Productions Llc 2125 ROYAL FOX WAY, DECATUR Sirmitchell Sorrells 2016-03-20
Holy Klub Productions, Limited Liability Company 2311 N EIFFEL COURT, DECATUR Ashley Prince 2016-03-20
Updogs!, Llc 1375 ALVERADO WAY, DECATUR Prentice Johnson 2016-03-18
Covington Mart Llc 3445 COVINGTON MART, DECATUR Sidona Llc 2016-03-18
Matchmytruck, Llc 2738 WEDGEWOOD TERRACE, DECATUR Bobby Davenport 2016-03-18
Pmw Printing Llc 1719 COLUMBIA DR., DECATUR Marcia Hutchinson 2016-03-16
Kare One Inc 3013 RAINBOW DR, DECATUR Beverlyn Nlewedim 2016-03-15
Beauty And Travel Express, Llc 2309 SHERYL DRIVE, DECATUR Valencia King 2016-03-14
Ajs Distribution Inc 3354 MEMORIAL DR, DECATUR Hiep Nguyen 2016-03-14
Terra Glenwood Park, Llc 4373 GLENWOOD ROAD, DECATUR Stephen A. Winter, Esq. 2016-03-14
Eva Mae'S Comfort Kitchen Llc 4077 GLENWOOD RD, DECATUR Legalinc Corporate Services Inc. 2016-03-14
Bushwick Holdings, Llc 3961 COVINGTON HIGHWAY, DECATUR Daisy Remigio Balmes 2016-03-13
Awesome Achievers Academy, Llc 2411 CANNDLER ROAD, DECATUR Diana Wheeler 2016-03-12
Shay Designs Llc. 2678 GLENVALLEY DRIVE, DECATUR Shayla Hornsby 2016-03-11
Newmoney Emor, Llc 1224 RICHARD ROAD, DECATUR Jerome Lewis Jr. 2016-03-10
Morninglory Foundation Inc. 3393 COLUMBIA TRACE, DECATUR Legalinc Corporate Services Inc. 2016-03-09
Inverse Technologies, Inc 2078 MARK TRL, DECATUR Gary Neal 2016-03-08
Diamond Trucking Services Lp 3237 BOBOLINK DR, DECATUR Willie Atkinson, J 2016-03-06
Eargasm Audio Inc. 2821 MISTY WATERS DR, APT. 7, DECATUR Walter Scott, Edward Jr 2016-03-06
P'Arlon Cleaning Services Limited 2137 WILDROSE DRIVE, DECATUR Regina Thomas 2016-03-05
B.M.C. ( Trading ) Llc 1206 WESTON DR, DECATUR Sean Jones 2016-03-04
Carnival Jamerican Eats Llc 3480 MAPLE HAURST DR., DECATUR Lateese Ford, Ea 2016-03-04
Women Leadership Network Of Atlanta Inc 3681 N DECATUR RD, U4, DECATUR Evelisse Jones 2016-03-04
Dickson'S Cleaning Services, Llc 301 PINE TREE CIRCLE, DECATUR Emmanuel Dickson 2016-03-04
Higher Ground Community Church Inc. 3526 SPRING CIRCLE, DECATUR Myrtis Jernigan 2016-03-03
The Leonard Legacy Law Group Llc 4096 MEMORIAL DR, DECATUR Mitterand Jean-Francois 2016-03-03
Blue Lotus Wellness, Llc 1472 COBB BRANCH DR, DECATUR Cassondra Jackson 2016-03-03
Cam-Watts Services, Llc 2664 KELLY LAKE COURT, DECATUR Bcs Corporate Services, Inc. 2016-03-01
GreƱA, Llc 3460 GLENWOOD ROAD, DECATUR Elda Castillo 2016-02-29
Ov'S Cleaning Service, Llc 1591 MELANIE COURT, DECATUR United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2016-02-29
L.N.D. Properties, Llc 1224 RICHARD RD, DECATUR Markeisha Booker 2016-02-29
Transitional Development Services Llc 2276 MARYLAND CT, DECATUR Vicki Rollins-Perry 2016-02-29
Advanced Billing, Consulting & Management, Llc 2416 MARION CIRCLE, DECATUR Vernetta Liner, Elizabeth 2016-02-26
Sterry Autos Llc 3127 GLENWOOD RD, DECATUR Smith W. Sam 2016-02-26
Tire Disposal And Removal Science Llc 2418 MCAFEE RD, DECATUR Barbara Mobley 2016-02-26
Tds Technology Design And Services Llc 2276 MARYLAND COURT, DECATUR Vicki Rollins-Perry 2016-02-26
Coa Professionals, Llc 2584 WHITE OAK DR., DECATUR Jameel Cornelius 2016-02-26
Atl Alumni Inc 4525 GLENWOOD RD, DECATUR GA Naomi Lacombe 2016-02-25
Ayers Global Group,Llc 2038 SWAZEY DRIVE, DECATUR Keven Ayers 2016-02-25
Summus Medical Transport Services Llc 2179 GALWAY LANE, DECATUR Jeremy Storey 2016-02-25
3 Brothers Lawncare Services Llc 3767 LARK SPUR TER., DECATUR Reggie Matthews, A. 2016-02-24
Vas Multimedia, Llc 3613 TURNER HEIGHTS DR, DECATUR Michael Johnson 2016-02-23
Better Box Llc 1696 PARKHILL DRIVE, DECATUR Peter Aaro-Hansen 2016-02-23
M&S Waterproofing Llc 3791 KINGSWOOD DRIVE, DECATUR Michael Brewster 2016-02-23
Cookiefunkiecloset Llc 3681 NORTH DECATUR RD, DECATUR Ariana Williams 2016-02-23
Touch By Velvet Llc 2815 MISTY WATERS DRIVE, APT 47, DECATUR Mahogany Caldwell 2016-02-23