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Jurisdiction:Las Vegas
Source:City of Las Vegas, Business License Division

This dataset includes 82 thousand business entities licensed wtih the City of Las Vegas, Business License Division. Each business is registered with license number, business name, doing business as (DBA) name, location, mailing address, industry code, license issue date and status, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address License Date Status
G3 ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGIES 1951 Stella Lake St 34, Las Vegas 2018-01-19 Active
G3 ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGIES 1951 Stella Lake St 18 & 19, Las Vegas 2017-10-24 OutOfBus
G3 ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGIES 6329 Peggotty Ave, Las Vegas 2016-11-08 OutOfBus
GERMAN TECH ELECTRICAL SERVICES LLC 3779 Bossa Nova Dr, Las Vegas 2015-10-20 Active
Let There Be Light Electrical Services LLC 6364 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas 2015-06-02 Active
Ronnie's Auto Electrical Repair 1735 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas 2015-05-11 OutOfBus
Electrical Handyman 2732 Port Lewis Ave, Henderson 2015-04-28 Collection
GERMAN TECH ELECTRICAL SERVICES LLC 2810 S Decatur Blvd 12, Las Vegas 2014-01-21 OutOfBus
GE ELECTRICAL SERVICES LLC 1050 Indigo Dr 140, Las Vegas 2013-08-26 OutOfBus
24 7 ELECTRICAL SERVICES LLC 6541 Bradford Ln, Las Vegas 2013-08-07 OutOfBus
RONNIE'S AUTO ELECTRICAL REPAI 1080 N Rancho Dr A, Las Vegas 2013-07-22 OutOfBus
SRS ELECTRICAL LLC 2470 N Decatur Blvd 165, Las Vegas 2013-04-02 Active
ESTRADA ELECTRICAL EXPERTISE LLC 1810 E Sahara Ave 100, Las Vegas 2012-12-20 Active
CENTRAIR ELECTRICAL 600 W Owens Ave, Las Vegas 2012-02-13 OutOfBus
CT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING & TECHNICAL SUPPORT INC 6380 Carmen Blvd, Las Vegas 2011-05-23 Active
WALTERS ELECTRICAL CO LLC 3110 Polaris Ave 2, Las Vegas 2011-03-21 OutOfBus
G3 ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGIES 5912 Kane Holly St, Las Vegas 2010-11-10 OutOfBus
exp VEGAS PRO ELECTRICAL SERVICES 3555 Highland Dr 2, Las Vegas 2010-08-05 OutOfBus
S & H ELECTRICAL SERVICES LLC 7140 Dean Martin Dr 1100, Las Vegas 2009-07-01 OutOfBus
ELECTRICAL SERVICES 4375 E Sahara Ave 23, 2008-12-03 OutOfBus
THOR ELECTRICAL 3709 Paul De Weert Ct, Las Vegas 2008-10-20 Active
CONNECT IT ELECTRICAL 6417 Sterling Springs Pkwy KIOSK FC 2E, Las Vegas 2008-09-19 Active
LINC LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL 6280 S Valley View Blvd 636, Las Vegas 2007-06-29 OutOfBus
MEYER ELECTRICAL CONSULTANTS 8213 Cactus Root Ct, Las Vegas 2007-05-16 OutOfBus
WIRE IT ELECTRICAL SERVICES 11908 Arenoso Dr, Las Vegas 2007-01-02 OutOfBus
ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS INTEGRATION 71 N Pecos Rd 107, Las Vegas 2005-10-26 Active
INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL & HARDWA 1000 S 3rd St B, Las Vegas 2004-04-14 Active
IDEAL UNLIMITED ELECTRICAL AND 1215 San Eduardo Ave, Henderson 2003-10-24 OutOfBus
NORTH VALLEY ELECTRICAL SERVIC 9213 Longhorn Falls Ct, Las Vegas 2003-09-18 OutOfBus
QUAD ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGIES 461 E Mission Dr, Henderson 2002-02-27 OutOfBus
ELECTRICAL DESIGN AND CONST 4364 E Craig Rd 110, 2002-01-30 OutOfBus
CONSOLIDATED ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS INC 4085 W Russell Rd, Paradise 2001-03-02 Active
PAR ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS IN 3940 E Craig Rd 101, North Las Vegas 2000-08-30 OutOfBus
AFFORDABLE ELECTRICAL HANDYMAN SERVICE 2909 Autumn Haze Ln, Las Vegas 2000-04-27 Active
MAXIM ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 4570 W Post Rd 11, Las Vegas 1998-06-16 OutOfBus
EDLEN ELECTRICAL EXHIBITION 3010 Builders Ave, Las Vegas 1994-09-29 OutOfBus
PUEBLO ELECTRICAL SERVICES INC 2326 Highland Dr A, Las Vegas Denied
C 4 Electrical Solutions LLC 7260 W Azure Dr, Las Vegas OutOfBus
Ronnie's Auto Electrical Repair 4930 W Cheyenne Ave 150, Las Vegas Withdrawn
Ronnie's Auto Electrical Repair 4930 W Cheyenne Ave 150, Las Vegas Denied