Las Vegas Business

Jurisdiction:Las Vegas
Source:City of Las Vegas, Business License Division

This dataset includes 82 thousand business entities licensed wtih the City of Las Vegas, Business License Division. Each business is registered with license number, business name, doing business as (DBA) name, location, mailing address, industry code, license issue date and status, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address License Date Status
MR GRANITE CONSTRUCTION LLC 3050 Sirius Ave 101, Las Vegas 2017-11-22 Active
MR GRANITE CONSTRUCTION LLC 3050 Sirius Ave 101, Las Vegas 2017-11-22 Active
Side to Side Window Cleaning/Construction Cleaning 2221 Matheson St, North Las Vegas 2017-11-16 Active
KEROLES CONSTRUCTION INC 553 Los Dolces St, Las Vegas 2017-11-16 Active
RC CONSTRUCTION 3130 N Torrey Pines Dr, Las Vegas 2017-11-16 Active
Sierra Construction Cleanup 2048 N Las Vegas Blvd, North Las Vegas 2017-11-14 Active
Construction Connection LLC 1219 Smoke Tree Ave, Las Vegas 2017-10-23 Active
Olsen & Leonard Construction Inc 6820 War Eagle Cir, Las Vegas 2017-09-27 Active
Zion Construction 2474 Ash St, Logandale 2017-08-29 Delinquent
E TECH CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT INC 203 N 9th St, Las Vegas 2017-08-28 Active
Williams Brothers Construction 8221 Sedona Sunset Dr, Las Vegas 2017-08-22 Active
A R K CONSTRUCTION INC 9500 Hillwood Dr 110, Las Vegas 2017-07-31 Active
Hardy Construction and Development 4901 E Bonanza Rd 1, Las Vegas 2017-07-19 Active
GRS CONSTRUCTION LLC 2764 Lake Sahara Dr 109, Las Vegas 2017-06-20 Active
Melero Construction LLC 9225 W Charleston Blvd #1082, Las Vegas 2017-06-05 Active
ABC Construction 333 Magnolia Arbor St, Las Vegas 2017-05-17 Active
D B CONSTRUCTION 6550 Cowboy Trl, Las Vegas 2017-04-25 Active
LAS VEGAS CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS 2000 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas 2017-04-24 Active
TOM SCOTT CONSTRUCTION 9412 Teton Ridge Ave, Las Vegas 2017-04-20 Active
CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT TEAM 1810 S 8th St, Las Vegas 2017-04-12 OutOfBus
CASTILLO CONSTRUCTION LLC 5041 N Cimarron Rd, Las Vegas 2017-04-05 Active
Argus Construction Inc 1127 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas 2017-03-27 Active
Radco Construction LLC 1118 5th Pl, Las Vegas 2017-03-13 Active
LEWTON CONSTRUCTION 7600 Windswept St, Las Vegas 2017-03-07 Active
Malans Construction Company 2219 N Rancho Dr 1091, Las Vegas 2017-02-21 Active
Baseline Construction Inc 9108 Covered Wagon Ave, Las Vegas 2017-02-13 Active
Northwest Construction & Consulting LLC 3160 S Valley View Blvd 201, Las Vegas 2017-02-01 Active
Construction Management Group LLC 10959 Fishers Island St, Enterprise 2017-01-17 Active
Las Vegas Construction Repair and Maintenance 7104 Fury Ln, Las Vegas 2017-01-10 Active
SNIDER CONSTRUCTION LLC 7617 Riva Ridge St, Las Vegas 2017-01-04 OutOfBus
Construction Bootz LLC 1228 Pacific Terrace Dr, Las Vegas 2017-01-04 Active
UNLIMITED CONSTRUCTION INC 3170 W Sahara Ave 130, Las Vegas 2017-01-04 Active
Elite Construction Clean Up 3508 Nipper St, North Las Vegas 2016-09-14 Active
TIBURON CONSTRUCTION 3110 Polaris Ave 2, Las Vegas 2016-08-20 Active
Golden Creek Construction LLC 2764 Lake Sahara Dr 111, Las Vegas 2016-06-16 Active
GRAND CANYON CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT 133 Escada Ln, Las Vegas 2016-06-07 Active
Revcon Construction 4201 Mountain View Blvd, Las Vegas 2016-05-31 Active
S A K CONSTRUCTION LLC 3013 N Rancho Dr 112, Las Vegas 2016-05-24 Active
Stewart Legacy Construction LLC 9351 Brownstone Ledge Ave, Las Vegas 2016-05-10 Delinquent
Unks Construction Inc. 9960 W Cheyenne Ave 290, Las Vegas 2016-05-05 OutOfBus
Construction Bootz LLC 1800 Edmond St 214, Las Vegas 2016-03-08 OutOfBus
Cemex Construction Materials Pacific LLC ATTN: TAX 10025 Moccasin Rd, Las Vegas 2016-02-17 Active
V E Construction LLC 6525 Contessing Way, Las Vegas 2016-02-16 Active
FJC's Luxurious Construction 1925 Beverly Way, Las Vegas 2016-01-28 Active
CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT TEAM 4404 Hillcrest Ave, Las Vegas 2016-01-14 OutOfBus
Vogl Construction LLC 35 N Mojave Rd, Las Vegas 2016-01-06 Active
Northwest Construction & Consulting LLC 3320 Twin Bridges Ct, Las Vegas 2015-12-28 OutOfBus
SYMMETRY CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN 12241 Terrace Verde Ave, Las Vegas 2015-11-25 Active
Black Canyon Construction 7320 Smoke Ranch Rd G, Las Vegas 2015-10-01 Active
D G M Construction & Development LLC 9340 W Sahara Ave 100, Las Vegas 2015-09-28 Active
Silver Summit Construction 8237 Boseck Dr, Las Vegas 2015-08-27 Collection
J & L Construction 7640 Morning Water St, Las Vegas 2015-08-27 Active
The Right Choice Construction Clean Up 3616 Marlborough Ave, Las Vegas 2015-08-06 Active
BOZARTH CONSTRUCTION INC 2810 W Charleston Blvd E51, Las Vegas 2015-07-23 Active
HECTORS CONSTRUCTION LLC 2624 Westwood Dr, Las Vegas 2015-06-01 Active
Mini Construction Services LLC 428 Lindy Dr, Las Vegas 2015-05-05 Active
Golden Creek Construction LLC 2764 Lake Sahara Dr 115, Las Vegas 2015-04-30 OutOfBus
Miwok Construction LLC 9960 W Cheyenne Ave 190, Las Vegas 2015-03-31 Active
R S CLEAN UP CONSTRUCTION 1808 Windchime Dr, Las Vegas 2015-03-31 Active
W B I CONSTRUCTION LLC 1635 Village Center Cir 200, Las Vegas 2015-03-11 Active
Keene Construction Company 6430 White Tiger Ct, Las Vegas 2015-03-09 OutOfBus
L J & T Construction Services LLC 2917 Sterling Cove Dr, Las Vegas 2015-03-05 Active
GLOBAL MANAGEMENT & CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION 9500 Hillwood Dr 110, Las Vegas 2015-02-03 Active
League Construction LLC 6141 Meisenheimer Ave, Las Vegas 2015-01-22 Active
Tri-Arc Construction Co Inc. 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Paradise 2015-01-14 OutOfBus
Muller Construction 3140 Polaris Ave 8, Las Vegas 2014-12-30 Active
David Scott Construction LLC 5800 Vida Nueva Ct, Las Vegas 2014-12-09 Delinquent
Construction Consultants Incorporated 4330 W Desert Inn Rd H, Winchester 2014-12-02 OutOfBus
Pipkin Construction LLC 3236 Mariner Bay St, Las Vegas 2014-11-25 OutOfBus
C S I CONSTRUCTION INC 3170 Polaris Ave 6, Las Vegas 2014-11-19 Active
CHAVEZ CONSTRUCTION CLEANUP 2525 W Charleston Blvd 100, Las Vegas 2014-11-17 Active
J A TIBERTI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC. 1806 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas 2014-10-23 Active
NEVADA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES 2500 N Buffalo Dr 100, Las Vegas 2014-09-09 Active
Alliance Construction & Development LLC 2500 N Buffalo Dr 130, Las Vegas 2014-08-26 Active
NORCROSS CONSTRUCTION LLC 1104 Sparkling Amber Ct, Las Vegas 2014-08-14 OutOfBus
Alliance Construction & Development LLC 2500 N Buffalo Dr 130, Las Vegas 2014-08-11 Active
Ranieri Construction LLC 8237 Arch Bay Ln, Las Vegas 2014-07-17 Active
Namco Construction Company 2829 Manzanilla Way, Las Vegas 2014-07-15 Collection
ROBERTA CONSTRUCTION LLC 3716 Rockland Dr, Las Vegas 2014-07-03 Active
R C I CONSTRUCTION 912 N Eastern Ave, Las Vegas 2014-06-16 Active
Ultimate Construction Services 3508 Sea Grass Dr, North Las Vegas 2014-06-12 Collection
SEVEN VALLEYS CONSTRUCTION INC 9500 Hillwood Dr 200, Las Vegas 2014-06-08 Collection
R & R CONSTRUCTION LLC 3648 Meade Ave, Las Vegas 2014-05-13 Active
TOM SCOTT CONSTRUCTION 9536 Chanticleer Ct, Las Vegas 2014-04-28 OutOfBus
ARK CONSTRUCTION INC. 9500 Hillwood Dr 110, Las Vegas 2014-04-27 OutOfBus
FORE CONSTRUCTION LLC 1741 Village Center Cir, Las Vegas 2014-04-20 Active
ELLIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 2330 Paseo Del Prado 302, Las Vegas 2014-04-02 Active
Sun Valley Construction 618 S 7th St, Las Vegas 2014-04-01 OutOfBus
Duffy's Construction Cleanup 2665 Belcastro St, Spring Valley 2014-03-24 OutOfBus
Double X Construction 8309 Sedona Flats St, Las Vegas 2014-03-24 Active
Brasic Construction LLC 933 Allure Dr, Las Vegas 2014-03-10 OutOfBus
SONS OF CONSTRUCTION LLC 3644 N Rancho Dr 101, Las Vegas 2014-02-19 Delinquent
FOUR STAR CONSTRUCTION CONTRAC 6166 S Sandhill Rd, Paradise 2014-01-30 Collection
WARD CONSTRUCTION GROUP 528 S Casino Center Blvd 300, Las Vegas 2013-12-19 OutOfBus
LARRY BROWN CONSTRUCTION COMPA 1540 Barnstable Valley Ct, Paradise 2013-11-12 OutOfBus
D C I CONSTRUCTION 1220 S Commerce St 120, Las Vegas 2013-10-24 OutOfBus
B & C CONSTRUCTION 601 S Rancho Dr D32, Las Vegas 2013-10-11 Active
B C CONSTRUCTION 4939 E Van Buren Ave, Las Vegas 2013-10-08 Collection
FOUR STAR CONSTRUCTION 1407 S Commerce St, Las Vegas 2013-06-26 OutOfBus
TIBURON CONSTRUCTION 7854 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas 2013-06-25 OutOfBus