Georgia Business Entities
Zip 30058

Jurisdiction: Georgia State
Source: Georgia Secretary of State, Corporations Division

This dataset includes 1.66 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with Georgia Department of State (CDOS). Each business is registered with business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date
In Session Tutorial & Development Company 2410 DEKALB MEDICAL PARKWAY, SUITE G, LITHONIA Christin Brown 2015-08-13
Hott Chixx Wings Llc 5502 TUNBRIDGE WELLS RD, LITHONIA Fostoria Dumas 2015-07-17
Stess, Llc 1776 STEPHENSON ROAD, LITHONIA Marlyn Oliver 2015-07-16
Isimang Construction Llc 2095 PINTAIL DRIVE, LITHONIA Disah Isimang 2015-07-16
Royal Catering Creations Llc 2405 BRIAR KNOLL ROAD, LITHONIA Anthony Welch, Leroy Ii 2015-07-16
10Down Productions Llc 6880 MAGNOLIA ST, LITHONIA Nadia Lazenby, T'Vedt 2015-07-15
Cultivating Families, Inc 6099 BROOK HOLLOW LANE, LITHONIA Aakeem Woodard 2015-07-15
Bfs Transport Llc 2051 MULBERRY LN, LITHONIA Brandon Barnett 2015-07-14
Janiy Llc 1524 ROGERS PRESERVE, LITHONIA Nevia Ashby 2015-07-14
Teal Stiletto Llc 1888 MADRAS COURT, LITHONIA Martha York 2015-07-14
Xtreme Cleaning Team Llc 2072 QUILT CT, LITHONIA Daniel Durr 2015-07-14
A. Nicholl Enterprise Inc 7079 DEAN CT, LITHONIA Angelia Nicholl 2015-07-13
Smart Tomato Productions Llc 2039 PITTSTON FARM RD, LITHONIA Marie Reid 2015-07-12
House Of Ro, Llc 2561 YOCUMSHIRE COURT, LITHONIA Tiffany Rolle, V. 2015-07-10
Pristine Environmental Services L.L.L.P. 1030 CROOKED CREEK RD, LITHONIA Tracey M. Stewart 2015-07-10
Dynasti Girls Spa & Nail Bar Llc 5687 LAKE TRACE, LITHONIA Tiffany Thomas, L 2015-07-10
Jayden Electrical Llc 7062 ROGERS LAKE RD LOT 21, LITHONIA Juan Francisco Morin Navarro, Francisco 2015-07-10
Jj Iii Group, Inc. 6154 COVINGTON HWY, LITHONIA Jong Hyun, H 2015-07-09
Dlhb Garage Rental Inc. 2755 SOUTH STONE MOUNTAIN LITHONIA ROAD, LITHONIA Dana Budhoo 2015-07-09
Beyond Exquisite Boutique Inc 6546 ALFORD WAY, LITHONIA Tax Pilot Consulting Inc 2015-07-08
The Rylyn Group, Llc 2493 MEADOW SPRING DR., LITHONIA Lynette Ferguson, V. 2015-07-06
Innovative Voices, Inc. 5958 GILES RD, LITHONIA Yanikee Brown 2015-07-06
Grj Mavin, Llc 1190 LEE WHATLEY DR, LITHONIA Godwin Moyo, T 2015-07-06
Cj Home Improvements Llc 2566 FIELD SPRINGS DR, LITHONIA Clarence Arlene 2015-07-06
Grj Mavin Inc 1190 LEE WHATLEY DR, LITHONIA Godwin Moyo, T 2015-07-06
Renardo Lee Trucking, Llc. 5850 HILLANDALE DRIVE 832, LITHONIA Renardo Lee, Antione 2015-07-06
Chellco Financial Investment Corp 5796 WIND GATE LN, SUITE B10, LITHONIA Wyatt James R 2015-07-04
King Kent Productions Llc 6381 REDAN SQUARE, LITHONIA Kent George 2015-07-03
Show Kase The Barber, Llc 924 AMANDA DRIVE, LITHONIA Evenni Barry 2015-05-29
Ldl Homes, Llc 6215 KATELYN PARK, LITHONIA United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 2015-05-06
Second Harvest Llc 1845 SOUTH DESHON ROAD, LITHONIA Brandon Stephens 2015-05-05
Nhakkore Publishing Ltd. Co. 1769 BOULDER COVE, LITHONIA Michele Scott 2015-04-22
New Birth Bible Institute (Nbbi) Inc. P.O. BOX 1380, LITHONIA Dr. Chandra Render 2015-04-20
Rag Trucking, Llc 5330 SHIREWICK LANE, LITHONIA Darrell Ragland 2015-04-20
Kings And Queens Transportation Llc 2222 STONE MOUNTAIN LITHONIA RD, LITHONIA Oladele Oshodi 2015-04-16
Ufni Kenema D, Llc 2281 PHILLIPS ROAD, LITHONIA Kinfu Damene 2015-04-16
Future Gems, Inc 2459 WELLBORN CREEK COURT, LITHONIA Future Gems 2015-04-16
Lithonia Wound Care Center, Inc 5700 HILLANDALE DRIVE, STE 210, LITHONIA Melanie Cooper 2015-04-11
Harwell Veterinary Services, P.C. 7431 COVINGTON HIGHWAY, LITHONIA Tracey S. Harwell 2015-04-10
All N 1 Driving School, Llc 7245 ROCKBRIDGE ROAD, SUITE 400, LITHONIA Nevia Ashby 2015-04-10
Evans Mill Holding, Llc 7431 COVINGTON HIGHWAY, LITHONIA Tracey S. Harwell 2015-04-10
Lisa Ball Consulting Llc 6266 WINDY RIDGE TRAIL, LITHONIA Bobby Goodman 2015-04-09
Fashions By Ropuddles, Llc 5835 LAKEVIEW CIRCLE, LITHONIA Roshanna Washington 2015-04-09
Lonnie Kidd Long Haul Trucking Llc 808 AMANDA DRIVE, LITHONIA Cedric P. Robinson, Sr 2015-04-07
Personal Injury Consultant Group, Llc 1871 SINGER WAY, LITHONIA Talisha Atchison 2015-04-06
Nu Energy Services Llc 2073 SINGER WAY, LITHONIA Kevin Berry 2015-04-06
Taylor Made Events And Services Llc 6016 OLD WELLBORN TRACE, LITHONIA Michael Taylor 2015-04-06
Enhakkore Music Publishing Company 1769 BOULDER COVE, LITHONIA Michele Scott 2015-04-03
Enhakkore Inc. 1769 BOULDER COVE, LITHONIA Michele Scott 2015-04-03
Owens Builder, Llc 2524 LITHONIA INDUSTRIAL BLVD, SUITE A, LITHONIA Mario D. Breedlove 2015-04-02
Lock Tight Professions, Inc. 7613 LARKSPUR STREET, LITHONIA Corporation Service Company 2015-03-26
Allisecare, Llc 2442 HARMONY RIDGE CT, LITHONIA Wandra Taylor 2015-03-25
S.R. Contracting Enterprises, Llc 5506 PANOLA DOWNS ROAD, LITHONIA Corporation Service Company 2015-03-25
Perfect Heart,Llc 8311 UNION GROVE RD, LITHONIA Belinda Benton 2015-03-24
Nufit Sports Nutrition And Smoothies, Llc 8344 MCKENZIE PLACE, LITHONIA Reginald Reese 2015-03-22
Juge Llc 1640 RICE SQUARE, LITHONIA Kisha Levy 2015-03-19
Cetoute & Paxton Investments, Llc 5730 TUNBRIDGE WELL RD, LITHONIA Khenan Paxton 2015-03-19
Gt Alliance The Movement Organization, Llc 1197 OLD GREYSTONE CT, LITHONIA Raul Boston 2015-03-16
Robins Hood Inc 6258 REMINGTON PARK, LITHONIA Shandrea L Harris 2015-03-13
Stone Cold Love Inc. 1470 ROGERS CROSSINGS, LITHONIA Harris Law Llc 2015-03-05
Committee Of Friends Georgia Inc. 6594 POLE CREEK DRIVE, LITHONIA Stephen Tete 2015-03-02
Gak Designs, Llc 6835 HILLCREEK COVE, LITHONIA Ada Umunna 2015-02-23
Fsp Capital Development Group Llc 2687 KLONDIKE ROAD, LITHONIA Davida M. Roberts 2015-02-22
6846 Yorkdale Court Inc 6846 YORKDALE CT., LITHONIA Courtney Gore Smith 2015-02-19
Imperial Realty Services, Llc 3483 TURNER HEIGHTS DRIVE, DECATUR Paul Manigo, Justin 2015-01-24
Ambassador'S Barbershop,Llc P.O 26, LITHONIA Mccree, Adrian J 2012-10-31
Rogers Lake Landfill Services, Llc 8075 MALL PSRKWAY<BR /> , SUITE 122, LITHONIA Farrell, Ruth 2012-09-27
Rich Williams Realty, Llc 5824 BROWNS MILL ROAD, LITHONIA Few, Eugene 2012-09-19
Stand Up Men, Inc. 1002 PALMER ROAD, LITHONIA Kelly-Meade, Alexander 2012-09-07
Funding A Dream Foundation, Inc 947 OLD GREYSTONE DRIVE, LITHONIA Story, Sequcia Pierre 2012-08-03
The Fontaine Acting And Modeling School Company 637 NORTH SHORE ROAD, LITHONIA Fowler, Leonard 2012-06-07
Bless The Occasion, L.L.C. 1122 MICHAEL CT, LITHONIA Anderson, Adriane 2012-06-03
Blue Motion Transport, Llc 1561 SMITHSON DRIVE, LITHONIA Bowles, Eva Clair 2012-06-01
J. E. And N. Transportation, Inc. 6353 PHILLIPS CREEK DRIVE, LITHONIA Hoard, Heather 2012-06-01
Cej Janitorial Services Llc. P .O. BOX 2072, LITHIONA Jenkins, Cedric E 2012-05-22
Frozen Bliss Yogurt Cafe, Llc 1561 SMITHSON DRIVE, LITHONIA Paige, Latrail 2012-05-22
Key Standard L.L.C'. 1180 LESLIE PLACE, LITHONIA Sanders, Jerry 2012-05-21
Llc Fools Gold Publishing 801 EDENBERRY LANE, LITHONIA Bey, Beninu Tarik 2012-05-21
Imagine Academy Of Lithonia Llc 2191 TERRANCE COURT, LITHONIA Huggins-Cupid, Natosha R. 2012-05-19
Ophir Investments, Inc 7373 COVINGTON HWY, LITHONIA Henderson, Bobby Ray 2012-05-18
The Wellness Consortium Llc 100 CAMELLIA LANE STE 823, LITHONIA Dillard, Eric 2012-05-18
Grandison Investment Group, Llc 479 CRESTWOOD COURT, LITHONIA Grandison, Michael A 2012-05-18
Slammin Cuts Llc 2761 EVANS MILL RD., LITHONIA Norris Wooten, R. 2012-05-17
Beyond The Dream, Incorporated P.O. BOX 2008, LITHONIA Barnett, Va'Landrea 2012-05-17
Uganda For Jesus, Inc. 100 CAMELLIA LANE, APT. 1212, LITHONIA Smith, Deborah Ann 2012-05-16
Sweet Elements Enterprise ,Llc 100 CAMELLIA APT 730, LITHIONA Wells, Erica 2012-05-16
Candy Love Jewlery Llc 1708 GLEN ARM DR, LITHONIA Brown, Chequita 2012-05-16
Specialists Tv, Llc 6414 MARBUT RD, LITHONIA Corporation Service Company 2012-05-16
Hylton-Green Tax And Accounting Services, L.L.C. 6316 PHILLIPS COURT, LITHONIA Page, Tameka 2012-05-15
Mmgo Investment Corporation 976 PALMER RD, LITHONIA Ortiz, Gloria 2012-05-15
Trophy Winners Media Group Llc 2057 CHARTER LANE, LITHONIA Linen, Kenneth Bernard 2012-05-14
A-Town Group L.L.C. 1031 TIMBERCLAIR LANE, LITHONIA Mosley, Aaron 2012-05-14
Anjelic Arts & Crafts, Llc 6173 DANA CT, LITHONIA Grier, Arteus B 2012-05-11
Frantz Auto Brokers Llc 6319 -A COVINGTON HWY, LITHONIA Josue, Frantz 2012-05-11
Clear Transportation, Llc 5512 MARBUT FOREST WAY, LITHONIA Garner, Clifton D. 2012-05-11
A Town Trucking Llc 728 WOODSTONE RD, LITHONIA Mohamed, Aman 2012-05-10
City Of David Community Development Corporation 1450 S DESHON ROAD, LITHONIA Jennings, Travis 2012-05-10
Elite Roadside Assistance Llc 6452 GIDS CT, LITHONIA ., Ashwin 2012-05-09
Elite Bar Society Corporation CAMDEN OAK WAY, LITHONIA Collins, Shawn 2012-05-09
Bartone Entertainment L.L.C 6438 PHILLIPS CREEK DRIVE, LITHONIA Barber, Latisha S 2012-05-09