Kansas City Business License Holders

Jurisdiction: Kansas City, Missouri
Source: City of Kansas City, Finance Department, Revenue Division

This dataset includes 31 thousand business entities licensed with the Kansas City, Revenue Division of KCMO Finance. A business operating in the city must obtain an occupational license. This requirement applies to business entities regardless of their size or composition: corporation, partnership, association, company, individual, or any other type of business arrangement. A few professions, which are licensed by the state--most notably doctors, dentists, and lawyers--are not required to have occupational licenses. Each business is registered with license number, business name, business type, location, license expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Expiration
BARRIER TECHNOLOGIES LLC 8245 Nieman Rd, Overland Park 2018-12-31
NEW ANGLE TECHNOLOGIES LLC 5904 Beechwood Ct, Parkville 2018-12-31
FAITH TECHNOLOGIES INC 11086 Strang Line Rd, Lenexa 2018-12-31
DST TECHNOLOGIES INC 333 W 11th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
PURE TECHNOLOGIES US INC 8920 State Route 108, Columbia 2018-12-31
BTE TECHNOLOGIES INC 7455 New Ridge Rd, Hanover 2018-12-31
FISHER TECHNOLOGIES INC 12426 Holmes Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
ARANYA SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC 616 E 71st Ter, Kansas City 2018-12-31
KRUGER TECHNOLOGIES INC 8271 Melrose Dr, Lenexa 2018-12-31
DREXEL TECHNOLOGIES INC 1911 Central St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
REDGEAR TECHNOLOGIES INC 1 H and R Block Way, Kansas City 2018-12-31
DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES LLC 19939 W 162nd St, Olathe 2018-12-31
SUBSURFACE TECHNOLOGIES INC 929 Walnut St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
DATAFILE TECHNOLOGIES LLC 4100 N Mulberry Dr, Kansas City 2018-12-31
HATHMORE TECHNOLOGIES LLC 11601 Orchard Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
INHANCE TECHNOLOGIES LLC 6131 Deramus Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
VOLARE INC. 4311 Charlotte St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
INNOGRATION TECHNOLOGIES INC 21019 W 60th Ter, Shawnee 2018-12-31
TUKUH TECHNOLOGIES LLC 1600 Genessee St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
OILPURE TECHNOLOGIES INC 8201 E 23rd St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
COMPUTING TECHNOLOGIES INC. 3025 Hamaker Ct, Fairfax 2018-12-31
RETRACTABLE TECHNOLOGIES INC 511 Lobo Ln, Little Elm 2018-12-31
BRETTON WOODS GROUP INC 8320 Nieman Rd, Lenexa 2018-12-31
AIR CLEANING TECHNOLOGIES INC 221 Oak St, Bonner Springs 2018-12-31
ABSOLUTE COMFORT TECHNOLOGIES INC 8248 Nw 101st Ter, Kansas City 2018-12-31
LOCATION TECHNOLOGIES INC 6214 Nw Kelly Dr, Parkville 2018-12-31
SIEMENS GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGIES INC 4400 Nalafaya Trl Stop Al-888, Orlando 2018-12-31
DAKOTA TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LLC 1625 Se Decker St, Lees Summit 2018-12-31
PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGIES INC 801 W 47th St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
HWI ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INC 12951 Gravois Rd, Saint Louis 2018-12-31
DATACAPTURE TECHNOLOGIES INC 116 W 3rd St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
CGI TECHNOLOGIES AND SOLUTIONS INC. 11325 Random Hills Rd, Fairfax 2018-12-31
WILLCO TECHNOLOGIES INC 14317 Stearns St, Overland Park 2018-12-31
CONFERENCE TECHNOLOGIES INC 11653 Adie Rd, Maryland Heights 2018-12-31
NRT TECHNOLOGIES INC. 744 Pilot Rd, Las Vegas 2018-12-31
DATA TECHNOLOGIES INC 14225 Dayton Cir, Omaha 2018-12-31
PAIGE TECHNOLOGIES LLC 10555 Marty St, Overland Park 2018-12-31
SAEPIO TECHNOLOGIES INC. 600 Broadway St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
AJ TECHNOLOGIES INC 3030 Gillham Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
SPX COOLING TECHNOLOGIES INC 7401 W 129th St, Overland Park 2018-12-31
USC TECHNOLOGIES LLC 1300 Nw Briarcliff Pkwy, Kansas City 2018-12-31
SUNSMART TECHNOLOGIES LLC 701 Ne 76th St, Gladstone 2018-12-31
ITS TECHNOLOGIES & LOGISTICS LLC 8205 Cass Ave, Darien 2018-12-31
NETSMART TECHNOLOGIES INC 4950 College Blvd, Overland Park 2018-12-31
FORTHWIND TECHNOLOGIES LLC 7532 N Oakland Ave, Kansas City 2018-12-31
SAIGAN TECHNOLOGIES INC 2300 Main St, Kansas City 2018-12-31
APPLIED INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES 1815 Bedford Rd, Kansas City 2018-12-31
RADSOURCE IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES INC 8121 Nw 97th Ter, Kansas City 2018-12-31
MALICOAT VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES LLC 9014 Holly St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
TYLER TECHNOLOGIES INC 1 Tyler Dr, Yarmouth 2017-12-31
HOLLAND TECHNOLOGIES INC 961 E 1600th Rd, Baldwin City 2017-12-31
G. O TECHNOLOGIES LLC 1443 Brianwood Ct, Eudora 2017-12-31
NORTHERN SKY TECHNOLOGIES 800 E 101st Ter, Kansas City 2017-12-31
POWER HOME TECHNOLOGIES LLC 408 N Bragg Blvd, Spring Lake 2017-12-31
MP TECHNOLOGIES LLC 9938 State Highway 55 Nw, Annandale 2017-12-31
UNIVERSAL TECHNOLOGIES LLC 637 Po Box, Blue Springs 2017-12-31
SERVICE TECHNOLOGIES MIDWEST LLC 6800 W 64th St, Overland Park 2017-12-31
JASPER TECHNOLOGIES INC 5015 Westwood Ter, Kansas City 2017-12-31
SMALL ARM TECHNOLOGIES INC 3119 Terrace St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
INTOUCH TECHNOLOGIES INC. 1551 Nw 38th St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
ADVANCED CLUSTERING TECHNOLOGIES INC. 3148 Roanoke Rd, Kansas City 2017-12-31
IMAGE TECHNOLOGIES CORP 3100 Terrace St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES INC 7106 E Truman Rd, Kansas City 2017-12-31
CHROME RIVER TECHNOLOGIES INC 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles 2017-12-31
PRUDENT TECHNOLOGIES INC 8080 Ward Pkwy, Kansas City 2017-12-31
INSITUFORM TECHNOLOGIES USA INC 17988 Edison Ave, Chesterfield 2017-12-31
MODERN EARTH TECHNOLOGIES LLC 4118 Mercier St, Kansas City 2017-12-31
ENCORE TECHNOLOGIES LLC 4905 Lister Ave, Kansas City 2017-12-31
GE INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES LP Po Box 60300, Fort Myers 2017-12-31
RESPIRATORY TECHNOLOGIES INC. 2896 Centre Pointe Dr, Saint Paul 2017-12-31
SUBSYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES INC. 2121 Crystal Dr, Arlington 2017-12-31
COMPLETE INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES INC 1595 Peachtree Pkwy, Cumming 2017-12-31
BCI TECHNOLOGIES INC 1202 N Great Southwest Pkwy, Grand Prairie 2017-12-31
STARPORT TECHNOLOGIES LLC 10601 N Ambassador Dr, Kansas City 2017-12-31
TARGETSTREAM TECHNOLOGIES INC 119 N Parker St, Olathe 2017-12-31
DUNCAN PARKING TECHNOLOGIES INC 633 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee 2016-12-31
HENSLEY TECHNOLOGIES INC 32265 Po Box, Kansas City 2016-12-31
22ND CENTURY TECHNOLOGIES INC 220 Davidson Ave, Somerset 2016-12-31
CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES LLC 6800 W 64th St, Overland Park 2016-12-31
CLEAR PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES INC 2994 E Pistachio St, Gilbert 2016-12-31
EHD CORPORATION 749 Lake Crest Dr, Hoover 2016-12-31
TIMM MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES INC 540 Pennsylvania Ave, Fort Washington 2015-12-31
PENTAIR FLOW TECHNOLOGIES 3601 Fairbanks Ave, Kansas City 2015-12-31
INFINITY TECHNOLOGIES LLC 30501 Foxtail Dr, Drexel 2015-12-31
MIDWEST RESTORATION TECHNOLOGIES 4338 E 142nd St, Grandview 2015-12-31