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Jurisdiction:Las Vegas
Source:City of Las Vegas, Business License Division

This dataset includes 82 thousand business entities licensed wtih the City of Las Vegas, Business License Division. Each business is registered with license number, business name, doing business as (DBA) name, location, mailing address, industry code, license issue date and status, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address License Date Status
TRINITY TRANSPORT 6475 Matthew Hills Ct, Las Vegas 2018-05-11 Active
Medina Moving&Transportation LLC 6225 Clarice Ave, Las Vegas 2018-01-24 Active
PARSONS TRANSPORTATION GROUP I 7450 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy, Spring Valley 2017-10-25 Active
Two C Transportation LLC 1438 N Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas 2017-06-21 Active
VIP TRANSPORTATION OF NEVADA LLC 3250 Pollux Ave, Paradise 2017-05-08 Active
CONTROL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES INC. 6255 S Sandhill Rd, Paradise 2017-02-06 Active
Big Foote Transport Corporation 1012 Sidehill Way, Sunrise Manor 2016-12-19 Active
DEDICATED CARING MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION LLC 6280 S Valley View Blvd A, Paradise 2016-11-02 Active
IBS Transportation LLC 3184 Blue Monaco St, Spring Valley 2016-07-11 OutOfBus
Sky Transportation 2111 N Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas 2016-06-29 OutOfBus
A&L TRANSPORTATION LLC 4309 Beth Ave, Las Vegas 2016-06-23 Active
SDT TRANSPORT LLC 240 Mission Catalina Ln 107, Las Vegas 2016-04-18 Collection
RJW Transport 3230 W Desert Inn Rd 140, Las Vegas 2016-03-08 Active
Papillon Transportation 2901 Highland Dr 3AB, Las Vegas 2015-12-17 Active
A&Z TRANSPORT LLC 7617 Constantinople Ave, Las Vegas 2015-12-02 Collection
A&F TRANSPORT LLC 124 E Washington Ave D, Las Vegas 2015-12-02 OutOfBus
Mortuary Transport Service 5901 Condor Ave, Las Vegas 2015-11-10 Active
BJC & LJ TRANSPORT LLC 1017 Ron Evans St, Las Vegas 2015-09-10 OutOfBus
SILVER STATE TRANSPORTATION 5113 Alpine Pl A, Las Vegas 2015-07-07 Active
Full Circle Transportation Group LLC 1623 Fremont St 9, Las Vegas 2015-06-15 Active
M & A Transportation 610 S 10th St, Las Vegas 2015-05-05 Collection
Medlife Transportation 3111 S Valley View Blvd, Winchester 2015-03-30 Active
Whoa Nelly's Kennel & Transport LLC 2404 Llewellyn Dr, Las Vegas 2015-03-24 OutOfBus
Teton Petroleum Transport LLC 155 W Imperial Ave 120, Las Vegas 2015-03-05 Active
REDDING LOGISTICS TRANSPORTATIION 2800 W Sahara Ave 7E, Las Vegas 2015-01-21 Active
Wellness Transport LLC 3950 W Tompkins Ave OLV, Paradise 2014-12-18 Active
Penn Ridge Transportation Inc 6255 S Sandhill Rd 800, Paradise 2014-12-10 OutOfBus
Suncoast Transportation Inc 1407 Santa Margarita St D, Las Vegas 2014-11-17 Collection
Quijote Transportation LLC 6017 Oceanside Way, Las Vegas 2014-10-21 Collection
M D Transport 5320 Alta Dr, Las Vegas 2014-10-15 Collection
Advantage Auto & Logistics Transport 8160 Bridle Path Way, Las Vegas 2014-10-09 Collection
ELITE TRANSPORTATION 5041 Sobb Ave, Spring Valley 2014-10-01 Active
Bella Transportation 7000 Oakland Cir, Las Vegas 2014-09-19 OutOfBus
Diego Transportation 35 Jade Cir, Las Vegas 2014-08-21 OutOfBus
Melanny's Transportation 3642 Boulder Hwy, Winchester 2014-08-14 Collection
Hot Shot Transports 3604 Briarglen Ln, Las Vegas 2014-05-14 OutOfBus
UNITED TRANSPORTATION LLC 9501 W Sahara Ave 2165, Las Vegas 2014-04-10 OutOfBus
DANY'S RECOVERY & TRANSPORTATION 2301 S Valley View Blvd B07, Las Vegas 2014-04-08 Collection
R & G Transport 6124 Topaz Valley Ave, Las Vegas 2014-02-10 OutOfBus
TPH TRANSPORTATION L.L.C. 4505 Harbison Canyon Ct, Las Vegas 2014-02-04 Active
UNITED TRANSPORTATION LLC 2350 S Jones Blvd 101, Las Vegas 2013-12-30 OutOfBus
DEL VALLE TRANSPORT SERVICE 1949 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas 2013-12-03 OutOfBus
METRO TRANSPORTATION 2911 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas 2013-07-03 OutOfBus
SHEAHAN TRANSPORTATION SERVICE 6140 N Hollywood Blvd 108, Las Vegas 2013-06-26 Collection
SHIFT TRANSPORTATION LLC 2268 Autumn Fire Ct, Las Vegas 2012-11-20 OutOfBus
BASELINE TRANSPORT 4450 N Tenaya Way 105, Las Vegas 2012-09-11 Collection
EL NEGRITO TRANSPORT & DMV SER 145 N Bruce St 1, Las Vegas 2012-07-12 OutOfBus
GLOBAL TRANSPORTATION GROUP IN 4155 N Rancho Dr 120, Las Vegas 2012-03-29 Collection
KDA TRANSPORT 5313 Little Fawn Ct, Las Vegas 2012-03-15 Collection
MCS TRANSPORTATION 5615 Cameron St, Paradise 2012-02-23 OutOfBus
VIP TRANSPORTATION OF NEVADA LLC 3600 Highland Dr 4, 2012-02-22 OutOfBus
CAREVANS MEDICAL TRANSPORT SER 7320 Smoke Ranch Rd F, Las Vegas 2011-11-21 Active
RPM TRANSPORTATION SERVICES 10148 Rockridge Peak Ave, Las Vegas 2011-10-26 OutOfBus
VEGAS TRANSPORTATION 8855 Canyon Saddle St, Enterprise 2011-07-11 Collection
TRANSPORTES MIRALVALLE 4550 E Bonanza Rd F, Las Vegas 2010-08-03 OutOfBus
TRANSPORTES MIRALVALLE 4550 E Bonanza Rd F, Las Vegas 2010-08-03 OutOfBus
ELITE TRANSPORTATION 5125 W Oquendo Rd 8, 2010-02-25 OutOfBus
REDDING LOGISTICS TRANSPORTATIION 2320 Paseo Del Prado 303, Las Vegas 2009-12-09 OutOfBus
FOX TRANSPORTATION INC 41 N Mojave Rd, Las Vegas 2009-11-03 Active
J TRANSPORTATION 800 S 4th St, Las Vegas 2009-10-08 Active
DTR TRANSPORT LLC 3227 Meade Ave 1B, Las Vegas 2009-08-27 OutOfBus
CENTENNIAL TRANSPORTATION LLC 6628 Sky Pointe Dr 100, Las Vegas 2009-02-04 Collection
VEOLIA TRANSPORTATION 7391 W Charleston Blvd 120, Las Vegas 2008-12-23 OutOfBus
SAVANIC TRANSPORT INC 5100 N Lamb Blvd 5, 2008-12-08 OutOfBus
GLOBAL TRANSPORTATION LLC 3721 Regulus Ave, Las Vegas 2008-02-15 Collection
GLOBAL TRANSPORTATION LLC 3720 W Desert Inn Rd 201, Las Vegas 2008-01-11 OutOfBus
SILVER STATE TRANSPORTATION 5113 Alpine Pl, Las Vegas 2007-09-17 Collection
ARGOS TRANSPORTATION BROKERS L 7495 W Azure Dr 110, Las Vegas 2007-06-29 OutOfBus
AT YOUR SERVICE PET TRANSPORTA 2916 Drury St, Las Vegas 2006-12-12 OutOfBus
GAIT TRANSPORTATION 9349 Deer Lodge Ln, Las Vegas 2006-11-29 Collection
MAMMOTH TRANSPORTATION 4275 W Bell Dr 12, 2002-01-10 Collection
PARSONS TRANSPORTATION GROUP I 6795 Edmond St 150, Las Vegas 2002-01-09 OutOfBus
TRINITY TRANSPORT 3009 Mason Ave, Las Vegas 2000-10-26 OutOfBus
TRANSPORTATION MGT SVCS LLC 8687 W Sahara Ave 200, Las Vegas 1999-12-08 OutOfBus
B J INTERSTATE AUTO TRANSPORTE 8473 Majestic View Ave, Las Vegas 1999-11-03 OutOfBus
LARRYS TOWING & TRANSPORT 6800 W Gary Ave, Enterprise 1999-10-22 Active
ROCK N TRIPLE A TRANSPORT INC 4646 Procyon St C, 1999-07-12 OutOfBus
TINET TRANSPORT 6020 Santa Catalina Ave, Las Vegas 1999-06-02 OutOfBus
SBERNA MATERIAL TRANSPORT INC 22 Quiet Desert Ln STE 4-437, Henderson 1998-07-27 OutOfBus
NATIONWIDE TRANSPORT FINANCE 2650 Lake Sahara Dr 200, Las Vegas 1997-03-12 Active
RUSSELL MILLER TRANSPORT INC 1066 S Main St, Las Vegas 1991-08-05 Active
BAIRD TRANSPORTATION INC 4680 Melvin St, Sunrise Manor 1951-01-01 OutOfBus
golden riders transportation 2300 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas Denied
DRM Transportation Services LLC 5655 E Sahara Ave 1023, Sunrise Manor Withdrawn
NORGES TRANSPORTATION L.L.C. 5014 S Maryland Pkwy 25, Las Vegas Denied
CLASSIC TRANSPORT LLC 6665 Goldencreek Way, Las Vegas Denied
DESERT TRANSPORT 2300 Pardee Pl, Las Vegas OutOfBus
El Balsero Transport Limited Liability Company 856 Sagman St, Las Vegas Denied
PETER TRANSPORTATION LLC 5500 Crinoline Ave, Sunrise Manor OutOfBus
24/7 XPRESS TRANSPORT LLC 6909 Bison Cir, Las Vegas Withdrawn
SILVER STATE TRANSPORTATION 5113 Alpine Pl, Las Vegas Denied
Black Label Transporters LLC 1611 Keena Dr, Henderson Denied
Xtreme Transport Services Inc 2510 Covered Wells Ave, Enterprise Denied
808 Transport 5108 Del Rey Ave, Las Vegas Withdrawn
ATG TRANSPORTATION LLC 1201 Searles Ave, Las Vegas OutOfBus
Triple Moon Transport 5812 S Pecos Rd, Paradise Withdrawn
SST TRANSPORT INC 7085 W Ann Rd 130, Las Vegas OutOfBus
MERLIN TRANSPORTS LLC 3540 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas Denied