Kansas City Business License Holders

Jurisdiction:Kansas City, Missouri
Source:City of Kansas City, Finance Department, Revenue Division

This dataset includes 31 thousand business entities licensed with the Kansas City, Revenue Division of KCMO Finance. A business operating in the city must obtain an occupational license. This requirement applies to business entities regardless of their size or composition: corporation, partnership, association, company, individual, or any other type of business arrangement. A few professions, which are licensed by the state--most notably doctors, dentists, and lawyers--are not required to have occupational licenses. Each business is registered with license number, business name, business type, location, license expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Expiration
TRUE NORTH HOTEL GROUP INC 4601 Broadway, Kansas City 2018-12-31
RAPHAEL HOTEL GROUP LP 200 W 12th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
GRADY HOTEL INVESTMENTS LLC 775 Brasilia Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
PRESIDENT HOTEL TC LC 1329 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
ADMJM WP1 LLC 801 Westport Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
HOTEL CONTRACTING SERVICES INC 2140 Professional Dr, Roseville 2018-12-31
HOTEL & RESTAURANT SUPPLY 5020 Arundel Rd, Meridian 2018-12-31
CROSSGATE HOTEL PARTNER LLC 1535 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
PMO II BEVERAGE SERVICES LLC 401 Ward Pkwy, Kansas City 2018-12-31
LAXMI HOTELS LLC 12801 S Us 71 Hwy, Grandview 2018-12-31
KCHOTELGROUP LLC 1051 N Cambridge St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
PLL LC 1329 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
JORDAN BEVERAGE SERVICES LLC 1301 Wyandotte St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
DRURY HOTELS COMPANY LLC 7900 Nw Tiffany Springs Pkwy, Kansas City 2018-12-31
HOTEL GROUP INC THE 1301 Wyandotte St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
DRURY HOTELS COMPANY LLC 3830 Blue Ridge Cutoff, Kansas City 2018-12-31
HOTEL KCI LLC 11728 N Ambassador Dr, Kansas City 2018-12-31
BROOKFIELD MASTER TENANT LLC 101 W 11th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
YASHODA HOTEL LLC 11828 Nw Plaza Cir, Kansas City 2018-12-31
HOTEL GIRL/MOVIE BOY PRODUCTIONS LLC 412 E 101st St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
HOTEL & MOTEL BROKERS OF AMERICA 1420 Nw Vivion Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
SUMMIT HOTEL MANAGEMENT INC 4600 Summit St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
KC HOTEL GROUP LLC 2024 Main St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
WRDH KC OPERATIONS LLC 9103 E 39th St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT LLC 1 S Wacker Dr, Chicago 2017-12-31
TRAVEL TRADERS HOTEL STORES INC 401 Ward Pkwy, Kansas City 2017-12-31
VALENCIA ORANGES V LLC 901 W 48th Place, Kansas City 2017-12-31
KCI HOTEL INVESTORS LLC 201 5th Ave S, Edmonds 2017-12-31
SELECT HOTELS GROUP LLC 7600 Nw 97th Ter, Kansas City 2017-12-31
HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ADVISORS INC 1215 Wyandotte St, Kansas City 2016-12-31
PATRIOT STORAGE SERVICES LLC 1015 E 8th St, Kansas City 2016-12-31
KC HOTEL ENTERTAINMENT LLC 1300 Grand Blvd, Kansas City 2016-12-31
WESTIN CROWN PLAZA HOTEL COMPANY 1 E Pershing Rd, Kansas City 2016-12-31
CHOICE HOTELS INTERNATIONAL SERVICE 1 Choice Hotels Cir, Rockville 2016-12-31
MARRIOTT HOTEL SERVICES INC 775 Brasilia Ave, Kansas City 2015-12-31