Kansas City Business License Holders
Property Management

Jurisdiction: Kansas City, Missouri
Source: City of Kansas City, Finance Department, Revenue Division

This dataset includes 31 thousand business entities licensed with the Kansas City, Revenue Division of KCMO Finance. A business operating in the city must obtain an occupational license. This requirement applies to business entities regardless of their size or composition: corporation, partnership, association, company, individual, or any other type of business arrangement. A few professions, which are licensed by the state--most notably doctors, dentists, and lawyers--are not required to have occupational licenses. Each business is registered with license number, business name, business type, location, license expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Expiration
JEREMYAHS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 11344 Sycamore Ter, Kansas City 2018-12-31
MDM PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 1810 Cherry St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
VOEPEL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC 406 W 75th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
CLASSIC PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC 3727 N Oak Trfy, Kansas City 2018-12-31
OCTOPUS LLC 1201 Nw Briarcliff Pkwy, Kansas City 2018-12-31
ELEVATE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 6601 Ne 39th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
KEYSTONE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 215 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
MIDWEST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC 11902 E 59th Ter, Raytown 2017-12-31
QUALITY CARE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 4600 E 53rd St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
USFP PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 4706 Broadway, Kansas City 2017-12-31
WALTERS JAY M 1835 E 67th Ter, Kansas City 2017-12-31
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT HIGHLANDS 5775 Nw 64th Ter, Kansas City 2017-12-31
NORTH TERRACE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 4344 Belleview Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
MAC PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 640 E Armour Blvd, Kansas City 2017-12-31
BROWN RONALD D 9334 N Gower Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
WILSON BRENDA L Po Box 414513, Kansas City 2017-12-31
ALPINE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT KANSAS CITY LLC 2005 Burlington St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
CONERSTONE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 5429 Blue Pkwy, Kansas City 2016-12-31
MAKIAYAHS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 6024 Highland Ave, Kansas City 2016-12-31
JOHNSON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & INVESTMENT LLC 8819 Kentucky Ave, Kansas City 2016-12-31
DOWNTOWN KC PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 600 Admiral Blvd, Kansas City 2016-12-31
LUFKIN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 100 S Jefferson St, Kearney 2016-12-31
EVE GEORGE 839 N Prospect Ave, Kansas City 2016-12-31
RJ & L PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 10030 Bennington Ave, Kansas City 2016-12-31
HALL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC Po Box 876, Blue Springs 2015-12-31
PLUTUS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT GROUP 4435 Main St Ste 910 Kansas City Mo 64111-1806, 2014-12-31
SALAZARS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 1620 S 87th St Kansas City Ks 66111-3630, 2014-12-31
PROS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 5705 Forest Ave Kansas City Mo 64110-2817, 2014-12-31