University of Iowa

Position: Professor

KREDER, KARL is an employeed in the State of Iowa. The employer is University of Iowa. The job position title is Professor.The total salary in 2017 is $674,623. The information is provided by Iowa Department of Administrative Services.

Employee Overview

Employee Name KREDER, KARL
Department University of Iowa
Position Professor
Gender M
Residence Place JOHNSON
Fiscal Year 2017
Base Salary 643,299.00
Base Salary Date 07/01/2017 12:00:00 AM
Travel Subsistence 10075.78
Total Compensation $674,622.96

Salary History

Year Position Title Base Salary Travel Subsistence Total Salary
2017 Professor 643,299.00 10075.78 $674,622.96
2016 Professor 616,237.00 13399.97 $573,090.04
2015 Professor 569,682.00 6636.91 $551,145.04
2014 Professor 548645 9305.85 $539,833.89
2013 Professor 487095 15631.00 $527,340.00
2012 Professor 527340 13146.55 $520,264.46
2011 Professor 436356 7882.46 $427,800.12
2010 Professor 427800 12103.12 $400,174.00
2009 Professor $366,000.00 9014.08 $367,500.00
2008 Professor 366,000.00 13080.31 $348,623.96
2007 Professor 336514 9115.45 $338,931.90

Employer Overview

Department University of Iowa
Number of Employees 53033
Maximum Salary $5,075,000
Average Salary $42,084

Employees with the same employer

Name Department Position Compensation
FERENTZ, KIRK J University of Iowa Head Coach $5,075,000
MCCAFFERY, FRANCIS JOHN University of Iowa Head Coach $1,787,500
BARTA, GARY ALLEN University of Iowa Athletics Director $1,177,265
KATEN-BAHENSKY, DONNA M University of Iowa Adjunct Professor $1,119,825
KATES, KENNETH PHILIP University of Iowa Associate Vice President $1,049,869
BOLLIER, MATTHEW JOHN University of Iowa Clinical Associate Professor $1,023,840
ROBILLARD, JEAN E University of Iowa VP For Medical Affairs & Dean $983,930
MEYER, JANE C University of Iowa Associate Athletics Director $946,808
REED, ALAN I University of Iowa Professor $881,412
LICKLITER, TODD ARLAN University of Iowa Head Coach $858,334

Position Information

Employees with the same position

Name Department Position Compensation
REED, ALAN I University of Iowa Professor $881,412
HOWARD, MATTHEW A University of Iowa Professor $829,850
GANTZ, BRUCE JAY University of Iowa Professor $795,989
REED, ALAN University of Iowa Professor $793,340
FRIDRICH, KIRK LEE University of Iowa Professor $750,722
BUATTI, JOHN MICHAEL University of Iowa Professor $743,370
LESLIE, KIMBERLY KAY University of Iowa Professor $680,739
HITCHON, PATRICK University of Iowa Professor $664,681
SHILYANSKY, JOEL University of Iowa Professor $663,756
MARSH, J LAWRENCE University of Iowa Professor $657,911


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Position Professor
Employer University of Iowa

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Dataset Information

Data Provider Iowa Department of Administrative Services
Jurisdiction State of Iowa
Related Datasets Iowa Business Entities

This dataset includes 15 thousand employees worked in public agencies of State of Iowa. The dataset contains the name, gender, county or city of residence (when possible), official title, total salary received during each fiscal year, base salary for the employee, and traveling and subsistence expense reimbursed to state personnel. Each employee is disclosed with name, department, job title, salary, etc.