Kansas City Business License Holders

Jurisdiction:Kansas City, Missouri
Source:City of Kansas City, Finance Department, Revenue Division

This dataset includes 31 thousand business entities licensed with the Kansas City, Revenue Division of KCMO Finance. A business operating in the city must obtain an occupational license. This requirement applies to business entities regardless of their size or composition: corporation, partnership, association, company, individual, or any other type of business arrangement. A few professions, which are licensed by the state--most notably doctors, dentists, and lawyers--are not required to have occupational licenses. Each business is registered with license number, business name, business type, location, license expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Expiration
SUNSET INVESTMENTS INC 13783 Lookout Dr, Kansas City 2018-12-31
SENIOR STAR INVESTMENT LLC 4500 Dorr St, Toledo 2018-12-31
DUGAN INVESTMENTS LLC 6304 N Chatham Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
TGP INVESTMENTS LLC 4900 Main St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
JS 39TH STREET INVESTMENTS LLC 1721 W 39th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
IBRAMMY INVESTMENT INC 3007 Independence Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
TGP INVESTMENTS II LLC 4900 Main St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
CURRY INVESTMENT COMPANY 2700 Ne Kendallwood Pkwy, Gladstone 2018-12-31
LOCKTON INVESTMENT ADVISORS LLC 444 W 47th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
US BANCORP INVESTMENT SERVICES 11204 Holmes Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
CAPO INVESTMENTS LLC 3570 Gardner Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
US BANCORP INVESTMENT SERVICES 8500 Ward Pkwy, Kansas City 2018-12-31
MRM PROPERTY MNGT & INVESTMENT LLC 5831 Redbud St, Shawnee 2018-12-31
NUEMBERGER KENNETH W 3443 Wyoming St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
DAHLBERG MATHEW 11413 N Mcgee St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
GRADY HOTEL INVESTMENTS LLC 775 Brasilia Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
SCW INVESTMENTS INC 8203 N Revere Ct, Kansas City 2018-12-31
STAFFMARK INVESTMENT LLC 201 E 4th St, Cincinnati 2018-12-31
ASCENSUS INVESTMENT ADVISORS LLC 920 Main St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
RAICH INVESTMENT LC 4600 Madison Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
BLUE RIBBON INVESTMENT PROPERTIES LLC 5101 Cambridge Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
TWIN STATES PROPERTY INVESTMENT & 7906 E 159th St, Belton 2018-12-31
TERRYDALE INVESTMENTS II Po Box 19353, Lenexa 2018-12-31
B & FAMILY INVESTMENTS LLC 1300 Ne Grand Ave, Lees Summit 2018-12-31
AARTECH INVESTMENTS INC 1350 N Jesse James Rd, Excelsior Springs 2018-12-31
HUFFMAN FAMILY INVESTMENTS LLC 1170 W 103rd St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
HOLLIS & MILLER GROUP INVESTMENTS LLC 1828 Walnut St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
NUANCE INVESTMENTS LLC 4900 Main St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
RL INVESTMENT REALTY LLC 5903 E 97th Ter, Kansas City 2018-12-31
MITC AVIATION INC 5200 W 94th Ter, Prairie Village 2018-12-31
SILEX INVESTMENTS LLC 4900 Main St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
CORNUS INVESTMENTS LLC 4900 Main St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
CABINROCK INVESTMENTS LLC 1782 W Mcdermott Dr, Allen 2018-12-31
STEWARDSHIP INVESTMENTS LLC 1247 Villard St, Eugene 2018-12-31
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS GROUP LLC 1301 2nd Ave, Seattle 2018-12-31
AMERICO INVESTMENT ADVISORS INC 300 W 11th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
CAPITAL SOLUTION INVESTMENTS REAL ESTATE LLC 5645 Highland Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
PINNACLE VENTURE INVESTMENTS LLC 11500 N Ambassador Dr, Kansas City 2018-12-31
BKD INVESTMENT ADVISORS LLC Po Box 1900, Springfield 2018-12-31
E COLLEY INVESTMENT LLC 8725 E Bannister Ter, Kansas City 2018-12-31
T-4 INVESTMENTS LLC 2820 Nw Barry Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
C S & L INVESTMENTS INC 4704 Independence Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
HETZER JOEL 5810 Quincy Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
DOUBLE JAY INVESTMENTS INC 1017 E 68th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
KCMER INVESTMENTS INC 13851 Madison Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
CLAW AND HAMMER INVESTMENTS INC. 333 Se Alexandria Dr, Lees Summit 2018-12-31
COMMERCE INVESTMENT ADVISORS INC 1000 Walnut St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
MIDTOWN INVESTMENT CORP 3429 Troost Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
DAVIS GROUP INVESTMENTS LLC 11323 Sycamore Ter, Kansas City 2018-12-31
KNOX HOME INVESTMENTS LLC 1047 Sw Twin Creek Dr, Lees Summit 2018-12-31
C & T PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LLC 3011 Van Brunt Blvd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
FINANCIAL HOLDER & INVESTMENT LLC 1806 E 75th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
ALL N ONE INVESTMENTS LLC 10531-a E Us Highway 40, Independence 2018-12-31
BEAR & CO. INVESTMENTS LLC 7800 Winner Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
HUFF VIRGINIA 11800 Blue Ridge Blvd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
EIGHT STAR INVESTMENTS LLC 16301 E 48th Ter, Kansas City 2018-12-31
PRITI INVESTMENTS LLC 10909 W 128th Ter, Overland Park 2018-12-31
4102 CLARK INVESTMENT LLC Po Box 30476, Kansas City 2018-12-31
CHAPEL HILL PROPERTY INVESTMENT LLC 10466 Wornall Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
ROANOKE PROPERTY INVESTMENT LLC 1015 W 41st Pl, Kansas City 2018-12-31
KLT INVESTMENTS INC Po Box 418679, Kansas City 2018-12-31
QUEST FIDELITY INVESTMENTS LLC 7125 E Front St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
AMERICAN CENTURY INVESTMENT MGMT INC Po Box Po Box 418210, Kansas City 2018-12-31
JM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT LLC 7439 Highland Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
VAMRIC INVESTMENTS 11330 N Virginia Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
JACKSON TRENT INVESTMENTS INC 601 W 48th St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
GENTRY STREET INVESTMENTS LLC 4632 Ne 48th Ter, Kansas City 2017-12-31
REALSTATE INVESTMENTS LLC 1403 Fairfax Trfy, Kansas City 2017-12-31
J MABRY ENTERPRIZES LLC 3927 Chestnut Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
FKC INVESTMENTS LLC 14614 Saint Andrews Dr, Grandview 2017-12-31
NYT INVESTMENTS LLC 2 N 98th St, Edwardsville 2017-12-31
JKL PROPERTY INVESTMENTS 16685 Nw 126th St, Platte City 2017-12-31
BYERS INVESTMENT CO LLC 9801 N Highland Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
LBD INVESTMENTS INC 10601 N Ambassador Dr, Kansas City 2017-12-31
LIONS VIEW INVESTMENTS LLC 520 W 103rd St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
PHILLIPS TRACIE L 8801 Lane Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
KC & MC INVESTMENTS LLC 1221 W 103rd St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
SAIL INVESTMENTS INC 4545 Wornall Rd, Kansas City 2017-12-31
AMERICAN LAND INVESTMENT LLC 15521 W 110th St, Lenexa 2017-12-31
BLUE EYED BULL INVESTMENT CORPORATION 10630b Metcalf Ave, Overland Park 2017-12-31
ELECTRICAL INVESTMENTS INC 3450 W 196th St, Stilwell 2017-12-31
PINNACLE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS LLC 10940 Parallel Pkwy, Kansas City 2017-12-31
J & A INVESTMENT ENTERPRISES LLC 908 Sw 33rd St, Lees Summit 2017-12-31
FLASKERUD JAMIE 3330 Blue Ridge Blvd, Independence 2017-12-31
GLOBAL REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TEAM 3621 Bales Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
COMPASS INVESTMENTS INC 8601 Prospect Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
TIGRESS INVESTMENT LLC 2836 Sw Muir Dr, Lees Summit 2017-12-31
RY JOY INVESTMENTS LLC 9000 N Bales Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
BALBOA INVESTMENT GROUP III LLC 3011 Grape St, San Diego 2017-12-31
WRENN & MYER INVESTMENTS LLC 7509 Nw Tiffany Springs Pkwy, Kansas City 2017-12-31
JJL INVESTMENTS LLC 14816 E Us Highway 40, Kansas City 2017-12-31
B & W INVESTMENT PROPERTIES LLC 115 Nw Harlem Rd, Kansas City 2017-12-31
INTEGRITY FIRST INVESTMENTS LLC 8868 E 52nd Ter, Kansas City 2017-12-31
MELCHER INVESTMENT COMPANY LP 800 W 47th St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
SERRANO INVESTMENTS LLC 351 W Washington St, Kearney 2017-12-31
AMERITAS INVESTMENT CORPORATION 800 W 47th St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
SCOUT INVESTMENTS INC 928 Grand Blvd, Kansas City 2017-12-31
STONESTREET INVESTMENTS INC 406 Gladstone Blvd, Kansas City 2017-12-31