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Jurisdiction:Las Vegas
Source:City of Las Vegas, Business License Division

This dataset includes 82 thousand business entities licensed wtih the City of Las Vegas, Business License Division. Each business is registered with license number, business name, doing business as (DBA) name, location, mailing address, industry code, license issue date and status, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address License Date Status
YARELI'S CLEANING SERVICES 505 Sparrow Gull Ct, North Las Vegas 2018-06-18 Active
ORTEGA'S CLEANING 7609 Charles Conrad Cir, Las Vegas 2018-06-14 Active
Green Orchid Cleaning LLC 9960 Wildhorse Canyon Ave, Las Vegas 2018-06-14 Active
Camacho Cleaning Service 1601 N Bruce St, North Las Vegas 2018-06-11 Active
Spot-Free Cleaning Services LTD. 8084 Chestnut Glen Ave, Las Vegas 2018-06-06 Active
READY TO PERFORM MAINTENANCE JANITOR CLEANING 5432 Wellesley Dr, Whitney 2018-05-29 Active
Dees house cleaning services 7332 Zion Falls St, Las Vegas 2018-05-29 Active
Vita's Cleaning Service 2518 Country Orchard St, North Las Vegas 2018-05-17 Active
Angeles Cleaning Services 6107 Dawn View Ln, North Las Vegas 2018-05-17 Active
Leon Cleaning & Maintenance 3200 Centavo Dr, Las Vegas 2018-05-15 Active
The Cleaning Bee 7700 Golden Talon Ave, Las Vegas 2018-05-14 Active
Smart Cleaning Solutions L.L.C. 3251 Builders Ave, Las Vegas 2018-05-11 Active
Romero Cleaning Solutions 554 Roxella Ln C, Las Vegas 2018-05-08 Active
GreenWay Carpet Cleaning 1516 E Tropicana Ave 136, Paradise 2018-05-02 Active
MR.Barrera House Cleaning 104 Marion Dr, Las Vegas 2018-04-26 Active
Nica's Cleaning Service 601 N 13th St, Las Vegas 2018-04-23 Active
AC House Cleaning 2636 Feather Cactus Ct, Las Vegas 2018-04-18 Active
CORTEZ GONZALEZ CARPET CLEANING AND GENERAL 4240 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas 2018-04-16 Active
DNE CLEANING SERVICES 3149 E Desert Inn Rd 110, Paradise 2018-04-10 Active
Aj's cleaning service 6373 Copperfield Ave, Las Vegas 2018-04-10 Active
SJ Cleaning Specialist LLC 2350 S Jones Blvd 101, Las Vegas 2018-04-10 Active
D & G Maintenance & Cleaning 3510 Villa Knolls North Dr, Paradise 2018-04-09 Active
A.Cleaning Services 2021 Hassell Ave, North Las Vegas 2018-04-05 Active
Royal Flush Cleaning 9389 Black Wolf Ave, Enterprise 2018-04-05 Active
Romo Residential Cleaning 4112 E Ogden Ave, Las Vegas 2018-03-27 Active
GREEN CARPET CLEANING LLC 3111 S Valley View Blvd B119, Winchester 2018-03-22 Active
Office Cleaning · H & J Cleaning Services LLC 1001 E Carey Ave Apt 310, North Las Vegas 2018-03-22 Active
Drayton’s Cleaning Solutions 2901 W Washington Ave M108, Las Vegas 2018-03-21 Active
Mopsterz Cleaning Specialists 6540 Gumwood Rd, Las Vegas 2018-03-21 Active
One Of A Kind Cleaning 6212 Vista Verde North, Las Vegas 2018-03-20 Active
ARC CLEANING SERVICES 1212 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas 2018-03-20 Active
ON THE SPOT CLEANING 3401 El Conlon Ave 64, Las Vegas 2018-03-15 Active
G & S WINDOW CLEANING 9706 Summer Bliss Ave, Las Vegas 2018-03-15 Active
F and J's Cleaning LLC 6337 Clarice Ave, Las Vegas 2018-03-13 Active
MEFER Cleaning Services 4550 W Oakey Blvd 111, Las Vegas 2018-03-13 Active
Green Genie Glass Cleaning 10151 W Dorrell Ln, Las Vegas 2018-03-09 Active
Faster Cleaning Services 2701 N Decatur Blvd Apt 1016, Las Vegas 2018-03-06 Active
Palace Cleaning Maids 8452 Bellery Ave, Las Vegas 2018-02-21 Active
Jesus Cleaning And Maintenance 2908 Poplar Ave Apt 3, Las Vegas 2018-02-15 Active
Lynn Cleaning 3020 Merritt Ave, Las Vegas 2018-02-15 Active
EXCELENCIA CLEANING 1350 Spruce Park Dr 207, Summerlin South 2018-02-12 Active
Belen Cleaning Services 842 Hyattsville St, Las Vegas 2018-02-06 Active
Window Cleaning Art 7626 W Lone Mountain Rd, Unincorporated 2018-02-01 Active
MDM Cleaning Services 1601 Night Breeze Dr, Las Vegas 2018-01-24 Active
Affordable Window Cleaning 7928 Arden Point St, Las Vegas 2018-01-24 Active
S&M HANDYMAN & LANDSCAPING CLEANING SERVICES LLC 1809 Constantine Ave, Las Vegas 2018-01-16 Active
Amazing Cleaning Solutions 3076 S Pecos Rd, Winchester 2018-01-16 Active
CLOVER CLEANING L.L.C. 5435 N Durango Dr, Unincorporated 2018-01-11 Active
Sunset Cleaning Service Corp 2800 Edge Rock Cir, Las Vegas 2018-01-09 Active
JJ cleaning Services 6115 Canova Dossi Ave, Las Vegas 2018-01-04 Active
A Pleasant Home Cleaning Service 4401 Charneta Ct, Las Vegas 2018-01-02 Active
INTERNATIONAL CARPET CLEANING 5324 Desert Columbine Ct, North Las Vegas 2018-01-02 Active
LULU HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES I 6260 Highland Gardens Dr, North Las Vegas 2017-12-26 Delinquent
J Cleaning Building Maintenance LLC 1713 Amboy Dr, Las Vegas 2017-12-21 Active
Sunset Cleaning Service Corp 2800 Edge Rock Cir, Las Vegas 2017-12-20 Active
Commercial Cleaning Company 7820 Burrowing Owl St, Las Vegas 2017-12-20 Active
jireh cleaning service 6300 W Lake Mead Blvd 2067, Las Vegas 2017-12-19 Active
Lobos Carpet and Cleaning 7400 W Flamingo Rd 2068, Spring Valley 2017-12-07 Active
Desert Sands Professional Cleaning 2579 Little Falls Cir, Henderson 2017-12-05 Active
A&M Platinum Cleaning Services 1711 Highland Ave B, Las Vegas 2017-12-05 Active
Professional Approach Cleaning Company 8275 S Eastern Ave 200, Paradise 2017-12-04 Active
salmex cleaning services 4521 E Bonanza Rd 158, Las Vegas 2017-11-22 Active
Vertex Cleaning LLC 1008 Willow Tree Dr D, Las Vegas 2017-11-20 Active
Side to Side Window Cleaning 2221 Matheson St, North Las Vegas 2017-11-16 Delinquent
Arce's Cleaning Services 1920 Palmer St, North Las Vegas 2017-11-14 Active
Gloria's Cleaning Services 6370 W Flamingo Rd 14A, Spring Valley 2017-11-14 Active
LOOKING GLASS WINDOW CLEANING 3230 S Buffalo Dr, Spring Valley 2017-11-07 Active
Alicia's Cleaning 10529 Pino Basin Ct, Las Vegas 2017-11-07 OutOfBus
RAINBOW PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICE LLC 1456 Amapola Dr, Sunrise Manor 2017-10-16 PreCollect
Cleaning B.P 624 N 12th St Apt B, Las Vegas 2017-10-04 PreCollect
MARICELA'S CLEANING HOUSE 4300 Garden Pl, Las Vegas 2017-10-02 Active
Little Lady Cleaning Service LLC 2158 Enfield Cir A, Sunrise Manor 2017-09-26 Active
MONTANO CLEANING SERVICES 336 Yosemite St, Las Vegas 2017-09-19 Active
A&E CLEANING SERVICES 604 Stanford St, Las Vegas 2017-09-18 Active
A-1 Paradise Cleaning Services 7229 Bocaire Dr, Las Vegas 2017-09-14 Active
RON'S WINDOW CLEANING 1016 Falconhead Ln 201, Las Vegas 2017-09-12 Active
CCC Cleaning Company LLC 6116 Empire Cir, Las Vegas 2017-09-06 Active
VEROS CLEANING SERVICES 1437 Lucia Dr, Las Vegas 2017-08-29 Active
C & M CLEANING 5311 Crestpoint Watch Ct, North Las Vegas 2017-08-28 Active
T&A Cleaning 4421 Avery Park Ave, Las Vegas 2017-08-28 Active
ALL DUCTS CLEANING 1336 Fox Acres Dr, Las Vegas 2017-08-23 Active
Maria's Commercial Cleaning LLC 1532 Helen Belle Dr, Las Vegas 2017-08-23 Collection
Andrea's Cleaning 1845 Mother-Of-Pearl St, Las Vegas 2017-08-21 Active
GO GREEN CLEANING 9277 Boltonia Ct, Las Vegas 2017-08-17 Active
CARLA'S CLEANING OFFICE CLEANING 923 N 1st St B, Las Vegas 2017-08-17 Active
Sunshine Cleaning Co. LLC 2430 N Decatur Blvd 120, Las Vegas 2017-08-14 Active
Air Plus Cleaning Services L.L.C 3512 Shemtove Ct, Paradise 2017-08-10 Active
Rikitin Cleaning 869 Pebble Brook St, Las Vegas 2017-08-09 Collection
Jackpot Cleaning 4213 El Parque Ave, Las Vegas 2017-08-09 Active
Dalina Spotless Cleaning Service LLC 6504 White Swan Cir, Las Vegas 2017-08-09 Active
Perfect Cleaning Services 6317 Lorille Ln, Las Vegas 2017-08-08 Active
LV Prestige Cleaning Inc 277 Buckskin St, Henderson 2017-08-07 Active
Artemis Cleaning Services LV 120 Sirnoble St, Sunrise Manor 2017-08-03 Active
WINDOW BRIGHT WINDOW CLEANING 6024 Smoke Ranch Rd, Las Vegas 2017-08-03 Active
V&R Cleaning Services 4650 N Rainbow Blvd 1013, Las Vegas 2017-07-31 Active
4 ACES CARPET CLEANING COMPANY 7509 Wandering St, Las Vegas 2017-07-27 Active
Mermaids Home Cleaning LLC 3680 E Harmon Ave, Paradise 2017-07-12 Active
Hall's Custom Cleaning Service 216 Frapuccino Ave, North Las Vegas 2017-07-11 Collection
West Coast Cleaning 2838 Craigton Dr, Henderson 2017-07-11 Active
Home Cleaning Centers of America 4343 N Rancho Dr 220, Las Vegas 2017-07-11 Active